08 March 2013

Friday Follies...
Whew, sure glad we're at week's end...it's been one LONG-ass week.
The weather today will be milder after we climb above freezing in the Heartland. And we get to see a fair amount of sunlight, too (vampires beware).
Highs today will reach into the upper 30s (maybe hit 40) and it gets a bit warmer over the weekend....
So, there goes all that nice snow...and here comes rising rivers, because all that "melt" has GOT to go someplace, right?
In the meantime, let's take a look at what's been going on...
*** Rand Paul does a good updated version of Mr Smith Goes To Washington, which is a very good movie and I recommend it if you have some time...
And I'm sure Jimmy Stewart is smiling down on Dr.Paul.
We also found out that you CAN get a straight answer from the "that guy" administration,...it just takes about THIRTEEN HOURS of TALKING on the senate floor to GET IT!
Like ANY liberal, you back them up against some wall, and they DO acquiesce.
But, it's the fact that you DO have to back them against that wall in the FIRST place that speaks volumes about them.
Who would have known that a good old-fashioned filibuster would get the job done?
Kudos to Senator Paul and all those supporting him who showed that the system CAN work.
(as designed...for a change).
*** This could ONLY happen in Gary, Indiana.
A "baby-mama" sells her child into the production of pornography and permitting her to participate in such productions.
And here's the story link:
Natisha Hillard, 24, is the so-called "parent" in question, and I suppose that question SHOULD be:
What the hell kind of parents are we creating these days?
(Looks more like a girl-rilla to me...sorry, did I say that OUT LOUD?)
How much you want to bet she's also "government-sponsored"?
(got her Obamaphone)
I guess this is the product of "kids raising kids" as Jesse Jackson once said (when he used to be a LOT more cogent in thought and speech).
Or perhaps, it's "just a cultural thang"...and that we should embrace such culture in the name of tolerance...
((...rolls eyes...))
Yes, this IS a real "WTF???" moment.
...to be sure.
The other half of this gruesome twosome is Christopher Bour, 39, who stated that he's done this before - since the child was FOUR MONTHS OLD using her child for pornography...
Are you sh*tting me?
An INFANT for cripe's sake!
What a f$cking pervert!
Thank God an undercover FBI agent (posing as a massuese) was there to wrap this case up and take both of these "creatures" down.
*** And in a somewhat related story, there's this:
Mayor "Nanny Doomberg" (NYC) got something "right" for a change...ads targeted at teen pregnancy.
And Planned Parenthood is up in arms over this...gee, I wonder WHY?
Maybe if teen girls DON'T get pregnant, it'll cut into their BOTTOM LINE...aka profitability, and they won't be able to perform more fetal homicides...I mean abortions?
Well, well...the TRUTH comes out...when you take time to look for it.
Personally, I think the ads are (and should be) every bit as effective as those "texting while driving" ads that show teens killed in car crashes.
And you have to feel for the children, too...they are unwitting pawns in all of this, and many of them have a much harder road in life, thanks to "mom" and her bad choices. Now, if we can target the overly-testosteroned pubescent alpha-MALES in the group...
*** So, North Korea wants to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the USA?
Here's the story link:
ROFLMAO...that kid (Kim Jong Un) has GOT to be smoking the crack that Rodman brought him last week...!!!
This punk-ass gangnam dictator (accent on the DICK) has a better chance of seeing God than pulling off a nuke strike against AMERICA.
This started when CHINA drafted tougher sanctions AGAINST N. Korea for nuclear testing, which were unanimously ratified by the UNITED NATIONS...so where does the USA get hung out to dry as THE "bad guy" here...exactly?
You want to blame anyone for the sanctions...how about the Chi-Coms?
Or the UN president?
I'd like to think the USA is a little father down THAT short list, right?
*** Girl Scout cookie monster steals cases of the goods...and he's not blue with large eyes and on PBS...!
Here's the story link:
You can't make this kind of stuff up, folks...
The cookies (thin mints and shortbreads...WHAT? No SAMOAS???) were valued at $19K.
And the thief was a delivery driver...how convenient.
Christopher Maurice Mortion, 37, of Woodruff, S.C. is the culprit, caught with his hand in the cookie jar...(pun intended)
450 cases were taken, but only 352 cases were recovered. (one hungry bastard?).
Maybe he was "donating" them to NEEDY people...kinda redistributing the wealth, JUST like President "that guy".
(yeah, right)
*** Lastly today, it seems we're not having a shortage of rocks for human flotsam to crawl out from under, are we?
And I swear there are at least several jerks under EACH rock some days.
I would like to believe that because of such nasty people, they make the rest of us look SO DAMN GOOD, but cripes almighty, there are so MANY of these jackasses these days, aren't there?
Almost makes a case for someone having put "something" in the water supplies across the nation.
That would certainly explain the outbreak of chronic stupidity and dumbassery abounding.
Thankfully, I don't think any of US are ready or willing to cave into any kind of societal pressure, and that's a damn good thing.
Lord knows the world can always use more sensible folks...just like us.
But someone has got to get those assholes back UNDER those rocks...we've plenty of problems as it is.
Don't want or need anymore, do we?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((And don't forget we do the Daylight Saving Time gig this weekend, so turn those clocks AHEAD ONE HOUR by 0200 hrs Sunday, kapeesh?))


John DuMond said...

Hey, Bob, our weather guys were wrong. Got whacked with about twice as much snow as predicted. Wt, heavy snow, too. It's supposed to be warm this weekend (high 40s to 50s), so I'm hoping it'll all be melted soon enough.

"What the hell kind of parents are we creating these days?"

Parents who think their kids are nothing more than a fashion accessory. Pathetic, isn't it?

Bob G. said...

John D.:
TWICE as much snow (as predicted)?
I'd email that TV station and tell them if they want a BETTER weatherman, check the Midwest...LOL.
Our guys were pretty much RIGHT ON!
That show was TOO damn heavy!

And yes, we're ALL getting the BIG MELT this weekend...gonna be fun to see where all that non-farm WATER winds up, won't it?

Children as a fashion-accessory.
Hmm...I never thought of it that way.

Coming from the Treasury Dept, I always believed they were a TAX DODGE.

Thanks for bringing me up to speed. Much appreciated.

And thanks for rolling up today to comment.
Have a great weekend & stay safe out there.

ms nk rey said...

The part about the baby sickens me. God help us what is happening to our country? This is the most vile and heinous of crimes. Death is too good for those two pieces of crap. (And I actually held back on my real feelings) My snow is melting and I will be watching the Wabash rise this weekend. So glad spring is coming soon.

Bob G. said...

Good thing you weren't at OUR house...you'd hear me damn near screaming in ANGER at the TV when this story broke...disgusting beyond belief!
I honestly do not know what possesses some people...!

I was REALLY holding back on my post today...just like you are)

I don't even know if there is a PROPER punishment for such wretched pieces of human filth.
(and sadly, you can bet it's not the ONLY case like this in our country)

Yeah, I'd like to see pictures of the rising river...and whoever shows up to visit the mighty Wabash.
Should be very nice.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting today.

You stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

I'm a little despot- OMG thats funny!

Big fat mama and porno boy need to be drug down the road behind a slow semi.

They are the kind of people we used to sit in high school and dream up appropriate punishments for. It always came down to, you can't beat what God's got in store for 'em.

She'll be appreciative of the "sent to hell diet plan". Hint: The worm dies not...

Bob G. said...

You can tell 'm "back" in full vigor, eh?

Yaeh, I agree that a healthy scrape around the state would do them BOTH some good - and the rest of us a whole LOT of good.
Sorry, did I say that OUT LOUD?


What GOD'S got in store for 'em...yeah, that WILL work.
Let's send them to the judgment throne NOW...and avoid the "rush".

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe up there in Scrappy-Bog this weekend!
(with all that melting going on)