01 May 2013

Humpday Happenings...
A beautiful day here in Hoosierland with lots of sun and temps reaching into the LOW EIGHTIES...kind of like a summer preview.
And I will be up front with all of you and say I've been battling something like the flu for the past 2 days, and that's why today's post will be both brief and tardy. Sorry about that, friends.
Isn't easy having chills in 80 degree weather, that''s for sure.
Helluva way to enter the month of May, right?
Damn near felt like a malaria attack, but since I don't recollect ever having that, we'll stick to the flu.
Been sleeping so damn much, too, trying to get the old body to heal itself, and with a couple aspirin (for fever), that seems to work well enough.
Now with arthritis, you always hurt in specific places, but this flu has got me achin' all over, but fortunately, my appetite's coming back.
What bothers me about coming down with something, is that I languish about doing basically nothing, and I'm a person that simple cannot DO that.
Perhaps that's why I consider myself one of the world's WORST patients.
Still, this doing nothing to get better makes me feel like most ANY of the neighbors around here, because that's all THEY ever seem to do...nothing!
Only difference is that the GOVERNMENT pays them to do nothing.
*** Here's the Motto of the week aka WHO SAID THAT?
" A genius cannot be forced, nor can you make an ape an alderman."
*** There was a brief story in the news last night about a FWPD car that as struck along Reed St. by what appeared to be a BB or pellet, shattering a window, but the media buried that real fast, lest anyone copy-cat this. I can understand that.
Considering how volatile and bellicose the community got with the police-action shooting, you'd figure the locals would get uppity and want to strike back at the department. God forbid the police would actually be there to protect them.
*** The schizophrenic swimmer died late yesterday, and maybe this will be a red flag to the community that perhaps allowing such people ON OUR STREETS isn't in the best interest. We just mainstream too many people these days when they should be receiving the proper attention through being institutionalized.
*** Remember how I ALWAYS say that we should be paying attention to all the SMALL things in our city, lest they find a way to evolve into the BIG things...crime-wise?
Now, littering is a small thing (to some), but consider why we have anti-littering laws...who wants to be hip-deep in garbage and trash that can breed disease and make everything look disgusting anyway?
Well, there was this one black guy cribbing at the house across the street...was topping off his anti-freeze, and when he emptied the jug, just dropped it along the curb, instead of placing it in a trash bin that was located JUST INSIDE their fence.
How f$cking LAZY is that, hmm?
When the other people came home, THEY took the jug in and dumped it in their bin.
I swear I don't know WHY some people bother to exist in the first damn place.
We already had someone else dump 2 quarts of motor oil in their vehicle, an then leave the 2 bottles ALONG THE CURB STRIP (Quaker State oil...you know the green bottles).
And, that's also why we have morons dumping big screen TVs in our alley!
It's THIS kind of sh*t that gets the "free pass" down here, and totally pisses me off. Funny, this doesn't occur in NICE neighborhoods.
And when parking the WRONG WAY, or double parking is all but ignored as well, that sends the wrong message to these moolies.
You're letting them get away with skirting the laws that damn near everyone else follows, so it's little wonder that the evolutionary process will proceed and grow into such things as murder on the streets.
When you allow people to never have boundaries set for them, they will continue to push further until you have the levels of violence and crime we "enjoy" on the SE side of town. That's human nature.
In any event, whatever these people have learned when it comes to being STUPID can be UNlearned...it just take time.
-- Now, I'd best get to gathering together our recycle and trash for tomorrow's pickup...because WE know how to follow rules and laws.
Plus, I also need to take it slow for a spell, until I'm hitting on all cylinders again.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Bob G. said...

You and me BOTH, dear!

BTW, one thing you should NEVER do is MOW THE BACKYARD when feeling so lousy...trust me!

(unless you LIKE having your heart pound like a trip-hammer and sweating profusely when it's ONLY 60 degrees out.)
That was a BAD idea.

THanks for the iind wishes and for stopping by to comment.

Stay well down there.

John DuMond said...

"I swear I don't know WHY some people bother to exist in the first damn place."

They serve at least one purpose. We can point to them and say, "No matter how stupid I've been today, I've still been smarter than that guy."

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Brother, if ain't THE TRUTH!!

Be nice to be able to cull that heard once in a while, though.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Sound a little grumpy. Wait'll I get today's post up!

Bob G. said...

Nah...no more grumpier than usual...just feel lousy ON TOP of the grumpiness...LOL
(ghettohood living...whatta way to to get by, eh?)

I'll be looking forwrd to YOUR post. I trust you'll make mine look "tame".

Thanks for stopping by today.

Stay safe up there

Momma Fargo said...

Hope you feel better. I am right there with you in the same boat. Damn, Captain Sickness! And I tried to sleep, burn out the flu with the sun, and Nyquil it out. None of which worked. Dammit. I'm old.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sorry to hear you're also under the weather...
Helluva SPRING so far, isn't it?

Sometimes when we become "more seasoned", we do get over sickness faster than when we were whiniung kids.
It's just we get sick more OFTEN...and that's TOTALLY not fair.

Rest up and STAY hydrated, Kiddo!

And thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe out there.