12 July 2013

Friday Follies...
We made it...to another wonderful weekend.
And to start it off, we have another great day, weather-wise. The highs in the low 80s, lots of sun, and low humidity.
Now that's not bad in anyone's book, is it?
So, without any further ado, let's crank it up and see what's shaking...
*** First off the line today is this whole Zimmerman trial. I've tried to avoid it, but it's all over the news, and I have to say, as one who prefers FACTS in any case, rather than conjecture, this trial has been nothing short of a kangaroo court.

Even before the trial began, we had a police chief FIRED because he didn't "just arrest" Zimmerman soon enough (before the facts came out), and we had Revs Jackson and Sharpton wanting THEIR pound of flesh...making it racially-motivated...again, without knowing the FACTS as they were presented.
Finally, we hear about (certain) people wanting to go out and "shoot whitey" if Zimmerman gets off...obviously, part of the LOW-INFORMATION Darwinian castoffs.
And to make bad matters worse in the pursuit of TRUE JUSTICE, the JUDGE in this case has been rude, and rather HOSTILE towards the defense. I've seen more than a few cases, and this one takes the cake in that regard. I'd call to have her removed from the case for acting in such a prejudicial manner.
And the FL police down there are advising people to use their VOICE and not their FISTS when it comes to any gatherings or "rallys" after the case ends in a verdict OTHER than what some people demand.
Now, I don't believe we'll see the wholesale rioting that came in the aftermath of the Rodney King case, but someone really wants to light the fuse to this potential powder-keg...and that can't be good.
You just can't predict WHAT will happen with some people...others are all TOO predictable.
Moving on...
*** As a public service, I like to showcase those people out there that take the time to send their thoughts to the opinion page of the newspapers.
Today, there was a really GOOD letter to the editor regarding "personal" fireworks.
And here's the link to the page:
God BLESS you, Kathi Weiss...you truly "get it"!
-- Also in the OP-ED section, there seems to be a rather large consensus of folks that think that chunk of "artwork" that was stuck by a drunk last month needs to be removed.
But there is "always one" that thinks the opposite.
Looks the same AFTER it was hit.
Need proof? Here it is:
The story labels the piece "reviled"...now, to me, that's a lot closer to home, and I was an art MAJOR in high school.
Maybe this art teacher would prefer the artwork on HIS front lawn???
*** This just in...Venezuelan dictaor Hugo Chavez is STILL dead...!
(made 'ya smile)
*** By now, most of you should know I am a comic book fan, or rather a fan of the people that MADE them, and this refers to times past, like what is referred to as "The Silver Age". 
There were some fantastic artists and writers out there that allowed us young boys to believe in extraordinary people doing even MORE extraordinary things...all meant to "save the world", or at least America.
I've been a fan of IRON MAN since the mid-60s, and there were few artists back then who could capture this superhero properly.
One of them was the late Gene Colan.
He was, and probably always will be MY personal favorite.
When the first movie came out, I was blown away, by the modern take on the armor...I think the production designers did a great job of bringing the Golden Avenger to life in the most unique way.
And I have acquired some of the action figures with one of them being a "classic" version FROM my days of youth...not bad at all.
So, you can imagine my joy when I came across THIS 18x24 tin sign, which I now own...at our local MENARDS of all places.
Yep, that's Gene's work from the late 60s in all it's glory.
I cannot help but think BACK to those days of waiting in the drug store with my pals...waiting for the delivery of that stack of magazines and comics, and then checking the list on top that showed us WHAT the store received...and then seeing that ONE comic we were waiting for, because LAST MONTH had a damn "cliffhanger" ending.
A month seemed forever back then, and that 12 cents was stashed away solely for the purpose of purchasing THAT comic when it arrived.
Made doing the chores worthwhile.
Amazing the things you really miss...when you set your mind to it, eh?
*** Lastly today, there is a certain level of contentment one can derive from looking back to your past, whether it's to remember family trips to "nowhere" on Sunday afternoons, that one comic you waited for, or just hanging with your friends.
And "hanging out" in OUR day was a far cry from what goes on today, that's for sure.
We were busy playing with army men, or playing AS army men, digging out the cap guns and playing "pretend" as it was called, which served a few purposes.
When's Bobby coming out?
It was EXERCISE, running all over, and yet never onto people's lawns, flowers, or anything that did not belong to us. No climbing on cars, streetlights, or railings, either. We were told where we could go and where we could NOT go, what time to be HOME, and God help us if we strayed from such demands put upon us by our parents...and yet we ALL survived.
Sassing back wan't an option, as was disregarding your parents wishes.
They were God's right hand in many cases, and they would easily PROVE it to you.
Yet, none of us felt as though we were treated unfairly, unless we misbehaved.
Today, not only are too many kids getting into the WRONG stuff, but they're brought up by "parents" who are ALSO getting into (or have gotten into) the wrong stuff.
A child's upbringing should never include having the police come by to arrest your parent.
Neither should a child be abused by a parent (or whoever is watching them) on drugs, drunk all the time, or too damn lazy to ACT like the parent they have become .
Learn to sleep in the bed you make...it's that simple.
THERE is where people fail the kids in America.
And that leads to the kids failing themselves later on.
As I said yesterday, we're BETTER than that, or least we SHOULD be...or TRY to be.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
The Fort Wayne THREE RIVERS FESTIVAL begins today (and our Three Ghetto Festival runs ALL YEAR down there), so get out and enjoy yourselves.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I'm with you on the Zimmerman trial. That thing has turned into a media circus. The facts have taken a back seat to political agendas.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Truth be told, this whole trial is actually WORSE than the O.J. fiasco.

With all the lame-steam media "hype" and pre-judgment, it's as though they're telling us what that Porterhouse steak tastes like and we're supposed to BELIEVE them without even walking into the damn restaurant ourselves.
And these folks ghave a sweet taste for sh*t!

That judge should be tossed out...she's as bad as the 9th Circuit Court out by CA.
Talk abour bending over backwards to advance the prosecution.
Where does she get off anyway?

Impartiality should ALWAYS be the hallmark of anyone wearing the robes.
A sad commentary to our judicial system...and that's why I cannot sit on a jury.

Hey, thanks much for rolling on by today to comment.

Stay safe out there this weekend.

CWMartin said...

I'll wait for the movie on Zimmerman lol.

I'd like to respond to the art teacher, "It made me think, too. About a hundred different jokes, cracks, and jabs at it- and that was BEFORE it got hit. Surely there's a cheaper way to entertain me."

Two things about Iron Man.
The sign- I looked at that and said, "You dog!"

The cover- I always wondered how Stark was able to do the splits like that. I guess SOMETHING on him musta been Iron.

Bob G. said...

-- Trayvon/Zimmerman, The MOVIE???
I was thinking more along the lines of a full-blown BROADWAY MUSICAL!
It won't be a "Les Miz", but why NOT, hmm?

-- I lucked out on the I/M sign...saw it on ebay for cheap, tried to bid on it and it got MORE costly than what Menards wanted, so when we went back, I made a beeline for the area (near the picture frames, so you know WHERE to look) and snagged that puppy!

--Those "splits"...I said they did EXTRA-ordinary things.
(Artistic "license"...ouch!)

-- Also, just got an 18x24 graphic art print on canvas of Iron Man (movie version) for UNDER $5!
Now, a frame for it will cost me OVER $10.
(that's not fair!)

So, if you & Laurie ever stop down by the Fortress, I can take you on a "tour" of a REAL art gallery...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a great TRF weekend and stay safe up there.
(you too, Scrappy!)
And take it easy on the "deep-fried everything".

Momma Fargo said...

Zimmerman is just as I suspected it would go...justice juggling and political pranks...and just a crazy mess. And media circus is exactly right. There is no such thing as justice...just the system. No such thing as a fair trial when the government gets involved. And now watch what happens to people after the verdict. It's going to be nutso.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I hear 'ya, dear...
Thing is, you, as a (former) LEO know that incidents JUST like this one happen EVERY DAY all across America.
And for some reason, THOSE aren't covered, and if they are, certainly NOT to the degree that THIS case has been.

Amazing how the lame-stream media can all but overlook the TWENTY-FIVE shootings that left SIX DEAD in Chicago, and yet blow THIS case SO out of proportion, PLUS force the "race issue" into it, when there clearly IS none.
Nutso covers it very well.

Hope the fallout from this is nowhere near the scope of the Rodney King clusterf$ck!

Thanks so much for rolling up and commenting today.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there, Kiddo.