22 February 2013

Friday Follies...
This is certainly ONE way to end the week, weather-wise.
Most All the local schools are closed, thanks to snow and sleet (good move).
Although I wouldn't find it THAT bad if I HAD to drive out in this. It could have been worse.
The OTHER drivers are what makes it BAD out there.
That winter storm that walloped much of the Midwest will be losing some of it's punch and only deliver to us a smattering of bad weather.
Still, never underestimate deteriorated road conditions...plan accordingly and drive defensively.
After this morning's bad weather, it's all good with temps reaching ABOVE freezing, so most all of this crap will melt away.
Meanwhile, back at the hardware store...
*** Bet'cha didn't know that here in the state of Indiana, gun permits are UP? (can't think of a reason why so many folks WANT to feel safer...he said sarcastically)
Here's the proof:
The ISP actually has a backlog of requests, and turnaround time is longer to get one (now they tell me).
Imagine getting 4,000 requests PER WEEK...!!!
Gee, at THIS rate, we might become a standing army larger than most undeveloped nations.
(not that that's a BAD thing in these times)
Local police are getting bogged down with fingerprinting and background checks.
Should be EASY if you formerly purchased a firearm that REQUIRED a fingerprint and background check (as I have been privy to in the past).
I can see "first-timers" having to wait longer, though.
The funny thing here in Indiana is that most of the people seeking permits don't REALLY need one.
That means if you get a rifle OR shotgun...NO permit needed, kids.
Ditto if you have a handgun IN the house.
You just can't take that handgun off the property unless it's unloaded and cased-up (like you were transporting it to the range).
Yet, many folks would still like to have that "extra layer" of personal protection, and with all the thugs around wanting to steal YOUR stuff (or worse), who the hell can blame them, hmm?
*** Now, when your time comes, you hardly expect it to happen THIS way:
A 94-year old WWII vet died en route to his wife's funeral...talk about timing.
So, what does the family do?
Well, they held an impromptu wake for "Dad", who passed away just steps from the funeral home.
The service was listed as a "doubleheader"...a bit on the macabre side, but it makes the point.
Considering the couple (Norman and Gwen Hendrickson) had been married for 66 years, the family thought it best that THIS was the best way to say goodbye to them.
Although briefly separated, Gwen and Norm are back together again...as it should be.
*** The last thing you expect when shopping for a cell phone is to be targeted by someone obviously holding some sort of grudge, right?
Well, that's what happened to Derek L. Taylor of Ft. Wayne Wednesday night around 1908 hrs, when he was at the TGFMobile store at 620 E. Lewis ST.
Here's the story:
The FWPD believe this was a targeted shooting, with the victim transported to hospital in serious condition.
WANE even has a video of the "hit"...found HERE:
Taylor was released from hospital yesterday and the shooter remains at-large.
Police at this point have no suspect info, but I'd wager Mr. Taylor KNOWS who has it out for him.
*** Here's a perfect case for perhaps reinstating many of the old "blue laws" we USED to have.
Last night around MIDNIGHT, robbers hit the Cap N Cork up on N. Coliseum Blvd.
One employee was bound by the robbers, who entered the store armed (and demanded cash).
Police have not released any info on suspect descriptions (yet), or how they got away (as they often do).
Now, is it me, or do we REALLY need to have liquor stores open THIS late on a damn WEEKNIGHT?
What the hell ever happened to closing things up at a REASONABLE hour, like say...9PM?
I mean, if you are too stupid to get your ass up, out of bed and to the booze shop BEFORE the sun goes down (even after work is fine), then maybe you have got your priorities f$cked up...just a bit.
I really get bored with having all these stores open to all hours for the "convenience" of the lazy, placing employees in harm's way late at night.
One reason we used to see a lot LESS of this particular type of crime, was because we USED to close stores earlier.
So, we bow to convenience, and we can definitely see the result.
And that's why I applaud those in the Indiana legislature that turned DOWN the selling of hard liquor in stores on SUNDAYS.
If you can't stock up on hooch the other SIX days, then you're just a pathetic waste of protoplasm.
*** Finally this week...so, we're seeing more gun permits, to probably counter the "more" crime we're seeing...not a bad thing.
But what bothers me, is that some legislators would like to see gun owners having to pay for "liability" insurance...like on your vehicle.
WTF are these assholes thinking?
I would make a counter proposal to such idiots...
Sure, I'll get that liability insurance...IF I can get a permit to carry for FREE...and choose to carry EITHER open or concealed.
Maybe if these perps see a lot more (law-abiding) folks with guns strapped to their hips (who know how to use them to boot), they might pursue another line of work? And perhaps that might also lead to a greater level of civility towards one another.
None of this matters though, as long as the thugs have access to weapons...THAT is the door that needs to be shut.
Leave the good folks the hell alone...concentrate efforts of the law-BREAKING among us...should be pretty easy to skull that one out.
Our federal government puts it's fingers into WAY too many pies these days, and that spoils it for everyone.
States should be tackling issues pertinent to their OWN state, and not relying on some overfed and overblown juggernaut to take care of them.
The feds are NOT (and should never be) in the business of farming...or education...or car manufacturing, or health insurance, or changing out our lightbulbs, or even trying to deny us the right to keep and bear firearms.
THEIR job is to RUN THE COUNTRY...and never our individual lives.
But it would seem they have gotten so big over time, that even they can;t figure out such a basic concept.
And that's pretty sad.
The good news is that WE have the final say, regardless of what they want you to believe.
A government doesn't have to have a dictator to be tyrannical...it can happen over time, slowly, methodically, until we are no longer in control.
That is something we need to be vigilant towards...and be mindful of...always.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

All these liability insurance proposals are nothing more than back door efforts at gun control. The grabbers want to make it too expensive/inconvenient to own guns. That way they can achieve their goal of disarming us without the straight up legislative fight.

I suspect Cuomo had that in mind with NY's new gun law. All "assault weapons" will have to be registered, and pistol permits have to be renewed every 5 years. Once the new system is in place, we'll suddenly hear how expensive it is to maintain. Then the outrageous fees will pop up. Incrementalism, that's how they manage to take our rights away without a fight.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
One other thing I'm still hearing along with such dumbass crap like "insurance" is the scarcity of ammo...which we talked about a while back. The cost us UP...IF you can find some.

That would be another way to "control" guns...don't provide much if anything to shoot OUT of them...kinda like keeping gas prices high to restrict driving (and my oh my, how well that's been working out).

Indiana currently has two types of permits -lifetime @ $125, or 4 years @ $75 - renewable.
I can easily see all sorts of new "add-ons" to these permits (with restrictions) and even some type of new "sin-tax" aside from hunting purposes.
I agree that the way they will deny us our rights will be slow...and steady...keep chipping away ever so slightly.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

You stay safe out there this weekend.

ms nk rey said...

Well I had a comment, about gun control, all typed up and it just went poof. So I will just say good post. Hopefully this will go thru.

Bob G. said...

Dear, if I had a dollar for every time that happened to me (and why it does, I've no clue), I could go out and buy me an ASSAULT RIFLE!

And my BIG questions is:
WHERE DOES all that stuff GO?

Everything goes SOMEWHERE...right?

Someone is sitting someplace, minding their own business and suddenly all OUR missing stuff ahows up in THEIR house...must be quite a time in THAT place.

Or perhaps it's at the island of lost stuff...lol.

Thanks for the comment AND for stpoping by today.
Have yourself a great weekend and stay safe down there.