12 April 2013

Friday Follies...
And, it looks JUST like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before THAT weather-wise.
I mean, it IS the bloody WEEKEND...where's the SUN?
(probably sipping a mojito poolside in Cabo)
In any event, the majority of the rain is past, but we still are warned of a few showers, so we just have clouds all over with temps in the 40s. Don't expect much of a warmup TODAY...but later this weekend, we WILL see more Springlike temps in and around the 60s.
Now, having dispensed with all the amenities, let's get cracking and see what's been going on since last we met...
*** Some neighbors are "concerned" about Habitat for Humanity...
Now WHY do you suppose THAT would occur?
Put your suppositions aside as you read this link:
First off, I have NO problem w/ HFH...they've built several homes in our area, and they did a really nice job for entry-level houses, and the family moving in DOES invest time and "sweat equity" in order to take residency IN those houses.
In some ways, I look at such houses as being able to retard the decline of our area...they, in a small way, manage to shore up the property values of all the other houses...for a while.
But in ONE neighborhood, some neighbors believe the OPPOSITE might be true.
Oh, this is taking place up on the NORTHWEST SIDE of the city...our "polar" and financial opposite, if you will.
The location is Cook and Huguenard rds, just inside Ft. Wayne proper.
Perhaps we have a bunch of NIMBYs up there, but I guess I could understand their side to this.
So, I guess (in my best David Caruso/ Horatio Cain) "MY question would be WHY not build such a development down HERE?"
It would make better sense if you EVER want to raise the property values of ANY of the houses in THIS section of Ft. Wayne.
And the MORTGAGE aspect lends itself to obvious home-OWNERSHIP, as opposed to RENTAL-HELL, and that means the people tend towards a better sense of PRIDE with ownership opportunities.
Yet, those up in the NW feel it would bring THEIR property values DOWN, and in a city where 1/4 of the area is already in the hole for property DEVALUATION, why exacerbate the problem by spreading it around?
Isn't it better to try and RECOUP some of that $53 Mil shortfall (due to declining properties primarily on the SE side of town), rather than take a chance that OTHER properties would be DEVALUED, losing even MORE tax revenues?
Common sense MUST prevail here. But since the plan was Ok'ed by the Allen County Planning folks, we shall see what happens.
Moving on...
*** Speaking of rentals and other sundry properties, a realty office was hit by robbers yesterday on the city's (you guessed it)...SOUTHEAST side.
Here's the story link:
Eisaman Property Management and Realty office was the place that was targeted for the robbery, which happened around 1700 hrs, located at 2109 S. Calhoun St. (drove right past there yesterday about a half-hour earlier, too).
Both perps were brandishing handguns and wore hoodies to disguise themselves (give 'ya 3 guesses as to the ethnicity, and the first two don't count).
The robbers ordered the safe opened, where rent money from about 700 apartments AND houses was kept, and is a hefty sum of moolah.
The business is NO LONGER accepting CASH...
(Gee, I wonder why?)
None of the employees were harmed, and the two perps remain in the wind and at-large.
Seems these two planned this heist nicely...knew WHEN (what specific day) the rent money would be there, and knew a good TIME to pull the robbery.
Crime DOES pay on the SE side...and often in large sums.
Just remember, if you can do the CRIME, make sure you feel good about doing the jail TIME when you're caught, because that WILL happen, too.
*** Next up, a short tale of a REALLY dumbass criminal.
Here's the link for the brief:
Okay, so you show up at a FUNERAL for a recent homicide victim, stand outside the church, and wave a gun around.
Sounds like a typical day on the SE side to me.
Now, this did occur LAST week,, but I guess it took THIS long for the laughter to die down enough to post the story, and here's the reason why.
After Demondre B Reeves, 21 of Ft. Wayne (where the hell do they GET these first names anyway?) waved the gun around, he got into a TAXICAB and left.
Now, I'd probably be the first one to tell you that aside from a CITY BUS, a TAXI wouldn't be in MY top ten choices for getaway vehicles.
It might work in Hollywood...not in reality, people.
Anyway, police stop the taxicab soon after, where Demondre told officers he DID NOT HAVE a gun.
Well, "technically" he didn't...it was found on the FLOOR of the taxicab, where he PLACED it moments before...
It gets even better.
While being patted down, police ALSO found 2 bags of cocaine in his coat pockets...(oops!).
Reeves, who live in the 3000 block of Oliver Street, is being held as a "guest" of the Allen County lockup with a bail of $50,750.
Lessons to be learned:
1) Don't wave guns outside church.
2) don't use cabs to getaway and...
3) don't carry coke in your pockets while doing the first two.
I say that's THREE STRIKES...he's out!
*** Yesterday, I took to putting on my "Sunday going to meeting" clothes to drive on down to the Allen County Public Library for the taping of this Saturday's THE FORT REPORT cable access show.
Interesting time...dusted off the trusty "Batmobile" and headed DOWNTOWN (which is a lot different from heading "downtown" in the 'Nam).
Found the place no problem and went into the underground parking area.
Problem #1 - I don't have an "alarm" system, except when I yell out "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY DAMN CAR!"...
I just have "THE CLUB".
And it was then, it decided to BREAK. I could not get it to lock, so when we can't place our faith in technology...what do we do?
That's right...we place our faith in GOD (which I shoulda done FIRST).
Problem #2 - So, I am trying to find my way UP to the library, and ask a gentleman where the stairs or elevator are.
He says "right over there", and points.
It was 15 feet BEHIND ME...(...DUH-!!!...)
Okay, we're off to a great start here...feel like a real "rook".
I make it upstairs and meet with Kevin Leininger (the host and producer) and Roderick Parker (the other person with me on the show).
The first thing Kevin said to me was "What? No CAMOS?".
I said: "Yeah, some folks will do ANYTHING to get me to wear a tie these days."
I added: '"Besides, camos are only for 'the war zone'..."
I also met Roderick and shook his hand, and you can tell a LOT about a person JUST from this.
Now, I consider myself to be a fairly GOOD judge of character...after all THESE years, you can't get away without learning something in life, right?
And Rod gives me the vibes that's he's THE REAL DEAL here...sincerity-wise. Felt real at ease meeting with a former gang member.
That doesn't happen all that often.
Then again, I ALSO rode backseat on a hog with a WARLOCK back in Philly...yeah, my past has some interesting sidebars to it.
So, we all go into the studio, sit down , mic up and get comfy (how comfy can you get with lights and cameras around?)
Kevin gives us the cliffs notes on what's going to take place (doesn't sound anything like root canal work, thank God)
The techs cue the opening music, my heart pounds like a jackhammer, and off we go...for one half hour straight through.
We all made our points, Kevin asked good questions and both Rod and I had answers.
We even had cups of water for us...Rod and I needed it BEFORE we began rolling...for some reason, you get "dry-mouth"....gotta be "nerves".
It all seemed to pass REAL FAST, and before we knew it, we were "wrapping up" and then Kevin did the "close" for the program and that was that.
Wasn't the first time I wore a mic, either, but that's another story for another time.
Getting out of the parking area (the un-clubbed Batmobile was where I left it) and back home was no problem, but it was HAZY out there...no real rain, just HAZE everywhere...thought I suddenly was looking through gauze or something.
I will say one thing...the ACPL is HUGE, and from an architectural standpoint, VERY well conceived. I will HAVE to go back there someday soon and check out the genealogy area (largest around I hear).
So there you have it...Bobby G's "excellent adventure"...met a good soul in the process, too. I think Rod is on the right track, and if he EVER needs an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on...he's got MINE.
With a rather checkered past behind him, I honestly want this man to succeed and be the role model HE wants to be for others. I would go so far as to say he would be a great speaker to high school kids, having been on the wrong side of the tracks for part of his life, and someone should find some way to see if such a venue is possible.
*** Funny thing...much of our OWN lives is about REDEMPTION at some level...maybe not at Rod's level, but we ALL have to experience some type of redeeming grace, be it from God, friends, family, or even strangers.
And also, like other parts of our lives, it's a GIVE AND TAKE proposition.
None of us are perfect...Rod and I know that, as do all of you.
The thing is, we CAN do something about that...if we choose to.
As I always say here, the main goal of every day is to become a better person than you were the day before.
When you do it often enough, it grows familiar, and we strive without toiling in the process.
And becoming a better person becomes less bothersome and more challenging.
It sure does give you reason to wake up each and every day.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

(( Tomorrow - a very special tribute to a comedic legend: Jonathan Winters who passed today at the age of 87.))


CWMartin said...

#1-H$H is prolly afraid of the SE side, too... Not Jimmy C.s kinda people.

#2- Robbery... sound like we know what they're doing when they're not casing bank employees, now.

#3- Where to they get these names? De + random entry in book of nonsense syllables.

#4- The club- where was yer back up, for pity's sake? I'm a tad disappointed, especially during wartime as we are.

#5- the show- very proud of you!

Bob G. said...

1- Yeah, but you have to admit that the past majority of houses WERE built on this side of town, so HFH "gots SOME street cred" here...lol.

2- I'm thinking it was someone that wanted their rent money BACK.
(past employee?)

3- LMAO...that's gotta be it!

4- Well, Robin had the week OFF, and the cats were sleeping when I left...
I DID repair the bugger after I got home, though (and NO Red-Green fix, mind you!)

5- Wait until AFTER the show...at least I did't belch, fart, cough, or sneeze!
(gotta thank my dearly departed HS DRAMA teacher for those tips on LIVE performances)

Thanks SO much for stopping by today and making me smile with your comment.

Stay safe up there in Sambonia this weekend.
(tell your "secretary of DE FENCE" he's a GOOD BOY!)

gadfly said...


Funny thing about the ACPL - I liked it better before the remodel when it was light and airy, lots of windows and casual. Now it is dark and stuffy with too many little rooms and big expanses wasted space in the hallways.

The whole thing was a waste of $84 million as far as I am concerned.

You can always depend on me to have an opinion.

Bob G. said...

It cost THAT much???
I will have to dig around and find some before and after pictures.

I will agree the hallways are worthy of some BOWLING ALLEYS...or perhaps a FLIGHT DECK...LOL.

Be nice to get a look-see at the original building inside AND out.

I DO know the Philly main library is built like a damn fortress! (nothing like ours, BTW)
And used to seem as much inside, but it WAS quiet.

Thanks for bringing me up to speed on some of the HISTORY behind the ACPL.
(got me CURIOUS now...heh.)

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe out there.