24 December 2013

It's Christmas Eve...
And we all know what THAT means, right?
So, if you're out shopping today...shame on you - should have had it done WEEKS ago.
(Guys wait until the last minute...so typical, right? - the women go shopping for the men...and wind getting MORE stuff for themselves - go figure...LOL)
Our Hoosierland weather today will be...COLD, with temps struggling to reach 20 degrees, after the sun peeks through the clouds which are bringing us some slight snow showers.
All in all, it could be a lot worse...
(still like to have snow tonight).
Meanwhile, let's grab a cup of our favorite HOT beverage, and look into what others are doing on this day before Christmas, shall we?
*** First out of the garage today is the fact that CRIME (unlike most everyone else) NEVER takes a holiday...or even acknowledges them.
Case in point...THESE dumbasses, who got some pre-holiday visitors...and NONE of them were wearing RED with jingle bells.
Here's the story:
Shawn C. Norman, 54, and Deantre L. Rogers, 35 were busted by the FBI Combined Task Force this past Friday morning for distributing heroin.
When agents raided Norman's business, an alleged "tax service" called ATBS, located at 2318 S. Calhoun, they found a paint can with a powdery substance that tested positive for heroin. The agents then went to Norman's residence, located in the 3300 block of E. Pailding Rd (in the beautiful SE ghettohood), where they found him trying to flush more of the powdery substance down the toilet (wonder if the filtration plants clears THAT out?), and took him into custody.
A search of Rogers home revealed a kilo of cocaine in the garage attic, 400g in the laundry room (it's not detergent, boys), and 20g of crack in the kitchen pantry, according to the criminal complaint.
Rogers is being charged with intent to distribute and possession of over 500g of cocaine.
(wonder if he's related to FWPD officer Diane Rogers, hmm?)
Tis the season to be jolly...okay then, try laughing THIS rap off, you morons.
Moving on...
*** Another bust by FWPD narcotics and vice division nets pot, paraphernalia, and guns.
Here's this story:
Travon D.Russell, 22, was arrested at a home located at 336 1/2 W. Packard Ave just before 0900 hrs yesterday.
(wakey wakey...lol)
Three other adults and a juvenile were in the house as well.
The adults were charged with "visiting a common nuisance"...like all the ones we have around OUR place.
Police recovered one pound of pot, paraphernalia, and THREE (count 'em 3) handguns during the raid.
The sad part is that bail was ONLY set at a mere $7500 ..yeah, now THAT sends a strong message to drug dealers!
Good thing they're not all blacks...oh, wait...they ARE.
Hmm, must be a "cultural thang" for the holidays?
Sure living up to THOSE principles, aren't they?
(Happy Kwanzaa - now go manufacture ANOTHER holiday for yourselves to counter CHRISTMAS)
*** There has been some repairs going on at the house next door to us, and that can ONLY mean that before long (next year), we'll have a new crop of locals to deal with, and if ALL the former tenants that have moved into the surrounding hovels is ANY indicator of the type of "people" this area has to offer, it will be an "interesting" year at our "Fortress".
Wonder if anyone is going to mention to prospective renters (or owners?) that the place was infested with raccoons?
Guess they'll leave that to me...lol.
This goes to show that all this part of town is good at is putting lipstick on pigs, and I use that analogy to describe the manner that these houses are "renovated" to accommodate the low-incomed (read government-sponsored lazy-asses) and low-intelligencia among us.
No inspections, no questions, and no problems...except for home OWNERS living nearby when any of these places becomes the area's next drug house, stash house, or money house...
Yes, this part of Fort Wayne deserves the reputation it has earned over the years.
That doesn't make me sleep better on ANY given night.
*** And now that we got the assholes out of the way, let's get TO CHRISTMAS...finally.
For me, it's a time of struggle (personally)...as in not trying to get TOO depressed.
I mean all I have to do is look out a window, and see the depravity people display with abandon.
So, I stay INDOORS for that part of it.
Still, missing our little "Princess" helping with the unwrapping of our gifts, and watching her play with the toys she got every year will weigh on me.
Days of Christmas past...
Penelope got into the day more than Rassie does..he's just a bit curious, and then goes to sleep off breakfast.
These are MY toys from Santa...ALL MINE!
And, not being able to ring up my folks and wish them a Merry Christmas, or no longer hearing from friends either passed away or long removed from the convenience of being able to stop over and spend some time with them bothers me to no end.
Remembrances of all those Christmases past catches up with you...inevitably.
But, you make due by whatever means are available.
You (re) live vicariously through movies, TV shows, or stories that take you back TO those times past.
And somehow, it doesn't seem AS bad...rather endurable in fact.
-- FXM will be showing Alistair Sim's version of A Christmas Carol most ALL day( through tonight into tomorrow).
-- AMC will see Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye once again save the holiday in White Christmas..
-- It's A Wonderful Life will be on tonight, too, around 8PM (NBC)
Way to go, Clarence!
-- A Christmas Story will be broadcast for 24 hrs as well on TNT or TBS (can never recall which station)
Got my BB gun ready for that...lol.
-- BBC America will be airing their traditional Doctor Who Christmas special tomorrow night at 9PM - always a good watch.
Time of the Doctor - 2013 Christmas episode
Christmas AND Cybermen...how can you possibly go wrong?
-- And we have Garfield's Christmas DVD to watch...as Wifey and I do every year.
We also have Prep and Landing on DVD, and since no channel will be re-airing it TONIGHT or TOMORROW, we'll still be watching it here.
-- I'd love to watch Christmas Vacation, but every channel that does show it edits out the"good" parts, so (to me), it's not as fun to view.
-- Then there's Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond, Perry Como, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and all the rest on CD to listen to throughout the next 2-3 days...that NEVER gets old, thank God.
One thing I do miss more than anything else...is the "anticipation"...don't seem to have much of that these days, at least not in the manner that I recall from youth.
Today, it's more about trying to anticipate if any jerkwad will try some crap around the house...because they can, and don't want you to enjoy the holidays.
If that seems a tad cynical, all you have to do is look at the first TWO stories above, see for yourselves, and then determine if my feelings are in any way justified.
But, no matter what shakes out, tomorrow is STILL Christmas, and there is real meaning within the day, aside from gift-giving, and some good eats.
And in the best spirit of the holiday, we but turn another page and move forward, NOT backward.
While it's fine to LOOK back with fondness and good memories, we MOVE through life in a FORWARD motion...and so I shall.
Therefore, we'll catch all of you on the flip side of Christmas, God willing.
And may YOUR Christmas...be bright.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Merry Christmas to You!

John DuMond said...

Bob, you need to get CHRISTMAS VACATION on DVD (or Blu-Ray, if you prefer). That one's a must-have, in my opinion.

As for the lack of anticipation, I know where you're coming from. Christmas gets so much hype (and it starts so early) these days that I'm burned out on it by the time it gets here.

Just the same, I hope you have a merry one. I'll try to do so as well. :)

Bob G. said...

...And here I thought you were going to give a thumbs up for Nat or Neil...LOL.
(or a thumbs down for the crims)

I'm messin' with 'ya.
You have yourselves a VERY Merry Christmas too, in keeping with the situation.

Stay safe up there & god Bless.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
If it's ANY consolation, I DO have a "proper" copy of Christmas Vacation on video tape...a BETA video tape at that...ROFLMAO!
(and it still plays fine on my BETA VCR)

Yeah, my "anticipation quotient" is like yours - burned out from all the pre-pre-pre hype that starts before Halloween these days.

I will in the best spirit possible, have a Merry Christmas (got me some HIGH-octane egg nog aging in the fridge...lol), and I do hope that you and yours have likewise.
(well, maybe no "egg-nog" for the kids)
Thanks for stopping by.

Roll safe & God Bless out there.

gadfly said...

There is, of course, the new and painless way to do last minute shopping. I have but three presents to buy - wife, son, brother & sister-in-law. But I had not raised a finger nor walked into a store nor had I given thought to appropriate presents.

I dialed up Amazon, to find that they were shipping free even for one-day shipping using my Prime membership. I clicked on last minute gifts and electronics and promptly bought my son a Pebble Watch that fields his text messages, his instant messages, his e-mails and tells him who is calling on his smart phone and what time it is and more - from his wrist. Delivery on 12-24 in Vail, CO. Saved $30.

Then I saved a bunch on the perfect gift for the missus - an RF audio enhancer for people with hearing impairments to make TV sound clearer and also to save my ears from the high volume. Delivery received on Monday 12-23.

Brother & his wife got a Chromecast electronic USB plug-in device that permits playing computer, tablet and cell phone videos in HD on your TV. It was 20% off and it arrived today.

Shopping done! Ka-ching.

Slamdunk said...

I like your thinking Bob--forward indeed. I am sure my father will tune into It's a Wonderful Life sometime tonight--I am guessing he has it on DVD so he can schedule it when he wants.

Merry Christmas.

Bob G. said...

A readily admit to doing much of the shopping ONLINE...and snagged a fair amount of bargains along the way...(and no tax in many cases).
Not bad at all.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Christmas.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Yep, we have to move forward...unfortunately.
But it is OK to pause now and then.

Life can be so LINEAR at times, can it not?

Not the best way to move through our lives...just the ONLY way (for now, anyway)...LOL.

Thanks for stopping by and may you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Stay safe out there..