30 May 2013

We're Nearly There...Again...
...To the weekend, that is, and it promises to be a rather WET one with both rain and humidity.
The temps today, (aside from being cut from FWCS) are expected to again reach into the UPPER 80s. And like I said, the humidity will remain close by (oh, joy). Cripes, this is sounding more like AUGUST than the end of May, isn't it?
Anywho, let's get busy with the rest of whatever stories I will be covering today, shall we?
*** First out the door is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"It may be true that you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country."
This is attributed to William J. Durant, and yes, THIS man DOES have a proper WIKI found HERE:
He was an American writer, historian, and philosopher (5 November 1885 - 7 November, 1981) At least he got in ONE more birthday before passing away.
He died at the ripe old age of 96.
Educated by Jesuits in 1900, he began experimenting with socialist philosophy, but came to realize that a "lust for power" underlay all forms of political behavior...(good for him).
He taught Latin, French, English and Geometry at Seton Hall.
He became principal for Ferrer Modern School in 1911, a school intended to educate the working classes.
His most notable works are THE STORY OF PHILOSOPHY (1926) and THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION, an eleven volume series written between 1935 to 1975.
Co-written by Will and his wife Ariel Durant, it remains unfinished as both died before completion.
A rather remarkable man (and wife) who we barely hear mention of these days, considering the writings that pertain to the human condition.
It's a good read and worth your time.
Moving on...
*** Yes, friends, we have now made it to HOMICIDE NUMBER TWENTY! (betcha this is playing hell with the dead pools all over).
Looks like we're back on track to hit FORTY by year's end, hmm?
Here's the story link:
It says that two men (family members) were involved but because it does not say what the "relationship" between the two men was, it makes you think that perhaps...maybe, it was a gay issue. That would be my guess at this point, considering the manner in which the report was presented.
It COULD also be brothers, cousins,,,who's to say at this point, but don't rule out the not-so-obvious...not in THIS city.
Wisteria Lane is right off of Illinois Rd, so it becomes a NW side crime (for a change).
The victim, who lived at 5031 Wisteria, was suffering one gunshot wound when police arrived and was pronounced dead at the scene by EMTs.
The other person was transported to hospital with injuries suffered.
Neighbors have told reporters that the family were good neighbors, and didn't know of any problems surrounding those living inside the residence.
(well, you do NOW)
(( Editor's Update - 1600 hrs: The victim's name was Russell Todd Jewel, age 42))
*** Next up, in Ossian, Indiana, three men held up the PNC bank located at 1102 Jefferson St. around 1442 hrs yesterday.
The pictures are really good quality, and gee, aren't those robbers...BLACK???
Rather warm out for a "hoodie".
And it's an ARMED robbery, too.
Wonder if that's a lookalike weapon?
Some perps are looking at some FEDERAL time when they get caught.
((Note to FBI:  you might want to check out the whole SE side of Fort Wayne...I'm just sayin'...))

C'mon...reach for dat money, homey!
You know, if someone comes into a bank on a EIGHTY DEGREE day wearing a hoodie, the PANIC ALARM should be IMMEDIATELY tripped.
Better to "err" on the side of caution (if the person is THAT ugly they need to cover their puss) then get robbed.
Better STILL, have someone shoot the perp FIRST...and OFTEN.
*** There has been an arrest in that home invasion I mentioned where a woman in the 4700 block of Reed St. (SE side) was threatened with a pipe after she allowed this thug to use her phone on the porch AND gave him a soda to drink (refer to my post of 8 May).
NO good deed on the SE side EVER goes UNpunished...remember that.
Here's the story link:
The perp, one Davon Draughan, (aka DEVON Draughan) age 23  ( 5'7", 260 lb male BLACK - big surprise THERE, hmm?) was busted and charged with one count of criminal confinement and one count of robbery.
The detectives lifted prints on the soda bottle and tracked it back to Draughan...who apparently has a nice rap sheet.
Draughan current address is listed as 5220 Lillie St (46806).
Before THIS, he had arrests for theft, resisting, crimnal trespass (several times), NEVER got a license (none of them do), failure to stop, speeding, (also several previous addresses) ...and he's again arrested..how many "second chances" has he burned through NOW.
He better get to liking bologna sandwiches and the color ORANGE...heh.
(until the prosecutor turns HIM back out AGAIN on a plea-deal and he looks for retribution against the woman).
We can hope that "the system" works this time...can't we?
*** Lastly today, things are looking nice about the "Fortress"...for all the good it does.

And they smell GREAT, too!
 We do have peonies blooming finally, and the rose bushes are thriving to the point where we can bring some of the blooms INSIDE to make the house smell great.
I always love doing that...shoulda got into owning a flower shop...nice and tranquil, right?

Our humble back yard.
 Just what I need.
And that's where the serenity ends...
If you recall, MONDAY was MEMORIAL DAY, and in the paper, on TV and on the radio you heard that TRASH COLLECTION would be A DAY LATER.
So, to me, that means you put your trash can out ...you guessed it...
Well, the local morons can't wrap their underdeveloped primate brains around such basic concepts...because they put their cans out AS IF trash collection was TODAY...instead of TOMORROW.
And a weed violation, too!
Same house, new idiots.
It's like they ALL suffer from some level of OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANCE DISORDER..."ODD", is it not?
And this city should know by NOW it's fighting an uphill battle with these idiots, but alas, it does not.
That's why logs remain on a sidewalk, blocking the path...for MONTHS.
That's why overgrown foliage is IGNORED...for YEARS.
That's why double parking, wrong way parking and sundry other traffic violations like speeding go UNCITED...for YEARS.
I always say that if you ever want to see HOW other people can do the exact opposite of what normal people do...come down here and take a damn look around. What passes for normal HERE makes the sideshow freaks of yesteryear worthy of a MENSES membership.
No one is held accountable or responsible, and they're always in the wrong...and get a free pass time and again.
Personally, I don't know HOW people can go through life BEING that way.
To embrace apathy is counter to evolutionary behavior.
To do whatever you damn well please whenever and to whomever is nothing short of anarchy...we're just afraid to call it that.
Well, I'm NOT, and I WILL, each and every time these butt wipes infringe on MY right to live as a normal human being.
And if enough of us felt likewise and did the same, we'd have these idiots back in their place in no time.
It's just something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to day, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

This weather is way to hot way to early for me.

That Ossian bank robbery shows they are drifting south. Scares me. My first thought after seeing the photos was they should check with Bobby G. They are probably from his area.

Your yard looks so lovely and peaceful.

Stay safe up there in the danger zone.

Bob G. said...

I hear 'ya there, dear...
Too hot too soon...agreed!
(Just when we were catching up on the electric bill from WINTER, too...LOL)

Besides, I can only take off SO many clothes before things get "interesting", AND illegal!

Yeah, those robbers look like damn near ANYONE from MY part of the ghettohood.

Thanks for the nice words about our yard...just mowed it early today.
Love the smell of the grass...like alfalfa.
And the trellis roses are blooming now...LOTS of deep red.

Gives the lovely Mrs. Bobby G and our visiting "wildlife' an island of solace in a sea of mayhem.

Still, not as nice as the Wabash out back with ducks and geese.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop on by today and comment.

You stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

A nice yard... but so tiny!

Bob G. said...

Geez...there's ALWAYS a critic...ROFL!

Granted it's not as VAST as the lush and vernal Kingdom of Sambonia, but, compared to the 6x6 ft patch of grass I had back in Philly (that I could cut with grass CLIPPERS)...this is damn near RURAL...!

You Hoosiers and all your LAND...I'm from the big (bad) CITY, remember?
But thanks anyway for taking time to drop by and comment on how small my yard is...LMAO!

Stay safe up there in the "wilderness".