27 December 2013

Friday Follies...
Sorry for the tardiness...places to go, people to meet, things to see...you know how it is.
Welcome to the LAST weekend of 2014, nicely crammed between the last two holidays.
How convenient is that?
And as the last weekend of the year, we're going to make this short...and sweet.
The Hoosierland weather today will see a slight warm-up to the upper 30s, with plenty of sunshine in tow.
But don't get all that comfy with above freezing temps, as we're due to slide back into the freezer next week.
Now, go pour a refill of your morning beverage and let's get this final Friday show on the road...
*** First out of the door is more about the beating of that confinement officer at the downtown jail.
Here's the story link:
So, this teen piece of crap who earlier in the year shot a person to death, and now brutally attacks an Allen County confinement officer states that this all came about because he "felt" he was disrespected?
You're sh*tting me, right?
Uh, I really hate to break it to this thug-ass punk, but HE is the one with "respect" issues...not everyone else.
And, unfortunately, this type of behavior is SO damn typical of his kind, because the "respect card" has even replaced the venerable and time-worn RACE card, although they still both do play well together.
When it comes to respect, you have to remember that RESPECT is typically something that is...EARNED.
And shooting people doesn't garner the respect many falsely believe it does...it DOES instill fear into people, however.
I've talked about respect often (here), and a search of the archives will provide more than ample views on the subject.
What I will state emphatically, is that people such as Boykins will ALWAYS demand respect...while never showing any towards anyone else.
Sorry again, but respect just happens to be one of life's TWO-WAY streets, in that YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO GET IT.
It's nothing you can go out and purchase.
And what this snot-nose aborigine needs is a good healthy dose of disrespect from someone waiting and wanting to kick HIS ass, and bust HIM the hell up. Fortunately for society, he may get the opportunity sooner than he could imagine.
And that's where poetic justice comes in, even when standard justice falls short.
This teen only gets charged with felony battery when he SHOULD be charged with attempted murder of the officer...just tack on ANOTHER 65 years on his current sentence of 65 years...with NO possibility of parole. THAT should make life better for residents in THIS city.
If Boykins think that everyone around him will treat him like gold and respect him when he NEVER deserves OUR respect, he's sadly mistaken.
If anything, Boykins (this boil on the ass of society in Fort Wayne) HAS earned our SCORN...and DISGUST...but NEVER our respect.
This "person" has NO place in anything even remotely resembling a normal society, and we all are better off without his presence.
It's a damn shame he was able to talk to authorities to explain what happened.
He SHOULD have been beat bad enough (by responding officers) to have his jaw wired the hell shut.
And, we won't even get into the OTHER 25 or so inmates who refused to step in when that officer was being beaten.
If anything, they ALL deserve their own special place in hell.
Moving on...
*** As this years winds down, it's hard to look back and NOT find something to recall, that illicit SOME response in all of us.
Yeah, it's been one of THOSE years!
We had a "busy" year, as years go, and much of what was begun THIS year, will unfortunately continue into the next...or perhaps longer.
The big ticket ride for me has been this whole usurping of our nation's Constitution, in lieu of some socialist-progressive agenda, designed to "fundamentally change" the face of this country. History shows us that such changes in our past have NOT come without a good measure of problems, which in some cases, continue to plague us to this day.
We have seen solid evidence that BIGGER government serves fewer people, and with mediocre results.
We have discovered that the federal government cannot run a business, such as a railroad, and definitely not healthcare.
We have heard lie after lie, and were supposed to just take it all in stride,as if we could never see the folly in the government to produce two wrongs in orde rto make a right...as if that EVER played out in the way they intended.
We have seen a nanny-state, politically-correct agenda thrust upon the people of this country, certainly without their consent, all for their "betterment"...or so we're led to believe.
And in many cases, we have seen extremely small elements of society being permitted to dictate to the masses as to how "we" should behave...lest we be castigated as outcasts, when in fact, it is WE, THE PEOPLE who should be telling ALL those civil SERVANTS that THEY do not run "our manor", but rather...THEY work for US, and in OUR best interest, not theirs.
We have seen banning of words, and even opinions in some instances, as if to be of free-will and speech is NO LONGER one of our freedoms or liberties.
And not a traffic cop around
I believe we are fast approaching one of history's crossroads, and which way we proceed from there will determine the course of this nation for at least a generation to come.
There is a saying that goes: "Three ways in - Six ways out."
This is a method for infiltration and extraction from any situation that has a risk-assessment of eleven (on a ten scale).
You ALWAYS have more ways OUT of a situation than those that got you INTO it...
(it's also referred to as having a "Plan B"
The same can be applied to our nation, and the trouble that looms over all our heads.
Perhaps more of us should take heed of that saying...we might be needing it sooner than we think.
*** Lastly today, it is fast approaching the NEW year, and hopefully, a new way of looking at things, not only in our own lives, but in our nation and how we are to proceed.
Each of us has a job to do, and no matter how small it may seem, we are all part of a bigger picture.
This is exclusive from whatever vocation we pursue.
We have a rare opportunity to exact reason from folly, and order from chaos, IF we make our voices heard often and long enough.
We are the true and proper caretakers of this country, and our government best get used to THAT.
All it takes is for ONE to fall...
As was once said in the movie V FOR VENDETTA: 
"A people should never fear it's government; a government should fer it's people."
That means that we have the ability to CHOOSE those we wish to run this nation...and NOT our lives.
If we choose incorrectly, we will know it soon enough.
But, if we choose wisely, we can have a nation that the Founders would be proud of, instead of ashamed of.
It also means that if our government cannot, or will not RESPECT US, they'd best fear us.
Therein lies the lesson for the rolling year.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

This time I'd say you covered it completely. How an animal who took a human life with no regrets except his incarceration thinks he merits the slightest respect is beyond me.

Bob G. said...

What bothers me, is that THIS is the type of behavior we might have seen in a person who was much older...a "hardened" criminal, if you will.
But he's only EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD!!!
What does that say about how society that (i.e. whatever passes for his parents) permits this to occur?
Some people just cannot be redeemed by any means in life...and he's the proof.

We, as a people (skin color aside) need to take much better care of WHO we bring up, HOW we bring them up, and to find methods of halting this from ever becoming the issue it has when children get to be this "old".

Collectively, we CAN do better...and MUST...or else be willing to live with the consequences.
And I think you and I (and many others) don't wish to exist under such horrible circumstances.

Thanks much for dropping by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & do stay safe out there.
See you folks (for real) on Monday, right?

Momma Fargo said...

Ignoramus. Now that's a word I haven't used in a long time. Probably because it is so EVIL. Nothing bad comes out of my mouth. LMAO. Great post as usual Bob G. Keep them coming! Happy New Year!

John DuMond said...

"...as if that EVER played out in the way they intended."

Funny thing about the folks on the left, they're quick to point out the law of unintended consequences when the country's ready to go to war, but they seem to forget all about it when it comes to domestic policy. I guess they just figure that they're so smart, none of their schemes could possibly have a negative impact on the country. Hell, to this very day, most of 'em won't admit to how much damage the so-called War on Poverty has done to the minority community. I guess Orwell was onto something: Ignorance is Bliss.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well I totally agree and will swear ('cause I know all the words) that NOTHING bad EVER comes from your mouth, dear.
(the check is in the mail, right? LOL)
Seriously, few are those that are BORN with such eveil intent (Dahmer or Bundy) in their bones -head full of bad wiring as I call 'em, but children not only grow up to be bad because of NATURE...there's a WHOLE lot of NURTURE that goes into the recipe as well.

We need change that ASAP.

As for 2014...? - we have only beguin to bitch, piss, moan, gripe, complain, and otherwise become a burr under the saddle of those riding merrily along ignoring the problems of today...lol.

Hey, thanks for rolling up to comment today, Kiddo.

Have yourself a great weekend and stay safe down there.
(that invite is open whenever you can get the chance.)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Oh, there is NO doubt about that in my mind...AT ALL!
The left uses such tactics ONLY when it furthers their OWN agenda...the rest of the people in America be damned.

And, wheh it comes to smarts, they have to realize that folks such as US have been on to them for a LONG time (and are not afraid to call them out on it).
Must be the COMMON SENSE we have been blessed with, hmm?

That would explain the "blissful" state of the left.

Hey, thanks for taking time to roll up today and comment.

Have a great weejend and stay safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

So sad that "respect" has been dumbed down to unrecognizable levels in contemporary society. Go figure.

I wish I could argue with you about the upcoming crossroads that you discuss, but unfortunately I am pessimistic in trying to find much of anything good about the way things are going here. I see too many parallels in societies from history that were doomed to be conquered.

Bob G. said...

I would agree with you in that I believe that the dumbing DOWN begins in the educational system.
And in SO many cases, we see the LACK of respect towards those teaching the kids.

It ALSO reflect much of what passes for the "home-life" for some of these children...a lack of respect between parents or mom and her boyfriend, or even a step-parent.

From there, if it's not addressed, it only gets worse.

I think we CAN bring this nation back from the brink of ANY disaster, but the people have to WANT it bad enough...and do what may be required of them along the way to make it happen,.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Have a good weekend and stay safe out there.