12 September 2013

Tales From the South Side...
No, you weren't dreaming...that WAS some RAIN we had in this part of the Hoosierland overnight...all of 3/10ths of an inch of it, too.
The weather today might see a little more rain, but don't expect that much. Temps will rise to around the 80 degree mark and whatever sun we see will be scattered at best. Got a feeling clouds will dominate the day...but, you never know, right?
In the meantime, let's get busy with all the other "fun" stuff.
*** First out the door is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"As life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time, at the peril of being not to have lived."
This was spoken by Oliver Wendell Holmes, noted American Supreme Court Justice (8 March 1841 - 6 March 1935).
And here is his WIKI:
Now, I'm not sure if this was spoken by "Dad" or his son, as both share the same name, but we'll run with the son on this one, and if I'm wrong, I'll correct it. Homes' father was a poet and essayist, so it stands to reason that either man could be the person who spoke this quite.
Both were very learned, and I mean that both in the scholastic realm as well as in the arena of ideas and wisdom.
Personally, I feel that both men are worthy of note and led interesting lives.
Moving on...
*** I like to see that arrests are made when it comes to violent crime, especially on the SOUTHEAST side of the city.
Case in point, these last two incidents, one of which led to the city's 31st homicide.
William Martin - BUSTED!
Yes, they caught the shooter.
Here's the story from today's paper:
The story mentions that homicides are at an EIGHT-YEAR high...couldn't see THAT coming, could we?
And the 22 year old shot to death was working on his GED (must have dropped out of South Side High School), wanted to pursue hip-hop and play basketball for the Mad Ants...surely his life "options" could have included MUCH more than these paltry items.
Joseph Conwell
The young man's father is a 20-year city employee (street department), so you know he's NOT some deadbeat dad, and seems to give a damn, but with the allure of "street life", it really makes you wonder.
WHY was this young man up and in some alley past TWO AM anyway?
Doesn't anyone realize that this is WHEN these predators roam the damn streets?
Considering none of them get the hell out of bed until 11AM or later, it standds to reason that late night/early morning is their "business hours", and the 3rd shift police officers can well back me up on that.
*** But what about the beating that took place yesterday around 0400 hours?
Well, again, we see the typical M.O. of such predators...up all night, looking for crime to commit.
But there was an arrest made in THIS latest case as well.
Here's the story link:
Dennis T. Tyson - BUSTED (again)
Now, if the name of the perp (Dennis Tyson, age 29 of the 900 block of E. Washington Blvd)) sounds a bit familiar, let's look back to MAY of this year, when 21 were arrested for FOOD STAMP FRAUD in connection with a SE side soul food restaurant...
And here is THAT story link:
You see, it's not hard to put these pieces of the larger puzzle together, once you establish the p[layers in this theater of the absurd.
Wonder WHY no other media source figured this one out?
And I ALSO wonder WHY this perps was out roaming around at FOUR AM, looking to express his pent up anger in some bestial fashion?
Maybe it's a "cultural thang"?
*** Today, I get to drive all the way up to Parkview Randalia for my followup ultrasound on my "nether-region", and I feel it will go well.
I've not had to take any pain meds for the past week, and I'm almost out of antibiotic meds. Any swelling has diminished appreciably, and I've not had the need to restrict my movements (feels good to be able to cross your legs again when sitting down...lol)
Then, on the 23rd, I get my followup visit to the urologist and see what he thinks.
To me, going to any doctor reminds me of women and hairdressers or pedicurists...once they get you in the door, you're a "customer" for LIFE...!
There's always some "touch-up" that needs doing, or something else to spend money on, but when it comes to one;'s HEALTH, perhaps we can make an allowance here and there...especially as we grow "more mature".
*** Lastly today, we see much of what makes for problems in the city, and that's pretty sad.
We don't embrace violence, but there are factions here that live for it.
We are seeing race-based hate crimes on the rise as well, perpetrated mainly by blacks against whites...
That isn't to say that black-on-black crime is any less important...it most certainly IS, because that part of our society is killing ITSELF in record numbers across this nation.
We shouldn't have to out up with that, but the outcry from the minority community is too soft and too often vacant.
And yes, much of this has to do with the breakdown of the traditional family...it all starts with kids raising kids, and devolves from there.
I think we need to pay attention more than ever when it comes to conducting our everyday affairs, because we never know when one of these dysfunctional thugs will attempt to take from us that which we have come to cherish.
We need to make our stand...and stand firmly.
And if it takes tougher tactics to eradicate this problem, we;l;, them's the breaks, but I will almost guarantee that we ALL make out better in the long run, and that's what life is...a marathon, and not a sprint.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"...but with the allure of 'street life', it really makes you wonder."

We have a pop culture that glorifies it, so even kids that have an intact family are drawn to be in the wrong places, at the wrong times, with the wrong people.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
SO maybe we should start taking out all these WRONG people (and I don't mean for dinner and a show...lol), right?
I think THAT would be a good start getting these borderline youth back on track.

Funny, my generation didn't much cotton to all this "peer pressure"...we preferred being individuals, rather than lemmings.

How times change.

Hey, thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Take care of yourself and do stay safe out there.