18 June 2013

Believe It...Or Else...
And while the day looks like it'll be a repeat of yesterday, we ARE due for some scattered rain showers later, with temps reaching the 80 degree mark.
No fog this morning, just a nice sunrise (that clouded over soon enough), a mild breeze, and a crapload of hope that someone doesn't come along and LOUSE IT ALL UP...lol.
In the meanwhile, let's see who's been busy providing us with all the things that have us wondering if it's fact of fiction, shall we?
*** First up, some facts.
Wifey and I were out in the back yard and garden yesterday planting the "newbies" and tending to all the other things like mulching and plant food spraying.
Celosia and "Kong" coleus.
We DO have one long secondary trunk of one of our trees that's resting ON (or very, very near) the garage roof. Don't want to have to get another roof this soon, so we'll be seeing to that straight away. I mean it is too large for me to attempt to remove.
And naturally, whenever you have to do some job correctly, you MUST have some type of "supervisory" assistance for one's safety.
(yawn)...yeah, keep working, lackies.
Ours is a might out of the ordinary.
We have Mr. Rabbit overseeing our tasks, and he does a decent job...until we wind up boring him and he chooses to rest from HIS job.

They shall not pass...!
His bunny buddy usually winds up out front, guarding the perimeter of the "Fortress". Considering the contractual "agreement" we have, it's a fair deal for us.
We feed them - they supervise and watch for anything out of the ordinary.
And in THIS ghettohood, ordinary just never seems to play well with others.
Then, we have this little guy doing one of those "well-being" calls, just to make sure everything is hunky-dory with us.

No, I'm NOT with the Jehovah Witnesses.
At least HE works for "peanuts"...
It's the little things like this that DO make the area tolerable.
Moving on...
*** My next tale is about a drunk driver, some art, and a whole mess of STUPID tossed in for good measure.
Here's the story link:
Looks like someone already hit it.
I included a before AND after picture, just so all of you have a point of reference, and not think to yourselves: "It doesn't LOOK like it's been knocked over, Bob."

Sorta-kinda looks the SAME...
 I know, I thought the SAME thing...LOL.
Modern art...gotta love it, right?
Anyway, this drunk-ass piece of white trash, one Colton Adamonis, 23 drove a GMC Sierra truck (poorly and under the influence) up and OVER the sidewalk, missing a tree, BUT hitting the sculpture. Not bad for a BAC of .19, hmm?
The sculpture weighs in between 8 to 10 TONS, so you KNOW he was moving at a decent clip at the time.
Repairs to the sculpture are expected to be in the SIX-FIGURE range. (ouch!)
The mook's DAMN lucky one of those beams didn't come through his windshield and kill his stupid ass...maybe that would have been better if it had.
That way he won't be out of jail later to do it all over again.
*** Southside crime makes people MOVE?
(only the GOOD people)
Say it ain't so, Bob!
Well, here's the facts related by ONE person, as "unbelievable" as they might seem:
(it's a good video)
Imagine that...another person "forced" to leave their home and go elsewhere...more "white flight".
And that neighborhood is not filled with Whitey...damn near the whole SE side is 80-85 percent BLACK, with a growing number of Hispanics (who will wind up fighting with the blacks for control, as they have in L.A.)
Merlin Sesler, Jr's is just ONE opinion, according to the story, but I would say he echoes a LOT of people...who just are never given the chance to speak the hell up.
I might have to email WANE and let them know how RIGHT Mr. Sesler really IS.
*** More proof positive that SOME people are not fit to run a household.
Here's the story link:
This happened not too far from our "Fortress", at 1213 E. Pettit Ave., shortly after 1200 hours on Monday. And the residetns ONLY lived there a damn MONTH!
FWFD sources claim the fire that condemned the house started when food was left UNATTENDED on the stove...(what, AGAIN???)
Either we have a SH*TLOAD of stupid-ass morons around here, OR they keep moving the SAME stupid-ass moron into A LOT OF OTHER HOUSES...!
Cripes, at THIS rate, we could actually see SOME "improvement" around here...in the way of EMPTY LOTS.
"Victory Through Attrition" I believe is the term best used here.
Fewer dumbasses living near me...yeah, I can work with that.
Now, if only we can find a way to have the houses that need to be vacated burned down.
Perhaps a "help wanted" sign?
*** I've been saying that the crime that WE have "enjoyed" on the...(...all together, gang...)... SOUTHEAST SIDE for SO damn long would spread...and I even said to WHERE (NORTH and WEST in case you don't want to dig through my archives), and it's nice to be right...STILL.
Here's the evidence to back things up:
A Speedway store located at Getz and W. Jefferson was robbed around 0215 hrs Monday.
This is the same place that was robbed back on 3 May 2012.
The FWPD are looking for a BLACK male (no surprise there), approx. 5'10", white shirt, black pants, and carrying a black handgun.
At least the guy has some sense of style...nothing garish or able to be picked out of a lineup easily (green athletic shoes with orange soles will tend to do that). And as far as "carrying" that black handgun...I would tend to think he's got it tucked away nicely, if he didn't toss it.
Hell, it might not have even been a REAL gun at all...remember the lookalike issues?
*** There are important tips when stealing a car, like NEVER drive it into a ravine.
Helluva park job, Bub.
This thug idiot found THAT much out.
And here's the story link:
Jeremy Ensch, a BLACK MALE (who'da thunk THAT?) is the perp that had trouble telling the difference between a deep ditch and the roadway Sunday after he stole a car from a person's DRIVEWAY (a Toyota Camry - a favorite among car thieves these days) located in the development at The Glens at Liberty Mills (west side of the city where crime IS blossoming). The owner of the car tried to pursue his stolen vehicle, but was struck BY the perp.
Now, although this WAS a bold-ass move by this black male, you have to remember that you NEVER leave your keys in an unlocked vehicle...not with THOSE people around, casing things for a "quick score".
ALL of this could have been avoided IF the owner took his keys with him, as people should ALWAYS do.
Ensch is in the hospital in critical condition. Be nice if he just croaks, and saves everyone a LOT of time and money.
Should he recover, he IS facing charges such as auto theft, receiving stolen property, leaving the scene of an accident (where he struck the vehicle's owner) among a few other charges.
*** Lastly today, I'm ALWAYS reminding you readers to NEVER take anything for granted when it comes to your vehicle.
Hell, it's usually your SECOND-largest investment, unless you're part of the ghetto crowd and are driving without a license (which is normal in the SOUTH side of Ft. Wayne) as a member (in bad standing) of the "P.O.S. Of The Month" club...LOL.
To be situationally aware is like a LOT of things in life...it takes some EFFORT on your part, because those who would remove the burden of YOU owning a vehicle are always on the prowl. You have to defeat them BEFORE they even get a chance to do their thing.
We aren't the society we USED to be, thanks to creating an underclass of governmentally-dependent lazy-asses we're all paying for.
The days when EVERYONE was held accountable AND responsible are all but gone, and those who still practice such things in their lives are a lot fewer in number. I see this every day.
This whole "something for nothing" mindset needs to be gotten under control...QUICKLY.
Everything costs something...maybe not in strict monetary terms, but at least in time, work, effort, thought...whatever is put forth.
And there ARE those willing to avail themselves of YOUR stuff...if you make it possible.
The idea is NOT TO...period.
These people are watching your vehicle and they are watching your house...KNOW THAT to be fact!
So, the next time you're out and about, take a few seconds to make SURE the car door is locked, and nothing can be seen inside the vehicle that would give a criminal pause to take that second look and want to break in and remove it.
Look around you to make sure you're not being watched or followed, and always keep that head on a swivel, especially if you've small children either with you or nearby.
Paying attention to small things is the best way to keep from worrying about them becoming LARGE things.
And smaller things in life are SO much easier to deal with...aren't they?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

RE: the "artwork " no more:

I finally beat you to a news item this time!

Bob G. said...

LOL...I figured since you live CLOSER, you might tackle this.

When it comes to modern art that looks like collapsed scaffolding, even when it's NOT been hit by a truck, I will defer to YOU, my friend.

I'm sure I'll enjoy what you have to say.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

You stay safe (and "artful") up there.