14 June 2013

Friday Follies - The "F"-Word Edition...
Welcome to the end of our week, and what better day to acknowledge the weekend THAN by flying our FLAG!
The weather today will be a bit on the spectacular side, with temps reaching into the mid to upper 70s, light breezes, and no chance of precip.
You can't buy THAT kinda forecast for a dollar, right?
In the meantime, we've plenty of "F" words to talk about, and hopefully we won't be CUSSIN' all that much along the way.
*** First up, I apologize for the tardiness of today's post, but with school being out for summer, Wifey and I go to grocery on FRIDAYS...not a bad deal, IF you like heavier traffic patterns and poorly-times traffic lights.
Still, it wasn't a bad go...and if I remembered to get EGGS, it would have been PERFECT...LOL.
We got all week to make up for that brain FART. (there's an "F" word already)
Meanwhile, back in Aisle Five...
*** You should NEVER get into a "domestic" (police call) when the "FIVE-OH" is looking for you as part of a FEDERAL bank robbery investigation,.,..should you?
Well, Charlie Seals, Jr, who I highlighted in yesterday's post as one of the standoffs police had to deal with on the 500 block of Pinegrove Ave., got a good case of the STUPIDS!
Here's the story link:
Yep, the FEDS hit a nice "stand-up double" by nailing THIS thug!
His "cohort", Deyante Stephens, who was out of prison mere DAYS before the PNC heist on Coventry Lane is in my archive posts.
Seal's brother, Christopher Seals is linked to PNC robbery back in February, although he has NOT been charged YET.
(Why the F$CK NOT???)
Like I said, the apples NEVER fall from the tree, do they...but they sure seem full of "worms".
Moving on...
*** As I hinted at the top of my post, today IS...(drum roll, please)...FLAG DAY!
And here's the WIKI as you requested:
Yes friends, it was back in 1777, on this day when our FLEDGLING nation adopted our first, officially authorized FLAG. (more "F" words)
Since then, we've added stars as we've added states, and NO...Mexico is NOT slated to become our 51st state, contrary to the Obummer administration rumors...LOL.
Actually, the WEEK of 14 June is slated as NATIONAL FLAG WEEK, but we don't hear much tell about that these days.
And here is the WIKI for our AMERICAN FLAG (long may she wave):
A very good read into the HISTORY of our flag and how it began.
It also has every other flag used up to the adoption of our "official" FLAG.
Contained in this WIKI is a description of proper flag ETIQUETTE, as well as the CORRECT colors, and size ratios of the stripes and stars.
I mean, we didn't just "butch" the darn thing together in some back room.
A LOT of thought went into it's creation and how BEST to become a lasting SYMBOL of what America stands for.
You will also find the manner in which to FOLD the flag for storage, how it's to be WORN (and how NOT to wear it...that's for the hippies who wander in...lol) and where it's on perpetual display, and also when it's to be flown at HALF-STAFF.
It's a really comprehensive look at the most beautiful symbols of America.
And who would have thought it's only made up of just THREE colors?
So many have given their lives to make sure our flag will fly proudly over this land...and we should remember that today as well.
I have to admit that there are times I can just look at "Old Glory" and get misty-eyed, and I will confess there are specific services that feature our flag that will not have a dry eye in the damn house.
History has also shown that our flag stays the test of time, whether it's at Ft. Sumter, Iwo Jima, the Washington Monument, draped over a fallen warrior's casket, or displayed in front of a person's house...a person who KNOWS what that symbol stands for.
So, if you DO have a flag, FLY it with pride...for this nation and what it has endured over time, for all who made it possible for you to do so, as well as a reminder to all that OUR colors never run.
*** Next up, Sunday is FATHER'S DAY (another "F" word), and it's a time when we pay homage to the men who choose responsibility over personal gain by being there for their sons and daughters.
Here's the WIKI for this:
These days, we can't celebrate DAD being the sole breadwinner of the family, because...well times change, and in many families, MOM makes more than DAD...blame that on losing so much manufacturing in this country.
Dad used to go out and bust his butt for paltry wages, and bring it home to pay the bills. Mom tended to the house and kids.
It's no longer the Cleaver household, and that's fine to some degree.
We have Mr. Moms now in some cases, but whatever the situation, it's a "joint-venture"...a MOTHER and FATHER to raise a child or children.
Sometimes, we have single parent households, and very often, THOSE parents do the job of BOTH, which is, in and of itself, remarkable beyond words.
But Sunday is FATHER'S day, just as we had Mother's day.
Time for Dad to be allowed to "reign" and be given all sorts of "man" things...like TOOLS...LOL.
Hell, in our house, Mom made Dad a CAKE...and it was always good to have CAKE around.
Maybe my Father would get a new wallet...and he would immediately ask:
"Where's the MONEY that's supposed to go IN it?"
Like I said, Dad was a man of FEW words,. but very WISE ones...!
He maybe got a new pair of work shoes, or mom would spring for a case of beer for him.
But whatever the present, she always made sure he got whatever he wanted for DINNER (...along with the cake).
I always wondered why we never had a CHILDREN'S DAY when I was growing up...seemed a bit left out of the picture.
In any event, YOU make sure Dad is acknowledged this Sunday, just as you did with Mom.
*** Lastly, it's always nice to remember things that made an impact on you.
And aside from the daily toil, and crime, and myriad of other "diversions" meant to FOG the mind, and keep us from FOCUSING on things we need to, we almost have to MAKE time to recall such things as our FLAG or our FATHERS.
Perhaps it's nice to get that kick in our old complacency from time to time...so that we never FORGET.
I cannot FATHOM what it would be like without such memories or recollections.
Everyone of us NEEDS them, and the more we can create as we grow up and as we age...the better.
It's called a LEGACY.
Just like what our parents manage to leave to US...we also leave to those that follow...if we so choose to.
And I feel that's one choice WORTH making.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"You should NEVER get into a 'domestic' (police call) when the 'FIVE-OH' is looking for you as part of a FEDERAL bank robbery investigation,.,..should you?"

Not unless you're a complete idiot. And it takes a lot of work to become a COMPLETE idiot, but apparently Mr. Seals was willing to invest the necessary time and effort. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
ROFL...roger that!
You know, I'm willing to wager that "Chuckie" had some help...in the form of a government-sponsored "baby-mama".

Easy money is NEVER that.

Imagine if he applied such effort to working a REAL job and being a POSITIVE influence on society.
(the mind boggles)

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have yourself a great weekend, a patriotic Flag Day, a good Father's Day and do stay safe out there.