05 March 2013

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
Yep, time once again for some of Fort Wayne's "stellar" citizens, accomplishments, and other assorted asshatteries that pervade the Summit City.
But FIRST, we have to tackle the weather (which is easier than tackling a running back)...
Here in the Heartland, we did get a dusting last night, but TODAY will be the "main event" so to speak.
We're slated to get anywhere from 1-3 inches DURING the day (and it's supposed to be a WET snow - and that means heavy to shovel), with an additional several inches during the overnight, so tomorrow morning will be the time to see the totals.
Do take it easy out there clearing the sidewalk, driveway or vehicle.
Might be some delays and/or closings tomorrow, depending upon where you live.
Temps will hover near freezing today, and if you see the sun at all, tell him I said "how's it going?".
Could always be WORSE, right?
And now, on to the other stuff...
*** An early morning fire guts two businesses at the Marketplace at Canterbury.
Here's the latest:
Mitchell's Sports Bar and Grill was heavuly damaged, and the Cap n Cork there was destroyed in the fire.
(all that GOOD bourbon and scotch...up in smoke...damn shame!)
The fire was believed to have spread FROM the Cap n Cork around 0500 hrs.
Unfortunately Piere's nightclub did NOT burn to the ground....(damn)!
But it DID sustain smoke damage.
Investigators are on scene to determine the CAUSE of the blaze.
*** And in a story "related" to Piere's nightclub (and the violent frivolity that often follows when some people choose to exercise extreme stupidity), there's THIS, which does have a happy ending:
Yes, the other half of the ambulance shooting "team" (not to become an Olympic event, thankfully) had his sentence handed to him - should have been on a silver platter, too.
That's what Dontay Martin is staring at...how bright is that future of yours NOW, asshole?
As was the case during the trial, Martin showed little regard for the proceedings (cock-head), even when Judge Surbeck stated: "You violated that basic tenet that applies even in a war zone" (shooting at medical personnel).
Here's the WANE coverage of this:
The asst. prosecutor, Jason Custer, is on MY "nice" list, too when HE said: "The behavior here is beyond outrageous. The community doesn't deserve having someone like him on the streets. The defendant treated it like the O.K. Corral. He lives outside the norms of society."
Custer also added: "He provides no value to the community".
Now THIS man "gets it"...Kudos to YOU, sir.
(and now you also know a lot about the "value" of our "neighbors"...lol)
Martin maintained his innocence (don't they all?), and angrily stated: "I was raised by a single mom. That's not my M.O.".
And his mom thinks the sentence is too harsh.
Sorry, "Mom", but your boy is nothing short of "20 miles of bad road"...he got what he deserved!
Obviously, Martin's "mom" didn't know how to punish him PROPERLY when he did something WRONG, otherwise his life wouldn't have become the clusterf$ck that HE made it.
After Martin was done speaking, he said "Allahu Akbar" (not to be confused with Star Wars Admiral Ackbar - "It's a trap" ) which in Islam translates to mean "God is great".
Others in the audience answered back "Allahu Akbar".
There are lots of Muslims that use that phrase...typically right before they blow something (and themselves) the hell UP.
Martin plans to appeal (good f$cking luck with THAT, you boil on society's ass).
I would state that it would be a helluva lot cheaper in the long run to just put one in his head, and be done with it, rather than have him become a "ward of the state" until he gets (hopefully) shivved to death in jail.
Meanwhile, back in the holding cell...
*** I am always speaking to the fact that having your neighborhood turn into a ghettohood around you is one of those "never a dull moment" venues.
And yesterday kinda spelled that out SO well.
This is a story you WON'T see on the news or in the papers.
The "residents" at a house just behind our "Fortress" got involved in some sort of "domestic" - 2 young black sisters live there, along with what ever OTHER human flotsam decides to crib at the bungalow, so that ALONE should get you wondering.
Anyway, a call goes out and apparently someone there doused someone else with gas and was threatening to torch their ass.
Well, that brought out FOUR FWPD vehicles pronto (2 marked cars and 2 unmarked SUVs), along with Engine 11 from the FWFD.
And, there was a lot of "discussing" going on between the residents and the officers...didn't see anyone get the "cuff n stuff", but I'd bet SOMEbody went downtown, because one of the officers was processing and bagging items like a red GAS CAN, and taking pictures (evidence, no doubt).
One black male left (with some clothes) the scene in a maroon Grand Prix, after talking with officers (I already had the tag number from previous visits).
Didn't see anyone run from the house doing an imitation of either the Human Torch OR Michael Jackson, so I guess the "assault" didn't take place.
Gonna be a bitch getting that smell out of those clothes...and house, though.
Yeah, this is the same house that holds parties in the garage out back, smoking dope (might even be selling it, too), and has that female bouncing a basketball down the street at night (she wears saggy pants and dresses more like a male gangsta than some men around here, so I'm thinking lesbo here).
One of them is "supposed" to be attending SOME college here (yeah, right...ROFL), and I'd wager that either or both of the sisters are "government-sponsored", otherwise the males wouldn't be coming by as often.
I have seen small children there, so one of them didn't keep her legs shut.
Great role model and sterling examples of parenting...when bodily arson threats abound, yes?
Damn shame they didn't torch the house,...we could always use a larger "buffer zone" between our "Fortress" and the rest of the locals.
Yeah...never a dull moment.
*** Last back to the barn today, justice is on short supply these days, and I have to ask myself WHY?
Didn't always roll like that.
Used to be a time when justice WAS dealt out more frequently, and with larger repercussions to those committing criminal acts.
So why did our society decide to TRY and understand such people, by not chastening them as harshly, if at all?
And how well has that worked out for us during all that time?
We hardly even deal out the death penalty any longer, because we wish to be a "kinder, gentler" America.
This nation wasn't EXACTLY founded on sunshine and lollipops, folks.
We had to FIGHT to create this nation, and we had to KILL to do so.
And we had to kill our OWN people...our OWN family members.
Anyone remember something called the CIVIL WAR?
Even before that and more, we still had JUSTICE...to the victims...to those who were WRONGED.
Today, it's not about that as much.
We tend to gravitate to that which is duplicitous in nature.
Our society doesn't wish to kill a few criminals via the death penalty...BUT we CAN go ahead and kill 55 MILLION (innocent) souls through abortion...
Something inherently wrong with that picture?
Where is the JUSTICE THERE, hmm?
Sometimes, the system gets it right, such as in the case of ambulance shooters like Jackson and Martin.
Or, in the case of Alianna Lemon.
Still, if we can kill the unborn, why do we have such issues with killing ADULT criminals?
Perhaps it would befit us to remember where justice TRULY lies.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Your neighbor the prospective victim prolly just chilled after getting some booze at the Canterbury cap n cork.

Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO...yeah, that could be!

Maybe THAT explains where the potential "firestarter" wound up after NOT being able to torch a LIVING PERSON.
(provided they didn't get taken to jail or bonded out shortly afterward)

Down here...'ya never know.

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe (and keep that hot cocoa handy) up there.

Easily Lost said...

Sorry about the snow. It completely missed us here in upper Witchsconsin. You really need to consider country life. Nearest neighbor to me is a half mile away. Only loud parties you'll hear around here are the coyotes singing. Granted they can cause quite a ruckus, but I'd rather deal with them, than most humans. Stay warm, and keep your weapon handy at all times.

Bob G. said...

Hey there...great to see 'ya!!!
Aw, don;t feel bad about US getting snow...keeps the "natives" from getting restless...and QUIET...LOL.

As a city born and bred "boy", I've come to really love contry living...thing is...WHICH country to live in?
(Scotland had promise, before they banned smoking in PUBS...damn)

Nah, I like THIS country just FINE, thanks.

Truth be told, if most of these mooks would burn down THEIR houses, it would be CLOSE to country-living...all that EMPTY space around us (that's not between the ears of the locals).

And I'm never without a (loaded) firearm within arm's reach.

Thanks SO much for stopping by to comment.
Again, glad to see you.

You stay safe (and sound) up there.