08 August 2013

On the Horizon...
Well, we're damn near done with the week, and it looked like we didn't get the rain they said we were going to get...at least not around the Ft. Wayne area.
Today's weather will be a close copy to yesterday, again with the threat of possible shower activity...later on.
Highs will reach around the 80 degree mark, and we'll have partly cloudy skies...or partly SUNNY skies, depending on YOUR personal POV.
And that's all she wrote for that one.
Meanwhile, let's see what's been going on...
*** First up, it's time again for:
Bobby G's This Day in August History:
August 8  
- 1974 - Richard Nixon, in a televised address to the nation, announces his resignation as President, effective at noon the next day.
- 2000 - The Confederate submersible, H.L  Hunley is raised after 136 years on the ocean floor (Charleston Bay), funded by novelist Clive Cussler.
*** Next up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote...
"The Creator has not given you a longing to do that which you have no ability to do."
This was spoken by one Orison Swett Marden (1850 - 1924), and here is his WIKI:
Marden was an American spiritual author in the "New Thought Movement", who also held a degree in medicine.
Having lost both his parents by the age of 7, he became a "hired boy" to earn his keep, and finding a self-help book in an attic from the Scottish author Samuel Smiles, he began a journey to improve his life circumstances as well as himself.
With perseverance, he managed to graduate from Boston Univeristy in 1871, and later graduated from Harvard with an M.D. in medicine (1881) and an LL.B. degree in 1882.
He supported himself during the college years by working in a hotel, afterward becoming owner of several hotels AND a resort.
(wonder why young people today don't emulate THIS?)
Marden also cited Emerson and Oliver Wendell Holmes as influential upon his thinking.
He lost his hotel during the Great Depression of the 1890s, (yep, we had one back THEN, too) and attempted to write a book, to which he destroyed the first manuscript and started over.
After a year and many turn-downs, he managed to get a new manuscript published. entitled PUSHING TO THE FRONT.
This one book became the single-greatest runaway classic in the history of personal development at that time, with people such as J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone citing it as inspirational.
You may recall such terms as "go-at-iveness" and "stick-to-it-iveness". THOSE are direct quotes from Orison Swett Marden.
The New Thought Movement WIKI is here:
Now this philosophy promotes the idea that "infinite intelligence" or GOD is EVERYWHERE, spirit is the totality of real things, true human self-hood is divine, divine thought is a force for good, sickness originates in the mind, and "right thinking" has a healing effect.
That's a LOT to wrap your brain around, but even today, we see evidence of much of this in people with severe illnesses.
In some ways, it's a curious melding of religion AND philosophy...two things that are rarely combined even today.
Based on what I have read, I suppose that Scientology "might" be an offshoot of this way of thinking, although I can find no DIRECT correlation.
One group within the New Thought Movement are those connected with the Centers for Spiritual Living, and I have to admit that some of THOSE beliefs are a bit our-of-step of the Good Book, if you take the Word of God LITERALLY.
This isn't to say that The New Thought Movement is a sham or dog and pony show.
I just think it's interesting to to investigate all sides to every issue, and this one has it's share of intrigue, and it IS based in GOD...
Besides, I don't know of ANY "New Thoughters" who are planning ANY form of JIHAD in the foreseeable future, so there must be something good to that.
Anything that promotes self-help and tosses in a healthy dose of GOD has my vote...can't do any harm.
They DO have to work on the logo...looks a bit too "familiar"...could be by design, or accidental on someone's part.
When I saw it, I was like...WHOA!
That's kinda creeps ME out, but perhaps the author of one particular graphic novel PURPOSELY made the logo in the book (and subsequent movie) eerily similar...for a reason, whatever that could be, even they do represent polar opposites from a religious standpoint, and philosophical opposites from a political standpoint.
But I will say that anyone or anything that either ADDS to or DETRACTS from the word of God is asking for a world of hurt (spiritually-speaking).
Moving on...
*** A suspicious car fire prompts investigation...
Here's the story link:
Yeah, if something appears THIS suspicious, it probably IS a lot MORE suspicious that you first thought.
A parked car along a stretch of road, about 30 feet OFF the road engulfed in flames with a D/B aboard...doesn't seem like something "typical", does it?
The coroner will be releasing the C.O.D. perhaps today (don;t be surprised if the victim was shot or otherwise killed BEFORE the fire was started).
*** FWPD are looking for someone...aren't they always?
(they ain't looking for me, at least they shouldn't be...in a criminal sense anyway)
Here's the link:
Police are seeking to find this person in connection with an "undisclosed" incident that happened at the time of his arrival at the gas station located at Broadway and Grace Sts. There is currently NO warrant issued for the man, and information about the specific incident was not available.
*** Lastly today, every one of us has our methods of coping with life...some much better than others.
Many of us seek out a higher authority to aid us in our daily walk while others plunge into a bottle of booze, or plunge a hypodermic into some part of their anatomy. One method has a much better outcome than the other, obviously.
Still, one has to wonder WHY some people chase after "false gods" in the hope of making their life better, when all they do is make their current situation worse with every day.
And then there are those that can't cope at all with life, and decide to lie on some railroad tracks to end it all (tragic), or give their firearm a blowjob (messy), or pursue a course of substance abuse that inevitably ends in their demise, if help is not forthcoming (slow and painful).
What we ALL need to realize is that there is ALWAYS hope, and ALWAYS help...you just have to look for it, and that involves something we call WORK.
It take a determined EFFORT to crawl back to your feet when life knocks you down, but like that poem says "rest if you must, but never quit".
Some days, the effort seems insurmountable, and THAT is when we have to do OUR best when it comes to NOT quitting.
Like I say, every day is a challenge, the next issue to tackle might be just over the next horizon, and how we meet it and move forward beyond it makes all the difference, not only to ourselves, but every other soul we encounter.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

To your last section- we have a LOT of people out there, as Dylan wrote, "to whom life is but a joke". They look at the moment, and where do they get THAT idea? Never looking to the long term. Kinda like me, but I do it ion a POSITIVE manner. Unlike them, I have something to DIE for.

ms nk rey said...

Partly sunny for me, I am a "glass is half full" kinda gal. Too bad it's chipped... and cracked... and it really doesn't look very clean... and would it kill you to add a slice of lemon? HaHa. The double suicide of the young couple from Bluffton is so sad. And I understand they had a young child. I guess we never really know what goes on in others lives.
Stay safe up there in the danger zone..

Bob G. said...

I have no problem with jokes throughout my life, but life ITSELF should never be comsidered a joke.

Wny some people treat such a precious gift AS such beats the hell outta me, my friend.

I would say that when we were a lot younger, there wasn't the increasing cavalier attitude with and about life we see today.

Thanks much for dropping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Ha...I can appreciate the comparison to a beat-up cup...parts of my life mirror that imhage!
THat is very sad about that couple...by their photos, they didn't look like the type that seemed crazed enough to take this way out.
That child will have a tougher time as he/she grows up.

I commented to Wifey that we're seeing WAY too much lunacy out there these days...like something "was in the water"...
very strange undeed.
--And yes, we're always on guard at the 'Fortress".

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.
Do stay safe down there.