10 September 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...
If you like HOT weather (especially in September), then TODAY might just be your day.
The high today will reach into the MID-NINETIES...that's right, you heard me say it. And of course, we will have the predictable amount of humidity to go along with that. A nice day to be indoors, whether it's at home, or at some air-conditioned store.
This heat will be with us only until Thursday, when temps will drop down to a much more SEASONAL demeanor.
We might even get some rain along the way during the shift in temps.
So, take it slow outside today, feel free to pour another cup of whatever you're having and sit back while we meander through what else has been going on elsewhere.
*** First out of the barn today is a fire in the 500 block of 4th st here in the Summit City that investigators are saying was "suspicious" in nature.
Here's the story link:
Now, if I didn't know better, I'd think we have ourselves some sort of serial arsonist about town.
FWFD did say that the fire as "incendiary" in nature.
If you recall, we did have a number of arsons on the SE side late last year into early this year, and most all of those were in VACANT houses.
The story states the initial fire began in a vacant house as well. It then was noticed that ANOTHER fire was next door.
I was following this on the scanner, and those smoke-eaters were pretty busy for a time.
Haven't heard of any arrests in connection with any of the SE side fires, so it's safe to say the perp is still at-large.
And to think we have TWO vacant houses near our "Fortress", with one right next door (the raccoon motel).
Moving on...
*** The Fort Wayne Board of Public Safety approved a change of policies when it comes to police use of "excessive force".
Here's this story link:
But the FIRST thing they did was change the nomenclature from EXCESSIVE to "unreasonable" force.
Well, THAT makes things a LOT more clear...(yeah, right).
The new policies have added provisions for serious bodily injury from unreasonable force, which defines this as any force that might cause a risk of death, serious permanent disfigurement, unconsciousness, extreme pain, permanent or protracted loss of function of parts of the body, or the loss of a fetus.
Okay, anyone for NERF BATONS?
Now, since each of us feels things differently, and naturally under specific conditions, how AMBIGUOUS can this get?
And WHO exactly will determine if the force applied to subdue a perpetrator is sufficient without crossing "the line"?
We've already seen where cruiser cameras or cell phone video from civilians can be DAMNING as all get out, when in fact the force used in those instances was no more than required to get the person being detained to comply with officer demands.
Personally, I think this inhibits ALL officers while targeting those (very) few who do exhibit harsh tendencies.
And in most every case, those "bad seeds" in any department get weeded out soon enough.
Do we sacrifice good policing for people refusing to comply with officers when being arrested?
I think this is a bit of overkill, and will open many doors for more lawsuits against police in general.
*** Da Prez hits the airwaves tonight to do more of his famous "damage control" for the clusterf$ck he created over wanting to bomb Syria for the use of chemical agents against it's own people.
Now, since Syria isn't subscribing to the Geneva Convention ban of chemical warfare, I guess they think it's all well and good to do whatever they want.
Well, in the regional scheme of things, that might work out, but in the global arena, that cannot be tolerated.
So, do WE (America) become the world's "police" in this matter?
I thought that's what we have the UNITED NATIONS for...?
And suppose for a minute that it as NOT the regime in power in Syria that set off the gas weapons, but the REBELS themselves, in order to set up the dictator running the show, overthrow him and establish a "Muslim Brotherhood" seat of power in that nation?
To ME, that makes a lot more sense, but you never rule out what any dictator might choose to do to retain power.
It seems like the perfect venue to have the USA step in...but if history is ANY teacher, we have only look to the recent past for guidance in how NOT to get in over our heads in a conflict that will prove more political than military in nature, and those never end well at all.
With over SIXTY PERCENT of the American people NOT wanting to get involved in this, our "blamer-in-chief" is looking for some scapegoat to pin his initial decision on, and not finding anyone available at the moment. This is HIS baby, and he's got to see it through, win, lose, or draw.
I might tune in tonight, JUST so I can see how he's going to spin this, because you ALL know that's EXACTLY what he'll do.
*** For anyone who think that superheroes are relegated ONLY to the pages of comics or graphic novels, there's THIS story from W. VA:
Imagine Captain America  AND Batman going into a burning house to rescue a KITTEN.
Yeah, the "awwwwww" factor is in full play here, isn't it?
Considering the "secret" identity of one of the costume-clad heroes is a former firefighter, it was all about being at the right place at the right time...and IN the RIGHT costume (obviously).
As a kid, I know I looked up to SO many people, and not because of height restrictions...you ADMIRED what people did, be they your parents, the policeman, the firefighter, the pilots, cross guard, or yes...even the comic book heroes of a gentler time in this nation.
And maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.
*** Lastly today, the Hoosierian Saga of BEOROOF comes to it's timely end...finally.
I have to say the job was first-rate, and aside from the damaged posies, we came out none the worse for wear.
Like the jelly ads also claim..."With a name like Schmuckers...you HAVE to be good"...LOL.
Yes, the roofing company is named Schmuckers, and they do a LOT of work in the area, trust me!
Now we have a roof that will probably outlast ME.
One thing that as nice was to have THREE WHITE GUYS in the neighborhood...WORKING. We haven't seen that around this area in a decade or more.
And it as nice to hear THEIR boombox playing rock and roll, instead of the obnoxious "urban contemporary" (crap) music.
It actually drowned out the boomcars to a large degree.
I really can't say enough about them, and I suppose we've been extremely fortunate with our choices of home repair specialists.
The fence guys (Gleave Fencing) were excellent (last year), the plumbers (Korte) were top-notch, and the roofers (Schmuckers) were exemplary.
In a city where you don't know much about such things, you go with your gut (cross your fingers), and most times, you find your call was spot on.
Now, all we need are new windows, new doors, new front steps and walkway, and maybe that will be it...the only problem is that all of THAT will cost us MORE than the current assessed VALUE of the property (including the house and garage)...
And there's no guarantee that some ghetto slug won;t decide to vandalize or even firebomb the place...it DOES happen.
Damn shame the city still won't let me dig a MOAT, or put up an electrified fence with concertina wire across the top.
Then again, such things should belong in prisons...and not residential areas, but that's another post for another day.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I don't believe I'll watch tonight. Since the Three Stooges retired, farce just doesn't grab me like it used to.

Bob G. said...

ROFL...point VERY well taken!
(plus, there won't be any slapstick)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

You stay safe up there.