31 January 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of the week...AND the end of the month. Always nice when it happens this way, hmm?
And our Hoosierland weather seems to be in a more cooperative mood today, with the temps reaching a high of around THIRTY degrees.
We might see some snow showers and perhaps an accumulation of about an inch, but I wouldn't sweat the major roadways around here.
Tomorrow we get maybe another inch of so...and even some (dare I say it?)...RAIN.
Gonna make Groundhog Day (Sunday) THAT much more "fun", right?
Six more weeks of winter?
We shall see.
So, we might not need that SECOND cup of whatever hot beverage is your choice this morning.
In any event, let's allow this month to go out like a LION, and get busy with...the REST of the story...
*** First out of the gate today are some police briefs (and not boxers) that begin with a stabbing in Ft. Wayne that has police wondering WTH really happened.
Here's the story link:
Sure, it happened on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side. Where the hell else would it occur?
Police were called to Parkview Randalia, where a stabbing vic was being treated outside he E/R.
The father of the man stabbed told police he picked his son up at "someone's" house in the 2900 block of Drexel Ave (in the ghettohood) that morning.
According to the father, the son was robbed and stabbed near a gas station Wednesday night.
The son then went to the Drexel home, took a shower, and went to sleep.
By the time the son was dropped off to hospital he was in serious condition, near critical.
The father became "standoffish" w/ police when they asked if they could search his vehicle.
Investigation officers could find no knife near or around the gas station, and found no evidence that there had been a stabbing in that area.
This smells like 3 day old fish in a hot sun (to me).
And police wonder why people don't come forward with information, and are reticent to reveal anything...it's a "cultural thang", folks.
These people have it ingrained in their psyche to keep the police in the dark, UNLESS it serves their own means to whatever end they choose to pursue.
The same culture that promotes a thug-lifestyle, spends your tax money to give them free sh*t as they sit on their wide asses not being productive in the least, except when it comes to making babies, who will also suffer as they grow up in the same environment.
-- The next story is about some white trash and the trash they leave behind.
Here's this story link:
Lisa Noreen Kisinger, 49, who lives at the house at 618 Walnut St. was arrested in connection with the making of METH (kinda OLD to be doing that).
Both floors were evacuated because it's a DUPLEX.
Six meth labs were discovered by police.
-- And here's a tale of a speeding dipshit:
Ionday (pronounced EE-AHN-DRAY) Depree Smith, age 25, was clocked at 110 MPH along I-69 back on Wednesday and was stopped by an ISP trooper near the 469 overpass.
Smith's driving PRIVILEGES had been revoked for TEN years, and here he was...still DRIVING.
He was charged with felony habitual offender and reckless driving. The car was released to IT'S OWNER.
(you can't make this sh*t up, people)
-- And ANOTHER drug bust on the near NORTHWEST side nets three arrests in this story:
Natalie Y. Long, age 32,  was busted for making METH when police searched a home located at 1116 Osage St around 0900 hrs yesterday., and four children that were found in the house were removed and remanded to Child Protective Services (that place must be getting REAL crowded these days).
The children's mother arrived after the bust and SHE was charged with child neglect.
Police also busted one Christopher W. Burgess, age 36, at a different location on charges of making meth and illegal dumping of controlled waste.
The house was condemned and boarded up by NCE (and will probably go on the auction block, rather than be RAZED, for some unsuspecting renter to move into in a year or so). That's what REALLY happens to many of these houses.
*** Next up, is the news that our upstairs "throne" has been fixed.
Seems the WAX RING was worn out, and THAT will cause you a world of nasty when it leaks all over the damn place.
Back to normal...!
Took about an hour for "Mike" (from Korte - who does it all) to replace the ring and get everything set-to-rights.
Sure, it cost over $250...BUT, we shouldn't have to worry about it for about TWENTY YEARS...or until I croak...whichever comes first...LOL)
Job well done.
Moving on...
*** Now THIS is a story that has a LOT of people ROYALLY PISSED THE HELL OFF (including yours truly) and with good reason.
Here's the link from WANE:
Yes, if you have a police scanner or a scanner APP for the smartphone, you (and I) will be "going dark" this TUESDAY (4 Feb), thanks to an encryption that will render all FWPD scanner traffic to basically "dead air".
And the number of comments under the story seem to point to the fact that some folks WANT to be able to hear the radio chatter.
I am among those people, and I am a law-abiding citizen (at the moment).
The PIO for the FWPD states that it's for the officers' PROTECTION.
I can't really see THAT, but it does make it easier for the perps to know WHERE the cops are...and to AVOID THEM.
The 800Mhz system isn't even that old, but we're being told it's "obsolete"...really?
Sounds like Windows XP all over again.
Not to mention that since the FWPD has gone to the "800" system, they have had ONGOING problems with it...not bad for a system that cost WELL over a million bucks (plus all the service costs that came along for the damn ride).
THIS system was "supposed" to be the cutting edge in tech...and we're calling it obsolete and encrypting it?
THAT was money well spent...(not).
You REALLY want to ensure MORE OFFICER SAFETY? That's too simple...
In GEORGIA, they use a METER to test tint.
If an officer can't see into a vehicle, THAT alone is the biggest worry for those "easy" traffic stops (that can go sideways real fast).
Now, just to play devil's advocate, I can see some reason for the encryption, in that it doesn't allow the perps to know WHERE police are. But then again, it doesn't allow the LAW-ABIDING to know either, and THOSE people (like me) are the ones that WILL aid law-enforcement whenever possible to ensure everyone's safety.
Besides, if there is information that the public NEED NOT KNOW...officers will just jump over to a TAC channel, and you hear nothing on the scanner (because THOSE are the channels that are usually encrypted...SPEC OPS, hostage negotiations, and the like).
Some people say the encryption is there so you can't hear when the police "screw up"...I can't buy that.
Again, you have other channels available on the side-bands for the LEOs that are not heard by everyone...OR you just jump on the cell-phone for a TX, and that''s the end of it, right?
Since this has come down from the FEDS...I see it as another way of keeping WE, the people "in the dark", and with a democrat rule in OUR realm (here) that would seem to follow along.
Think about it...
This is a mandate from DHS...those SAME people that bought up ALL those MILLIONS of rounds of hollow-points and all those MRAP vehicles not that long ago.
WANE says that we will still be able to hear FIRE and TRAA calls (before they go encrypted as well)
Now, if we, the law-abiding among us were to follow this farce to a more logical conclusion, we COULD start all carrying guns WITHOUT a permit, and the reason for that would be to NOT allow the bad guys to KNOW who really IS carrying, because the list of those who are issued a CCP can be obtained, given sufficient reason to do so (as the FEDS undoubtedly can access).
I figure if the FWPD wants to keep the law-abiding in the dark, then we can keep everyone else in like manner...for OUR OWN SAFETY.
I have NO problems with strapping a pistol on MY waistband, loaded with personal protection rounds (HP) w/o a CCP.
Hell, I do it whenever I get my mail across the street or mow my damn lawn.
I'm sure this is Rusty York's doing, as he IS Dir.of Public Safety and he IS looking out for us.
(as we've seen many democrats already do...with drastically FLAWED results)
I LIKE to know where the police are if they're in MY neck o' the woods...and down in the ghettohood, knowledge IS power (more so than anywhere else).
Now, the MEDIA will be able to purchase these new scanners that will decipher the encrypting, and I suppose THAT means we will hear a BIASED view of whatever crime occurs? Or perhaps certain information will be  conveniently LEFT OUT?
You know me...I bring YOU the FACTS (ma'am...just the facts), and unless I become privy to certain information and am asked to NOT reveal any of it, that is what I will do HERE. And believe me, I get an earful from time to time.
Seems to be headed that way now.
But the sources of that intel and information will remain with ME, and that is something I live with every day.
(one of life's better aspects living down here, really)
I will advise all of you to not only READ the WANE story, but DO take time to scroll down to read the COMMENTS (objectively).
You will find there are MANY people that see this as a form of obfuscation, and I tend to agree.
I have already copied ALL the comments and saved them to disk, because sooner or later, WANE will remove them from view, and also...what the city and it's departments say will come back to bite them in the ass...if they're not careful.
I DO and will continue to watch the watchers.
*** Last back to the barn today is this weekend...SUPER BOWL weekend...
((yawn)) - maybe Denver by 10 pts in the Cannabis-Bowl
As you people should know by now, I MUCH prefer Animal Planet's PUPPY BOWL!
Yes, it's the TENTH year for this event, and it's a lot easier on MY brain than getting angst-ridden for one football team or another.
Here's the website:
This year, Puppy Bowl X has the hamster blimp, penguin cheerleaders, and during the Kitty Half-Time show, the featured artist will be KEYBOARD CAT.
You can't miss with a lineup like that...not to mention all the critters get good homes, and no one gets concussed, no one is covered in tattoos, or mouthing off at other players, refs, or sideline reporters.
The FIRST Super Bowl - now THAT was football!
I just can't take seeing all the multi-million dollar players that are worth no more than the players of times past (like Bart Starr) who had MORE passion for the sport, AND didn't make such obscene salaries (many had off-season JOBS)
Hell, I used to bet with dad on the Super Bowl...when it was a LOT more "super", and lot less "bowl".
Now, it's more about how to OUTDO the LAST event...
I say this is so becoming like the Roman "Bread and Circuses", it's no longer funny.
(unlike the super bowl commercials which sometimes ARE...lol).
And that last time I checked, this was still AMERICA.
Land of the FREE...remember that one?
Not the land of the perpetually entertained.
We really need to seek to become BETTER, and not just better entertained.
This nation's future is built upon our past as well as whatever other foundations we decide to lay down in the PRESENT.
And, like the Biblical parable of old...that which is built upon sand will not stand, that which is built upon rock will not flourish, but that which in built upon FERTILE SOIL will grow, thrive, and produce fruit.
It's ALL our choices, and the best choice for us all should be obvious.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
We'll see 'ya next month!
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"Faster than a speeding dipshit... more powerful than a fifty-year-old woman still playing with drugs... able to fend off police trying to look for weapons in their car in a single bound..." LOL!!!

Glad the wax ring didn't include a floor job... not a place you wanna go, believe me...

Dittos on the scanner thing (I have read most of the comments)...Did you see the deal where people were complaining about it on FWPDs FB page and their social media bimbo called them "nut jobs"? You can see it on the "Fort Wayne Media Maven" blog.

Bob G. said...

LMAO...a very well-presented "intro" to the NEW version of STUPERMAN...LOL.
Yeah, doing a new floor in an EAVE isn;t my way of saying "not again" (had to do that back in Philly, but it was a crossover pipe that went bad)

Good info on that story.
I will check out the blog link
Nut jobs???
Yeah, blame the gun-toting, bible-reading LAW-ABIDING folks and attack those messengers for speaking the truth...(again).

Of that is being a hut job, then WTH do you call what's running CITY HALL?

Hey, thank a lot for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a good weekend,tell Scrappy to watch the Puppy Bowl, and stay safe and comfy up there.