24 October 2013

Thoughts For Thursday...
Is that FROST I see on car windows?
Yep...sure is.
It's barely above freezing right now, but we will warm (?) up to a balmy 45-48 degrees (or somewhere thereabouts) later today.
Expect some clouds mixed in with your sunshine...whenever that sunshine gets here in Hoosierland.
We might see some wet flurries added into whatever precipitation we get today, but it won't add up to anything.
And now YOU know the weather.
As to what's been going on?
Well, let's take a look, shall we?
*** First out the door today is the answer to our Motto of the Week , otherwise known as WHO SAID THAT?
"Each experience through which we pass operates ultimately for our good. This is a correct attitude to adopt and we must be able to see it in that light."
This was attributed to one Raymond Holliwell (who?) obviously a noted teacher and author...who does NOT have his own WIKI...go figure.
So, after some poking around, I found a few things about him.
He was born in 1900 and died in 1986, and his most popular work was a book entitled "Working With the Law", and here is a link to an explanation of the book as well as reader reviews...and apparently a LOT of people found this tome to be very helpful and enlightening.
Cripes, I can't even find a picture of someone that a lot of people found more than just a passing interest in.
He was obviously very quotable...just not in to having pictures taken of himself...wonder why?
Anyway, he seemed to approach the law in a more spiritual manner, and that alone peaks my interest, so I might spring for a copy of that book.
Moving on...
*** Okay, so I'm wondering about all this crap "affordable healthcare" BS, and all I seem to be hearing is that 30 million Americans will now have healthcare (fearless leader mantra)...
Listen to that flushing sound...
Now WHY didn't this $600 BILLION DOLLAR DEBACLE only cover THOSE 30 million people, and NOT the rest of us???
Seem to me that 30 million folks COULD indeed be covered with some form of healthcare for a HELLUVA LOT LESS than the current price tag, right?
And WHY does EVERYONE have to be included in this latest clusterf$ck coming our of this administration, anyway?
I have never seen ANYTHING the government has tackled that SHOULD belong in the private sector, that came to ANY good...or profit.
This is NOT "Uncle Sam".
If anything, every single undertaking the government has done INTO the realm of the private sector has sucked...BIG time.
The government seems to enjoy creating financial black holes to toss loads of OUR money into...with no results to speak of, other than increased taxes, more nanny-state legislation, and inefficiency OF the government agencies overseeing these "projects" or laws.
If our government were a business...I can tell you right now, there would be a CRAPLOAD of people being FIRED for being dumber than a bag of rocks...and wasting resources and finances of that company.
THAT, to me is the REAL reason this whole mess is exactly what it's turning out to be.
But, no one ever said that socialism didn't come without a price...did they?
Maybe most Americans don't want to pay up...could be what causes us to BE Americans.
*** Next up, when the mooks in Ft. Wayne aren't killing one another, they take up their second-favorite "hobby"...robbing gas stations.
Here's the story link:
This happened at the Shell Station in the 6300 block of E. State Blvd around 0100 hrs this morning.
Incidentally, this will make the THIRD time a robbery was committed at THIS particular station.
I'd say someone working there needs to "arm up" and take a couple of these thugs OUT of the game.
*** And speaking of  "the game" (of life)...here's more proof about those dubious "boyfriends of the month"
A happy ending for the 3 year old, who has bruised (and beaten) by this boyfriend...down in the ghettohood.
Charged with neglect of a dependent and battery, one Brandon M. Sprinkle, 28,  of the 7900 block of Decatur Rd (nestled deep in the ghettohood) won't be giving any abuse for a while...just RECEIVING it (for a change).
Yes, sometimes, the justice system works...just not often enough and as severely as it should.
*** Last back to the barn today...When are people going to wake up and see what's really going on around them?
Sure, there are SOME of us that DO see, and make a stink about it whenever it occurs, but that's because we tend to give a sh*t, while others don't seem to be bothered by things that would make former generations of Americans speak out loud...and often until the problem was resolved.
Perhaps all this technology and it's impersonal entry into our lives negates the personal aspect of relating to others in the way we used to do.
Why not USE that technology as it was designed instead...by making our lives BETTER (and not necessarily easier).
And if better means more efficient...that works for me just fine.
THIS is "Uncle Sam"
I like to view all this stuff as one who used to work in a security venue - how can someone screw it up for everyone else?
Well, we see the evidence of how screwed up this can get...
Probably the best example is online bullying - when you're just too damn lazy to FACE another human being and take the chance of getting floored by your remarks.
If given the choice between an EASIER life or a BETTER life...I'd take BETTER every damn time.
After all, isn't that what OUR PARENTS wanted for us all along?
And isn't it what our grandparents wanted for THEIR children?
I see a commonality at work here...and it does have merit, IF we make the right choices ij order to make it happen for ourselves and for future generations.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"Okay, so I'm wondering about all this crap 'affordable healthcare' BS..."

You just need to know how our political class defines affordable: someone else pays for it.

Someone else is defined as those chumps who work and pay taxes. Like us.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I had a sneaky suspicion that the way you described it was gonna be correct...

And that's why I'll find some way to fight this crap...as should EVERYONE who thinks that a governemnt that cant manage a damn railroad, a website, or a way out of a wet paper bag should NEVER be allowed to force ANYONE to "buy" something THEY'RE selling...
(damn snake oil hucksters!)

Thanks much for rolling up today and "splainin" that all too well.

The late Billy Mays would make a BETTER President!

You stay safe out there.
(and make sure Cuomo NEVER runs for a NATIONAL office)