24 April 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Looks like we're under the rain clouds this morning, and we've got temps in the mid-forties.
Today's high in Hoosierland will top out pretty much where we're at, so those 60s aren't going to grace our presence again for a couple days.
We might even get to see a...(dare I say it?)...a SNOW SHOWER. Yep, this IS APRIL.
It would appear that we're making up for last year's DROUGHT early, so the farmers are catching a break...now, they just need a little DRY TIME to get all their crops PLANTED.
So, with our OWN "planting" done for the day, which would be OUR FEET, as in FIRMLY ON THE GROUND, let's get rolling and see what's cooking.
*** First up today as is the usual fare, is our Motto of the Week, aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability."
So, who in the world said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Forum...
*** Uh oh...ANOTHER robbery attempt in the Summit City - maybe we should call Fort Wayne THE CITY OF ANOTHERS?.
An Arby's located up on 9831 Lima Rd was targeted by not one, not two, but THREE men last night around 2243 hrs.
Here's the story link:
This is the SECOND such attempt in LESS than 24 hours (see yesterday's post).
The 3 men left without getting any cash, and were unable to get to employees.
At least 1 customer was inside at the time, but no injuries were reported.
Police were unable to find the perps after checking out the immediate area.
One of the suspects might have had a weapon.
Guess it's time these robbers tried ANOTHER type of "open-late for your convenience" store?
You watch, they will change up their tactics unless they hit the money pot at some restaurant.
Moving on...
*** In the wake of all the homicides this city has "enjoyed" so far this year (15 at last count) people have decided to do a number of things to STOP the violence (found primarily on the SE side), such as:
-- Prayer vigils
-- Community rallies
-- Gun Amnesty Day
And while all those are commendable at some level, there really needs to be a more "tangible" and hands-on strategy to not only stemming this chronic violence, but actually turning it around and LOWERING it.
Here's a story about a meeting that took place at the Allen County Court House.
This is the 3rd annual Vigil for Victims of Violence, held to remember those killed since 1980.
A board held a list of 700 names.
Naturally, we had lip-service provided by city leaders like King Henry and the Duke of (Rusty) York, but what does all this really do to STOP the violence?
It certainly cannot stop what ALREADY OCCURRED, can it?
And, if people had been THAT concerned about those killed dating back as far as 1980, WHY didn't they start this vigil BACK THEN?
I'm sure that the 33rd annual vigil would hold a lot more water than just the THIRD annual one.
Still, it does make people feel better, and we're just ALL about "feelings" these days, are we not?.
I wonder HOW MANY of those 700 homicides were SOLVED?
Maybe we should hold a vigil for better city management?
...Just a thought.
*** Another item on that free PRNA newsletter caught my eye.
Did you know that down here in the ghettohood, they NOW have a HOME BUYING CLASS for SPANISH-speaking residents?

Buy a house - get a visa!

Hell, I didn't think ANY of the "residents" down here, Spanish-speaking or otherwise, HAD any class to speak of...LOL!
Such topics that will be covered in this class (que?) will be:
-- Are you ready to buy a home
(most of them can't handle a damn apartment!)
-- Managing your money
(Booze, pot, loud stereos - where the money REALLY goes)
-- Understanding credit
(They think everything is free as it is)
-- Obtaining a mortgage loan
(Cripes, isn't that what caused the housing bubble to burst?)
-- Shopping for a home
(The ghettohood has 'em as cheap as $1500!)
-- Protecting your investment
(pit bulls and illegal guns works for them)
-- Home maintenance
(LMAO - you're KIDDING, right?)
-- Your housing and credit rights
(I smell VOUCHERS)
-- Defining terms LTV, FICO, DTI, Truth in lending
(hell, even I had to look up some of THOSE)
Why don't we TEACH THEM ENGLISH FIRST...as well as what it really MEANS to BE AN AMERICAN...and then go from THERE?
*** More on the "items" used in the Boston bombings...
It would seem that a chain of stores known as Phantom Fireworks  (we have one in Ft. Wayne) may have unintentionally "contributed" to the makings of those bombs used in Boston last week.
And here's the story to back that up:
Those "mortar kits" are the ones I am ALWAYS railing about down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne.
They call them MORTARS for a damn good reason...they are basically a civilian version of similar ordinance that is used in combat.
And they VERY LOUD...and are also RELOADABLE...imagine that.
The assholes that set the damn things off down here WILL startle you...make NO mistake about that.
Yes, it's THESE items I feel the city (and perhaps the state) should find some way to BAN all together...period.
And toss in some STIFF fines for those using them.
Now, don't think of me as a "Nanny Doomberg" here....I don't think UNTRAINED and UNLICENSED civilians need to be messing with things that can go BOOM! and possible take off a damn limb (like what transpired up in Boston)...right?
Yet, every 4th of July, (and a month or so BEFORE AND AFTER) they haul out these damn mortars and set them off with abandon...
Consider THIS...EACH "kit" costs around $200 bucks, so WHERE THE HELL are these non-working lazy-ass morons getting the CASH to buy all these damn things anyway?
Didn't know that EBT card was being used to buy THAT...did you?
Well, they DO already buy smokes and booze with them...AND use them at CASINOS, so why not purchase fireworks?
This becomes not only a PUBLIC SAFETY issue with those mortar kits, BUT is also an issue of FRAUD against the government if EBTs are used to buy them.
I mean when you are scraping by for food, shelter and clothing, HOW can you justify buying HUNDREDS (or thousands) of bucks worth of mortar kits "so the kids will have fun on the 4th"?
Then again, truth be told (as it always is here)...the FACT is that we have at least two generations of people growing up with absolutely NO sense of priorities.
Simple as that.
If you ask some dumbass boomcar driver WHY he has such a fancy-ass car with huge rims and tires, a gag-a-maggot paint scheme (with graphics) and some loud-ass stereo that cost thousands, he will simply state:
"...I can't DRIVE a HOUSE...but I CAN live in my CAR..."
How f$cking stupid an answer is THAT?
But, that's what passes for "sanity" down here.
And that's also why we have deadbeat "dads", abusive boyfriends, infant deaths, rampant crime, and chronic drug and alcohol abuse.
It's not hard to figure this stuff out...when you learn what to look for.
*** Lastly today, there are too many ways to become a dumbass these days, and fortunately, many of US choose not to be another sheep in that fold.
However, the way to become a dumbass has gotten EASIER over time, and that's not usually a good thing for that individual, or for society as a whole.
Does being a dumbass lead to violence?
Well, that depends on the type of "dumbassery" that person embraces.
In many case, when people don't (or cannot) comprehend simple things like laws, they become frustrated, and such frustration can lead to fear and then anger, and anger to violence...
It's kinda like the whole "Yoda telling us about the DARK SIDE"  gig.
He said it thus:
"Fear is the path to the dark side...Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering..."
I can hear the Jedi Master now...as if were still with us...
And people, when they believe they are suffering, will turn to anything "close-at-hand" to stop such suffering.
Some turn to alcohol...or drugs.
Others turn to crime of some sort to stop their "pain" when all they really do is feed it further.
They look for answers elsewhere when the real answer is closer than they can imagine.
We really need to work at most everything in life, and this is no different.
A journey made too easily cannot be be enjoyed or appreciated that much.
Through some diligence, persistence, and perseverance on our part, we all do better in life for ourselves and for others.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Diane said...

Have you heard of the Armed Citizen Project? http://armedcitizenproject.org/index They are doing a shotgun giveaway in Indianapolis, and not sure if they're coming to Fort Wayne. Seems like a good idea.

Bob G. said...

Well, I have NOW...!
I'll have to see if they DO come to The Fort.
I could always use another shotgun to keep my other one "compamy"...LOL.

Hey, thanks for the heads up and for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe down there.