30 July 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...
If you like "Summer reruns", then TODAY will be something to look forward to, as far as our Hoosierland weather goes.
The temps will reach into the upper 70s today, and with mostly sunny skies, and perhaps a light breeze now and then.
Good gardening weather!
Tell you one thing...it's sure good sleeping weather (as well as one can sleep in the ghettohood).
Be a real nice day...until someone comes along and louses it the hell up...LOL.
Now, having dispensed with THAT, let's get the rest of the day sorted out by seeing what's been going on.
*** First up, and update to the Belvedere Lounge shooting (early Sunday AM) that left one woman in serious condition.
Here's the story link:
Seems that the person shot was the daughter of the former head of the Allen County - Fort Wayne "NAALCP".
( for explanation of THAT particular acronym see THIS link:
The video in the WANE story states that Paulette Nellems was told (by people) that it was the FWPD that shot her daughter (accidently while trying to disperse the crowd outside). As can be expected, the FWPD is denying THAT ever happened.
Nellems believes that police weren't trying to shoot anyone, but instead used a gun to scare the large crowd in the parking lot into leaving.
-- Naturally, such "tactics" are never employed and with good reasons - the most OBVIOUS ones stated below..
1) Using a firearm to "scare" people can often have unintended consequences...whatever goes UP comes DOWN, right? The Hollywood version of shooting into the air never seems to take that into account.
2) If ANY ordnance is expended for any reason by a LEO, you unleash the "dogs", in this case Internal Affairs (aka the "headhunters") who meticulously investigate the officer's actions and are tasked with finding some fault somewhere.
All rounds have to be accounted for.
3) For crowd dispersal, a "less-than-lethal" approach is always warranted...FIRST, and that can include batons, tasers, tear gas, and so on.
Many times, whooping the siren and using the PA speaker is sufficient to move people along.
For once I agree w/ Chief York and his take on the situation as reported.
He states that whenever there would be a police-action-shooting, a host of personnel would be called to the scene, such as the aforementioned IA, duty chiefs (shift supers), homicide on-call units, and prosecutor's office...to name a few.
And he's right.
Here we have a case of someone in the minority community "jumping the gun" (no pun intended) and (however indirectly) BLAMING the police, when there is NO evidence to support such an allegation.
Around many cities in America, we have this similar "black and blue" issue, and in a minute number of instances, the police might be in the wrong, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, the police act in a proper manner, following the protocols laid out.
Regular folks don't understand that, and some don't WANT to understand that.
Then again, when certain double-standards are already in place for minorities, and the police cannot effectively address the issues of CRIME without fear of hearing the word "profiling" at the drop of every baseball cap in the ghettohood, it's little wonder that advantages might be taken by that community and see a wrong where none is indicated. It's just the victicratic mentality at work here.
The police are NOT the "enemy".
Your own community IS...period.
Moving on...
*** When you think MEDIOCRITY, what comes to mind?
Yeah, I know...POLITICIANS...LOL.
What else?
Educational standards is perhaps on the list...or the way people "settle" for one thing when they can have, do, or become BETTER...is another.
Ever think about our MILITARY being mediocre?
How about the U.S. MARINES?
Ever spot a leatherneck in a bar  and walk up to him (or her) and say how damn MEDIOCRE they and the Corp are?
(not if you want to see your next birthday, you don't)
So, imagine my surprise when I come across this commentary BY an anonymous marine in the OP-ED section of the paper.
Here's the link to the editorial:
I would never expect the marines to settle for anything less than the best, considering they are not a SPEC OP unit like the SEALS, RANGERS or AFSOC. They have always pursued and expected nothing short of the best from their recruits, officers and top brass.
Guess things have changed a bit over the last decade or two.
There is an old believe that if you can somehow compromise a nation's military, you have dealt it a severe blow.
And there are ways to do this, rather than by attrition on a battlefield.
We've seen it in the 'Nam...it was the politicians that called the shots, and snatched a truce from the jaws of victory over there.
That's ONE way to do it...let's the "suits" run a conflict.
Another way is to "dumb down" the standards and requirements that held that military in such high esteem.
Kinda sounds like our educational system, doesn't it?
How about the fact that slightly more than 1% of ALL our military is comprised of KNOWN gang members?
Those things are enough to shake any military organization the hell up.
Add a bunch of "empty uniforms" at the higher and mid-level command hierarchy, and it's little wonder the grunts are wondering...
The commentary is a solid read, and points out the flaws that have crept into one facet of our military.
This marine sees things a lot like I do...we CAN do better, and as he states: "The nation NEEDS us to do better."
'Nuff said there.
*** Lastly today, we see that societal decline affects many things, and certainly VERY many people.
When you "stack the deck" in order to falsely promote a sense of "equality" of OUTCOME, rather than embrace the equality of OPPORTUNITY, you not only hurt those directly affected by such judgments, but you hurt this nation as a WHOLE...you subvert the human "infrastructure" of a country that has demonstrated time and again, the ability to rise above damn near any and all problems facing it.
A nation, or state, or city survives, and thrives based on it's PEOPLE. They are the ones working their tails off, implementing new ideas, and keeping the industries and businesses humming along.
But when you start GIVING money and "things" to people not WILLING to pull their OWN weight, and thereby adding to everyone else's weight in the process, you create an underclass of people with too much time to kill, and too concern for how they go about it.
Take civility and morality out of the picture as well, and you accelerate the process of decline.
Make life cheap, and somewhat "disposable", and a portion of the population will lap it up like spilled milk in front of a cat.
We need to stop this decline, reverse it, and get this nation off it's ass and back on it's feet...where it belongs.
Education...PROPER education in these matters will take time, but will also provide honest rewards to all people, once they realize that the gravy-train no longer stops at their front door once a month.
We ALL have similar opportunities in life, and we should never be granted the same outcome because we think it's our God-given right...that's folly.
Those who seize the opportunity can and will succeed, and we have to instill that in those that do nothing contributory to our country
We CAN do it...we have to for future's sake.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

First (in backwards order):
"I’m talking about a Battalion Commander who took pride in the fact that he had done zero research on Afghanistan, because it allowed him to approach his deployment with “an open mind.” "

Typical liberal ivory tower mindset. I must be understanding, above all. This is how soldiers died because Korans were burned when used. They all want to go over there and be thought of like Barney the purple dinosaur. End up looking like Barney Fife.

Second, don't you know it's in the NAALCP constitution (or whatever they have, I realize the "c" word is offensive) that every black shooting MUST have it's beginning in a police firearm? That way you don't ask: Why did the crowd need to be dispersed? Why was she in it? WHO made the allegations about the cop firing? And Why was he there in the first place (answer: wasting his time trying to provide security for your stupid asses)?

Diane said...

I'd say this > http://www.lewrockwell.com/2013/07/no_author/a-101-year-old-test-for-8th-graders/ says quite a bit about the past standards for 8th grade - which is where most people (101 years ago) got out of school - or at around 6th grade.

Now we have college students who are required to take basic reading and math classes, because they're unable to do the college work.

Here are some stats on the ability of reading and math > http://www.studentsfirst.org/pages/the-stats

As far as the NAACLP and the 'police shooting', I'd take a long, hard look at actually who shot. Dollars to donuts, it wasn't a cop.

Enjoy your nice weather up there!

Bob G. said...

You have provided some very GOOD points in response to the stories.
--That "open mind" will get people killed, and that isn't a recipe for victory.
-- When in doubt, these folks blame ANYONE...the police just happen to be the most conVENient souls around, whenever there is foul play, right?
Sub-cultures LOVE to play these cards, and always when they operate under a "different" set of rules for themselves...like they can't be bothered with SOCIETY'S rules.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

--Yes, we are reaping the "benefits" of the decades-old dumbing DOWN of our students...and all for equality of outcome.
Didn't USED to be that way.

And maybe that's why the progressives can't WAIT until all of us old-schoolers die off...because WE know too damn much...like the TRUTH.

Did you say DONUTS???
(make mine powdered jelly - ROFL)
--I'd wager the shots came from someplace NEAR where that off-duty officer came outside, otherwise he might not have sought cover THAT rapidly.
And then the race-baiters come out of the woodwork, probably saying "they" were targeted by the "5-0".
It's what happens when LOW-INFORMATION people never take the time to THINK...to REASON, and to WAIT for thr truth to come out via FWPD reports & investigations.
--Yes, I really am enjoying the weather.

Hey, thanks for strolling on by today and commenting.

Stay safe down there.

John DuMond said...

"Using a firearm to "scare" people can often have unintended consequences...whatever goes UP comes DOWN, right?"

Also, there's always a chance one of the people you're trying to "scare" is also armed. Scaring an armed person is never a good idea. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Now WHO would discharge a firearm to "scare" an ARMED person...when you can just shoot 'em outright?
(my personal favorite, and I'd bet it's YOURS as well)

But if you whip out a S&W 500 and the armed perp only has a .380 auto, his first recourse would probably be to soil himself...LOL!

Naturally there's scared and then there's SCARED, right?

Hey, thanks much for rolling yp today and commenting.

Stay safe & shoot straight out there

Momma Fargo said...

Well...the "scare tactic" you mentioned is never a good idea and immediately drew my attention. My old home town just had an incident where a homicide occurred because someone intoxicated went back to a bar to "scare" someone and ended up killing an innocent person. Oy

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, but our own VP (uncle) Joe Biden SAID we should go out on the porch and fire off that double-barrled shotgun to ward off perps...ROFLMAO!

From his mouth to the low-information ears, eh?

Oh, right...booze (or drugs) and guns NEVER play well together.
That's another form of social Darwinism.

Thanks much for rolling on by today and commenting, dear.

Stay safe down there.