12 November 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...
Wow, was that SNOW I'm seeing outside?
Must be.
(seems earlier than usual)
We got ourselves a decent "dusting" yesterday, and although the sidewalks and streets are clear, everything else has a nice light coating of that flaky white stuff.
(and we ain't talking dandruff here).
I swear MY part of the ghettohood hasn't seen THIS much WHITE in quite some time, and it obviously has the locals confused out the ass, as we haven''t heard about anyone being SHOT in the last 24 hours.
(I might have jinxed us)
Hey, at least I got the backyard MOWED (yesterday) for the final time THIS year...lol!
Mulched up the fallen leaves THERE back into the ground - poor man's fertilizer.
Yep, that's SNOW all right.
With that said, let's get this show on the road, because it appears to be packed tighter than all the lies that can be found in ANY of Obama's "campaign" speeches...that he's been doing for the last 5 years non-stop.
(did I say that out loud?)
*** First off the dung-heap today is this little gem about how ETHANOL might not be THAT "friendly" to our environment:
Yepper, there's good and BAD (lots more of the latter) when it comes to this once-touted "savior:" to alternate fuels.
(how fall the "mighty", hmm?)
The best part of the story states that our "Complainer-in-Chief" has STOPPED bragging about ethanol as THE alternate fuel...(while he goes and CLOSES all those COAL plants that provide all that ELECTRICITY...to CHARGE all those "green" electric vehicles)...what a jerk!
But as with any good story, there IS more, as found HERE:
Now, you FIRST have to realize that this comes from our LEFT-leaning newspaper, and that alone is reason for pause.
And, while  an Associated Press study found that ethanol production was (and still is) MORE harmful to the environment than the politicians PROMISED, and much worse than the government ADMITS today, there are those who believe it's "Not so bad as all that"...
((...rolls eyes...))
Now THAT is a "bumper" crop!
There IS the Federal Conservation Plan , which protects all this "grassland"...(that is being eaten away by CORN farmers as told in the previous story above), and not to mention (but I will anyway), you HAVE to remember that farmers all get those GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES...and they might not want to loose one of 'em. I'm no farmer (just a gardener, there IS a difference...LOL), and certainly NO economist...BUT even I can tell that if something isn't working AS INTENDED with the results you desired, you either find a way to make it work CORRECTLY, or give it up and try a BETTER way to achieve the same results.
*** Next up is a story about military chaplains NOT being allowed to say "JESUS", or quote from the BIBLE...
Pardon my "french", but
A CHAPLAIN, who serves God (and country) giving last rites to a dying soldier, cannot speak the name of our Savior or quote from the Bible?
There's something totally WRONG with that...seriously.
Here's the story link:
I'm glad the people involved are going to SUE those not allowing scripture...about (damn) time, too.
If I can't say JESUS, can I call Him "Harry"?
THIS is the kind of crap that goes down when there is a plan afoot to subjugate the REAL meaning of why this nation IS the nation it has been since it's inception...and YOU have to pay attention to things like this, because your very freedoms and liberties ARE at stake here.
What better way to slowly and methodically dismantle the very fabric of our military, than by destroying it's MORALE, hmm?
(then, the government can move in it's big bad national police force to subjugate it's PEOPLE)
Keep an eye on this story.
*** And then we have that "birthday" party that led to 100 teens at ONE house, some gunplay, and 2 people dead with 20+ injured.
Anyone care to explain how the PARENTS couldn't get a handle on this, or how they allowed it to occur in the FIRST place...with a damn (hired?) bouncer at the frigging door?
Here's the latest on this FUBAR party:
Now, I hear they have TWO perps in custody, but haven't released the names of the thugs yet.
Well, they ARE teens, right?
I say arrest the HOMEOWNERS too, for ALLOWING such stuff to happen in the first place.
Yeah, we can blame social media for the "gate-crashers" I suppose...
(oh, gee...the "participants" were BLACK, too...Stevie Wonder coulda seen THAT one coming)
*** And if that's not enough...how about THIS story from NYC:
A 16-year old punk ass thug shot two people over a damn COAT at Bryant Park Skating Rink and all but confessed his "exploits" on Facebook...
Here's the story about his arrest and court appearance:
THIS is what you get with a victicratic and entitlement mindset...comforting, isn't it?
(oh, gee...what a coincidence - HE'S BLACK, too....well, that's just a-f$cking-mazing!)
*** And that leads us to an editorial by my favorite "Rhyming Pastor", Rev. Bill McGill of the Imani Baptist Temple here in the Summit City.
Here's the op-ed link:
I mainly AGREE with the good pastor...he's got a right heart and knows his Lord, but he, like many in the community stop JUST SHORT of much of the real problems affecting his people (and many others following suit).
And while this is a VERY good read with MUCH said about HOW to alleviate many of the issues facing urban youth in general and black youth in particular, it all comes down to...(.,..wait for it...)...
E T H I C S....right?
Always has...always will.
Start THERE, with ETHICAL BEHAVIOR...and a lot of the other things needed will follow. It's THAT simple.
But, like I said last week, it's the whole "leading horses to water" gig.
"Teachers can EDUCATE their students...BUT...they can't UNDERSTAND it FOR THEM."
(That's a Wifey quote...feel free to pass it around)
*** Lastly today, that's the big ticket item here...UNDERSTANDING, isn't it?
How to get a community that doesn't like (and many times does not want) to understand, but rather acts out of a sense of entitlement...a false sense of what they perceive as what they "deserve", when they show NO ability or desire to earn such things IS the problem.
Understanding goes a LONG way to getting by in life with a minimum of problems, and also aids in no small way to HANDLE any problems that do come along.
I also like to say it's a matter of being able to "read between the lines"...to see the TRUTH in the matters at-hand.
You don't need a college degree for such basic things...it's all common sense.
The task becomes on how best to make people WANT to understand, rather than tossing it all by the wayside.
I haven't the answer there, because I was brought up to have the desire to UNDERSTAND that which I did not.
But perhaps the key lies in the parenting...or mentoring.of the young minds.
It sure isn't about more programs that don't work and cost too much.
And maybe the solution everyone seeks is closer than they realize.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"History reveals that no lasting community change has come from people outside the community range." How true. And how damning from a black pastor. And yet, they want to suck the Government tit. Guess what? Whatever his color is the President is "Outside the community range"- as is any government official right down to Glymm Hines. The community starts in the home. Nice to see someone besides me'n'you that dig that, eh?

Bob G. said...

I might not agree w/ Rev. Bill on a few things, but we (as well as you) DO share a "common thread", and when the truth comes to light, suddenly there's nowhere to hide under that shrub...and that most definiely means the minority community.

Time for a lot of them to look in that mirror and see who might share some of this blame for the present conditions, hmm?

Oh yeah...we can dig it, Brother!

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
You stay safe up there.