09 December 2013

Monday Musings...
And it certainly is quite the different Monday staring at us here in the Hoosierland...
After a bout of freezing drizzle, some light snow and below freezing temps, we've got ourselves a nice mix of crap on our streets, roads and highways.
Don't expect the rest of the week to be much better. Temps throughout the next 7 days promises to be around or mostly below freezing, with overnight temps in the SINGLE digits.
Global Warming? Not seeing it...NYAH!
This storm has cut a swath of nasty from south Texas up to the New England area.
The Eagles played yesterday in damn near WHITE-OUT conditions...and they still WON the football game...amazing.
So, let's stay indoors today (if possible), heat up some tea, coffee or cocoa, and let's see what OTHER havoc is being wrought elsewhere, fair enough?
*** First out of the meat locker today is the fact that the FWCS were the ONLY ones NOT to have ANY school delay because of the weather.
A view from our "Fortress".
Personally, having driven for a living earlier in my life, I'd seen my share of BAD weather conditions (and driven in too many to count), and a 2-hour delay would have fit the bill, IF ONLY so the skies would lighten and you could SEE things a helluva lot better.
Driving in dark conditions with nasty roads is fine...if you're the ONLY damn person ON that road (or street). But, when you add OTHERS,  that's when the "fun" begins...and assholery becomes the name of the "game".
They showed ONE white-out highway in Texas, and I had SUCH a "flashback", that my heart began to race.
Now, granted that HERE in the Summit City, we didn't have THAT, but we did have our share of "slide-offs" and a jack-knifed tractor-trailer last evening, and I'm sure that will continue until the roads become a lot less slick...and people get their heads out of their asses and watch the ROAD as well as everyone else around them.
The Pennsy turnpike had a FIFTY car pileup yesterday because of the weather...that's NEVER good.
We're already hearing on the police radio about a few fender-benders, and I can only hope that The Lovely Mrs, Bobby G and the Wifeymobile come through this unscathed.
I know what she must be feeling while driving out there, and I hope that FWCS makes better decisions in the future with such weather.
If this school system has a "tardy-forgiveness" for STUDENTS, then it's ONLY FAIR that the same courtesy be extended to the EDUCATORS, because none of THEM have a BUS picking them up near THEIR houses (for free).
Sliding onward...
*** You just know we couldn't make it through the weekend WITHOUT some "drama" around town here...in the name of a shooting AND a stabbing.
(talk about yer "two-fers")
-- First, the shooting story:
This took place at The Grove Apartments on the city's NE side at St, Joe Center Rd. around 1730 hrs, 7 December.
One person was in an older model (mid 90s) Taurus and was struck in the arm. and was last listed in serious condition.
Must have nicked an artery.
Is that a MUFFLER hanging down?
No suspects, no motive, and no description of the shooter, or whether they were on foot or in another vehicle.
Maybe on a cold night, it's better to go INSIDE, rather then hang with people in a car...I'm just sayin'...
Then again, some people use a "neutral" area to practice street pharm sales...like a parking lot of an apartment complex.
With so little information, it's hard to get a take on what went down...and why.
-- Next, the stabbing story.
This took place early Sunday morning in the 5700 block of Bluebird Ct. off of St. Joe Rd around 0200 hrs.
(again, on the NE side...seems we're seeing a trend - one that I SAID would happen...crime IS moving NORTH)
When police arrived on scene, they found a man in a driveway suffering from MULTIPLE stab wounds.
The victim was taken to hospital in serous condition, but later downgraded to critical.
Witnesses said they noticed a dark-colored pickup leaving the area.
No other information has been forthcoming.
So, if it's not GUNS...it's KNIVES...not hearing any type of "ban" or restrictions applied to knives, have you?
(they are quieter...like a crossbow)
When it comes to criminal activity, assholes will be assholes, won't they?
*** Last back to the barn today...with wintry weather, there comes a specific level of preparedness, and a few tips might ease the journey, no matter where you have to travel.
First of all, KNOW your vehicle, and by that, I mean know HOW it handles in bad weather...
-- Does the ass end slide to the left or right when too much gas is applied (RWD)?
(learn to compensate with steering in the opposite direction)
-- Does it pull to one side  (FWD trans-axle or alignment issues)?
(again, compensate for drift)
-- Do the defrosters work properly?
(thermostat, coolant level issue or bad fan)
-- Do the WIPERS work properly?
(never use the wipers to remove ice - it chews up the edge and renders them crap)
-- Do the door locks tend to freeze?
(a shot of de-icer works wonders)
And those are the BASICS of a vehicle.
YOU need to be "on YOUR game" as well.
Something like THIS works well.
You should carry an emergency kit in the trunk, complete with road flares or reflective device, a blanket (in case you get stranded), your cell phone (or even a 2-way radio), a good spare tire and jack with lug wrench, and most importantly, a set of jumper cables.
Nothing says COLD like a dead battery, and this weather will drain them faster then you can imagine.
If you have battery issues, get it checked out, and if needed, swap the battery for a NEW one. never keep a battery for MORE than 4 years (even if it;'s a 5-year battery).
Like any battery, you can't keep charging them forever, and some dollars spent is a stranding that doesn't happen.
You have to divide your view from out the windshield to the mirrors (yes, all THREE of them), and don't be afraid to keep the head of yours on a swivel.
Sh*t will come at you from the ONE direction you're not paying attention to...trust me.
Make sure the TIRES on your vehicle have the correct pressure...you can run a little bit UNDER the recommended pressure in snow...it actually makes for better driving (a larger "footprint" for the vehicle = better traction).
If you're riding on "Maypops", then you need some rubber with some TREAD on them...pronto, especially in the roads we have outside today
And, if the top gear on your vehicle is too much, feel free to downshift to D2 or even D1...slow and steady WINS this race, and keeps you from spending time drinking coffee at the body shop while the fenders get pulled out.
So there you have some of the EASY things to keep track of, to keep YOU trekking SAFELY along the roadways.
.Let's hope that this proves useful to you, or at least a reminder to do things you were putting off.
Remember, the life you save MIGHT just be YOUR OWN.
--- And tomorrow, we'll take a peek at how we decorated out "Fortress"...and other fun things.
In the meantime...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Wow, sounds like FW's crooks are working hard at the end of the year to break the city's homicide record. How close are you now, isn't it like one or two short?

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Well if this were a few months ago, we'd be one PAST the record of 43, but the coroner ADDED one from a past year into THIS year's mix for SOME odd reason.

So, we're technically TIED with the record (of 1997) at 44.

But I think these crims can come through and set a NEW record.
(any time now...you can FEEL it coming)

Thanks for braving the cold and taking time to stop by here today.

You roll safe (and keep warm) out there.

CWMartin said...

Answers to your car test:

No, no, not in back, more or less, and no, but the fob doesn't work on one in the back and about 1/3 of the time on the passenger front, does that count?

Bob G. said...

As we used to say in the trade...

"That's Close enough for GOVERNMENT WORK"

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Drive safe, keep warm and behave yourself up there.