24 February 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the final week in probably one of the coldest and nastiest Februarys that we've had for some time.
And, if you think a couple of days with temps ABOVE freezing was going to stick around for a bit...fageddaboudit!
We're BACK in the deep-freeze again...ALL week, with high today of barely reaching into the low 20s.
But, on the "up" side, there's no snow in the immediate forecast, but whatever ice is on the streets won't be going anyplace either..
(that's an UP side???)
So, brace yourselves for another run of COLD...as in DAMN cold.
Refill that hot cup of whatever you please, and let's see what's shivering today...
*** First out of the igloo today is more "gang unit "activity (can we stand the strain?)
Story number one took place at Legends Bar located ar 4104 N. Clinton St.(formerly Mookie's - see archive post from 1 Nov 2011 for some back-story) early Saturday morning.
Here's the story link:
The gang unit was doing a stakeout at the bar because of a tip that stated that several gang members would be at the bar.
Detectives witnessed a fight break out between two males in front of the bar, and also saw the men pull out handguns and began firing at one another.
Police moved in and managed to arrest ONE male, Dujuane Woods, age 24 while the other male ran back inside the bar. Police followed, but were unable to find the shooter, who remains at-large.
And here's Woods's rap sheet:
Dujuane Woods - age 24 - male black - 5' 9", 165 lbs 
3118 BOWSER AVE Fort Wayne, IN 46806 
02D04-0705-CM-002581 WOODS, DUJUANE L 05/02/2007 Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor Decided CARRYING HANDGUN W/O LICENSE 
 02D04-0811-IF-019555 WOODS, DUJUANE L 11/20/2008 Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction Decided FAILURE WEAR SAFETY BELT 
 02D04-0901-IF-000257 540946 WOODS, DUJUANE L 01/12/2009 Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction Decided NO FIN RESPONSIBILITY(INF) 
 02D04-0905-IF-006651 521710 WOODS, DUJUANE L 05/29/2009 Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction Decided FAILURE WEAR SAFETY BELT
 02D04-1004-IF-003999 572976 Woods, Dujuane L 04/26/2010 Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction Pending FAIL STOP AT THRU-HIGHWAY 
 02D05-1012-IF-015975 615807 WOODS, DUJUANE L 12/27/2010 Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction Decided 9-21-5-1/IFC: Speeding; Speed Unreasonable Under Conditions/Too Fast to Avoid Collision 
 02D04-1107-IF-010153 632700 WOODS, DUJUANE L 07/08/2011 Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction Decided 9-21-8-32/IFC: Disregarding Stop Sign 
 02D05-1109-IF-013928 000025184728 000025184728 WOODS, DUJUANE L 09/06/2011 Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction Decided 9-25-8-2(a)(1)/IFA: Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility 9-21-3-10/IFC: Disregarding Traffic Control Signal(s) by Street Car Operator 
 02D04-1203-IF-002130 669248 669248 WOODS, DUJUANE L 03/07/2012 Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction Decided 9-21-5-2/IFC: Speeding 9-19-10-2/IFD: Failure of Occupant to Use Safety Belt 
 02H01-1301-IF-000249 000042326027 WOODS, DUJUANE L 01/14/2013 New Haven City Court IF - Infraction Decided 9-21-5-3/IFC: Speeding - Exceeding Posted Speed Limit
 02D04-1304-IF-003639 151099 151099 WOODS, DUJUANE L 04/18/2013 Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction Decided 9-24-1-1/IFC: No Valid Operators License 9-21-5-2/IFC: Speeding 
 02D04-1307-CM-003158 710728 WOODS, DUJUANE L 07/09/2013 Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor Decided 9-26-1-4(a)(1)/MB: Failure to Stop after Accident Resulting in Non-Vehicle Damage   ======================
What amazes me is how once again, no one saw where the shooter went...just like back on Halloween 2011 when one person was killed and two wounded. THAT shooter has never been caught.
-- Story number two involves another traffic stop that led to another pursuit.
Here's the link to this story:
This took place around 1657 hrs yesterday in the vicinity of S. Anthony Blvd. and Drexel Ave.
When police attempted a stop (for speeding), a chase ensued for about six minutes, ending up at Hanna and Lasselle Sts.
During the pursuit, the suspect tossed a handgun from the car window, which police recovered.
Arrested was Henry Purfoy III, age 23. He was apprehended after he bailed from the car (a white Buick LeSabre) and ran into the parking lot of Chapel Oaks Apartments at Buchanan St. and Greentree Ct.
They look nice in Summer.
Police have not said is he is a known gang member or not, but you can be sure that with the laundry list of charges, he most likely IS...(or should be).
Gee, wonder if HE has a rap sheet?
Well, SOMEONE with his name has one, and I'm going with the  one that seems the most likely, because there are others with the same name, but a different height and weight...plus the priors, age and time frames seem to fit.
Henry C Purifoy III -age 23 - male black - 5' 7", 156 lbs 
 2503 SMITH ST Fort Wayne, IN 46803 
3118 BOWSER AVE Fort Wayne, IN 46806 
1516 Elmrow Dr Fort Wayne, IN 46806 
1408 Mckinnie Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46803 
4110 Roseview Rd Apt 102 Fort Wayne, IN 46815 
 02D04-0903-MC-000553 Purifoy, Henry C 03/19/2009 Allen Superior Court 5 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal Decided P.C. POSS CONTR SUBSTANCE POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA 
 02D04-0903-FD-000286 Purifoy, Henry C 03/24/2009 Allen Superior Court 5 FD - Class D Felony Decided POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE POSSESSION OF PARAPHERNALIA 
 02D04-1008-CM-004734 Purifoy, Henry C 08/05/2010 Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor Decided RESISTING LAW ENFORCEMENT 
 02D04-1107-MC-001751 NA PURIFOY, HENRY C, III 07/11/2011 Allen Superior Court 4 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation) Decided 35-43-4-2(a)/FD: Theft 
 02D04-1110-MC-002554 NA NA PURIFOY, HENRY C, Jr. 10/03/2011 Allen Superior Court 4 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation) Decided 35-42-2-9(b)/FD: Strangulation 35-42-2-1.3(b)(1)/FD: Domestic Battery (Prior) 
 02D06-1110-MC-002712 NA NA PURIFOY, HENRY C, III 10/24/2011 Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation) Decided 35-42-5-1(1)/FB: Robbery - Defn Armed OR Bodily Injury Results To One Other Than Defn Attempt to Commit 35-42-2-2(b)(1)/FD: Criminal Recklessness (defn armed w/ deadly weapon) 
 02D06-1210-CM-005936 674762 674762 PURIFOY, HENRY C 10/31/2012 Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor Decided 9-30-5-2(b)/MA: Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated; Endangering A Person 9-30-5-1(a)/MC: Oper Veh w/ Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to at Least .08 but Less than .15 9-26-1-3(2)/MB: Failure to Stop after Accident Resulting in Damage to Unattended Vehicle 9-24-18-1/MC: Knowingly or Intentionally Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Ever Receiving a License 
 02D06-1309-IF-008344 698283 PURIFOY, HENRY C 09/03/2013 Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction Pending 9-24-1-1/IFC: No Valid Operators License   
You'd THINK they'd provide a mugshot of the perp, but no.
And, you'd ALSO think other media sources would be on this...again, no.
I wonder how WANE missed this one?
Guess it was only fair to toss a bone to WPTA?
Whatever the case, it's good to see SOMETHING being done...after ALL these years, but it will always come back to WHY has it taken THIS long to get the ball rolling with these thugs? I keep going back to my post from last week...more "whys" than anything else.
*** And in case you thought Darwin is not alive and well, here's a prime example that he in fact...IS:
A totally senseless self-inflicted gunshot that results in death...when are people going to learn?
This took place around 2000 hrs Saturday night on the city's NE side (where there is one LESS stupid person to be found)
A man was selling a firearm to a family member when the gun went off striking the man in the chest.
He later died of the wound.
And, of course, the FWPD PIO plays CAPTAIN OBVIOUS...but this is something that EVERY gun owner needs to have ingrained in their firearm psyche.
TREAT EVERY GUN AS IF IT IS LOADED...until you make SURE it really is...simple as that.
I never show any gun of mine to anyone until I drop the mag, and check the chamber, and it ONLY take a couple seconds; seconds which can determine whether someone lives...or dies.
Wish some of these gang members would display such carelessness a lot more frequently...make the job of the FWPD that much easier.
*** Lastly today...Wifey and I are still on the mend from what appears to have been a norovirus attack...gotta love that, hmm?
My appetite is not yet what it should be, and I have a sour stomach, but no real nausea.
Like I said, it'll take about a week to work it's way out of our systems.
And through all this, we manage to maintain a level of safety around the "Fortress".
Sure, you mind gets foggy when you're ill, but that is the time that you make sure you're not placing yourself at risk about the house.
You move slower, more purposed, and never try to cut any corners.
We tend to do that anyway, but more so now when you''re not 100%
I keep one firearm loaded (but not cocked)..just in case, while the others are ready to be loaded and fired if need be.
Even my BB pistols are on SAFE. You just don't want something to go wrong.
Safety should be the domain we all choose to live in, because if we don't, bad things can happen, usually at the worst time for the wrong reason.
Doesn't matter if it's going up or down the stairs, taking the car out, or cooking...the simplest of tasks when overlooked can be the catalyst for a tragedy.
And Lord knows this world (and all of our lives) have enough of them as it is. We don't need to add to them, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone,and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I will answer your question, but first a comment.

Legends has been a dump for years. They oughtta use the non-help the patrons and staff were in finding perp #2 as an excuse to shut the hole down.

And then do it to every other bar that gets involved in these kinda things. Maybe if there stuck at home because their idiocy has closed all their hangouts, they'll be easier to catch.

And now: Why is it that the gang force is finally doing some good?

Because we now have a BLACK police chief, minimizing the threat of "targeting" lawsuits!

Now you know why you have both Rusty and Hamilton employed- one to do the work, and one to be the colored face to hide behind.

See? Simple. We should have thought of it years ago.

Bob G. said...

As I could expect, your logic IS impeccable.
(you MUST be part Vulcan...LOL)

Agreed that such a craphole SHOULD be shut down, and perhaps it WAS when it used to be Mookie's...BUT, if it was JUST "rebranded" with a different sign and barstools, that does NOT make it a more amiable affair.

Again, we see the "cultural" aspect of some of Ft. Wayne's ethnic persuasions doing what they do best...and it has nothing to do w/ being PRODUCTIVE.

Good call regarding York & Hamilton...gotta be it.
It might work until crime decides to dig it's heels back in again...

Hey, thanks for swinging on over today to comemnt.
Very good viewpoint.

Stay SAFE up there.

gadfly said...

Sorry guys - but the black police chief theory doesn't make sense to me since Hamilton was commander of the SE area where all the action takes place.

It sounded good at first blush but it didn't pass the "What, Me Worry?" test.

Bob G. said...

I think that maybe being SE quadrant Cpt and being FWPD "capo" is a large enough difference (however not needed) to keep the yaps of the black nay-sayers shut...for the time being.
(we always give affirmative action the benefit of every doubt, don't we?)
It was just a way to move York into a job HE doesn't deserve (failed the SE side nicely for 14+ years)
It's more about politics than safety...and people like you and I know it.
Hamilton's got a record of "having to be propped up".

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.
I do appreciate your Alfred E. Neuman jab, though....THAT sounds about right from "downtown".