15 November 2013

Friday Follies...
Welcome to another weekend, folks...inching closer to the holiday season, although by the look at MANY stores, it already appears to be the times we usually see AFTER Thanksgiving...go figure. I can't keep up with all that insanity.
And this is post number 1952...and I was BORN in 1952...whatta coincidence, don'cha think?
Today's weather looks like this - we got some sun, some clouds and a prospective high of around FIFTY degrees today...perfect weather to get back into the shooting spree here in the Summit City...you just KNOW those thugs have been itching to anyway, right?
With THAT said, let's see what's in store for us on this November morning, shall we?
*** There was a man found by police yesterday on the city's (where else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE, suffering from burns over 38% of his body, clad only in underwear right in the heart of Ft. Wayne's "ghettohood", and here's the story link:
This apparently began at a mossy-roof house at 3528 Lillie St.when droplets of blood were found and tracked around other houses, across an alley, winding up at Winter near Oxford Sts.
The man smelled of gasoline and not that far away was a pile of smoldering clothing, also smellling of gasoline.
Police (at this point) don't know what happened, have no motive and no suspects as to how the man got in this condition. They don't know if it was intentional or accidental.
Personally, I'd find it hard to think this was JUST an "accident", as police have not said they found a gas container or other evidence of accelerants in the vicinity of the victim's route of travel.
My "guess" would be intentional...as a "warning" to others that might "diss" someone in some gang or a drug dealer. It's quieter than a gun, that/'s for sure, and any loud voices, let's say from the victim are pretty much STANDARD fare in and around the ghettohood - EVERYONE has a big mouth, even when speaking into their cellphones. That's just the way these folks shake.
But, I could be wrong...there's just not enough evidence to make me think (at this time) that it could be an accident, UNLESS the victim was going to TORCH the house on Lillie St., and things went SIDEWAYS, but arsonists are usually a lot more careful when it comes to their "trade".
The victim has been downgraded to critical condition from serious.
Moving on...
*** Question - What do you get when you:
1) Escape from a minimum security work-release program?
2) Steal an SUV?
3) Drive into a stranger's garage when trying to flee?
4) Back OVER a police cruiser after hitting that garage?
Answer - a fair amount of JAIL TIME (and a free orange jumpsuit and flip-flops).
That's what went down out in the NW part of town (not far from Lima Rd, where that work-release facility is located).
Here's the story link:
Sure makes you wonder about the effectiveness of such a program when the inmates are too closely mainstreamed to the NORMAL populace, doesn't it?
Yeah, THAT'S gonna leave a mark!
Not to mention, that FWPD cruiser is probably a write-off...and there goes over 30K worth of police car down the crapper.
Yeah, that's JUST what we need with "staffing issues" in the department...EQUIPMENT ISSUES!
*** But not to worry, folks...all is "well" according to the FWPD.
Here's the link to THIS story from WPTA:
Should we REALLY worry about the homicide rate in Ft. Wayne?
Well, if you live anyplace BUT the ghettohood, I'd say "no", provisionally, that is.
However, if you DO live in Fort Wayne's "Badlands" as Wifey and I do, (and not by choice - the area changed AROUND US), then the answer is:
FWPD Chief York and his spokesman often labor under the misconception that ONLY those involved in crime become homicide victims.
I will admit that the overwhelming MAJORITY of cases prove that out...BUT when many of these thugs commit crime, they don't give a rat's ass WHO gets in the way, or what they hit aside from their intended target...and THAT can cause victims to appear when none are wanted.
A stray bullet doesn't know one person IS a thug and another is NOT, and will KILL (or wound) either one just the same.
And what about property damage? Can we not say that these are victim-less occurrences?
When a person's house gets shot at during a daylight car chase, or when an AMBULANCE gets shot up  during a similar situation...is there NO victim at all? Not hardly.
Being a thug will greatly INCREASE your chances of being capped by a rival thug, or gang,,,or hell, even a law-abiding STORE OWNER protecting his property and employees.
You play the game - you take your chances...it's THAT simple.
Yet, there is always the possibility that an INNOCENT person can be caught up in some criminal activity simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time...and with a thriving homicide rate, the perps aren't all that particular when, where and why they start shooting...or who might become "collateral damage" along the way...THAT is why I contend some of what the FWPD chief and spokesman have to say.
These mooks committing crime don't need an excuse to start some sh*t, and they certainly have no REASON behind it either.
*** And now, for a whole bunch of things that make you go "UH OH"...that can't be good.
(as if the above stories didn't already)
You can look up the stories for yourself.
-- The FED will continue to buy $85 BILLION worth of U.S. bonds (per month) to shore up the economy
-- The FED has already cost this nation $3.8 TRILLION is such ventures so far.
-- The U.S trade deficit widens to EIGHT PERCENT.
-- Lockheed-Martin to cut FOUR THOUSAND JOBS.
-- Wal-Mart cuts profit forecast on holiday eve.
-- Auto safety research accelerates regarding drunk driving and seat belts.
And there are so many more...trust me.
*** Next up, another good article by Kevin Leininger about crime, jobs and education...and how BEST to avoid "putting the cart before the horxe", as it were.
Here's the story link:
Yes, a good EDUCATION has to come first...THEN you get the job gig going.
And no jobs will come to the SE side until you get rid of the crime...pretty straight forward, right?
And one way to get rid of the crime is to EDUCATE the youth away from such things.
See? Another "circle of life" thingy...amazing how they all mesh so nicely.
*** Lastly today, a few thoughts on our "Backpeddler-In-Chief" (mmm, mmm. mmm).
This latest "strategy" to postpone all the people who have and are losing their current health insurance policies smacks of the worst kind of tyranny.
Obummer created a pattern of DOMINOES, standing them all on edge, and then, with a flick of his finger, started in motion a set of circumstances that were destined to fail before that first domino was even placed. Now, he wants to halt the progression of these falling dominoes (and the consequences that come with this) by standing one of the fallen dominoes back UP...that will not change the pattern of the ones still falling.
You have to halt such motion by getting AHEAD of those dominoes next in line to fall, and remove a few...like cutting down trees for a FIRE-LINE to halt a wildfire in the forest.
This man knows no such tactic.
Another band-aid on a compound fracture.
Right now, the BEST course to chart would be a COMPLETE and TOTAL repeal of this (unconstitutional) "law", with a strong admonition to the "Supremes" in their rush to stupidity in this matter. THEN, you reinstate ALL the people who were dropped by their insurers at the exact same rate (place) they were when dropped.
You THEN focus on that "magic" 20-30 million who did NOT have health insurance before this daddy of all clusterf$cks came into being, and petition the insurance companies to create a "minimum coverage" policy...like you have to drivers and their cars.
And if there are pre-existing conditions, or extenuating circumstances, then the insurer amends the policy as needed with the potential for state funding to ASSIST in payments...with no wiggle room for fraud.
But hey, I  like to dream, and I know such things as I mention would never be considered...because they might just WORK.
And that's a big part of the problem today...what WORKS and what DOES NOT.
I think we all have a good idea of what DOES, and should pursue those things whenever possible.
We lead by example, and that would be a damn good example for others to emulate.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Obama is making even Jimmy Carter look like a good president. I worry for my kids and grandkids.
Stay safe and warm and have a good weekend.

Bob G. said...

Hey, I'll have you know that CARTER was the FIRST President (and LAST Democrat) I voted for...(UH OH...LOL) BEFORE I saw the light, and found how how cool being a conservative was...!

The next several generations will HAVE to learn how to "grow a pair" and speak up for what's right and just...and it will take some HARD work and tough decisions to reverse and expunge all this socialistic liberalism.

I don't envy their position, but I trust they will not roll over and play dead.
The consequences are too bad to think about.

Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment today.

You stay safe and warm down there, and do have yourself a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

It'll just get worse and worse.

My dad thinks that our country won't be what she used to be within the next 15 years. A has-been, another Rome, if you will, because of the lousy government.

And it makes me sick...

Bob G. said...

I remember saying we WERE treading down Rome's path...about 20+ years ago...when I taught Sdnday School clases for adults.

And I have to admit there are times I really wish I wasn't correct.

Those of us that WANT "our" America back will have to pay attention, keep OUR eyes, ears and minds open, do OUR "homework", make OUR voices heard, and make OUR votes count.

THAT is the only way to reclaim all that makes this nation the best one on the planet.

Tell your Dad to hang in there.

And thank you very much for taking the time to stop on by to comment.

Have a good weekend and stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

You voted for CARTER???

Jeez, I was 14 years old and smarter than that!!!

But I surely wouldn't have admitted it, so I guess present honesty and courage make up for youthful dumbshittery. Carry on.

Bob G. said...

Well, I was older and DUMBER...so THERE!
I didn't want to see Ford fall down any stairs.
Needless to say I learned my lesson WELL there, my friend...LOL.

At my MOST "liberal", I was a MODERATE.
And luckily, my moral pendulum has swung a lot farther to the right since...

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today.
Much appreciated.

Have a good weekend.
Stay safe and rock steady up there!

Anonymous said...

I read when I'm up to it. I've not forgotten ya, B. Promise.

And no worries, my family and I here in our little patch of the world aren't giving up. Just disgusted at the idiots in charge. I'm not even supporting the GOP anymore; I'm a Constitutionalist now.

Bob G. said...

I'm more a shouting METHODIST myself...
No, really I consider myself more of an independent, but I suppose upholding the values and principles in our founding documents does carry a lot of sway with me.
we got a rough road to how these days, but it's NEVER impossible.

(just tiring at MY age...lol)

Thanks again for hanging in there.