06 December 2013

Friday Follies...
The end of another week, and Christmas coming at us like a jail-on-wheels. Only EIGHTEEN days left (where does all the time go?).
We've some weather out there in the Hoosierland that bears some looking at, as well.
Today we're going to have some snow showers, with a possible accumulation of about an inch around our "Fortress", with higher amounts farther south in the state.
So far, nothing on the ground, but by day's end is when we'll have to be cautious.
The high today will struggle to reach the freezing mark.
Even this fellow was pondering what to do with the upcoming weather, as he perched on our fence.
Nice hawk...or is that an Indian SPIRIT GUIDE?
Yo Bob...got any ground beef...or mice?
There's never a shaman around when you need one, is there?
Now, with that dispensed with, let's see what kind of "stuff" has been going on elsewhere, so top off that morning beverage and let's get rolling.
*** First off the shelf today is a tale about three dumbasses from Fort Wayne who thought it was a good idea to rob a bank early.
Three "po boyz"...caught in Poe (Indiana, that is).
Bad idea!
Here's the story link:
Now, if one of those names sounds familiar, all you need do is look up my archive post from 13 June of this year.
L to R - Sizemore, Miller, Seals, Jr.
There you will find Charles Seals, Jr, who was arrested back THEN for holding a woman and child hostage.
The other two perps in the bank robbery were Brandon Sizemore, 24, and Calvin Miller,22, and the aforementioned Charles Seals, Jr, 23...ALL from Fort Wayne's beautiful SOUTHEAST side.
And, because you readers demanded it, here are their RAP SHEETS:
02D04-0803-CM-001436  SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 03/10/2008
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-0803-IF-005220  Sizemore, Brandon D 03/26/2008
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
02D04-0902-CM-001079  SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 02/24/2009
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-1106-IF-008238 629079 SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 06/16/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-19-10-2/IFD: Failure of Occupant to Use Safety Belt  
02D06-1203-IF-003132 674065 SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 03/22/2012
Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-21-5-2/IFC: Speeding  
02H01-1204-IF-004683 000031760274 SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 04/17/2012
New Haven City Court IF - Infraction
Pending 9-21-5-2/IFC: Speeding  
02D05-1205-IF-005173 674478 SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 05/10/2012
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
Pending 9-25-8-2(a)(1)/IFA: Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility  
02D04-1207-IF-009412 681058 SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 07/27/2012
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
Pending 9-24-19-1/IFA: Driving While Suspended  
02D05-1209-IF-010738 691281 SIZEMORE, BRANDON D 09/05/2012
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
 Fort Wayne, IN 46803
502 Berwyn Ln
 Fort Wayne, IN 46816
02D04-0608-IF-014545  Miller, Calvin L 08/16/2006
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
02D04-0902-MC-000204  Miller, Calvin L 02/03/2009
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal
02D04-0902-FC-000033  Miller, Calvin L 02/06/2009
Allen Superior Court 4 FC - Class C Felony
02D04-1106-MC-001412 NA
NA Miller, Calvin L 06/01/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Decided 35-47-2-1/FC: Carrying Handgun w/o License-Prior/Prior Felony w/in 15 Yrs/School Prop,
School Bus 
35-48-4-11(1)/MA: Possession Marijuana/Hash Oil/Hashish - Possession  
02D06-1106-FC-000149  Miller, Calvin L 06/06/2011
Allen Superior Court 6 FC - Class C Felony
Pending 35-47-2-1/FC: Carrying Handgun w/o License-Prior/Prior Felony w/in 15 Yrs/School Prop,
School Bus 
35-48-4-11(1)/MA: Possession Marijuana/Hash Oil/ 
02D05-1302-FB-000036  Miller, Calvin L 02/21/2013
Allen Superior Court 6 FB - Class B Felony
Decided 35-42-5-1(2)/FB: Robbery - Defn Armed OR Bodily Injury Results To One Other Than Defn 
35-42-3-3(a)(1)/FB: Crim Confinement (confine) - Armed  
502 Buchanan St.
 Fort Wayne, IN 46803
02D05-1204-IF-004806 000032067904
000032067904 SEALS, CHARLES R, Jr. 04/30/2012
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
Pending 9-24-19-1/IFA: Driving While Suspended 
9-21-5-2/IFC: Speeding  
02D06-1205-FC-000145  Seals, Charles R, Jr. 05/03/2012
Allen Superior Court 5 FC - Class C Felony
Decided 35-42-2-1(a)(8)/FC: Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury to a Pregnant Woman 
35-42-2-1.3(b)(2)/FD: Domestic Battery - Committed 
02D06-1212-CM-006648 NA SEALS, CHARLES R, Jr. 12/12/2012
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-43-2-2(a)(5)/MA: Criminal Trespass  
02D06-1302-CM-000869 NA SEALS, CHARLES R, Jr. 02/25/2013
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-44.1-3-1(a)(1)/MA: Resisting Law Enforcement  
02D05-1303-FD-000336  Seals, Charles R, Jr. 03/22/2013
Allen Superior Court 5 FD - Class D Felony
Decided 35-48-4-11/FD: Poss Marij/Hash Oil/Hashish/Salvia/Synthetic Cannabinoid-Amt 
02D06-1303-MC-000730 NA
NA SEALS, CHARLES R 03/28/2013
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Decided 35-44.1-3-1(a)(3)/FD: Resisting Law Enforcement/Use of Vehicle to Commit Offense 
35-43-4-2(b)/FD: Receiving Stolen Property  
02D05-1304-FC-000117  Seals, Charles R, Jr. 04/24/2013
Allen Superior Court 5 FC - Class C Felony
Decided 35-47-2-1/FC: Carrying Handgun w/o License-Prior/Prior Felony w/in 15 Yrs/School 
Prop, School Bus 
35-44.1-3-1(a)(3)/FD: Resisting Law Enforcement/Use of Vehicle to Commit Offense 
35-43-4-2(b)/FD: Receiving Stolen Property  
02D06-1306-MC-001463 NA SEALS, CHARLES R, Jr. 06/13/2013
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
245 E Creighton AVE 
 Fort Wayne, IN 46803
1807 Noble Kinman DR 
 Fort Wayne, IN 46816
 Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Nice to know you CAN get out of jail so quickly, so you can get back to "business as usual", right, Charles?
First off, you DON'T rob a bank in a small community (Hoagland - pop. around 800), and then lead Allen County Sheriff deputies, and the ISP (and even the FWPD) on a chase in a damn Olds Alero down to another small town (Poe) where you crash the car...you dipsh*ts!
It was the Hoagland Fire Chief (who is not openly gay, OR politically-correct, btw) who saw two of the perps run from the bank and followed them, giving vehicle description and tag number, so police could stop them.
Yeah, THAT'S gonna leave a mark!
And, if memory serves, both Hoagland and Poe are towns with a LOT fewer ethnics, so when you see someone dressed as a Ft. Wayne SE side THUG, they tend to "STAND OUT"...a LOT.
I say kudos to the LEOs involved in this, and I can only HOPE that the Allen County prosecutor doesn't go and turn them back OUT on the streets (again) on their own recognizance until the next trial, which will eventually still turn them back on the streets.
*** Next up, another dumbass that has issues when it comes to shoplifting...
And here's the story link:
Now, I know that Wal-Mart is the shoplifter's store of choice these days, especially on the SE side of Ft. Wayne, but like any store, they hate it when their "shrink" goes over the planned percentages....enter Ms. Santeri Shafounna Hill, obviously one of this city's more stellar citizens...NOT!
You one nasty girl!
She went and grabbed 3 DVDs and a pair of children's boots, and then proceeded out the door...
(uh oh, that's not right)
When in the vestibule between the inner and outer doors, loss-prevention confronted her, and it was then that the lying began.
Hill said she was GOING to pay for them (when? Next year?), but needed to go outside for a minute (to stash the swag and leave perhaps), so the employee blocked her leaving. Hill then dropped the merchcandise and went out to the parking lot. Cameras show her re-entering the store a few minutes later with a small black handgun, threatening to shoot the employee.
It amazes me how ENTITLED these people think they are...what an asshole!
Hill did strike the employee several times on the head with the gun.
She then fled the store,drove away, but was arrested a short time later for a TRAFFIC STOP outside her home. She has been charged with FELONY robbery and battery, and is a "guest" of the Allen County lockup in lieu of $20K bail.
All for stealing $48.88 worth of stuff, but leaving another $121.02 on the floor of the store.
Hill told police (you'll LOVE this) she left Wal-Mart without PAYING for the items because she was MAD the employee had treated her like a SHOPLIFTER...
Man, is that EVER a "WTF???" moment!
Well, she f$cking WAS a shoplifter for God's sake...wasn't she?
Oh, and the best part...police state that the gun used to beat the employee was a BB pistol...ROFLMAO!
THIS is what a lazy-ass welfare queen looks like, people.
She'll look good in ORANGE...!
(and lose the key to HER cell...please.)
*** Next up, unless you've been living in that cave, staring at the shadows on the back wall by firelight, you know that South African president Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95.
And here is his WIKI:
Granted, he has been in ill health for some time, and most of us knew the end wasn't far off, but the legacy this man leaves should serve as a guidepost for ALL people, especially blacks, when we think of all he has done to champion the cause of equal rights.
And now, since I've said what you're "supposed" to say, here is some TRUTH behind the man...
-- Mandela was born into a privileged family.
(I honestly did not know that).
Being a democratic socialist, Mandela was "openly opposed to capitalism, private land owning, and the power of big money", and was influenced by MARXISM. In the 1995 Freedom Charter, which Mandela helped create, it called for the NATIONALIZATION of banks, gold mines, and land, believing it NECESSARY to ensure EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH...
Where have we heard something similar before...let me see...
(NOW we know where our Blamer/Whiner/Liberal-in-Chief, Obummer got this idea from...hmm?)
Perhaps Mandela was no Gandhi or Mother Teresa, although some would rewrite history to dispel that much - he was in fact a nationalist and "a democrat and a socialist"), but one has to admit that he DID leave an indelible mark on the world as a "peacemake" (he sure smiled a lot), and should be held up (at least) as an example of how a black man CAN succeed, as well as advance through adversity, overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of equality...and not just being MORE equal than the next person.
By our nation's standards (based on the founding documents) he was certainly NO saint...and you need to know the ENTIRE truth in order to make a more informed decision as to his greatness. I leave that to you.
*** Lastly today...gee, it seems we can't avoid this "human nature" thing...can we?
We see evidence of the manner that many people chase after in order to  "spread the wealth around", as it were.
And yet, we also see that nothing is ever REALLY "free"...someone has to pay for it, whether it's a DVD or changing the face of a nation in Africa.
Or it could even be a "fundamental change" in THIS country...which we need to pay attention to, for it could spell the collapse of the democratic republic our Founding Fathers entrusted to us.
I am sure that our president TOTALLY embraces that which Mandela believed...and is trying to do likewise here.
Thing is, people can see the charade, and peer past the facade of deception perpetrated upon our people.
This nation is slowly waking up from too long a slumber, but the only thing wrong with that, is when you first wake up, you stumble about until you "get your bearings", and that is what is happening HERE...NOW.
But, that will pass, and when our nation shakes the "sleep" out of it's eyes, we will all be better able to take back our country, and once again have those we elect working FOR US, and not the other way around.
Do have yourselves a good weekend in spite of the weather.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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