12 February 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's one of those DAMN COLD days outside this morning...makes you wonder WHEN we'll see POSITIVE integers for overnight lows.
And, it's another 2-hour delay day for the schools in the area - God forbid today's kids really knew how to DRESS for severe weather, like WE used to do.
Still, cold IS cold, and we've that a'plenty today, with highs in the Hoosierland trying to reach TWENTY degrees.
Again, whatever sun we see will barely make any dent to melting snow or ice, so be warned when venturing outside, especially in your car.
Now, with that dispensed with, let's all refill that cup of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa and get this show on the (icy) road, shall we?
*** First on the toboggan course today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"You can't get mad at weather, because weather is not about you. Apply that lesson to most other aspects of life."
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the Great White North...
*** Yes, friends, when you clear the roads, expect crime to come back from the "cabin-fever" it's been suffering from.
And here's the proof:
Of course, this happened on the city's...(...altogether, people...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Oh, THAT is gonna leave a mark (or 19).
A red Impala, traveling along the 6800 block of Decatur Rd near Dawnan Drive was struck by about NINETEEN rounds (the number of markers the FWPD tagged nearby) yesterday around 1335 hrs.
HELLUVA park-job, but it IS the SE side.
Two men in the car were wounded and taken to hospital in fair condition.
They were found outside the vehicle by police when it drove off the road into a snow-covered ditch.
So, where IS the nearest DUNKIN around here, anyway?
Little details are forthcoming, so we have NO suspects or descriptions of the shooters or vehicle, NO motive, and NO names of those shot.
Funny, that car looks a lot like one that frequents our area of the ghettohood (for years), and hangs at a house down the corner that has a LOT of traffic coming and going every day...over a hundred visits per month.
And this buck couldn't drive that well back THEN!
I sent a tip about a possible drug-house on the FWPD website, and after TWO years...not one investigation, although there was ONE arrest there a year or so ago...but nothing since,and the traffic continues.
((Editor's Update - 1400 hrs - The IDs of the victims have been released. They are DeAndrew Moore and Devonte Jones. Both men stated top police that the shots may have come from a nearby house, but neither knew who was shooting at them. 
Both also have notable RAP SHEETS. ))
Moving on...
*** Our "king", Mayor Henry will hold court today as he delivers his "State of the Regime" propaganda address at noon...(let the pigeons loose)
It's STILL good to be KING!
THAT ought to be fun to critique (to which I will).
Now, you can expect the USUAL spin from hizzoner, touting ALL the great things this city is doing (mostly DOWNTOWN), and how, even with a RECORD number of homicides LAST year, we've got two NEW people "on the job" (one is not needed at all, the other not experienced enough...you can decide WHO they are).
That should tell you where the city is headed under such auspices.
We'll probably also hear how "he" wants the city to go (in what direction), and that will mean spending MORE money, that we soon won't have, because democrats LOVE to blow the wad...and worry about tomorrow...well, tomorrow.
For ONCE, I'd love to hear a politician spell it out THE WAY IT IS...and not how they "perceive" it, because their perception is often clouded by special interests and dollar signs.
Guess THAT dream of mine will have to wait...for now.
*** Next up, more Fort Wayne legacy money going down the crapper?
(say it's not so, Bob)
Well, according to Kevin Leininger's latest column,. we've already pissed away several craploads of moolah (MY words, not Kevin's...lol)
Here's the link to his column:
Kevin makes some good points (as usual), but which way the city will shake on current and future "opportunities" will be the litmus test as to how WELL they spend the legacy money...which (imho) to date, hasn't delivered enough bang for those bucks that's been coughed up..
It's a good read, and show you how the city's been taken to the cleaners a few times.
*** In another snow-related story, it seems that parked cars are being SIDESWIPED...
Yep, it's true, and here's the story from WANE:
I know what I did when I said "OOPS"...
Now, in defense of the owners of the parked cars, I have to say that yes, the plows did a less-than-stellar job THIS time around when they came down streets (several DAYS after the last flake fell), but I also have to point out that TOO MANY people have to ALSO "share the guilt" here.
The evidence of such MEA CULPA can be seen along most ANY street, where cars are supposedly "parked".
The FRONT end is OVER TWO FEET OUT from the curb.
The vehicles are often TOO FAR from the curb to be (legally) called PARKED.
And they jut into the street, making travel on such streets a ONE-LANE venue (and a narrow lane at that).
Others get stuck and leave the vehicle where it's at, and still others try to get out, wind up at a 45 degree angel to the curb, and give up.
Few really bother to SHOVEL themselves out, and that's indicative of our society...let the "government" do it.
Or, we can park with the ASS end out...either way.
Take some f$cking responsibility and do it YOURSELF. The job of the street department is to plow the street, and if your car is in the way, they go AROUND it. Not to mention that media sources stated that the city asked drivers to park OFF STREET where possible when the plows came by, so they all had adequate warning.
Well, we have people where we live who don't even utilize the damn DRIVEWAYS attached to their properties (as we do). One house has a driveway long enough for SEVERAL cars, and they ONLY park ONE there, leaving whatever other vehicles that come over to park ON THE STREET, usually 50 feet AWAY from the house in question.
BOTH cars are well over a FOOT away from the curb.
It's sheer LAZINESS that overwhelms such people.
So, if a car gets sideswiped, I can sympathize with the owners, but if THEY haven't done everything in their power to assure this would not HAPPEN at all, then my pity-factor for them drops off the chart.
Perhaps some drivers shouldn't be on the streets if they can't navigate well enough to NOT hit a properly-parked car.
Perhaps more people need to take responsibility and shovel a space for themselves to park BETTER.
Plenty of blame to go around...that's for sure.
*** Last back to the freezer today...remember that story I told you about when (back in Philly) a bunch of us men shoveled the entire (shared) driveway so everyone could get out?
Well, that was called WORKING TOGETHER...on a block of ROWHOMES.
We didn't sit on our asses and WAIT for someone ELSE to do it...we did it ourselves.
And much of that seems lost in today's hurry-up world.
We know to clear OUR area.
Granted we at the "Fortress:" live on a block with only TEN houses, (two of them vacant and adjacent to us), but when the going gets rough in such weather, I get busy doing what I need to do, such as clearing sidewalks and driveways at OUR place.
When we had GOOD (and more) neighbors here, there was never any problem,. but with the "changing of the guard" as it were, we see a group of "entitled" people who are perfectly content to let "someone else" do whatever it is that needs doing.
Sorry, but that doesn't speak to American Exceptionalism.
It DOES speak to terminal LAZINESS.
And that is NOT what this nation was either founded or built upon.
Those that fit the criteria for being this lazy need to be reminded...often.
Those of us that still subscribe to what it means to hold to the values and principles of this nation need not be chided...or told what to do, how to do it, or when it needs to be done....we already know.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Ooh, love that quote. Although I suppose most liberals would disagree, since they think human activity is the cause of most unpleasant things in the environment.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
When I go through ALL the sources for these quotes, there is always "one" that just JUMPS the hell out and speaks to me.
And that's WHY it takes longer on Humpday to write my POST...LOL.
(waitin' on the jumper)

I think ALL liberals would disagree, unless they're NOT that far to the left.
I do know THIS current administration seems to value human INACTIVITY...according to the growth in government-sponsorship, the lousy job numbers, and the economy's smail-paced growth...(if you can call it that).

Feel free to use the quote whenever possible.

And thanks for skiing on over today to comment.
Roll safe & stay warm out there.

CWMartin said...

Whoever came up with that quote, it broke down on application to me. Not only do I get mad at the weather, I flip off Greg Shoup every morning. Someone's gotta pay for this crap!

Bob G. said...

If I may, perhaps the quote wasn't really LOST on you...just "misplaced"?
(like I do w/ my glasses...a lot)

I can't get angry at weathermen...they can only guess anyway (and get paid WELL for being WRONG half of the time...LOL)

Our weather is an act of God, or (for the nay-sayers) a product of SCIENCE.
As for me, I'm the cynic that thinks it's all a conmpiracy from the dipshits mucking about with that HAARP array in Alaska.
Now THOSE guys are the ones I get ROYALLY cheesed at...!

We can't really GET MAD anyway, unless it's the MAGAZINE.

Getting MAD - that's what DOGS do (ask Scrappy).
People get ANGRY, kapeesh?

We CAN get damn FRUSTRATED, however.
ANd I know we're together on THAT one, hmm?

Hey, thanks for skating on over here today to comment.

You stay safe and warm (and frustrated only at atheists and the weather) up there, 'K?

Momma Fargo said...

You big meanie picking on those cops groups (pig piles) and making donut jokes. LOL. We have a lot more snow down south. However, I am used to a lot more, so for me it isn't too bad. I don't like the cold temps. I can do with snow. I love your pics. Those park jobs are funny until the fat lady sings and they get crunched. Or they have to maneuver around them. Idiots. Have a great day, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
well we DON'T have a real donut shop down here in the ghettohood...and I WANT ONE!!!
(I miss my powdered jellies)

I figured if there was ANYONE that could stand this snow...it would be YOU (our girl from Wyoming).
Now THAT is some snow out there.

The park jobs are laughable (and worthy of citations...if anyone would show up TO cite them)
The streets are like a bloody SLALOM course - talk about a new Olympic event...betcha the TOP GEAR guys could figure one out.

Yeah, the COLD gets to me too (joints throbbing), but I can always put MORE layers on.

Thanks much for rolling up to comment, Kiddo.

Stay safe down there.