22 March 2013

Friday Follies...
Well, we made it to the weekend...and we didn't get shot in the process.
Today's weather promises to be milder with temps reaching near 40 degrees...BUT (uh, oh), Sunday night is slated for some more of that flaky white stuff (no, not crack or dandruff)...called SNOW. No one's sure how MUCH, but when they say UP to 3 inches, I'd UN-stow that shovel and keep it nearby...just in case.
Meanwhile, back at the salt mines...I feel the need for a bit of a rant, so please bear with me, friends.
*** The mayor (Our King) and FWPD chief (the Duke of Ellington) held a press conference (read held court) yesterday to "reassure" the citizens (we peasants, vassals, and oafs) that the "city (realm) is safe"...
((...ahem...rolls eyes...))
Well, compared to say BAGHDAD, or even parts of Israel, we are safe.
Compared to Chicago, Lansing, or Detroit, or even Atlanta, Philly, or L.A....maybe not as much.
Depends on WHERE you live...and how you FEEL. It's not as much about the TRUTH of the matter.
So let's call this press conference what it REALLY was:
DAMAGE CONTROL (for an increasingly out-of-control problem).
Here's the link to the source story:
And can you imagine, our (sorta) new SE Quadrant "capo" Garry Hamilton (aka The Count of Basie) actually OPENED HIS MOUTH and SAID something!
First time for everything, hmm?
And the Urban League (of FAR LESS than Extraordinary Gentlemen) will convene tonight between 6-8 PM at 2135 S. Hanna St (headquarters).
A "strategic planning meeting"...yeah, right.
The BIG concern, though, is the city's "image", as mentioned in THIS article (WPTA - with video):
Haven't I always said here that: "Any city is ONLY as good as it's WORST area."?
Now, let's talk some FACTS, shall we?
--The FACT is that most all of the "problem people" have been painstakingly "corralled" into primarily the SOUTHEAST area of the city...because it was a lot easier to do than go and place them in nice neighborhoods where there are a greater number of CONCERNED folks that won't stand for such sh*t from the thugs.
But it IS spreading now.
--The FACT is that crime has been a growing problem down here for OVER TWO DECADES, with little change for the better under several regimes.
--The FACT is that the minority community leaders have NOT made a difference to halt (or even slow) such crime (you have to be PROACTIVE to affect such change).
--The FACT is that the FWPD has been walking on eggshells over the years in light of frivolous LAWSUITS regarding "racial profiling", when in reality, it was nothing less than CRIMINAL profiling and good traffic stops.
--The FACT is that there is a double standard down here vis-a-vis differing levels of enforcement, so as not to disturb the ethnic population.
And there are other factors that figure into this equation:
a) More litter down here - not so elsewhere in the city.
b) More DUIs that go unnoticed and uncited.
c) More illegal guns (stolen from law-abiding people).
d) More burglaries than anywhere else (to fuel the drug and illegal gun markets)
e) More people on "welfare" than anywhere else in the city.
f) More rental properties than anywhere else in the city.
g) More property devaluation, thanks to crime, deadbeat landlords, and section 8ers.
h) More businesses closing due to crime, and fewer new startups as a result.
i) More boomcars that never get ticketed.
j) More missing license bulbs than anywhere else. Not a coincidence at all. It's by design.
k) More unlicensed dogs (pit bulls).
l) More apathy and denial.
Now that's not a bad short list, considering THIS part of town is ALSO the one with the SECOND HIGHEST level of disposable "income".
How do you figure THAT works?
It SHOULD be the LOWEST, but it isn't.
This downtown "dog and pony show" yesterday was to make those people in all the NICE neighborhoods breathe a collective sigh-of-relief, because sh*t like what went down Wednesday (down here) rarely if EVER would occur in THEIR neighborhoods.
Wish I could say likewise about OUR part of the ghettohood.
But I can't...not when you have a police pursuit at like 1AM in the morning that results in a crash and someone wielding an AK style rifle and shoots up a couple houses.
Or maybe when you have your house firebombed (like Phil Marx did years ago), you don't enjoy the same level of "safety" the mayor speaks about.
Or...what about a foot pursuit around 2AM that wakes you from a sound sleep, with a FWPD officer having some perp on your lawn being cuffed?
How about some "locals" across the street busting down their 6 ft. high wooden fence and bringing their fist-fight ALSO on your lawn long after midnight?
What about all the curbside DRUG BUYS that take place along our streets down here, thanks to cell phone technology that allows a driveup buy taking all of a minute to transpire?

How is all THAT making ME feel ANY safer, Mr. Mayor?
And all THAT is aside from the HOMICIDES/MURDERS that are going on, sometimes mere blocks from our house.
Short answer...it's NOT!
Not one damn fracking BIT, Your highness!
There has NOT been one instance where ANYONE that moved into this neighborhood SINCE Wifey and I moved here that was NOT a problem.
We had a gambling crib the next block over, a drug dealer across the street, another one up the next block, and although THOSE problems eventually took care of themselves (with some information passed along by me for months at a time), there are STILL houses that represent imminent threats to personal safety.
The reason I say that, is because if a house becomes a "party house" (which many of them quickly do down here), you KNOW there will be drinking AND drugs there...that's a given.
And that often lead to rampant stupidity on those at such places. That can then lead to violent behavior, gun play and death.
Yes, Mr. mayor...THAT is also...A FACT!
This city has long denied all the "small sh*t", as I like to call it, in the hope that "if we ignore it, it will go away, and never bother US".
Well, guess what? It hasn't gone away and it DOES bother "us".
In FACT, all that ignored SMALL sh*t has grown into a whole lot of BIG SH*T...and that's why so see spikes in crime across the board.
Hell, even ARSONS are on the rise down here, especially over by the S. Anthony Blvd area.
How in God's name can you people downtown be so damn BLIND to all this crap?
And you people wonder WHY the city has a budget shortfall of $53 MILLION bucks?
Give me a damn break...you should easily be able to figure out WHY that is happening...
How many properties on the SE side that USED to hand over (on average) around $600-700 a YEAR+ in property taxes still DO?
The answer is hardly ANY these days.
And the FACT behind that is as plain as the nose on your primate faces...
(look in the damn mirror and repeat it to yourselves)
Hell, we USED to pay that $600-$700 a YEAR in property taxes, and that tax cap had NOTHING to do with such a DECREASE in our taxes.
Today, we pay ONE TENTH that amount...!
The city lost NINETY PERCENT of OUR taxes...on OUR propety that used to be worth over $70K (and that's on a humble, post-WW2 house).
EVERY single property down here has had the SAME effect placde on it due to THE CRIME.
And THAT is why your city is coming up SHORT in revenue. The loss of jobs (because of lack of businesses down here) just add more ICING to that CAKE, your majesty!
Now, are we supposed to EAT THAT CAKE?
(how Marie Antoinette of you)
Now...IF crime were dealt with in the manner it truly deserves, THEN, you could start recouping all that lost property tax REVENUE, because people could feel confident about RENOVATING the houses, improving them, and thereby even asking HIGHER RENTAL RATES, and HIGHER SALES for just the EXISTING properties...that's aside from any NEW housing starts.
I think I've managed to address a small portion of the REAL reasons and FACTS behind why we don't feel all that "safe" down here in the crotch of your city, and why you need to get your heads out of the sand (I'm being very kind here) open your EYES and EARS and listen to folks like us that don't enjoy being intimidated, disrespected and set upon JUST because we OWN a house down here, are white, pay taxes,and are NOT on the government's teat, sucking money out of every other taxpayers pocket. I think that's plain enough to understand.
Maybe other people bugged the hell out under those circumstances, but we who REMAIN here certainly don't deserve the "quality-of-life" we currently have, which is a far cry from what YOU tout and believe.
There...I think I'm done for the week...LOL!
We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog host...(damn potent coffee)
*** Lastly today, this is not a perfect world, and none of us are perfect people...
With THAT said, it 't mean we throw up our hands in disgust, and say: "Oh, well, that's a wrap".
As long as we draw breath, we CAN affect change...we can speak the truth, ask questions and demand answers.
And we don't have to do it with the barrel of a gun, but with righteous indignation and a firm sense of being a caring people.
But, we must be ready (and willing) to stand and fight for what we believe in...just as our ancestors did.
I'm sorry, but I can't buy into Mr. Feelgood, when I know things are pretty far apart from what I'm being told.
I prefer to deal with facts...and truth...and reason...and yes, even logic.
(Vulcans would like hanging with me...LOL)
There comes that time when you just KNOW that 2+2=4, even if some say that it equals something else.
Life and reality are constant bedfellows, whether we like it or not, and the sooner we ALL accept that and get back to living our lives IN that here and now, the better off we all become, and the easier it will be to work together AS one nation...one people.
Our mayor can say what we wants, but I'd much rather hear the complete truth.
Because the truth will always set us free, and this nation was founded on such noble principles.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

And yet so many people commented on WANE.com that more police is not the answer. They are right though. More Police PRESENCE is what will help. More prosecutorial COURAGE would help, too. So would more civic leaders with the CAJONES to STAND UP TO THE GANGS and run them out of town. And fewer ethnic leaders crying about profiling as if it's the MAN's fault that so many ethnic criminals are committing crimes.

It is not THE MAN's fault that:
A) you are some thug's baby mama;
B) you have no work ethic, and thus neither do your kids;
C)you don't encourage your kids to LEARN in school rather than sell drugs and boink your 10-y-o girlfriend, and thereby escape the cycle of poverty;
D)You as a civic leader or minister would rather blame the MAN than eliminate the THUG;

All those things belong to the ethnic city leaders and parents that aren't fit for the title, and the non-ethnic politicians that would rather serve their term, rake in their money, and pretend none of it is happening, and will magically cease to exist once said term is over, so why risk a lawsuit from the ethnic city leaders? Sorry for the rant but the whole thing is so simple it's retarded and so retarded it's simple.

Bob G. said...

BTW, the BOBBY_G that ALSO commented on the WANE sight and I are...one in the SAME...lol.

You have this NAILED down, my friend.
It's all about PRESENCE...and not chasing all the radio calls for 911 "butt-dials".

Mrs. Bobby G. tells me that more police ARE patroling further north in the neighborhoods...bet that won't last for long, though.
(never does)

And your A-D observations are spot ON!
Perfectly explained.

You go ahead...rant on, if the feeling moves you.

Simple and retarded...yes it sure as hell IS!

Thanks much for swinging by today and commenting.
Have a great weekend & stay safe up there.