11 December 2013

Humpday Happenings...
As the snow lightly falls outside this morning, it's time to greet the middle of our week.
The Hoosierland is in for some more snow, but thankfully NOT much accumulation where we are.
Still, given the freezing temps, and a high today right up there with yesterday's which hovered in the lower middle TWENTIES, whatever road CLEARING you're seeing can be more attributable to vehicular traffic than actual road cleaning crews...just so you know.
And road salt will not be all that effective anyway with such low temps...little reaction with melting.
Maybe someone needs to invest in some of that VODKA-based product for cleaning snowy roads around here.
(They sell it at Do-It-Best stores -Ice B Gone 2 or Magic Salt )
And now...the REST of the story...
*** First out of the freezer is our Motto of the Week, aka WHO SAID THAT?
"The secret of freedom lies in the education of the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."
I think you can find much truth in something that was spoken quite a long time ago.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Champs de Mars...
*** Next up, last night City Council rolled out their HUGE RUBBER STAMP and passed everything that came down the pike!
The ONLY stamp City Council uses!
This includes re-zonings, pursuing high-speed rail studies HERE, and naturally, furthering the "fix" of  Rusty York being appointed to be (mis) Director of Public Safety, which means the OTHER "fix" is in with the mayor (read king) set to announce the new police chief, which will be the current SE deputy-capo Garry (Affirmative action made me what I am today) Hamilton.
It's ALL good (for me).
If anyone ELSE is chosen, I will be surprised...after all, we NEED a black police chief to match our openly gay fire chief.
Here's the story link:
"Can I just use DITTO instead of  'MOVE, DO PASS'?"
Hardly ANY questions come along whenever something about DOWNTOWN is mentioned, so that always gets passed, and Glynn "Move-Do Pass" Hines leads the way whenever a motion of anything comes along.
Talk about someone that is as important to this city as a bump on a damn log...
Moving on...
*** The funeral for the STILL deceased Nelson Mandela goes on...and on...and on.
(yeah, those Marxists LOVE to prolong things)
It might interest you to know there are a few QUOTES from Mandela that the lame-stream media will most likely NEVER publish.
And here's the link to the site:
Nice to know Mandela had such a "love" of the USA...right?
Moving on...
*** Our very own president or "man-child-in-chief" decided to take a "selfie"...at a funeral...
And MIchelle ma belle was doing her best "stink-eye"...LMAO!
If you LIKE the photo...you can KEEP the photo.
This guy EVER going to grow the f$ck up and be a leader?
(no, Bob)
That explains a LOT.
But, it IS nice to know that he STILL doesn't have to spend any of HIS OWN MONEY...
He's been too busy spending everyone else's since he was a (privileged) child.
*** The GM bailout cost taxpayers a mere $10.5 BILLION bucks (a bargain in the spend-thrift Obummer administration these days)...and you'd THINK since WE, the people payed the freight, we'd see LOWER prices for GM products...not on your frigging life.
Money...meet toilet.
Thank the UNIONS for that one.
*** It ONLY took SIX years, but Congress has passed a budget,,,sort of.
Here's the story link:
At least Paul Ryan was involved, and that bodes well.
You DO realize that this is still only a stop-gap measure, and is subject to tweaking (and not twerking).
*** Ukraine police stand DOWN as protest grows.
All these people want is freedom from tyrannical government...sound familiar?
And, in an amazing act of solidarity, John Kerry says the United States stands WITH the Ukrainian people.
(is he off his meds...or what? I thought liberals were okay with spreading tyranny?)
*** And, a little closer to "home"...
--  New Haven votes DOWN an ordinance to permit GOLF CARTS on city streets...
No, we really mean it this time.
Maybe in a much SMALLER town, but not in a place like Hew Haven, Indiana, especially with the close proximity to Ft. Wayne (we're next door neighbors).
-- At least THREE rob the Cap'N Cork liquor store up on Lima Rd.
Here's the story link:
Wow..the robbers ALSO took the store phone, an employee's Galaxy smartphone, AND...(you're gonna love THIS)...cartons of...NEWPORT ciggies.
They describe the thugs as "possibly black"...
((...rolls eyes...))
C'mon now...NEWPORTS?
Who the hell else BUT blacks would snag THAT kinda swag?
And I'll bet the booze taken was some type of cheap-ass COGNAC or BRANDY....sure don't want to hear that "police are asking for YOUR help" BS...because it seems they're ALWAYS asking...they just NEVER ASK ME directly (as they should).
You know what they say, though when it comes to robberies..."safety in numbers", right?
Besides, THREE people can carry more booze than one (with the money they also took).
Spread the Christmas cheer all around the ghettohood, you bastards.
Expect MORE robberies the closer we get to Christmas...that's the way these perps shake.
Be nice to see some store clerk provide 'em a case of lead poisoning (in the "spirit" of the holiday thievery).
*** Lastly today, I often wonder about the state of a lot of things, and when I was younger, I didn't have the need nor desire to do so.
But, I suppose as we all become more "seasoned" with age, we develop that level of  "wisdom" that we never even knew we had within us.
Well, some of us do, anyway (can't speak for those in D.C. these days)...LOL.
Unfortunately, we who chase after such facets of human nature are usually NOT in a position that would allow us to do much to change the state of those things mentioned earlier. Yet, we should still try, if only to allay our own concerns.
And who knows, it might become contagious.
Would we to be that fortunate that those who CAN make the right call be such endowed.
True hope should spring eternal in that regard.
Drive carefully out there today, DO take it easy if you go out to shovel.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Hey, at least the Obumbler didn't make a "duck face" when he took that selfie. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Nah, he's been too busy making like a duck's ASS for the past SIX years...LOL.

If THIS is what Harvard is tossing out these days...we really DO need to look at the continuing educational system.

I'd put my ONE year of business college against his "degree" ANY day...and come out a few miles ahead.
Then again, folks like US practice common sense, which apparently is NOT on any curricula I've seen.

Hey, thanks for braving the cold and stopping by to comment.

Roll safe and stay warm out there.