18 February 2013

Monday Musings...
Welcome back to another fun-filled week of enlightenment, mayhem, and whatever else might strike our fancy this morning.
If you like a quiet weather day, then today is going to suit you just fine.
Temps are expected to rise into the 40s, got some sun, and maybe a mild breeze now and then, as well as the possibility of late-day showers of flurries (they don't know either) so enjoy it now, because it will only get colder tomorrow.
Anyway, let's drop the green flag and get this race started.
*** Danica Patrick makes NASCAR history by winning the pole for this year's Daytona 500.
And she did it in a GREEN car, which many among the sport believe to be a "unlucky" color.
Yeah, tell that to the former Winston Cup Champion Bobby Labonte, who won the series back in 2000...in a GREEN (Interstate Batteries-sponsored) car!
Danica drives for Tony Stewart...certainly NO stranger to Winner's Circle.
Meanwhile, back in the pits...
*** Rap "star" Lil Wayne makes music (if you call the garbage he passes off FOR music) history by pissing off Stevie Wonder.
Here's the story:
This is what happens whenever you FAIL at learning your HISTORY. You one STOOPID dawg, yo.
"L'il" referenced civil rights hero Emmett Till, who was only 14 years old when he was brutally tortured and murdered down in Mississippi back in 1955.
Here's HIS WIKI:
Wayne's song "Karate Chop" drew criticism from Wonder, as well as Till's family.
Wayne plans to release 2 more albums before retiring from music, and then looking to films.
(That's 2 too many albums - will someone please just shoot this guy?)
He needs to BE retired...permanently.
*** And when it comes to "arresting" behavior, one can ALWAYS find the ranks or (c)rap music replete with such "personalities".
Here are some examples from the news who were arrested JUST recently.
-- Rapper "2 Chainz" ARRESTED in Maryland on DRUG charges.
Here's the story
-- Rapper "Guerrila Black" ARRESTED on credit card fraud.
Here's THIS story:
-- Rapper "Jim Jones" ARRESTED (didn't he die in that kool-aid gig?) in NJ while flapping his yap to police.
Here's THAT story:
Now, if you're curious as to ALL the rappers who have EVER graced the inside of a jail cell, here 'ya go:
This website provides ALL the lowdown on the lowlifes, and God bless the people who keep this current.
*** Sadly, some music stars choose a route OTHER than outright crime...they choose death.
C/W star Mindy McCready finally made the wrong choice one too many times, and killed herself over the weekend.
Here's the story:
She was only 37 years old.
Damn shame she had such demons in her head...she was a cute kid, and she could sing.
*** Saw a commercial on WPTA (local channel 21) yesterday regarding GANGS in Ft. Wayne. It is supposed to air at 5PM and 11PM today, so I'll be tuning in to see what that's all about (like I don't see enough already - dunno why they never want to interview me...lol).
*** And speaking of such things...we have this one asshole that thumps by the house every damn day. He's the driver of that black Crown Vic I showed last week...arrogant sumbitch, too. Neither lasers or spotlight will deter his loudness.
Anyway, I keep track of his "drive-bys"...just in case I need some evidence. Haven;'t gotten his tag number yet, but he keeps coming by and eventually I WILL get it...I always do.
So, I added up JUST his "visits" since last July, when he started booming through...over ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY passes of our "Fortress".
And at say $100 a pop per citation (IF he EVER DID get cited by an officer who SHOULD be down here), that adds up to a LOT of folding money!
City kissed AWAY $14K on just THIS one guy...so far.
Now WHO says there's no REAL money to be made down here?
*** Saw a show on Nat Geo Channel last night that I've been waiting for...
KILLING LINCOLN, which is based on the #1 best-seller from Bill O'Reilly premiered last night at 8PM, with two encores immediately following.
(It was difficult to watch this AND The Walking Dead at the SAME time)
The show starred Billy Campbell (the Rocketeer) as Lincoln, and his portrayal was a pretty damn good one.
It's 2 hours long, and the first hour focuses on Lincoln's last week and the developing plot to kill him, while the second hour deals with Booth's escape and eventual take down in the aftermath of our nation's first presidential assassination.
Really a decent watch, and I recommend it whenever they rerun it.
Lots of good factual history there.
*** Today is PRESIDENTS' DAY, and that means several things:
1) NO school here (at least with FWCS)
2) Most banks and some gov't offices are closed.
3) Lots of retail "sales".
(anything for that buck, hmm?)
Here is the WIKI for today:
I know it says "Washington's Birthday", but it refers to THIS day instead.
I was one of the fortunate ones that grew up in a time when we celebrated both Lincoln's birthday (12 Feb) AND Washington's birthday (22 Feb).
Curiously, we didn't have EITHER day off from school, but we acknowledged it just the same , mostly with guest speakers, a film perhaps, and sometimes plays in the auditorium. Yeah, we ALSO used to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day to the FLAG which was in our classrooms, too.
Today is THE day we celebrate BOTH presidents (and the rest as well) thanks to the UNIFORM MONDAY HOLIDAY ACT in 1971.
It had less to do with politics and more to do with advertisers, so go figure.
Today wasn't called Presidents' Day until well into the 1980s, though. Before that, it was still referred to as Washington's Birthday.
Leave it to our government to overthink the obvious, and overcomplicate the simple.
*** Lastly, today is the day we recognize those who lead our nation, but we need to strip away the veneer of celebration, and understand WHO we really holding in high regard, and more importantly...WHY.
Many say today reflects on ALL our presidents, while I, being the stodgy old fart that I am, maintain that today acknowledges ONLY Washington and Lincoln, mostly because of WHO they were and what they did FOR our country, rather than the charlatan we currently have in office these days and what he's doing TO our country.
MY memory of history is very clear on this, because we were taught by less progressive educators.
These two men were not saints, nor even pretended to be anywhere close to perfect.
They were human, just like us.
But, what they managed to accomplish both in this nation's infancy and during it's worst conflict shows that ordinary men can produce extraordinary results, given their time in history.
They were both the right person at the right time for the right reason.
And THAT alone should be cause for holding both men in such high esteem.
Would we be as fortunate today to have someone with half the ability and one tenth the amount of integrity sitting in the White House.
May we never give up our hope of again having such a person in our midst.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Agree down the line on yer Rap "feature". Thats what you expect when they have no respect for anyone or anything.

Mindy lost a lot of my sympathy doing Roger Clemens. Lost the rest with how she did her kids. Loved her kid's dad's comment this morning- "For the life of me, I have no idea why she had custody."

Dead on on President's day too. I spent last night watching History channel club's (the only place the history channel actually DOES history anymore)dvd on the end of the Civil War, which covered the month of April 1865.

Bob G. said...


The story says Mindy killed the DOG before herself.
And her boyfriend killed HIMSELF a month or so prior.

Not to play devil's advocate, but, if you are trying to get your life straight, and then your significant other goes and kills himself, that kinda shoots recovery in the damn foot.

She was mentally fragile to begin with (fame sometimes HAS it's price), so it's little wonder we see someone like her just give up on life...
It's SUCH a precious guift to begin with.

Therein lies the difference between white artists and black artists.
Whites commit suicide...blacks kill anyone else BUT themselves.
(and Lord knows we could use a LOT fewer rappers)

I've also noticed that HISTORY channel uis getting away from the STRICK history in lieu of "reality-based" tripe...not a good sign.
Maybe that's why I stay with History 2 channel.

Good call by Nat Geo, though...for a change.

(( And if today IS president's day and they have all these SALES going on, why can't I find ONE president labeled "30% ofF today only"?))
Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

John DuMond said...

Dude, when you said that Danica was in a green car, the first thing that popped into my head was that the car ran on bio-diesel. See what being bombarded with all this PC will do to a guy's head. :)

I missed KILLING LINCOLN the other night. A certain zombie show had my complete attention at the time. Hopefully, NatGeo will rerun it sometime soon.

Bob G. said...

John D.:

Hey, truth be told, NASCAR is ALREADY at work trying to change up the FUEL mix, so they could possibly run on an "alternative" in the near future.

Nope, Danica's car is "painted/decaled" green...sorry about that, Chief.

ANd I did manage to watch BOTH shows...wasn't easy, but it was sad to see Alex get offed by the governor...(I hate that one-eyed freak).
I was cheering for DARRYL, though...knew he had a conscience!

Thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there in Cuomoland.