20 June 2013

Thursday's Thoughts...
Got a few things to speak about today, and we'll get to them all straight away.
Today's Heartland weather will be sunny and warm, with temps reaching into the lower 80s (here comes that summer heat), perhaps a few clouds, and that's pretty much it.
Damn near a replay of yesterday, except for the rising heat.
Enjoy it while the getting's good.
*** First out the door today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"If people were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters."
This is attributed to Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield the cat (who spoke this more than a few times in his 35 year career)
Wifey thought it sounded like Erma Bombeck, and that would be a very good guess. Ogden Nash, Will Rogers, and even Andy Rooney would also be excellent candidates for such a quote.
And if you want the WIKI, you not need click any further than THIS:
For all you real Hoosiers out there, this is truly a story of a "local boy" making good.
Born in Marion, Indiana, he grew up in a small farm in Fairmount, attended Ball State University, and now resides in Albany, Indiana.
He also received the highest civilian award from the state of Indiana - the prestigious Sagamore of the Wabash back in 1988.
See, you don't have to move to those BIG cities to catch that break.
Moving on...
*** Speaking of BIG cities, NYC has proposing more lunacy...this time aimed directly at the NYPD.
And here is the story link from the Big Apple:
Now, imagine yourself on the thin blue line...and you are describing a suspect.
BUT, you can't include such things as RACE/ETHNICITY, AGE, or GENDER.
You CAN include the color of the CLOTHING that was worn, though...
Oh, brother, is THIS ever a "WTF???" moment...!
A recent advert, showing an officer wearing a BLINDFOLD says it all.
How the hell EFFECTIVE can any police department be under THOSE auspices?
Aren't the police already walking on eggshells in every city, concerned about lawsuits, camera-phones, and set-ups DESIGNED to make them look "bad"?
We have to ask ourselves: "How is this helping ANYONE, especially the police when they are chasing after the thugs and perps?"
LEOs RELY in information provided by camera footage and witnesses to CATCH the bad guys.
And the BETTER the description of the perp...the EASIER it becomes to catch the REAL criminal, and not arrest the wrong person.
If you state that the perp (for example) was a MALE BLACK, that narrows things down. Then you add he was 5'10", 185 lbs, that's another good description of body "type" (or build), and he was wearing SAGGY dark blue pants (a peculiarity to certain ethnic sub-cultures), a white "wife-beater" shirt and a tan baseball cap with a Yankees logo on it, and red Nike hightops. He also had a "do-rag" on a shaved head.
Now THAT kind of DESCRIPTION will most certainly narrow your search down a LOT, and make a positive ID easier.
But the city of NYC wants to strike all that down.
All you "could" say under this proposal was that the suspect wore a sleeveless tee and dark pants and red shoes with a tan ballcap.
And if you DO put out any further description, you, as a LEO could be SUED for PROFILING.
Who the f$ck lies awake at night and dreams this sh*t the hell UP?
(Dumbocrats, that's who Bob)
Don't these thugs ALREADY get enough "breaks" in our judicial system AFTER they're arrested as it is?
Come the hell on now...how in God's name can police catch ANYONE under such a proposal?
(short answer - they CAN'T)
I'd love to see the NYC get sued BY the NYPD and it's unions, if that is even possible...JUST to make the point that GOOD policing begins with GOOD information, and such information is INCLUSIVE of the BEST and most comprehensive DESCRIPTION of a suspect that can be had.
If ANY "profiling" is to be done...it's always CRIMINAL PROFILING.
What they wear and who they are is just icing on that cake, folks.
Simple as that...period!
*** Next up, was the NYC to Paris TWA Flight 800 deliberately SHOT DOWN?
Well, new evidence is there to support what was once considered a "conspiracy theory".
And here's the story (with an intriguing video) to back this up:
It was back on 17 July, 1996 when the aircraft crashed off the coast of Long Island, and one filmmaker believes that someone or something "external" brought the plane down, killing all 230 people on board.
Nat Geo channel will be airing a documentary dedicated to this evidence which could shed new light on a closed investigation.
The NTSB originally concluded it was faulty wiring within a fuel tank that caused an explosion and brought the 747 down.
The fumes are actually MORE explosive that the liquid itself, and would back that conclusion up.
But witnesses that stated they saw streaks rising TO the plane, suggesting some type of projectile that struck the outside of the aircraft.
If someone got a hold of a Stinger missile for example, that would be HUGE..and too damn illegal.
It will be interesting to watch the documentary and listen to those involved in that initial investigation.
*** They always say that people of "note" always seem to DIE IN THREES...
Well, it's happened again.
-- James Gandolfini, aka Tony Soprano died of a heart attack while on vacation in Rome.
He was 51 years old.
And here is his WIKI:
I never got into the Sopranos, but I would have to admit that Gandolfini MUST have done a good job with his role, as he won a couple of Emmys for it.
Somehow a "mob soap opera" never interested me...we had enough of that for REAL back in Philly.
-- Country music star Slim Whitman has also died at the age of 90.
And here is HIS WIKI:
Even though he was more popular in Europe than in the U.S., he still made his mark here, selling 130 million records, and most notably for his TV ads for his album "All My Best" (Mom bought that album, so I got to hear his music, and it was really good. He had a remarkable vocal range).
And it was HIS music that brought down the aliens in the parody of the sci-fi invasion movies - MARS ATTACKS!
It caused their heads to explode in their bubble helmets...LOL.
-- Vince Flynn, best-selling author of the Mitch Rapp counterterrorism series of novels has died at the age of 47 from prostate cancer.
And here is HIS WIKI:
If I were to equate him to any other author, it would have to be the next generation of Tom Clancy.
Vince started out being REJECTED SIXTY TIMES when trying to get his first novel published.
So, he "self" published it, and after a brief time, it became a NYTimes best seller, and naturally, the line formed around the block to sign him up.
His last novel "The Last Man" was published late last year.
*** Last back to the barn today, there was a great "letter to the editor" today in the local paper that I'd klike to share with you.
--Rights, their protection ensure future.
Rights are not privileges. Liberty is not freedom.
Socialists/Communists will argue there is no difference.
That’s why Americans are different.
We know the difference.
As non-socialist/non-Communist Americans, we know liberty without rights is just freedom.
Government (or any power) can at any time curtail your freedom and do to you whatever.
With liberty and the rights that entwine with it, no power (especially government) can willy-nilly play with your freedom.
That is, as long as those rights are being protected and enforced.
Freedom of speech is a right. To bear arms is a right. To own property is a right.
As long as we can own property, protect that property and talk about government trying to take that property, we are basically on the right track for a democratic republic.
As our talk becomes more and more meaningless, and government intrusion into our lives, rights and morals becomes more subtly confiscatory, we must ask ourselves: Do we continue to let politicians and bureaucrats dictate what our rights are?
The more power and control government can exert over the people, the less value rights have.
I hold rights and liberty in the highest regard.
Honor them.
Protect them.
To others they’re privileges and freedom and to be treated with arbitrary whims.
What are rights if they can’t change with the times?
I do believe that Mr. Strawser truly "gets it"...as should we ALL.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I'm thinking this whole "profiling" issue could be solved if we just stop letting police arrest people. Sure, the crime rate will skyrocket, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

CWMartin said...

Claps to the letter!

New York truly deserves what they get for the idiots they elect for themselves and help foist on the rest of us. Reap the whirlwind, suckers!

I had heard about Gandolfini and Slim- and Slim only because I check out the BBC news site once a day.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Okay, you may now remove your tongue from your cheek...OR, you are probably thinking along the lines as I.
SHOOT first...THEN arrest them.
(has the novelty of not having been implemented YET or often enough if it HAS).


Thanks for roling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, every once in a while SOMONE gets past the editors/censors and gets published.

You want some GOOD Slim Whitman songs...try Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain (imho, better than Nelson), Indian Love Song (used in MARS ATTACKS) and Home on the Range (yeah, THAT home and THAT range...lol)

Very unique style of singing and yodeling...helluva voice, AND he was signed by COL. PARKER in '48...(sound familiar?)

THanks for stopping by to comment today.
You stay safe up there.