11 October 2013

Friday Follies...
End of another week, and I'm ready for another shooting in the Summit City...how about you?
The Hoosierland weather today will be nice for such an event.
The temps are expected to rise into the low to mid 70s again, with plenty of sunshine after the morning fog (where?)
Tomorrow will be even warmer with a high of around 77...just in time fo confuse the hell out of the plants, right?
I've got hot pepper plants with FLOWERS on them...geez.
Anyway, let's sit back, top off that morning beverage and get busy with what's going on...
*** First off the pad today is a bit of a sad note - the death of astronaut Scorr Carpenter, one of the original groups of our Mercury program, and he was the second American to orbit the earth (after John Glenn).
Here's the story:
And HERE is his WIKI:
And finally his website:
Carpenter piloted the Aurora 7 capsule back in May 1962
And in spite of several malfunctions, he manually eased the craft back into reentry and splashdown,...albeit 250 MILES from the target area.
When recovery craft found him, he was sitting in his life raft, next the floating capsule, with his feet up...offering some of his space food to the recovery team.
That's the kind of guy Carpenter was...easy going with a keen sense of how to do things to achieve success, even if the odds were against him.
Unfortunately, Carpenter never flew another space mission, due to controversy over his overshoot.
He began to train for and participate in the navy's SEALAB program, but after a motorbike accident which injured his shoulder (1963) , we was ruled ineligible for spaceflight and he resigned from NASA in 1967.
Godspeed Scott...we will miss you, but we know you're in VERY good company now.
Moving on...
*** You just know when you;'re having a somewhat GOOD week down here in the crotch of Ft. Wayne, that SOMETHING (or someone) will come along and f$ck it all the hell up... welcome to yesterday.
The S. Anthony K-MART will be closing as of mud-January 2014.
Here's the story link:
Yeah, that's the store that made it THROUGH all the crime...the cretins infesting the area surrounding it, prior store closings, the loss of Southtown Mall and so on...only to get THIS stick in the eye.
Fort Wayne USED to have FOUR K Marts, then several years ago, two of them were closed, leaving the N. Coliseum and S. Anthony locations.
And it was said back THEN, that the SE side store remained pen because of HIGHER SALES than the two that were closed.
Do a search of this blog, and you will HOW many times I all but applauded the fact that K MART was here. This just pisses me off even more, and here's one good reason...
The city will bend over backward and break it's damn neck to "improve" several square blocks of the DOWNTOWN area...and yet, it won't do a damn thing to improve ANYTHING down here.
Cripes, when Southtown was "allowed" to close, putting plenty of people out of work (thanks to the crime), the city sold off the area to some jerkoff from Michigan, who SAT on the damn property for over SIX years...before the city took back control and MANAGED to persuade a Wal-Mart and Menards to move there (thanks to those tax abatements, no doubt).
Well, that's about ALL we have a far as retail shopping goes now.
We can thank the Sears people for their foresight...(yeah, right)
You people close down a well-operated store, and tell us it's because of " a series of actions we're taking to reduce on-going expenses, adjust our tax base, and accelerate the transformation of the business model..."
There's the damn word again, too - "transformation"...just like Obummer said, and lokk at what HE'S done to this nation.
Maybe this Sears Holding spokesjerk, Howard Riefs needs to pick yp a book by Peter F Drucker and READ the damn thing, for what he had to say was smoke and mirrors. Or maybe the rising costs that precipitated these closings are due to...(wait for it)...OBAMACARE???
(cue the Darth Vader theme music)
That evil empire might have caused all this...but we're not being told the truth (as usual).
All I really know is yet again, we decent people on the SE side of the city get the shit end of the stick...
Add THIS to the well over 100 businesses that have ALREADY left this part of town...and all the while the black community wants newer and/or renovated housing (like Eden Green and Renaissance Pointe)...so my question at this point becomes clear.
WHERE THE F$CK are all these people you want to move in down here going to F$CKING SHOP?
And WHY hasn't the CRIME/GANG/DRUG issues been dealt with so that businesses will WANT to open a store down here?
Man, there is SO much blame to go around, I'm running out of fingers to use when I point at their primate faces.
( I do prefer the MIDDLE finger most of the time with these morons)
Okay, so we STILL have WAL-MART (which has a storied history of picking up and MOVING stores at the drop of a hat), and a MENARDS (there are always houses in disrepair down here, thanks to the "clientele" the deadbeat landlords manage to find).
Funny how mayor (read King) Henry hasn't addressed the peasants and serfs down here promising another business to take the place of k-mart..all I can hear are CRICKETS from City Hall (as usual) None of the politicos giver a rat's ass about down here, or there would have some meetings to KEEP Sears holding from closing the S. Anthony K Mart...right? THAT would have been a much better use of a tax abatement...to keep the 70 employees from having to transfer to the ONLY remaining store in a city of over 200K people...or look for work elsewhere.
Now, Wifey and I prefer K Mart to wal mart...dunno why, we just do. Personally, I like the Big K because they sell SEARS products (since they were bought out by them years ago), And our location has a Little Caesars Pizza joint INSIDE the store. They also have a good selection of items, decent (not the lowest) prices and a REALLY good garden shop (that we visit a few items every year.
There's also the K MART CHRISTMAS BEAR we have bought every year since we were marreid, and I DO NOT plan to stop collecting them now.
I DO have a "plan B" for that - we drive down to DECATUR and shop at THEIR K Mart...simple, huh?
(that's if the Colisuem K mart turns too ghetto for us)
I have said all along that if "you" (referring to this city and what passes for it's leaders these days) do NOT get a handle on the CRIME down here...don;t expect ANY new businesses to come...and expect the businesses that remain to think long and hard about continuing to stay here (because too many have already left). You can't spell it out ANY plainer than that...can you?
Retail always moves into an area where there is a need for it...with a caveat.
A business will not open with the expectation of having it's store or employees robbed, their vehicles stolen, or an atmosphere of anything less than a "pleasant shopping experience"...believe, I've seen this first-hand.
Add to the crime this "affordable health care act" which is not only NOT affordable, but IS an act...like a comedy act of the absurd.
The city would be well served to come out and SAY they're written offf this part of town.
Many of us see opportunity IF specific and certain measure are taken.
*** Lastly today, it hurts whenever we LOSE something or someone.
Doesn't matter if it's a family member, a good neighbor, a beloved pet, or even a treid and true retail landmark.
And it SHOULD bother us, because while we cannot change some results in life, we damn sure can affect the outcome of others.
I've stated for YEARS what needs to be done,m tried to hammer my point home, and got ignored, save for TWO journalists in this city with enough of a backbone to print the truth, not as I see it, but as it REALLY is.
And I get damn sick and tired of seeing every other part of the city THRIVE, while our part goes deeper into the societal crapper, when the REAL problem is NEVER spoken about...namely the PEOPLE that infest this area.
Largely, it's the MINORITY communities who are to blame, because they can;t control THEMSELVES, but instead of calling them out,m we build them a new recreation center and new houses they can move into (and trash the hell out of just like they do to previous houses an apartments they are allowed by HUD to acquire)
That shit has to end...or you can drive to Detroit and watch the future of this part of town unfold.
Hold ALL these assholes accountable, every mother-loving one of these ethnic morons, and please add in the white trash that emulates the minority idocy with their actions, too.
Take this part of Fort Wayne BACK...NOW, so you can say you truly have an ENTIRE city you can improve...
After all, the LOSSES keep on adding up, don't they?
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Hearing about Kmart made me sad too. The south side was booming when we moved to this area and it was one of my favorite places to shop. I really liked that mall and Target was one of my very favorite stores.. it is very hard to see what has become of a once lovely part of town. Very sad to see.

Bob G. said...

The entire Southtown area USED to be a very nice place to shop (like a retail GATEWAY to the city)...and I moved here when they had but HALF the stores they used to have in it's heyday.
(according to what Wifey told me)

The LAST item we bought at TARGET was our family room 20 inch TV.
Only cost $129, and it's still running like a bear.

I hate to say I knew this was coming, but when you see what passes for "people" down here (thanks to HUD)...AND the lack of city involvement...AND the crime rising...you just KNOW what the future will bring.

And THAT, my dear, is TRULY sad.

Thank you very much for stopping by to share your thoughts and comments today.

Have a good weekend & do stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

Dor SOME reason, BLOGGER is f$cking up AGAIN (comment shows as posted but I can;t see it). so I'll post Chris's comment and answer it.
Chris says:
"what are the 2 Kmart locations that closed already? know there was 1 that closed many years ago on the SOUTHWEST side of Fort Wayne that has been Burlington for years. what is the other one?
Can;t recall where the other one was (perhaps far NE or NW?
I have passed the one on N COliseum, and we damn near live at teh S. Anthony one...at least for the agrdening stuff...lol.

This is the city';s fault for NOT trying to talk the holding companmy OUR of the closure...they did it with OTHER places, they can damn well do it w/ K Mart.

Thanks for commenting and stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

If CWN's comment appears later, I'll put things to rights HERE.

(and that's WHY Blogger sucks)

CWMartin said...

Bob, if I recall, the other KM was up here near Northcrest, but I could be wrong. I just bought my new shoes at the Coliseum KM a couple weeks ago, and it wasn't terribly ghetto.

I have to say I'm not surprised. Sears was stupid enough to think buying an almost- belly up KM franchise was a good idea. What do they know for business?

I wonder if their shoplifting numbers pulled the chain... or if it was just that the city is growing AWAY from the location. If I'm right about that other location, you can bet someone's kicking their own butt over the decision to close it now.

It is a damn shame, though. However, if the city ever gets that "relief airport" bug again like they did when I lived out by Casad, they'll have plenty of barren asphalt on 27 to build one...

Bob G. said...

Well THAT post came through fine.

Yeah, I kinda agree that one of them was near Northcrest.

Sears USED to be a great company...I worked for them right outta high school.
When the late 80s hit, they started a rapid decline (as did a lot of major stores).
They didn't adapt to trends as readily as others...hadda play "catch up".

Every retail chain "plans" for SHRINK (items shoplifted)...about 3-5 percent max.
I don't believe that number has been exceeded at either K Mart OR at Wal Mart.

To me, it's just suck-ass judgment (to protect some suit's vacation to the Bahamas)...as well as a city that cares more about federal funding for the next "entertaining" shiny thing to grace the downtown area...or all the lipstick they're buying to adorn this pig they created called the SE side...ain't gonna change one blessed thing, my friend.

We need REAL action...not ignorance and apathy.
(those we already have in abundance...just ask Glynn Hines)

Thanks much for commenting.

Do stay safe up there.

gadfly said...

I think that the fourth K-Mart was located in the Maplewood Center at Stellhorn and Maplecrest where Target is today.

As for Sears Holdings, this snake is eating its own tail.

Bob G. said...

That location sounds kinda right as well.
I read that link...SO typical of such entities.

And who makes out?
Certainly NOT the people whose store has been closed, forcing them to drive elsewhere, when that store HAD been profitable, that's for sure.

There is NO way that all 70 employees will be able to "just transfer" to another K mart, considering we only will have ONE in the whole city.
Some folks will wind up UN-employed...not a good sign for economic recovery.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment and for that link.

Stay safe out there.

catererin said...

http://www.wane.com/news/local/anthony-blvd-kmart-closing-in-january when/what year did the Target close?

catererin said...

what year did the Target close? read many places left that area, before my time. and I am 22.

Bob G. said...

The Target down on S. Anthony closed just after 2000 as I remember.

Southtown Mall was getting ready to close, and there was a Cap N Cork NEXT to the TARGET store.
That liquor store closed around the same time as Target...and then the Long John Silver's near both stores closed about a year later.
That was when K Mart closed it's AUTO REPAIR center behind the strip mall (later became a McD's)
The last thing we bought at TARGET was a 20" TV...still works.

Yeah, we lost a TON of retail down here...and no one seems to bat an eye.

Hope this helps you out.

And thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.