16 July 2013

It's THAT Time Again...
Time for the TRF (downtown), and that means a look at our OWN south-side THREE GHETTO FESTIVAL.
More about that (and other stuff) in a minute, but FIRST, the weather...
Yeah, that about sums it up for this Tuesday..
Today's high...whenever the mooks wake up and light up...LOL.
The ACTUAL high temp today will be in the lower 90s...again.
Lots of sun, lots of humidity, and lots of uncomfortable to go around.
So, if you have the choice of remaining INSIDE with the A/C running...by all means, DO SO!
Now, for the "rest of the story"...
*** First out of the squad room today is how FWPD chief York held a presser (with the mayor and assorted DPs - deputy chiefs) yesterday, saying the department is hiring TWENTY NEW OFFICERS.
...And he has a great SINGING VOICE, too...!
Here's the story link:
We can thank the new income tax for this, although without it, York states they'd have to LAY OFF officers.
That's okay, then I can patrol the streets and REALLY "clean up" this part of town...bwahahahahahaaaaa.
We could pursue some "natural justice" for a change.
Actually, these are not "new" officers in the purest sense, but ones being hired to fill ALL the vacancies left by retiring officers, and those who otherwise left the department, and even WITH these 20, we'll STILL be UNDER what I feel would be the minimum ADEQUATE number to properly address the crime problem, especially on the city's SOUTH side.
Add to this, that if you "hire" 20 officers, the graduation rate for the recruit class will NOT be that same 20.
We'd be fortunate to net about TEN officers from that class. Some recruits will WASH OUT, either physically, or psychologically.
Some will even flunk out of the "rook" ranks when they're "probies", riding with their PTO on the streets...in other words, sh*t happens.
So, let's be HONEST here...in order to hire (read net) TWENTY officers outright, you'd have to put about TWICE that number through the academy.
It's' the law of averages thing.
And we'll see how many make it off probation and on the street by THIS time...NEXT year.
Moving on...
*** Updates all over the place on the recent crimes in the city, and here they are:
D'in see Nuffin, officer...
-- The recent shootings are described with victim names in THIS story:
Let's just say it's a bunch of blacks shooting a bunch of OTHER blacks, and nowhere near ANY national attention to this, as if this kind of thing is "expected" among such people.
Bet if just ONE shooter were described as other-then-black, the lame-stream media hacks would be on this like white on rice (nice analogy, Bob).
-- The home invasion / hammer attack on a woman in her home details how it went down in this story:
Not the BEST way to be awakened at 4AM...is it?
A gun under the pillow might have made that perp's day...he could take up gardening, as in pushing up daisies.
-- This Frank Gray story goes to show that ethnic areas of the city simply cannot have (or do not wish to have) anything nice:
At Hanna Homestead Park (east central area of Ft. Wayne), it's refreshing (?) to see another "broken border fence"...kinda like a microcosm of America's SOUTHERN border.
Yeah, concerned residents get the city to revamp the place to make it nice to everyone to enjoy, and some mook / scrappers come along and start to trash it.
And no one holds any part of any "community" responsible for it...amazing.
*** Elsewhere, it IS the time of year when we have the TRF (Three Rivers Festival), and on the SOUTH side of town, we enjoy the strains of the THREE GHETTO FESTIVAL, only OUR event runs ALL...DAMN...YEAR....EVERY YEAR!
Now, while the TRF uptown has it's OWN events, there are certain OTHER "events" that are indigenous to OUR ghettos.
Yesterday, the WOWJAM took place at Brewer Park, and for those of you not familiar with the area, it's along Pettit Ave, around the 700-800 block East
WOWJAM is a national urban ministry program that caters to youth, with the idea that they can be better people.
Hey, I don't bust on ANY youth ministry that does good...
But, did they have to play the music SO DAMN LOUD that we could hear lyrics OVER FOUR BLOCKS AWAY to get their message across?
I wonder how the Apostles would have felt about that?
(or the ROMANS for that matter)
But, I digress...
It wasn't the ministry that the low-information people came there for...it was all the FREE STUFF, as advertised on their door-hangers.
-- AND, with ANY event that takes place in a predominantly ETHNIC area of the city, there is usually some PROBLEM connected with it.
Yesterday was NO exception...
A young girl, about five years old was struck by a car, as she darted across the street to get to the event around 1730 hrs.
Here's the story link:
Can we please say PARENTAL SUPERVISION along a busy street, for Christ's sake?
Whatever happened to "hold my hand, and we'll cross when it's safe"?
Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that growing up...and I'm still here, so it must work.
This is the typical behavior you have to deal with every...single...day down here.
There is little regard for life...these people just exist, and the manner they parent their children only serves to produce the NEXT generation of welfare queens and gangsta thugs...nothing more.
FEW are the ones that can actually MAKE something of themselves AND their lives...bad average.
*** And that brings me to our OWN TGF...
-- Now, we might not have the RAFT races down here, but we DO have the "RIFF-RAFF" races...usually AWAY from the police when told to halt.
-- And we don't have the "waiter/waitress" event...just the "I donwanna wait fo nuthin, so gimme the money, bitch"  event.
-- While the TRF doesn't have ANY shooting events, we down here have SO many, it's hard to keep track of them all...
We have the drive-bys, the stand-ups, the running battle, the street corner standoff...well, you get the idea.
Thankfully, points are ONLY awarded for number of rounds expended, as many of the contestants couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle...or the broad side of a barn.
They also can't seem to find their waistband with a damn belt...lol.
-- Parking is never a problem, though...park any damn place...the wrong way, angle parking, double parking or even TRIPLE parking is allowed, because the city's PARKING CONTROL is afraid to come down here and ticket a car, lest they incur the wrath of a government-sponsored person.
Semi-fresh McD's - still mostly in the bag
-- There's fast food galore, and most of it can be found tossed from car windows along the curbs, streets, and alleys all over, so feel free to avail yourself of some "unique" culinary taste treats.
Look jus like ma mama boyfriend!
-- We also have CHALK DRAWING contests for the kids, too.
-- And although the TRF has a beer TENT, we have something BETTER...a BEER BERM.
Dat Natural Ice be still cold
That's right, along the berms on our streets, you'll find the best beer the cheap ass bastards can afford with those EBT cards, like Natural Ice (on sale this week, that's why).Just look down, and behold those glistening cans, most of them HALF-empty...so drink up, and stay thirsty, my friends.
-- Need a place to "relieve" yourself after all that booze?...pick any wall or house, and do what nature intended...no one cares, and it's FREE!
-- We also have the PIT BULL BARKING contest...see if YOUR dog (or baby-mama) can keep the neighbors up the longest.
-- I would say we have a "fencing" event as well, but you already READ that Frank Gray story above, right?
There is just SO much to do down here, and this goes on EVERY DAY.
Looks comfy from here...
-- If you get tuckered out from all the "fun", you can always relax on "the comfy couch"...which can be found in some nearby alley that Neighborhood Code Enforcement NEVER patrols.
Yes indeed...non-stop fun, and it HAS to be fun, because the city has all but laughed up it's sleeves at this part of Fort Wayne for too damn long..
*** Lastly today, there comes a time when you need to poke fun and be as sarcastic as hell about an area that USED to be a neighborhood.
We're STILL looking...
You watched it DEVOLVE thanks to city apathy, citizen apathy, and a cavalier attitude when it comes to protecting the residents STILL down here who give a sh*t.
You see the depths of depravity that people can lower themselves to, and for many, it would be unfathomable to watch...
That's why some folks bug out, rather than take a stand for what was THEIR neighborhood.
You cannot have a community of one...or even a handful, and that's the saddest part of all.
Anyone who is not WITH you in wanting to make the area better for everyone HAS to be against you, and these days, I can say I've more potential enemies than potential allies...all because I want better...I expect more of this area AND the people in it.
Funny thing...if the OTHER people felt likewise, we'd have a damn nice area again.
Like I say...less DOUBLE standards...more HIGHER standards...that's the key.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Gray said everything you said he did, but in such a way he can't be said to have said it directly. He needs to call a spade a spade and get the problem with Ft Wayne on the table once and for all. Yeah, I know, fat chance.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, you know me..."subtle as a flying mallet"...LOL.
Diplomacy? what's that?

Gonna be interesting as to WHO will be the first person of note or influence in this city that DOES speak up and admit to the REAL problems.
(and to them I will say "told 'ya so")
All these talking heads who dance about the issue make my brain hurt.
I can't figure out the logic behind it.

Gray is an OK guy in my book...he does a good job with his "beat".

We do have too many who are falling over themsevles with all the PCBS, though...right?

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
(hope you enjoy OUR 3 ghetto festival - from a distance...lol)

Stay safe (and keep cool) up there.

John DuMond said...

"Need a place to "relieve" yourself after all that booze?...pick any wall or house, and do what nature intended...no one cares, and it's FREE!"

Not to mention classy. Very classy. I'm sure Miss Manners would approve. :)

"Like I say...less DOUBLE standards...more HIGHER standards...that's the key."

In other words, the opposite of what we have now, right?

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G. You are so naughty. You had me busting a gut at your festival. LOL

Bob G. said...

John D.:

Odd that you mention Miss Manners...
Sne is resting comfortably after tossing her cookies when she saw whst was taking place down here...(wink, wink)

And YES...the COMPLETE opposite!

Thanks for swinging past today and taking time to comemnt.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you had a good time at OUR "festival"...intimate as it can be.

We aim to please (and the LEOs aim for CENTER MASS...pretty much the SAME thing, eh?)

But hey, it's just what goes on, what I see and hear, and what the city ignores, blissful as they are.

Thanks much for stopping over today and commenting, Kiddo.

You roll safe out there.