12 March 2013

Dead And Deader...
No, it's not the next sequel to the Dumb and Dumber flicks, but it might as well be, and we'll say why in a bit.
The Hoosierland weather today will be a little more seasonal, with highs reaching into the upper 30s. And we'll be seeing some precipitation today...most likely in the form of rain, but later tonight, when temps drop back down, don't be surprised to see some snow flurries.
And if you like flying a kite (and what husband hasn't been told to do so by his wife?) then today will be right up your alley, with gusts as high as 30 MPH.
So, before we allow today to smack us all squarely in the face, let's take some time to sit back, top off that morning beverage of choice and see what's been going on, shall we?
*** First up...a breaking news story...
Venezuelan dictator HUGO CHAVEZ is STILL DEAD!!!
(with apologies to Generalissimo Francisco Franco who ALSO is...still dead)
But Chavez will be "Leninized", and that doesn't mean his pants will be pressed.
That's right, good old Hugo will be encased in a clear coffin...box...whatever and be on DISPLAY at the MUSEUM in Caracas.
Yeah...talk about your tourist magnet.
Now, we've all seen the creepy picture of Lenin in HIS clear case, kept at a specific temperature and humidity (for freshness?), and many have claimed he looks BETTER today than when he was alive...that's one hell of an epitaph.
And I'll wager that every citizen OF Venezuela will be "compelled" to visit, because Hugo was "such a good guy".
Can't you just feel the LOVE there?
*** Next out is the story about that Nanny Doomberg BAN on certain sized soft drinks.
The ban, which was to take effect in NYC TODAY...is DEAD (for the time being).
And here's the NY Daily News article:
And this opinion column sums such bans up very well:
The ban "fizzles"...LOL...love that one.
*** King Henry of Ft. Wayne wants MORE money from the working class serfs.
And here's the proof:
This is EXACTLY the type of thing that occurs when a tax BASE begins to erode.
And the causes often include:
-- Growing number of unemployed.
-- Growing number of welfare recipients.
-- Growing immigrant population
You see, while some aspects of the city GROW, at the opposite end of the working spectrum, the converse is true.
The King (mayor) states that we have a $60 Mil. shortfall for road repair.
What about all those inmates in PRISON?
Are they fit enough to lift a SHOVEL or PICK AXE?
If the liberals (King Henry's court) wish to fully appreciate their "share the wealth" agenda, then by ALL means, let's get EVERYONE working on it.
If you are serving time...you can damn well fix the roads.
If you're on public assistance, you damn well can do jobs for the CITY in order to keep receiving your "free sh*t"...I mean "benefits".
Perhaps all these government-sponsored "zombies" would better serve the city IF they had something ELSE to occupy their time (which is pitiful beyond reason), instead of shopping, committing crime, driving around blasting their car stereos, drinking booze, and smoking dope.
The city always needs something fixed, and with this UNTAPPED source of cheap-ass LABOR, it just makes good sense to take advantage of it.
But, our King would rather raise the personal income tax..or move certain property taxes to UTILITY taxes, jacking THOSE up.
And NEVER rule out the possibility of another...(you guessed it)...ANNEXATION.
(well, it's either that, or we hear the scary stuff - city services will suffer)
Bet those in Aboite could raise a voice or two over how WELL that's gone over since they were "press-ganged" into the city of Fort Wayne, right?
I've already seen this kind of thing happen before...in Philadelphia, and it didn't work back there...back then. Philly is damn near bankrupt, thanks to playing to the lazy-asses, chasing jobs away and overtaxing the dwindling numbers who still DO work (or live) there.
Philly created a "city-wage" tax to offset their rising costs...and that was THREE TIMES the state rate for taxes.
No one was exempt. If you WORKED in Philly - you paid.
If you LIVED in Philly (but worked elsewhere) - you STILL paid.
And that didn't work, except to chase MORE tax-paying folks OUT of the city.
Our king is starting down a road we really don't want him to go, because it will be like kicking a snowball down a mountain.
And guess who always winds up at the bottom?
(hint - look in the mirror)
*** Former Detroit mayor to get a needed "rest" (jail time).
Here's the story link:
Kwame Kilpatrick, disgraced former mayor of the Motor City has been charged with counts of racketeering from his "Private profit machine" in City Hall.
With taking bribes, rigging contracts, and someone who lived FAR beyond his means, he ranks right up there with the Daley Dynasty of Chi-Town.
And we wonder WHY Detroit as a city looks like the backdrop for an episode of The Walking Dead?
After spending 14 months in prison for violating his probation, Kilpatrick will be going BACK...and probably for a lot longer stint.
THIS is what you eventually get with the democrats whenever they get into high levels of power.
It disgusts me to see this example of the black race lay such a pile of crap at the ethnic doorstep.
It was all about HIM...like it usually is (look at the current administration in D.C. to see much the same).
Kilpatrick just was too stupid in his antics...and got caught, as most of them usually do.
I say good riddance to bad rubbish...and perhaps Detroit can crawl from the quagmire of cirruption and in a few generations once again become ahalf-decent city...a REAL lesson for EVERY mayor in EVERY city...SERVE THE PEOPLE, and not yourself...OR your minions.
It WILL come back to bit you in the ass...BIG time (and that's what you'll be doing as a result).
*** Are you UNHAPPY these days?
(not that we don't PLENTY of reason to be)
Do you find yourself pondering the future of civilized society?
And do you find yourself strangely drawn to the AMC series THE WALKING DEAD?
Yes, you're not alone there, says Sarah Lauro, an English professor at Clemson, who STUDIED zombies while working on her doctorate at (of all places) UC Davis, in California.
I didn't know they had THAT course, but I am familiar with the Conversational Kilngon course out there.
Apparently, the "obsession" with zombies is a historical "trend" that mirrors a level of CULTURAL DISSATISFACTION and ECONOMIC UPHEAVAL.
Hell, I thought all was hunky-dory, according to Obummer and his cronies...at least that's what THEY have been telling us.
(nah, I didn't...I was messin' with 'ya)
Zombie-walks have been documented in 20 countries. This is where masses of people dress like zombies and mill about (or whatever it is that zombies do with all that dead-time on their rotting hands). Puts a whole new slant on the FLASH-MOB mentaility, does it not?
In Asbury Park, NJ, 4,000 participants groaned their way in the record books.
(That's too bad, I went there with my parents as a child...loved the rides and boardwalk...and NO zombies)
Doctor Lauro feels that the disempowerment of the people is what precipitates such behavior and the outlets for acting "zombie-esque".
To her, it's an obvious allegory. (accent on the GORY?)
In one way, she says...we feel like we're all dead.
Yeah, well...I suppose.
*** Last up today, maybe we DO have this penchant for wanting to survive like those characters found in the zombie flicks, and who can blame them?
Those people didn't START the apocalypse, and to be honest, they are just pawns on a larger chessboard.
(aren't we all to some degree?)
Is this a case where LIFE imitates ART or vice versa?
Or maybe it's a just cheap way of blowing off steam that DOESN'T involve crapping on police cruisers or stinking up a downtown area of some major city.
In that, I can find some logic.
Better to act dead than BE dead..or is that UNdead?
In my esitimation, the overwhleming consensus would be that we just need some good old ESCAPISM.
And putting on old torn clothes with fake blood and makeup seems MUCH better than total anarchy in the streets.
Or, it could just be a "dress-rehearsal" for the real thing.
Funny...photographers used to call a facial portrait a HEAD SHOT...!
And head shots work REAL well against zombies, don't they?
In this case...time staggers on...and on...and on.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE (and zombie-free) out there, America.

(( Tomorrow - When "flash floods" occur...in your basement.))


Momma Fargo said...

I think all clear coffins must have been invented for the Mafia so people would believe their leader was kaput. However, gross. Ashes, baby. Or dirt.

Zombies. I never had a crave for them...EXCEPT I LOVE The Walking Dead. I don't know. It's kind of cool.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I thought that's what the "dutch door" on a coffin lid was for...silly me!

I figure you'd like TWD...I have from the get-go.
It does depart from the graphic (very) novels, but in a good way.

If I were Rick, I would have offed the "governor" at that meeting table...screw him,.
Keep yer damn whisky, too. I;ll get my own.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.
(as I take a break from mopping the flooded basement dry - Yeah...my OWN "apocalypse" of a sort..lost some valuable paperbacks this time around...damn)
Bring on the ZOMBIES...I'm UNHAPPY!

You stay safe out there.

ms nk rey said...

Oh no flash flood in the basement? I was glad to hear the ban on soft drink sizes was over turned. As we both already know, you can't legislate common sense. You know if the politicians had any to begin with.

John DuMond said...

I guess I'll be skipping a visit to Hugo's final resting place. Better to wait and see the animatronic version at Disney World's Hall of Megalomaniacal Third World Dictators. Hugo would fit quite nicely between Pol Pot and Idi Amin. :)

Bob G. said...

Yeah..a small flood, but it sure makes those CARPETS a lot HEAVIER, and my back already found THAT out.

I'm gonna go have me a BIG GULP...LOL!
(or two)

Legalize common sense...now that makes MORE sense that I can imagine (which is quite a bit).

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and DRY) down there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I was thinking along the lines of Madame tussaud's House of Wax...LOL.
But, I suppose DISNEY might want dibs on this now...have to wait and see.
"He's a fascist after all...he's a fasicst after alll...."
(c'mon sing along, kids)

Thanks for stopping over and commenting today.
Roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Douglas B pritchett mentioned the tax story on FB last night. Said it was another reason for him to move to the county. I told him, "Don't worry, the city will find you!"

Bob G. said...

You know, there is no REAL "country" any longer...unless you can outright buy an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN.
There are only places that cities have NOT ANNEXED YET...

It IS only a matter of time.

Then we can hail the advent of the MEGALOPOLIS!!!
(and we WILL need Batman then)

Thanks for the updats, Buddy.

STay safe and sound up there.