16 April 2013

Looks Like a Monday...
I hope all of you living in Hoosierland like RAIN, because that is what you're staring at this morning. Temps will once again make it into the 60s,
And yes, those WERE thunderstorms you might have heard earlier in the morning...
Don't expect much changing throughout the day...the rain will be off and on for the next several days...after all, it the whole APRIL SHOWERS gig, right?
So, let's not allow anything to further "dampen" our spirits today as we see what all has been going on.
*** First up, unless you were vacationing on MARS (and who would pass that up this time of year?), you have to had heard about the two bombs that were detonated near the finish line at yesterday's Boston marathon.
So far, three have been reported killed with over 100 injured in the blasts.
Here's the story link:
Since this is officially a terrorist attack, let's keep it that way, and not "rename" it, as this administration loves to do.
And if whoever is responsible for the bomb blasts wanted to make a statement, they certainly DID.
-- The whole point OF terrorism, in ANY form at ANY level, is to make people DEVIATE from their USUAL ROUTINE.
By the looks of things, both in Boston, and around our nation, I would have to concur that they've succeeded.
It's "different" out there today.
But even a success like this comes with a price, and that will become ALL to evident when those COWARDS that committed this act are captured.
People today are waking up to a country "on alert", and what passed for everyday activity yesterday is being scrutinized more closely today by those in law-enforcement at every level...make no mistake.
Perhaps we, as a people lapsed into complacency, and this opened the door for such a heinous opportunity.
We think we're safe and therefore go right back to business as normal.
After 9/11, we ALL became a bit more wary of things, and with good reason.
Yet, as is the case these days, we become DISTRACTED, and Lord knows we've plenty of things happening daily that divert our attention, be they at home, on our streets, within our own government, or around the world.
THIS is the result of such globalization..and the growth of 24/7 media coverage.
One can also take note that April, for some reason, is a popular month with BAD things (aside from filing taxes).
Here's the list.
-- The Titanic sinking (1912)
-- MLK was assassinated (1968)
-- The Rwandan genocide (1994)
-- USS Thresher was lost (1963)
-- Lincoln was assassinated (1865)
-- The VT massacre (2007)
-- The siege at Waco, TX (1993)
-- The Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
-- The Columbine massacre (1999)
-- The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion (2010)
Those are the most notable points in history, but there are quite a few more.
If anything, we should be KEENLY aware during this month...it really couldn't hurt, right?
Moving on...
*** A little closer to "home", there's this tale of 3 dumbass robbers.
Here's the story link:
Yes, friends, a tale of two black men, and the woman that drives the getaway car for them.
This took place yesterday morning at the Power One Federal Credit Union, located at 1520 Spy Run Ave. as the business was opening.
One employee was injured when she was pushed to the floor by one of the robbers who brandished a handgun.
The same robber then approached another employee, and collected an undetermined amount of money.
The first woman, locked herself in another room and dialed 911.
Good descriptions of the two men led to an arrest a short time after.
One of the men was spotted by police WALKING (then ducked behind a cardboard box before attempting to flee).
A foot chase ensued and he was captured on Spy Run near Baltes Ave.
Trey Jackson, was taken into custody where police found a handgun on him.
(dem streets ain't be dat safe - where dat getaway car be gone?)
The other robber, Deangelo Copeland, and the alleged getaway driver, Nicole Andrews were found in a car about 3 miles from the credit union along the 900 block of Milton St.

They also got the "cuff and stuff" from police.
Copeland, 36, Andrews, 35, and Jackson, 25 are all Ft. Wayne residents (probably live down here in the ghettohood, too) and are all being held WITHOUT BAIL in the local jail.
Based on details of Monday's robbery, police believe it UNLIKELY they are responsible for other recent robberies in the area.
(that means we have more than one "team" of robbers out there...great!)
But, God...I so LOVE a "happy ending" like THIS one...!
*** Lastly today, I want to postulate some possibilities regarding this latest attack on OUR people here in the USofA.
We can be pretty sure that our government will find someone responsible for this and put them away.
But, is that truly ENOUGH?
Wouldn't it be better to "hang them in the public square", and send a REAL message?
Can we become too "kind and gentle" a people that we would settle for a life imprisonment term for whoever we find IS the perpetrator of this attack in Boston, rather than an execution (a PUBLIC one at that)?
What message ARE we sending these loons who are out to kill us, anyway?
The Fort Hood shooter (read terrorist) is STILL awaiting trial, but all we've managed to do SO FAR is determine whether or not he should have a BEARD.
Where's the speedy part of the whole "trial" thing?
You have to wonder what has become of our judicial system, and as a result, come to know what I find it so reprehensible along such lines.
TRUE JUSTICE is long in coming...if it ever comes along at all, and that's NOT the best message to send to lawbreakers both here OR abroad.
At what point does LAW supersede JUSTICE anyway?
The LAW is there to PROMOTE JUSTICE...NOT take it's place.
Then, there is another aspect of this to consider...
What is being done BEHIND OUR BACKS while we're focused on the Boston terror attack?
What legislation will be "slipped under the door" while we're watching what's being done in Massachusetts and around our nation to make us "safer"?
Like I have said so many times, we have to be watching BOTH hands of those in power, because such acts of terrorism like yesterday can very well wind up chipping away at our OWN liberty...in lieu of security, and that's a nasty road to stroll down.
Would we (in America) rather be FREE...or SECURE?
Helluva choice, huh?
I say we can be BOTH...BUT, it's contingent upon our willingness to not allow our government to tell us HOW to be both free...AND secure.
They can't be everywhere, just like the police, so that makes it OUR job to provide our OWN means of security many times.
But, when the government WANTS to "be everywhere", THAT is when we lose our freedom and liberty.
It's a fine line and a tight wire act worthy of the Flying Wallendas, but we should not be willing to give up one for the other regarding liberty and security.
We can do both...and we have in the past. We just have to also be willing to mete out TRUE JUSTICE when it's needed.
One thing we DON'T need is a larger, overseeing nanny-government...what we DO need is a SMARTER, SMALLER government that needs not intrude further into our OWN lives, but is more about protecting the lives living under her flag.
The rest of us can do as we have in the past...look out for ourselves and for one another.
(something we seem to have forgotten over time, as our attention has been diverted all too often)
I think we can handle that much, as can the government.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

And tax day. Don't forget that horrific act. LOL.

Lot o mugs up there, Bob G. I wish for a day when there would be NONE, but isn't that wishful thinking? We are being invaded by evil doers and doing nothing to change it. Except smother the good civilians with rules and more regulations.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
'Ya know dear...there are days when I wonder WHAT alternate EARTH I woke up on.

Things were NEVER this bad...and NEVER this often.

We need to step back about 150 uears when it comes to JUSTICE...a time when we USED to do what was right regarding CRIME and the criminals behind it.

Too many mugs to keep track of, that's for damn sure.
(that's just in MY town...lol)

And they keep coming out of the woodwork...like termites!
Where's that ORKIN guy when you really NEED him, anyway?

Hey, thanks much for taking time to roll on up today and comment.

You stay safe out there.

ms nk rey said...

I watched TV in horror yesterday. The cowardly act of killing and maiming innocent people. But then I saw the good people, the ones with a servant's heart, running to help. That is when I knew that the cowards will never win.

Bob G. said...

Yes, those UNSELFISH people...the CARING people...those who run TO danger, rather than FROM it...THEY are the ones that will ALWAYS triumph over ANY evil, no matter where it rears it's ugly head.

And America STILL has a good number of such folks, but sometimes, it takes a bad situation to make them known to us.

It's THEN, we know this nation has a promise for better times once again.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking time to comment.

Stay safe down there.
(and don't step on any Legos)

CWMartin said...

Y'know, Bob, I was thinking last night, justice in this case would be if the villain was crossing the street the next day and got hit by some little old lady. No big showy trial, no big reveal, no name on every tongue. Just a stupid, anonymous death.

Bob G. said...

In many ways, you have found the perfect ending when it comes to a certain person's karma.

Evil always seeks it's OWN rewards, and in this particular instance, that WOULD be the best reward this cowardly person could ever hope for.

Good food for thought.
Thanks for stopping by to comemnt today.
Stay safe up there.