08 January 2014

Humpday Happenings...
So, I wake up this morning, and the weather report shows we are now back on the PLUS side of the temperature scale...
Well, THAT is a relief.
The past several days have been downright NASTY for man or beast when going outside.
I may even splurge and NOT wear my thermal underwear today...lol.
Temps today are expected to reach a balmy NINETEEN DEGREES...and yes, that IS above zero.
But there won't be much sun later on, as snow showers are also expected this afternoon/evening but no appreciable accumulation.
That's not to say that we treat today any different from the past 2-3 days...no way.
There is STILL the chance of cold weather affecting the body, but knowing some people, they will take this lessening of sub-zero temps as an opportunity to toss caution to the wind, which could result in a most typical result.
We'll be looking into this and a few other things, so let's shake the sleep out of ourselves, pour another cup of java, and get this sled team moving...
*** First up is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week...
"Adventure is just bad planning."
In lieu of recent weather HERE in the Hoosierland, you might find this rather an easy one to figure out.
Not to mention that its has been a "adventure" for MANY outside over the last 72 hours...
Moving on...
*** As I said yesterday, we got the Wifeymobile fixed with dispatch by Yeoman's.
The worst part of it was having to walk down and back TWICE in the cold, but Wifey and I were prepped well enough, although in such weather, I tend to walk a bit FASTER than she.
And I saw fit to carry a firearm W/O a CCW permit to and from the repair shop.
It's only a block, but I figure with with new DPS and FWPD chief, I need an "edge" to any potential problem.
I'm not to first to carry w/o any permit (except for the venerable FOURTH AMENDMENT)...and I certainly will not be the last, but I am probably the ONLY one down here w/o any police record or rap sheet...and THAT is one distinction that is hard to beat for this 61 year old.
I noticed that although Pettit Ave. had been plowed, there was still hard-packed snow on the street, and THAT was slicker than snot on a doorknob.
Luke and Han help the FWPD direct traffic.
One had to carefully walk across the street, which was easier that you'd think, as hardly anyone was driving about. Still, it was slippery under foot, even with aggressive tread on your boots.
We did see one FWPD car ticketing a vehicle parked along Pettit.
That made sense, because people had been advised to NOT park along streets ( if possible) to allow plows to do their job.
Wifey's car (aka snowspeeder) is back in our "hangar" and all is well once again.
I will say that the plows did a good job in our area, and managed to get to OUR streets earlier than usual...for a change.
*** I noticed that our part of the ghettohood has been SO wonderfully QUIET of late too...going to miss THAT when the snow starts to melt. You get spoiled REAL quick.
It sounds the way a NEIGHBORHOOD should sound...NORMAL.
Now, with such things as peace and quiet, you DO pay some sort of "price" for that, knowing these "locals" the way I do.
-- For example, many of the OTHER aspects of such weather went UNHEEDED by many of the morons that infest our area...like clearing the snow from around the FIRE HYDRANTS.
Where's the EFFIN hydrant?
That's a biggie in weather like this...when you need to hook up for a fire and find the damn thing FROZEN...or worse, when no one can SEE the damn thing, and decides to "cheat" when turning a corner and crashes INTO IT...now THAT is one helluva mess!
-- Then, there are the assholes that have to dig themselves out, and proceed to shovel ALL that snow back INTO the street that was PLOWED...!
DON'T put that snow in the street, dumbass!
Guess brains are "optional" when shoveling out vehicles on the SE side of town?
(not at OUR house...they're REQUIRED BY LAW...lol)
-- Then there are people that shovel their car out from in front of THEIR house, only to wind up parking in FRONT of another house.
Didn't you just shovel yourself OUT down the street?
WTH is up with that? Didn't you just spend time and effort to CLEAR the spot at YOUR rental crib?
You want to deny another person the ability to park in front of THEIR OWN house? Is THAT it?
I can only imagine how this works at apartment complexes.
Some people just do not have the sense they were born with.
But, there's more...
-- What about those who, after shoveling themselves OUT, take to the roads and streets WITHOUT cleaning off ALL the windows on their vehicles?
Clean off ALL the damn snow, dipshit!
They must think the wind will clear it all off, or the defrosters will do it, or maybe, those WIPERS will do it for them.
Got a newsflash for THESE idiots...NONE of the above will do the trick.
YOU have to properly and completely clear the glass...so YOU CAN SEE who else has not cleared off THEIR windows when driving about.
I mean, there is lazy...but down here there is (F$CKING) LAAAA-ZEEEE. It's like they want someone or something ELSE to do the job FOR THEM.
(wonder where they ever got THAT impression?)
-- Naturally, almost NONE of the sidewalks have been shoveled (except for OURS), and not doing so IS a violation of the city ordinance that requires that sidewalks be cleared by 0900 hrs whenever possible.
We do it because it's expected of us...
Seems it's been possible for YEARS down here...I prove it every time it snows.
No one ELSE seems to think that way, and the sad part, is that NCE never cites anyone for NOT following the ordinance.
And the city wonders WHY they need money?
The answer is as easy to see as the noses on their primate faces.
Don't enforce the laws and hold no one accountable to obey them...that ALWAYS works.
(unlike the locals who NEVER work)
So, you can easily see that whatever regular neighborhoods do (naturally) every time it snows, does NOT apply to the "government-sponsored" among us one damn bit.
And that's why parts of Fort Wayne ARE the way they are.
*** Lastly today, having such severe weather can be a mixed blessing, believe it or not.
On the one hand, you're not out on the streets for the most part (unless the job dictates it) freezing your nether-regions off.
And my hat's off to those in uniform that have been out in this weather.
They've done a fantastic job during this event.
On the flip side,. too many get "cabin-fever" way too soon, and that precipitates them HAVING to venture outside either on foot or by vehicle.
Fortunately, I have never suffered such malady.
Happiness in winter is a warm tookus!
If you're just taking your daily "constitutional", no big deal...I get mine by shoveling and feeding the birds. You know how to prepare yourself, and know enough when to come back inside.
We need THESE  signs on the streets.
Others do not know as much, and that's why we STILL see slide-offs and accidents, when warned NOT to go our unless it was an emergency.
Some folks simply will not listen no matter how many times you advise them or how strongly you urge them.
And perhaps HERE is where education can make some leaps.
People should be taught from little on up about the decision-making process.
It comes down to THIS:
Not everyone wins, but everyone plays.
Not everyone succeeds, but everyone tries.
(you may quote ME on that one)
I think if more people stick to THAT notion, we ALL become better people.
Just a thought.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

This morning I finally shovelled out a poop-spot for a very appreciative Beagle. In fact, it was tested out at one end whilst work continued on the other. May have to get out to the store today... but it's going to have to climb past 6 to do so!

Bob G. said...

You're SUCH the loving father...
I've been clearing areas for our feathered friends as well (feeding spots), but they still poop wherever they want to.
As for water? They get snow with the seed...it all works out.

Be careful driving today...LOUSY road conditions no matter where you seem to go.

Sure miss the days when we had CORNER STORES all over...that we could WALK to...and were open becasue the owners lived UPSTAIRS over the stores...lol.

Thanks for sliding on over today to comment.

Stay safe and warm up there.

John DuMond said...

"Guess brains are "optional" when shoveling out vehicles on the SE side of town?"

For some of your neighbors, it sounds like brains are always optional. But those are the folks who make life interesting, right? :)

As for that quote, no idea. But if that statement is accurate, then my whole life is an adventure.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I think the ONLY way some of these mooks would get ANY brains would be if the government SUPPLIED them and then mandated they USE them to get that EBT card recharged...LOL.

We ALL suffer some adventure in our lives (a few more than most and often at the worst time), yet perhaps those are the times in which we learn the MOST.
(and sometimes laugh the most)

Hey, thanks for tobogganing over today to comment.

Stay safe and warm out there.