01 October 2013

Welcome to October...
Is that more FOG outside this morning?
Yep, every school system BUT the FWCS was on a 2-hour delay today...go figure.
Aside from the fog, we are looking at a decent first of the month, with temps tickling the 80-degree mark and a good amount of sunshine.
So, with that dispensed with, let's all top off that morning beverage of choice, sit back and see what has been transpiring since last we convened.
*** First out the garage today, is this whole...(cue the Darth Vader theme)...government SHUTDOWN...!
Give me a damn break...this isn't anything new for God's sake. We've done this about 17-18 times JUST since I was alive.
Hell, I was even furloughed once...for like TWO days.
And guess what?
We all frigging SURVIVED...!!!
Cripes last night, they were giving a damn COUNTDOWN...like we were headed for universal and wholesale Armageddon.
Much of the media treated this like we should be looking for Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest in Times Square, waiting for "the ball to drop".
C'mon now...isn't THAT a bit MUCH?
(Apparently not for some)
So all the NON-essential personnel get a furlough...shouldn't that tell us what the government NEEDS and does not need?
I would think so, but then like you, I tend to think with common sense..and a bit of logic.
Then we should as why the government can't CUT BACK and do away with ALL the "dead wood"?
It's so simple to figure out, yet everyone is more concerned with the finale of "Breaking Bad" to fret over any of this.
Technically,. it won't affect most all of us, and essential services will remain intact...but don't go plan a trip to Yosemite until this blows over...the place is CLOSED, as are all national parks, zoos and monuments.
Funny, there's NO door to the LINCOLN MEMORIAL...is there?
Yet, if it takes something like THIS to get D.C. back to something distantly approaching NORMAL...I;m all for it.
Enough socialistic rhetoric and political correctness...let's get back to running the NATION, and NOT RULING IT'S PEOPLE.
Moving on (mercifully)...
*** Those SW side burglaries were addressed at a meeting held last evening, and here's the story:
We're now THIS deep in crime...
A couple of things bugged me about this...
1) 150 people show up for this (solidarity, yes?) and yet not nearly as many show up when the black community has a rally for violence in THEIR community...that should tell you something there.
2) ELEVEN burgalries were reported in the Harrison Hill area, along with hits in the Oakdale and Fairmount neighborhoods, which tells me the media coverage of the Southwood Park area may have chased the perp(s) to a neighboring area(s) for the time being.
3) FWPD chief York stated he "has poured more resources into the area"...from WHERE? We're already 20+ officers UNDER what we should have.
That explains the radio chatter with reassignments "on the fly" for better coverage.
4) Even after residents called police, they were met with "resistance" from dispatchers to roll a patrol cruiser to their area, or felt they were given the run-around. York told them to continue to call. Yeah, I've played "20 questions" more than a few times myself, so I can relate to those citizens.
5) Police also cautioned residents about the use of personal firearms (after a facebook commenter mentioned he would be conducting an armed patrol...and he didn't live in the area).
But at least SIX officers live in the neighborhood that's been targeted...that's SIX MORE than in OUR area.
Remember boys and girls, when SECONDS count, the police are only MINUTES away...get a damn gun and arm yourselves up.
A dead perp isn't going to commit any more crime, and will send a message to the thugs.
Would I think the residents feels SAFER after that meeting?
I would wager that many of them felt like they got some good lip-service...the proof is in the RESULTS.
YOU are always your first BEST defense...
***  The recent shooting victims have been ID'ed, and here's that story:
Let's just say it's more black-on-black crime...and then wait to hear the CRICKETS from the black community...again.
And let's also say that (according to SPOT-CRIME) there are multiple police calls for SHOTS FIRED...every single day within a 3-mile radius of our "Fortress" down in the SE side aka the crotch of Ft. Wayne...those you never hear about, unless one of those bullets hits a person.
THEN,...it's "news". ((...rolls eyes...))
*** Lastly today, have you ever felt that life was getting just a might TOO complex for your liking?
I mean, sure...you can most always find some solace in your OWN HOME, but I'm talking about everywhere else OUTSIDE your four walls.
And yet HERE, in the Summit City, you folks are NOWHERE close to the problems that MAJOR cities suffer...yet (this city is working on that one, trust me).
Still, we're being pummeled by things at so many levels these days, aren't we?
Bend over - Here it comes again.
If it's not a "local" problem, it's perhaps a state-related issue, or (even worse) a NATIONAL fiasco (and as fiascoes go, the FEDS are at the top of MY list when it comes to both creating them and fostering them).
You can;lt turn around these days without having to deal with something that you SHOULDN'T have to deal with in the first place...like this healthcare "affordable act", that is NOT affordable, has increasing FINES targeting you, should you choose NOT to "obey and get in lockstep", should have NEVER been rendered constitutional by "the Supremes" because the FEDS cannot force you to buy something THEY are selling.
Well, the lists go on, and the problems for us mount continuously.
Life for all of us USED to be a lot easier to stomach, and a lot less difficult to deal with.
Ain't THAT the truth...
The issues at HOME always seemed the most important, but today, they have to take a back seat many times, because of all the crap coming at us from everywhere else.
If we stay focused...if we stay intent on  living our OWN lives, and not allow the government to dictate to us every single aspect OF our lives, I think we'll be okay. But we have to be ever vigilant for if we are caught "napping", we might not like things (even more) when we wake up.
Eyes open...ears open...and speak with clarity and purpose.
That's gets the message across every time.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"...like we were headed for universal and wholesale Armageddon."

Turns out it was just a retail Armageddon. :)

Hell, I got furloughed for nine days in the last couple of years (as did all NY State employees). I don't remember any press reports decrying that "tragedy." Of course, that would require blaming a Democrat governor. Can't expect the press to do that, can we?

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You just watch the STOCK MARKET climb...it has during past "shutdowns".

The lame-stream media will ONLY report that which castigates anyone conservative and proudly hails anyone who's progressive.

Everything IN BETWEEN just isn't sensational or entertaining enough to warrant print OR air time...and THAT is a major TRAGEDY in this country.

Sure didn't used to be this way.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

"Enough socialistic rhetoric and political correctness...let's get back to running the NATION, and NOT RULING IT'S PEOPLE."

Robert, this is the single best sentence I've ever read on your blog. That good.

Bob G. said...

If my history book was correct, and I've no doubt that it was, even way back then, we fought for our own INDEPENDENCE for JUST that reason...tyranny from a RULER.

America was founded because of that.

And yet, we find ourselves again with despotic people in powerm wanting nothing but MORE power (over the people).

It would seem to me that if given the CHOICE of running a NATION...OR ruling the several BILLION people contained within that nation, the decision would be simple enough.

But to even attempt (or want) to do BOTH would be asinine beyond belief.

I appreciate your support of how I feel, because I think my words echo in the minds of SO many others.

Thanks for taking time to drop by today and comment.

You stay safe (and non-pc) up there.