30 August 2013

Friday Follies...
And this morning at the "Fortress" is starting off on a MUCH better note than yesterday...didn't feel sick, didn't pass out and didn't have to call EMS.
Sounds like a WIN-WIN so far.
Today's weather, if you HAVE to go outside is going to be HOT, with temps reaching the upper 80s.
Also going to have enough humidity to drive that heat index, too.
We are slated for a bit of a cool down early NEXT week, though
In the meantime, let's get busy with whatever else is happening.
*** First off is the daily call for things that have occurred all this month, and we call that:
Bobby G's This Day in AUGUST History!
And since we're at the tail-end of the month, we'll finish it off in style with a "TWO-FER".
August 30 - 
1836 - The city of Houston is founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen
1918 - Fanny Kaplan shoots and seriously wounds Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin (should have been a better shot)
1945 - Hong Kong is liberated from Japan by British forces.
1956 - The Lake Ponchartrain Causeway opens
1963 - The "hotline" between the U..S. and the Soviet Union goes into operation.
1967 - Thurgood Marshall become the first black Justice of the Supreme Court.
1984 - STS-41D - Shuttle Discovery makes it's maiden flight
Notable birthdays:
1908 - Fred MacMurray - American actor (d-1991)
1918 - Ted Wiliams - American baseball player (d-2002)
1931 - Jack Swigart - American astronaut (d-1982)
1944 - Tug McGraw - American baseball player (d-2004)
1973 - Lisa Ling - American journalist
August 31 - 
1803 - Lewis and Clark begin their expedition to the west territories by leaving Pittsburgh PA, at 11 in the morning.
1864 - General William T. Sherman begins an assault on Atlanta, GA.
1895 - Ferdinand Von Zeppelin patents his navigable balloon.
1897 - Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscope - the first movie projector
1997 - Princess Diana of Great Britain is killed in a car crash in Paris along with her companion and the driver.
Notable birthdays:
12AD - Caligula (d-41AD)
1897 - Fredrich March - American actor (d-1975)
1903 - Arthur Godfrey - American radio and TV host (d-1983)
1924 - Buddy Hackett - American comedian (d-2003)
1949 - Richard Gere - American actor
And there you have it...a MONTH full of things that DID occur, so don't let anyone say to you that AUGUST is a month where NOTHING happens, right?
Moving on...
*** I saw bits and pieces of the 50th anniv. of Dr. King's "dream" speech in D.C.. the other day (I can only take so many liberals at any given time..lol), and I have to say that I was more than slightly displeased by the demeanor of many of the speakers.
There was little substance, but plenty of rhetoric, and most all of it coming from the progressive left.
Sure, there were a FEW conservative speakers that were invited, but they REFUSED to attend.
I don't know whether that was wise or not.
You were there to commemorate DR. KING...and none of liberal agendae that have proven unsuccessful in fulfilling the DREAM of Dr. King.
Let's face it...very few of the programs that both parties have tossed at the minority communities have done little to elevate these people into the middle class. Hell, it barely gave them any stepping stone OUT of poverty, but then again, one must WANT to get out poverty to begin with.
When it becomes more "profitable" to suck money out of the government, rather than seek the opportunities we ALL have that are out there, but requires some WORK on OUR part, that leads to this whole "entitlement" syndrome, or the victicratic mentality.
When remaining in poverty starts to put a nasty taste in one's mouth, maybe THEN people WILL shy away from it rather than generationally wallow in it..
Nothing is ever THAT free in life, because someone has to PAY for it.
*** Now, it's time for the next chapter in the Hoosierian SAGA of BEOROOF...!
When last we encountered our intrepid homeowner, he had just bade farewell to the pest control guy...the traps are gone, and he trimmed the branches back from the house...very good job all the way around.No raccoons to be found.
Can't say enough about the SLY-FOX company or Rick Miner.
Excellent work ethic.
The roofers arrived around 10AM and remained until after 6PM, and much of the old roof has been torn off with new plywood (where needed) and felt paper laid down.
And with all the hammering, I didn't get a headache...but it DID drown out the boomcars...LOL.
Today, they will return for another day of ripping, nailing, shingling, and replacing the old vents with new ones.
And so ends today's installment...
*** Lastly today, sometimes certain situations demand you put some money out...like for a new roof.
Sure is a lot different from a rowhouse in Philly.
(but here, it smells a lot better)
Plus, out here, we don't have to get the roof done every 5 or so years...that's nice, but it DOES cost a lot more for shingles.
Either way, you have to do what you need to do when you need to do it
And, that's why it pays to save some bucks wherever you can. It's not being "cheap"...just paying attention to what you can afford, what you NEED versus what you WANT, and then making the right choices along the way.
It's not hard to do, when you consider the practicality OF doing it.
Have yourselves a great Labor Day weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Great walk down history, Bob G. I did not see any of the information on Martin Luther King celebrations other than basic news. I decided to pull up his old speeches online and commemorate him myself without the political hype. Seems the country is getting more and more divided and no common goals are in sight except how to implode our country. OY. Have a great weekend!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you enjopyed the historical "tour" (and the price was right, too...FREE)

Yeah, you have to dig around for YOURSELF to find the TRUE meaning of the speeches of Dr. King...
I lived through that time, and you need to make sure no one "screws" with the history as it unfolded.

I saw the clouds forming and stated DECADES ago that we were becoming more polarized, racially-speaking, and that if we EVER have another civil war, it would be rooted in race.
I always pray that I am WRONG, there.

The sad part to that, is those who don't see color as an issue, being FORCED to take a side they might not wish to be part of.

I want the black people I used to hang around with BACK...they were beautiful friends...ALL of them.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting, dear.

You have a great weekend and roll safe down there.

CWMartin said...

Gotta go with the ol' balance remark again... Caligula and Buddy Hackett... geeez...

Bob G. said...

Yeah, you got that right.

I cannot think of two MORE diametrically OPPOSED people who have ever walked the planet!

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there.