03 December 2013

And The Numbers Are In... 
Welcome to the Tuesday edition of our weekly affirmation, friends. The Hoosierland weather will be a touch warmer today with temps reaching up to around FIFTY degrees (of separation?) and perhaps a slight sprinkle outside. It will be mostly cloudy and I hear we even have slight fog (must be someplace else).
A good day to get some Christmas shopping done...(and see how many idiots took to wearing SHORTS...lol).
 In the meantime, let's pour ourselves another cup of whatever we're drinking, and take a gander at what all's been going on.
*** First off the sofa today is an update to information regarding Sunday's shooting death - confirmed as the FORTY THIRD HOMICIDE in County Allen.
Here's the link to WPTA:
 Well, I said it would be a homicide, and it was due to unexpected personal "ventilation" aka bullet wounds.
 As can be expected down HERE, the victim was black (wonder if he's another "o-g"?), and his ID is still not being released pending notification of next-of-kin (makes me think either HE was from out of town, or his relatives are).
 It's quite easy (for me anyway) to ascertain if someone winds up as a homicide victim, given the nature of this part of town and it's "inhabitants", who I like to refer to as (with apologies) The Walking Dead. 
You can see it in their eyes...the lack of a "divine spark", as they say.
(( Editor's Update 1200 hrs - The victim has been ID'ed as 31-year old Johnny Wiggins of fort Wayne, formerly from Beloit, Wisconsin. )).
 But wait...there's more...
 *** A stabbing victim was taken to hospital in critical condition early this morning.
Here's the story link:
This was up at the Canterbury Green Apartments along the 2700 block of Northgate Blvd (near northeast) and happened around 0430 hrs.
At least it wasn't on the ...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side.
Still, it makes you wonder why this kind of drama takes place at such an UNGODLY hour... Must be those UNGODLY PEOPLE...'ya think?
Moving on... 
*** Okay, so when you're driving a DeLorean with a flux-capacitor, it's perfectly fine to reach 88 MPH when you just HAVE to jump forward in time for those elusive lottery numbers, but when is it NOT so good to reach only a mere EIGHTY-TWO MPH?

When you're driving a passenger train around a curve meant to be taken at THIRTY MPH...
That's what happened this weekend just north of NYC.
There were 4 deaths in this derailment...and 3 in a similar derailment in New Mexico over the same weekend...coincidence?
Here's the link to the NYC story:
Good slideshow, too...excellent photography.
The engineer on the train was a 20-year veteran of the Metro-North line, which has had problems in the past as well. The train nearly would up in the confluance where the Harlem and Hudson rivers meet in the Bronx.
The engineer had stated that the brakes were giving him problems, but data recorders will also provide information about the incident.
What I find incredible, is that most all those types of rail lines tend to be operated automatically...(by computer), so if there IS an issue, the computer can shut the whole damn thing DOWN, but if that wasn't working as designed, then a mechanical problem might be the cause.
*** The UN-Affordable Care Act website STILL isn't up to snuff.
 I find it SO damn laughable that the government "thinks" it can run a private sector venue...and better than the private sector.
What a bunch of idiots!
I swear you could not FUBAR this up more if you tried!
(and many have already with predictable results...lol)
Cripes, how MUCH has been spent (read wasted) thus far on this debacle that I am calling the mother of all clusterf$cks?
And how much BETTER could all that money have been spent elsewhere?
How about JUST the money that could have been used to insure ONLY those 20-30 million Americans?
Here's a peek at the REAL numbers...so far:
A BILLION bucks JUST to create the damn website???
Are you sh*tting me?
Amazon, Facebook AND Twitter COMBINED cost LESS...and the last time I checked, THEY still ALL work just fine.
 So, what's the problem, D.C.?
Too much red tape in your red tape?
The GOOD news is that all the LIES they've told us are SO damn easy to spot.
 THIS is what liberal socialist progressivism looks like, people...get to know it, and to expose it.
 *** Lastly today, 'Tis the season, as they say...but tis the season for WHAT, exactly?
How about the season for anti-christian rhetoric and anti-Christmas sentiments by a few of the loons who are attempting to dictate to the MASSES what the "season" is REALLY all about? Fortunately, there are places to go that will DEFEND your RIGHT to celebrate and embrace your CHRISTIAN beliefs.
 The best one I've found so far can be found here:
The Alliance Defending Freedom is a "by the numbers" kind of organization that defends the rights of those seeking religious freedom for people of faith.
They've defended many for free, and that's not bad for a group founded in 1994.
It really takes much of the meaning out of this time of year whenever we hear about some school BANNING a prayer group, disallowing Christian meetings, and doing away with Christmas songs referring to the birth of Jesus.
Sorry, to burst this lunatic anti Judeo-Christian bubble, but to uphold such a day (and season) is basically THE LAW...established under (then) President U.S. Grant back in 1870.
So the atheists, for example, have NO ground to stand upon, while we stand on solid soil. And yet, too many people (of faith) back down whenever some moron decries the celebration of the birth of Christ, and that should never happen.
All of us need to remain steadfast, not only in our faith and beliefs, but in adherence to the law, as it was laid down.
If anything, those who would subvert and dismiss the REAL reason to celebrate this (federally set down) HOLIDAY are the ones breaking the law.
Christians really never bother with atheists anyway...they LET them do as they want (might try to bring God into their lives), and that's about it...BUT, flip the coin over, and the atheists are always seemingly "at odds" with Christians...and this has only been a big deal for the last 20 or so years...
Why IS that, do you suppose?
Perhaps it's the powers of darkness allowing them to become emboldened, or the rise of secular humanism...or both...who can say?
What I WILL say is that for me and my house...well.you believers know the rest.
And who knows...if we manage to get back to the real reasoning behind this season, those tidings might turn out to be a whole lot "gladder".
I think we deserve no less than to try.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Steven Butler said...

Your link to the stabbing story has the colon that you used to seperate the story from the link. It causes http://www.blogger.com/:%20 to appear at the beginning of the link and redirects people incorrectly.

Steven Butler said...

There is a problem with your link on the stabbing story. The colon you used to seperate the story from the link got added to the link.

Bob G. said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention - Blogger was acting up this morning, and I neglected to "double-check" the links to see it they loaded properly.

I will fix it ASAP.

ANd thanks for stopping by to comemnt.
Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

"Amazon, Facebook AND Twitter COMBINED cost LESS...and the last time I checked, THEY still ALL work just fine."

And Facebook was created by a bunch of college kids. Imagine that.

"The GOOD news is that all the LIES they've told us are SO damn easy to spot."

Unless your vision is impaired by consuming too much Kool-Aid. Like just over 50% of the voters in the 2012 election. :(

Bob G. said...

John D.:
It never ceases to amaze me HOW so many of the populace can be hornswoggled into believing this crap...!
You'd think that the schools would be teaching them better.
At least they USED to when WE were behind the desks, right?

Guess it goes to show that our educational system HAS been dumbing down kids for a generation or two.

Love the results...NOT!!

Hey, thanks for rolling on up today to comment.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

You've hit evidentially what I said bluntly on a past Sunday Message- atheists are "sealed" by their choice, just as we Christians are sealed into the Kingdom of God. Lately I've encountered those trying to argue that Adam and Eve didn't have a "working knowledge" of good and evil because they hadn't been exposed to it before their choice, and others who claim that since we are just evolved animals, that good and evil are constructs that don't truly exist.

Bob G. said...

I know that many of them NEED to be "sealed", preferably in some hermetically-sealed container...LOL.

I suppose that if we didn't HAVE good or evil, the atheists believe we'd have to "invent" it?

I can't buy into THAT.

But I will say tht we (humans) are also INSTINCTUAL in nature, aisde from whatever beliefs we hold.
It's just that some operate MORE on instinct than by reason or religous followings.
(and I won't even get into extremists...they're just plain NUTS)

Glad you stopped by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe up there.