17 September 2013

Just Another Day In Paradise...
And I suppose I can't get THAT much more sarcastic if I tried.
It all depends on your POV, though...
Today's weather will be a close match to yesterday, sans the clouds.
The sunrise is doing it's best to happen, and it promises to be a NICE day in Hoosierland.
Temps will wind up in the LOW 70s, so get out and enjoy it.
Looks to be a "keeper".
In the meantime, sit back, top off that morning beverage of choice, and let's see who's been naughty out there, and why we should be concerned, shall we?
*** Another mass shooting, this time on a D.C. naval base, that left 12 dead, as well as the shooter, a black male named Aaron Alexis, who was a naval reservist with a history with police, as well and anger management issues..
How he still managed to get guns baffles me.
You can search for the story, in all it's myriad accounts for yourselves...there's too many links for me to list.
What I will say is that you CAN enter a secured facility with a stolen ID, and apparently, vehicle checks are more lax than they used to be, to enable someone to bring a long gun on base.
Makes me wonder if he shot his way onto the facility, but the response wouldn't have allowed him to get to a 3rd floor window and rain rounds into a cafeteria area.
Another thing that bugs me, is the fact that many have called our military bases "gun-free zones".
If anything, I would think a military base is pretty close to a police station...as in more weapons than the nearest gun shop.
Granted, there are also CIVILIANS on these bases, and they're there for clerical, contracting, and other support functions.
Still, everyone gets vetted, and even as a civvie government "employee", you take the oath and they do background checks.
Then again, there is that occasional "Major Nidal" that gets under the radar and wreaks havoc.
In an era of technological advancements, one would think that being able to weed out the dubious among us would be EASIER...not more difficult.
I know when a group of us went to the (then open) Philly Navy Yard to tour the USS KIttyhawk, which was in dry dock for a SLEP refit, we weren't even allowed to take a CAMERA in there...had to leave them on the bus, but we didn't get any pat-downs or scans.
And that was back in the early 1990s
Personally, I didn't see anything one could call "classified", but you do what you're told anyway.
-- An interesting side note to the D.C. shootings...it will be the FBI that heads up the investigation, and NOT the NCIS, mainly because there is another state involved (Texas, where the shooter was a reservist), and the FBI can operate with more ease from state to state.
I would imagine that NCIS will followup on the local level, however.
*** And with a mass shooting comes the gun-control advocates out from under their rocks AGAIN...
My question to them is simple:
Was this shooter a law-abiding citizen?
Short answer: Not really.
And would having more ARMED personnel on base have been more of a deterrent to this shooter?
Perhaps, unless the rage this man displayed would not stop him...and that can often be the case.
But, you can bet the farm that there will be another push for more stricter gun laws (when the ones we have need only to be enforced as they were intended).
*** This story caught my eye in lieu of the FBI investigation into this latest shooting.
Here's the story link:
Yep, the ACLU wants to LIMIT the FBI, stating their power has been expanded too dramatically over the last 12 years.
Really? What about the IRS being the "policeman" for Obummercare?
Don't you think THAT is overstretching one's POWER to the nth degree?
As usual, the ACLU goes barking up the wrong tree...again.
How about the ACLU going after the NSA for all the illegal surveillance they're been doing?
Nope...not a peep over that.
They want the FBI, which is nowhere near as intrusive as the NSA, CIA, IRS or even the agency itself under J. Edgar Hoover.
The report the ACLU created called "Unleashed and Unaccountable - The FBI's Unchecked Abuse of Authority." is at the vanguard of these latest allegations. What a crock of sh*t!
Perhaps the ACLU should check into the DoJ and IT'S abuse of power with Eric Holder, or maybe DHS and WHY they bought up ALL that ammo and urban assault vehicles, or maybe this administration and how IT has abused the power of the office of the president?
And the DHS bought up all of this.
Just a thought...
*** FWPD officer suspended for inappropriate conduct.
Here's the story link:
A 19-year veteran of the department,. Mark Rogers faces a felony count of sexual misconduct and a minor false informing.
I'd say that doing the horizontal mambo with a drunken woman is a poor way to boost one's male self-esteem...and you never know what you might "catch" in the process.
Keep it zipped, and avoid seven kinds of hell coming down on you.
.And you certainly don't complicate matters by telling LIES so you can CYA.
Like I say , the bad seeds will almost ALWAYS out themselves in any agency.
He should be fired, and be damn lucky if he doesn't get any jail time (if convicted).
Oh, and lose the ability to carry a firearm...felons can't have them.
*** Lastly today, seems we're never at a loss for BAD folks these days.
Wasn't always like this, was it?
Wasn't there a time when the bad people were the outcasts...the pariahs of our society, rather than part of the mainstream populace?
Well, it would appear we've more of them AMONG us these days, rather than in the (overcrowded) jails.
Maybe, we need to build MORE jails?
Maybe we need to teach right from wrong a lot more in schools?
Maybe we need harsher penalties for aberrant behavior?
Maybe all of the above?
It's not that difficult to be a relatively good person...it really isn't
It IS a bit harder to be a criminal, because you have to want to be DUMB enough to want to do the crime.
And, it's also a bit harder to be a BETTER person than you were yesterday, because it's take a conscious effort  to make it happen..
I can only speak from experience, but I find it a lot less difficult to be a decent human being, than being a boil on society's ass.
And I think we can all agree that what we need are more good people.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Sadly, military bases are pretty much gun-free zones. When I was in the Army (1986-1990), soldiers in the barracks were required to store their firearms in the unit arms room, and had to request permission from the commander to take it out. And no one was allowed to carry on post, other than for duty-related activities. In a place like the Washington Navy Yard (a higher HQ-type location), no one but security and LE types would be armed.

Originally, I was hearing that the shooter had an AR-15. Now CNN is reporting that he had a shotgun and 2 pistols. There is speculation that he took the pistols off cops he shot. But it'll probably take a few days before we know all the details.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Glenn Beck stated what I said...that having military bases as "gun-free" zones makes AS MUCH SENSE as having police stations being the same way.

Used to always be some MPs (or SPs) out and about, and they had both pistols AND long guns in the jeeps they patrolled in.
Always some visibility there.

Taking the pistols off of guards makes sense, as does the possibility of sneaking in a shotgun with pistol-grip.

If our military can't be safe, though on their OWN bases...who can?
Sure shakes one's confidence in things.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.

Roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I just thought it was sad, when you look at the promise the guy showed according to his superiors and yet the beast within as his record shows. I'm kind of having a "what kind of deal is it when God allows such demons into a person who had a chance to be something more" moments on this. I'd still like to know, though, what's going on when you can flash a badge (fake or otherwise) and get a gun onto a gun-free base. Sounds like perhaps a few people who slipped into "same old same old" will soon be finding their heads detached and rolling out the door.

Bob G. said...

I know...the guy had some real ability, and had a decent head on his shoulders...
And he did pass the routine security checks they do every few months (last one was back in August)

You bring up a good point about God allowing demons to inhabit people you wouldn't think it would happen to.
Perhaps it's a way of allowing us to see what we are ALL capable of, if we decide to give in to perverted desires rather than reason.
But that's small consolation to the families of the 12 killed in this incident.

I'm sure it will entertain a closer look at the mental health aspects of our society.

But without God, it's ALL uphill.

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.
You stay safe up there.