28 May 2013

Back To The Grind...
Yep, the extended weekend's over and we're all settling back into whatever it was we were part and parcel to before this past weekend.
The Heartland weather is pretty much rain today, giving way to scattered showers by day's end.
But those nice comfortable temps we enjoyed are gone for a while. Today's high will reach into the 80s!
And tomorrow, it gets even warmer.
Naturally, with all the rain, the HUMIDITY will be up as well, and even this morning, we're hearing reports of scattered fog (blame that on temps and dew-points...a meteorological thing).
So, from having to run the heat for those 40 degree nights, we're back into pressing our A/C units into service. Gotta love it here.
Meanwhile, let's take a look at what has happened out and about, shall we?
*** You're always hearing me say that TECHNOLOGY is a double-edged sword, and with good reason.
It seems these days that whatever can be created, invented, or devised to make SOME aspect of our lives better in some manner, there are those who will exploit that, creating problems to fill THEIR wallets, if not finding a way around such technology for their OWN benefit, and many times, that's not all that altruistic.
A PRIME example is the (seemingly) indispensable cell phone.
Personally, I view it not so much as a convenience, but rather as a way of communications when absolutely necessary, like when you're stranded on some lonesome highway at night, or when you have to call the "po-po"or EMTs in an emergency, and getting to some land line isn't that easy.
But, people have been coerced, cajoled, and all but made to feel like an outcast if they do NOT avail themselves of being able to call anyone, anytime, for any (lame-ass) reason, and that also includes impromptu "photo-ops" for anyone wanting to be the next YouTube sensation.
And naturally, there are games galore to play on them, and the easily-deadly texting, sexting, and online bullying.
It makes you wonder HOW in the name of God we managed to get by BEFORE we had such devices, doesn't it?
Truth be told, we got along a LOT better than we do these days, and with a lot fewer problems.
People become so wrapped up in these phones, they forget to watch where they're driving, walking, or yes...even biking.
Kids become unknowing targets on our streets whenever a vehicle comes along, because they're too busy "keeping in touch".
And I could go on for an hour about how our personal vehicles have all these "bells and whistles" to make our journey (to the nearest store) more "enjoyable".
To me, getting there and back in ONE piece is enjoyable enough, thank you.
I don't need a passenger cabin full of electronic "playthings" to divert my attention from the MAIN chore when I'm behind the wheel...namely DRIVING.
What we need to do is revisit the ability we seem to have forgotten, and that is to POLICE OURSELVES.
We are often our own worst enemy, and it's high time we instead become our best friend once again.
*** In this related story, there are those out there with yet another "technocratic" idea...this time to reduce the potential for gun violence.
Here's the story link from Sunday's Journal-Gazette:
Imagine being able to disable a firearm BY REMOTE...
That's what YARDARMS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is working on, out of Costa Mesa, CA.
Think of the "possibilities"...and the way something like THIS could be misused.
Sure, it makes guns SAFER in the home when kids are about, but there is always a "dark side" to such technology.
It's like being able to catch a criminal by THINKING like one. The good guy can get caught up in the whole bad guy thing.
The technology is not a firearm, but a device that can alert an owner if the gun is moved, and the alarm can even be routed to a cell phone.
(all well and good if you're in a decent coverage area, and NO EMPs are around)
This tech differs from the "iGun" that requires a ring to be worn by the user OF that firearm, and will only function when both ring and gun are in immediate proximity (I can see lots of fingers being cut off by thieves when guns are stolen under such circumstances).
The "Intelligun" uses fingerprint ID (missing hands?), and "TriggerSmart" uses R/F IDs.
It's a fair thing to be able track your firearms, and we can't carry ALL our weapons on us ALL the time, right?
But, just to play devil's advocate, how many times do alarm companies report a break-in, robbery or panic alarm ONLY to have the police roll up AFTER the fact? How is this all that preventive in nature?
Sure, you can remotely "disable" your gun, but the CRIMINAL already HAS IT, and will, in all likelihood, find some way to DISABLE the disabling feature, and presto, instant workable firearm...again.
I don't know...microchipping our guns...makes it EASIER for the "wrong" people to keep tabs on us...even more.
Loss of more personal freedom? Sure sounds like it.
*** Did you know that poverty is NO LONGER the sole domain of the URBAN jungles in America?
Well, according to a new study, the SUBURBS are fast becoming the NEW poverty-stricken areas.
And here's the story:
The Brookings Institute is behind this study entitled: "Confronting Suburban Poverty in America".
Between 2000 and 2011 the poverty rate in suburbia grew by nearly TWO THIRDS - more than TWICE that of cities.
Suburban poverty around just the Indianapolis area rose from 5% to 7.7%.
The report states the main reason for such poverty growth is that THREE TIMES as many people live IN the suburbs than in cities...
What have I said about "running out of places to run to"?
Sounds like a tipping point to me.
While the Feds blew about $82 BILLION on poverty programs, MOST of them remained focused on our inner CITIES, and not the "burbs".
Makes you wonder HOW MUCH MORE the feds will want to dump into suburbia for THAT poverty, right?
And WHO, exactly will be paying for THAT when we can't even pay for the inner cities NOW (tossing good money after bad, entitling people rather than empowering them)?
The study claims people living in suburban areas lack access to PUBLIC-ASSISTANCE...aww, poor babies.
Funny, in a lot of the suburban areas around HERE, it's full of retail and damn near every amenity one could ask for.
One thing the story didn't mention...thanks to the fair-housing act, we're seeing more and more SECTION 8ers moving to the burbs, bringing all sorts of urban problems with them...there goes THOSE neighborhoods, eh? Wonder how all this is impacting on the housing PRICES in such areas?
(not seeing any evidence of major property losses so far)
Hey, here's an idea...why don't all the suburbanites move BACK to the city...reclaim all those BAD neighborhoods, force GENTRIFICATION and re-establish the metropolitan areas into the bastions of society they once WERE?
How much you want to wager that is exactly what will happen soon enough across the nation?
*** Lastly today, it's still all about diversion, deception, and obfuscation by our government.
Get our minds off of poverty in the burbs by putting up more cell towers, so people can act inappropriately with those phones.
Have us ponder gun safety by tracking our weapons electronically, rather than tracking the PEOPLE most likely to get stupid and perform homicidal acts with a gun.
Allow us to ignore the obvious while we pursue the mundane...and call it LIVING.
Doesn't quite seem like those times when we ALL were a bit better behaved, does it?
We can change that, if we all have a mind to do so...and get back to moral and ethical basics.
None of us are perfect, but we DAMN sure can be a helluva lot LESS-FLAWED than we have been, and that's the truth.
All it takes is the willingness to do so...that first step.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

A well written post, which I will mess up in a few words. "Intelli-" guns... really? A liberal from NY state came up with that one, right?

Cell phones- even though it is my sole phone, forgetting it still only generates an "Oh, well"...

Suburban poor- well, if you make enough of them, they gotta go somewhere... why not where they can get those subprime mortgages to default on?

Weather- STILL beats last june 29th, eh?

Bob G. said...

I think all this is another way for the liberals to "get around" the 2nd amendment...
You CAN "keep and bear arms"...we'll just have someone else monitor the ability of that firearm to WORK (when needed).

You have my feelings about cell phones...LOL.

The stats have ALREADY proven that "street gangs" have imbedded themselves in the burbs for some time, so why not have the HUD and Section 8ers move there with them?

Since such "poor folk" have already RUINED most cities (and the budgets back that one up) why the hell not muck up the SUBURBS and really put the fear of evil into those who thought they were "safe"?

I think the REALLY poor people never even make it TO the burbs to begin with.

Hell, most lower-middle class people have trouble in GOOD times chasing that dream...I know. We lived that adventure when I was growing up.
Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.