03 June 2013

Monday Musings...
Welcome once again to the start of (hopefully) a good week for all of us...(until someone comes along and louses it all the hell up, right?)
Hey, I can't help it. It's the cynic in me...LOL.
We have a comfortably calm day ahead of us in the Heartland, weather-wise.
Temps are expected to top out around the seventy degree mark, and the cloud cover will be abating.
Now, we've got a lot of ground to cover today, because this post is packed tighter than Christina Hendrick's brassiere, so sit back, pour yourself a refreshing beverage and enjoy the ride...I promise it will be rather enlightening.
*** First out the gate today is an article written for the Journal Gazette by our very own FWPD chief, Rusty York, expressing his "desire" to have EXTENDED background checks for firearms.
Here's the link to the article:
I DO agree background checks (imho) ARE a must for a lot of reasons, many of which I've already stated here, but to "extend" those checks begs the question "HOW"?
The checks we have IN PLACE seem to work out fine, IF they are performed and enforced AS DESIGNED.
The title of the article is also a bit on the misleading side - "Background Checks Will Save Cops".
Such checks HAVE been saving cops for quite a while now, but for some reason, York doesn't get the premise that most ALL criminals DO-NOT-FOLLOW-THE-LAW, ergo, they will find a way AROUND ANY AND ALL background checks...simple enough to understand, right?
I say keeping thugs off the street (or in the cemetery) will save cops.
For example, what law for a B/G check COULD you put in place that would save LEOs from being AMBUSHED by street gangs, all with stolen or otherwise illegally-obtained firearms?
(Short answer - NONE)
The whole STRAW-PURCHASE gig is being addressed and people ARE being prosecuted for doing so, due to vigilant gun shop owners.
You can't background check personal sales between people, though...unless both parties are law-abiding, and keep records of the transactions.
Criminals can't be bothered with that stuff, so again...no law created would stop this.
If there was one area where I would "amend" the current laws, it would be with those suffering from a mental disorder which could lead to criminal or suicidal behavior, and yes, that includes the wonderful world of pharmaceuticals, prescribed by physicians.
The whole doctor-patient confidentiality aspect needs to be re-examined, if the potential for harm (by firearm) surfaces, but you have to be very careful here.
Someone taking one drug for say high blood pressure might ALSO be taking a somewhat similar drug used to treat clinical depression,  PTSD or bi-polar disorder, and that could wash out that person from purchasing ANY firearm, even for personal protection, because of the DRUG, and NOT the mental condition of the patient.
York believes that officer safety is ignored by groups like the NRA, for he states they would say: "The only way to stop a BAD guy with a gun is with a GOOD guy with a gun."
I dunno, Rus...I'd say having GOOD GUYS with guns makes ME feel a HELLUVA lot safer, whether the good guy is wearing a SHIELD...or not.
Now, hang onto that whole "good guy" thought...it will figure into the NEXT story.
York firmly believes in extending those current background checks.
I say why not just ENFORCE the ones you already have, and increase the penalties for those skirting the laws.
A mandatory FIVE YEAR FEDERAL sentence for ANY crime committed with a firearm should be sufficient a start.
(added on to any and all other charges the perp incurs)
Sorry, Rus, but you need to see the forest for the trees here...seriously.
Moving on...
*** We made it to HOMICIDE NUMBER TWENTY-ONE this year, but this one can be considered an act of "urban-renewal", as I like to call them.
Here's the story link, and it's a VERY good read:
I love the title: "Would-be Robber Shot Dead"
(always puts a smile on MY face)
This happened in the 700 block of W. Packard Ave near Wayne Ave., on the city's SOUTHWEST side (not too far from Foster Park).
The time was around 2300 hrs on 1 June.
A man was sitting on his porch when two men approached and attempted to rob him.
A scuffle followed and the resident at the apartments at 710 W. Packard managed to shoot one of the robbers FOUR times (.40 cal)...the other one fled on foot.
The robber was pronounced DEAD at the scene by EMTs.
So, a "good" guy with a gun thwarts a "bad" guy with a gun.
How's THAT work for you, Rus?
A weapon was found near the D/Bs corpse, but police did not say what "type" of weapon. (be funny if it was a toy gun...dumbass)
((--Note to Crims: Never bring a toy gun to a robbery when the person being robbed is packing REAL heat and isn't afraid to USE it.))
I'm just sayin'...it COULD have been a lookalike...I don't know at this point.
And that's why I ALWAYS carry a REAL gun whenever I mow the lawn or even get the mail. Perps around here like to do the "drive-by" thing...cowards.
I'm on MY property...no CCP required, and OUR state DOES have a CASTLE-DOCTRINE clause (not to be confused with Santa Clause).
But this summer, I might really HAVE to get a proper CCP...just so I can feel a lot safer (and the crimes can feel a lot LESS safer).
The man who drew his gun against the robbers suffered a slight wound to his foot during the altercation, but was released from hospital.
The other robber remains at-large - damn shame...coulda had a "two-fer".
Naturally, this is causing people nearby to want to MOVE...(to where?)
You give up where YOU live, it's turning it over to the thugs. You should be "in it to win it", and you really need to take a stand AGAINST such people.
Chase THEM out of YOUR area...not the other way around.
Makes me want to build us a PORCH now...heh, heh, heh.
(( Editor's Update - 1230 hrs - the name of he D/B has been released along with "the rest of the story"...found here at WANE:
The "weapon" found near the D/B WAS in fact an AIRSOFT pistol...oh, well.
Looks like I called that one RIGHT!
And "another perp bites the dust", as a result of being too damn STUPID.))
*** This is an ongoing story about a man shot in the face who drove himself to hospital.
Here's the link:
This apparently happened around 2300 hrs (witching hour in Fort Wayne?) in the 400 block of Greenwood Ave. near Illinois St.
The victim is listed in serious condition, after driving himself to St. Joe Hospital.
The passenger door of the victim's truck was covered with blood, and a window had been shot out.
Residents in the area of Greenwood reported hearing shots fired and saw a silver truck leave the area.
The victim was shot at least twice, with one wound suffered near his jaw.
The incident remains under investigation and there are no suspects.
Yessiree...been a very BUSY weekend...but we're not quite finished yet.
*** A lot closer to home (across the street actually), the black woman living there MOVED OUT this weekend.
And that's a damn shame.
She had been one of the "quieter" houses on the block (unless her "children" drove over and got loud).
You know it can't be a good sign when decent BLACKS don't even want to stay around long (she's been there a couple of years).
She ran checkout at the Southtown Wal-Mart, so she DOES work (and that's an anomaly right there).
It's going to be interesting to see WHO moves in there now...a drug dealer?
Well, it'll be easy to keep tabs on them.
Now, if ONLY the FWPD vice/narcotics unit would move on the REAL drug houses in my area that I sent them information on via their "tip line"...that would be nice.
*** I have definitive PROOF that "miracles" still happen...after a fashion.
Remember those logs that have moved from the curb-strip to block the sidewalk for like THREE months on my street?
Well, they have been REMOVED (to the side of the resident's house)...finally!
WHY it took SO damn long to move them makes no sense.
But, if you can figure THAT one out...go to the head of the class!
And it took the resident ONLY 2 minutes to MOVE them...makes me wonder why you wait 3 months to do something that take 2 minutes?
Very little down here follows any logic in the crotch of Ft. Wayne...that's for sure.
Yeah, it's a freakshow down here.
If nothing else, if DOES provide amusment for normal people like us...LOL.
*** And Saturday had our part of the ghettohood visited by none other than ENGINE 11 of the FWFD.
Well, they DID have a reason for stopping on our street...a person's vehicle was ON FIRE.
Now, that silver GMC Jimmy is just a very LARGE "lawn ornament"...until it gets flat-bedded out of here.
The resident of the house where the fire occurred is another one of the few quiet folks we have here...but obviously not a very CAREFUL person.
The radio chatter had one fireman stating that it "looked like a cigarette started it".
Ironically, the owner was talking to the firemen...and had a ciggie in her hand...!
And that's why I'm REAL careful about smoking in ANY vehicle...after dropping a lit CIGAR between my legs, in the summer while wearing shorts is NOT the best way to learn "the hard way", but it does make a point. And no, trying to stand UP and drive like Ben Hur in his chariot doesn't work well unless you have a convertible.
Learned MY lesson well there.
*** Lastly today...the garden is still coming along nicely.
Got the jalapenos and tomatoes in the ground yesterday, and we STILL have some items to plant.
One of the bearded irises decided to show up this year, too. 
This week will be perfect for doing the rest of the planting.
We bought some spiked ornamental grasses to go out front, along with assorted coleus and sweet woodruff (smells good, even at night), and our rose bushes are going bat-sh*t CRAZY with blooms.
Both of them look and smell fantastic.
I cut some roses and brought them in to go with the peonies I cut last week...talk about fragrance.
Yeah, Bobby G's Aroma Therapy Haven is NOW open...LOL!
God knows I need to use anything I can to keep the "Barbarians from the gates". That would be my SANITY!
You don't need much in the way of something nice to get yourself "centered" in life, and I guess a lot of that has to do with one's upbringing.
I've never been one to live beyond my means, and that goes ditto for the lovely Mrs. Bobby G.
And the appreciation one feels when you DO manage to have something, however small in comparison to others, makes all the difference.
You don't concern yourself with competition with others in that regard - no keeping up with ANY of the Joneses.
Many people have so MUCH in life...and their life is in shambles, with no appreciation for what they DO have.
Others couldn't give a rat's ass about anything they have...they just CONSUME, and leave refuse in their wake (that would be most all the "locals" around here). They're the ones that can't cook clean, maintain a household, raise a child, or otherwise do anything POSITIVE for society, let alone themselves.
And those numbers are RISING.
They should be getting lower, given the potential we ALL have to betterment, especially in today's society.
No excuse NOT to do well, as long as we're not trying to top others.
We must learn to enjoy what WE have been given and become good stewards of both those things AND our lives.
We're never too old to learn
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


AWB said...

Great post Bobby! I just posed this today on Facebook.

"Okay, let's get this out there. Fort Wayne Police Chief Rusty York wants more background checks. In his op-ed, he makes no sense at all.

The first of the perps he cites used a stolen rifle. The second, a sawed-off shotgun, an illegal weapon. The third used a gun owned by an acquaintance. The fourth used a gun that was sold to him by an acquaintance. The fifth bad guy, they don't know where he got the gun.

Additional background checks would not have prevented any of these incidents. York is full of empty rhetoric, again. Bad guys get guns illegally Mr. York, and will continue to do so no matter what additional unnecessary laws are put in place."


Bob G. said...

It's comments like yours (today) that make me glad to be a "transplated "Hoosier" (from PA)...lol.

Actually, I would defer to YOU and the marvelous way you have the "right contacts"...feel free to use any or all of my post to get the point across.

I'm just a "voice in the wilderness"...in a DANGEROUS CITY.
(but I did appear on a FORT REPORT show w/ Kevin Leininger back on 14 April...LOL)

Truth be told, FWPD officer morale is NOT what it should be, either.

Yes, most ALL the weapons used in the crimes are either stolen, black market buys or (in some cases) look-alike BB or AIRSOFT pistols!
And I own ALL types.

Hey, if "we" gotta wake these people in this city up ONE PERSON AT A TIME...I can run with that.
We call that PROGRESS.

Thanks again for the vote of confidence, and for taking time to stop by and comment.

You stay safe out there, Boss.

John DuMond said...

"Background Checks Will Save Cops".

Of course they do. And if you don't support their expansion, you obviously don't care about cops. And children. And puppies. And kittens. There's nothing like a good emotion-based argument to motivate the hoi polloi the way a logic-based argument never could.

CWMartin said...

First I had to look up Christina Hendricks... good analogy.

Second, Note to crims and resultant update- well done, sir! You have become an expert on reading the habits of idiots.

Third, and still on idiots, I forgot to mention the symmetry in comparing a blog post to a large bra, and starting said post with a picture of a big boob. Sorry, Rusty!

Next, your neighbor could have gotten a better fire if they'd have thrown the logs into the Jimmy. Alternately, the whole thing could have been avoided if they'd have parked at 5700 River Run Friday night... Carpet would've still been wet.

Finally, bearded Iris... I always thought Barry Allen made her shave...

CWMartin said...

Oh, and I forgot- I was thinking today about an effective BG check- but you won't like it. Require ALL gun purchase, even private, be made at a licensed gun shop. Shop owner gives witness of sale certificate, needs to be taken to PD for verification within 10 days. Then make them have to return to the PD once a year to PRESENT for verification all weapons registered under the name. You're missing a gun? BIG fine. Missing multiples, or more than once? All guns confiscated. Have a police report that missing gun was stolen? Fine, you're okay. Two separate incidences of guns being stolen? All guns confiscated. Any confiscation involves being put on a denied list for further weapons. Automatic jail time for anyone found possessing an unlisted weapon, or stolen weapon, or can't produce your registration card.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, emotion OVER reason/logic...turns ME off every single time.
ANd I will debate it with my dying words.

Like the word Hoi-Polloi...well said.
(MUST be a 3 Stooges fan...LOL.)

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Roll safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Gonna answer BOTH parts with ONE comment.,..how cool is that?

--Yeah, Christina certainly is "well-endowed".

--And your Hendricks, York aspect was something I did NOT intentionally shoot for...but it WORKS FOR ME...LOL.
(heh...he said "boob")

--Barry Allen aka The Flash...well done, sir. A lovely Iris, too.

--Actually making everyone go to gun shops to do a B/G check makes GOOD sense..but again, HOW do you "encourage" the perps do the "walk"?
And unless the police can verify you STILL own the weapon(s) by coming into your HOUSE and getting a VISUAL on them, it could be considered mere "hear-say"...people LOVE to pull that one out of their alimentary canal.
(they lie like Persian rugs)

--Having a STOLEN gun report is VERY critical and the law-abiding citizens DO just that ASAP.
Having a "no-gun" list won't do much for the black-marketeers...or thieves.
--If you go the route of FORMAL registration, then you might as well toss in ALL the chips and go for INSURANCE, and that is the road that MANY pro-gun people do not want...too intruisve against the 2nd amendment.

But the police WILL bust you if you're caught carrying a handgun and DO NOT have the CCP on you (when off your property)...that's a given.

But I hear where you're coming from.

What we have on the books NOW could be tweaked here and there...it's NOT perfect, but as written WILL WORK, if the legislators want to MAKE the laws work better.

Thanks much for taking the time to drop by today and comment.

Stay safe (and dry) up there.