22 January 2014

2001: A Blogging Odyssey
(Humpday Happenings)
HAL, don't you DARE sing that dumb "Daisy" song!!
Welcome to the second thousandth batch of posts and the mid-week edition of "WTH is going on and why are we freezing out butts off while it's all trying to occur at once"?
It IS another fine AND (very) frosty day here in the Hoosierland, but it could always be worse...like out in my former stomping grounds on the east coast, where they got dumped on with over a FOOT of snow in Philly.
I guess I'll take an inch or two any day under those conditions.
It's DAMN cold out there!
Today's high is what's outside right now (about 15 degrees), from there on out, we slide downward into SINGLE digits as the day progresses, and tonight, you can expect a SUB-ZERO low.
A chance of snow may bring an additional inch or so across the Hoosier-scape on top of what we already have, and with the frigid conditions, it's not going anywhere soon.
So bundle up if going outside, take your time if either on foot OR behind the wheel.
Remember that your destination ain't goin' anyplace and will STILL be there if you arrive a few minutes later than you planned.
Now, go pour yourself another piping hot cup of whatever is your choosing this AM, and let's get busy seeing what has transpired in the last 24 hours.
*** First out of the Klondike today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Winter is on my head, but eternal Spring is in my heart."
Isn't that a nice albeit early segue into next month's Valentine's Day?
So, Who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile back in the library stacks...
*** Yes friends, we are off and running when it comes to more shootings on the SE side of Ft. Wayne...AGAIN...for ANOTHER year.
This time a child was hit by a bullet.
Here's the story link (so far):
This happened last night around 2215 hrs. in an alley behind a house at 2309 S. Hanna St.
Police were called to scene and found a 3 year old suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.
A family was loading their vehicle to leave the area when a shot rang out.
The girl started screaming and the family called 911.
Officers canvassed the area, asking neighbors if they heard or saw anything.
No weapon was found in the immediate area.
The investigation remains open and people are asked to call the FWPD if they know anything about this.
(seems our new public safety director and police chief are making a real difference so far...)
Moving on...
*** Yes, we DID break the record for homicides last year (45 total), as I mentioned in yesterday's post,
And here's a story from WANE about all those involved:
While I would LOVE to see the numbers decline into obscurity, I don't believe that will happen any time soon, and especially NOT down here in the crotch of Ft. Wayne..
Nice Mosaic...
There is a level of violence that we are seeing today, that has not been seen in years past, and although it seems mainly concentrated in the ethnic communities, it IS spreading to all races in our society.
But if this alone isn't enough to make you shake your head, try THIS story on for size:
This publication clearly shows the demographics for arrest and incarceration
The link has a free PDF file you can download to see ALL the numbers for yourself.
It's some interesting facts, and I see two ways of viewing this.
And this is supposed to be "cute"...WHY, exactly???
1) We have a problem with a specific sect of our society, which has not gone away, not abated to any real measure with either the Civil Rights movement or the "war" on poverty
2) We are unjustly arresting and imprisoning ethnics for no good reason and we need to be more "equal" with handling suspicious behavior in crime as it occurs.
Is that like "redistributing justice"?
I would tend to go with number one here, only because I grew up with black friends, and they were so much better than the blacks that moved all around us today...it's from experience that I make such a claim.
You COULD also refer to THIS story:
Yes, there are SIX ways for a single mother to raise a sorry black man...
I don't make this stuff up.
Yeah, he be looking REAL "sorry"...
But I DO see strong evidence of baby-mamas doing just THAT where I live.
(and raising sorry daughters is close behind)
But, if that STILL isn't enough...that a look at THIS story:
Yep, believe it or else...facts are facts.
SOME crims might be "honing" their craft when it comes to firearms...they are PRACTICING.
This comes from a 2006 FBI study that looked at criminals and the officers who arrest them.
-- According to that study, 40% of the criminal attackers had some FORMAL firearms training.
-- Over 80% regularly practiced with firearms ( up to 23 sessions per year).
-- More than 40% had at least ONE gunfight experience.
-- And 25% had been involved in MORE than FIVE gunfights.
And to think this study is already EIGHT years old...!
Those are some SOBERING stats, even if you're a law-abiding gun owner...and YOU practice.
Other facts mentioned in this study were:
(And do bear in mind the specific areas and ethnicities to which these can easily apply)
Oh, THIS one got a REAL early start!
-- The offenders were exposed to more violence at an earlier age.
-- They are more willing and able to use FORCE, including DEADLY force.
-- Most are younger and less educated, but obviously have "street smarts" from their experiences (especially what they learn in jail from other offenders)
-- Gang members lean toward violent "values" at an early age, and such values are regularly enforced.
-- The goal for gang members is to achieve STATUS and "respect" from their peers, which comes from creating fear through repeated acts of physical violence.
-- Their behavior is not constrained by social, legal, or ETHICAL consideration.
Bangers...with things that go BANG.
Yeah, that about sums up a MAJORITY of the minorities in MY part of the ghettohood very nicely.
With such a small percentage of minorities causing SO much havoc to ALL other races, one would think it would be easier to keep such vermin at bay.
You can download the entire report from a link within this story.
And...you can decide about HOW prepared you might be, in case crime ever comes calling.
*** Lastly today, it never hurts to be prepared, but to be able to prep oneself for EVERY event or contingency would take a bit more than one lifetime.
What we, as law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying, God-fearing, gun-toting people need to realize is that there ARE forces out there with nothing but evil intent on their minds and in their hearts.
These are the ones you could never change, no matter what program is created or how much money is tossed at it (or them).
I am always stating that we need to BE AWARE...to PAY ATTENTION...to make GOOD choices and as often as possible.
But most importantly, we should take every situation as it comes, and one-at-a-time.
A solution to ONE problem will rarely become a "one size fits all" cure for everything coming down the pike, and we need to remember that.
We ADAPT to the situation, find several methods of resolving it, and then act upon our choices.
NO brag...just fact.
We learn to do what we need to do, more as a reflex than a determined thought that requires time and effort, for we may not have time on our side.
And as far as luck goes...let's reserve that for lottery drawings and other games of chance.
Hoping for the best while expecting the worst is not a sign of cynicism...just a sign of being better prepared.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

We're looking at a high of 10° here. I guess the advice of the day is to not open the pod bay doors unless it's absolutely necessary. :)

Not sure who gave us that quote, but I can empathize.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
TEN degrees?
When did you guys get a HEAT wave???
(I'll trade 'ya)

LMAO...pod bay doors...it's damn near THAT cold (as space) if you DO open them up!

Ain't NOTHING getting opened around here...
(except perhaps a Guinness - PURELY for "medicial" puirposes...staving off the CHILL, mind you...heh.)

Thanks for the laugh (beats shivering any day) and for taking a few minutes to roll up and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe AND warm out there.

CWMartin said...

I'd have to say that those were six ways for ANY mother to raise a sorry man of ANY color.

Bob G. said...

Agreed that such sirresponsible stupidity knows NO color...

I just found it interesting that it was a black man saying it...
Naturally, HE will be lambasted by liberal blacks, calling him names no self-respecting WHITE man would ever utter.
And we call that "equality"?

They seem to have a diferent take on it, don't they?
That's why too many other blacks are constantly being held back..it's the liberals doing it.
(but the libtards do provide such nice blinders)

Thanks for stopping on by today.
Appreciate your comment.

You guys stay WARM and safe up there.