27 March 2014

Just When You Thought...
It could not get worse, and then it does, but not in the manner you expected.
Now, don't fret, it was just a small brain fart on MY part, and we'll be taking care of that anon.
Meanwhile, here in the Hoosierland, it's going to be a day with some RAIN in it.
If we do see the sun, it might be just a glance or two, according to the weatherman.
The high today will be around 46 degrees with more rain coming into tonight...that ought to chase the last of the snow away.
(the "high" around my part of the ghettohood will be whenever the mooks wake the hell up)
*** Now, as I so marvelously FORGOT yesterday, here is the WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week, complete with the answer.
"Hatred is something peculiar. You will always find it strongest and most violent where there is the lowest degree of culture."
This was spoken by our old buddy, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (28 August 1749 - 22 March 1832) - the same birthday as my father...we would have gotten along well... and here is his WIKI:
Now here was a renaissance man; a writer, a scientist, and a politician.
Von Goethe was also noted for his studies in evolution, linguistics, and philosophy.
Much of his poetry was set to music by Mozart and Mahler.
His views count him among some other pretty notable individuals such as Thomas Jefferson and Ludwig Von Beethoven.
It was also said that Nikola Tesla was highly influenced by Von Goethe's FAUST (his favorite poem) and Tesla had memorized the entire text, and it was this that led to the idea of the rotating magnetic field and eventually alternating current.
Heavy stuff, huh?
Meanwhile, back in the laboratory...
*** An invasion/armed robbery nets ONE perp out of two.
Here's the story link:
Two armed men kicked in a door to an apartment in the 1200 block of Swinney Ave around 2130 hrs on 25 March.
When inside, they forced a woman to tie up her 12-year old son, threatened to kill them, and then availed themselves of various items around the place, such as video games, a cell phone, a debit card and a handgun that belonged to the woman's boyfriend..
They attempted to flee in a gray Trailblazer and it as then they were caught when the SUV stopped in an alley nearby.
Jonesin' with the WRONG crowd?
Guess "chunky-boy" couldn't get away FAST enough to elude officers, hmm?
Lewis Jones was the one caught and charged with multiple felonies including criminal recklessness, burglary, robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon (seems they ALL suffer from that one), battery, and criminal confinement.
The other perp remains at-large.
*** There was also another robbery in the 4300 block of Avondale Dr. around 0130 hrs on 26 March.
(this story has been played down for some odd reason)
Sure miss having a SCANNER so I would know how CLOSE this sh*t happens to us.
According to WOWO,  in this robbery/home invasion, there were THREE men who kicked in a door, and demanded cash.
One of the men wielded a shotgun.
The three men fled the scene BEFORE police arrived (as they seem to do down here with regularity) with the woman's wallet.
FWPD is still searching for the suspects.
NO descriptions were available, but I'll give you THREE guesses as to ethnicity (and the first two don't count)
*** And yet ANOTHER armed robbery of a residence, this time early in the morning and on Riedmiller Ave.
Here's the story from the WOWO site:
(( FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne police are investigating a Wednesday morning robbery that happened at a home on Riedmiller Avenue.
 According to police, an officer arrived on the scene around 7:30 a.m., Wednesday. 
A woman said that she was robbed by three teenagers. 
She told the officer that at approximately 7:05 a.m., she heard a knock on her door. 
When she asked who it was and a male replied by saying that he missed the school bus and wanted to use her telephone. 
The woman opened the door and gave him her cellphone. 
She then stated that he walked into her living room without permission. 
She told him to stop and that’s when two other teenagers entered her home. 
The woman said one suspect had a gun tucked into his waistband, while he was holding onto with his hand.
 They took her prescription medications, laptop, and television. They then left the scene.  
The victim described the suspect who knocked on her door as black, approximately 17-years-old, with an “afro” hairstyle and a short, thin build. 
She described another suspect as black, around 17-years-old, with a very short, thin build. 
The third suspect is described as black, about 17-years-old, with a dark completion and stocky build.
The officer did find a pill bottle outside of the victim’s home on the ground, which had apparently been dropped. 
The officer collected the bottle and placed it into evidence for fingerprints.))
Seems the crime IS spreading WEST...just as I said it would...and by teens before school.
*** Next up,  I guess I kinda blew everyone away with my opening salvo about CULTURE.
I didn't mean to make it seem that involved, but it really IS. I suppose I was expecting some feedback on it, but I will admit that it does take time to let it all sink in.
Hopefully, you won't find it totally incomprehensible, as I am not trying to make it anything close to that...
I'm of the "K.I.S.S." mentality, and we're not talking Gene Simmons or Ace Frehley here, but rather the OTHER acronym (Keep It Simple, Stupid)...LOL
I do think that what I have to share will make you think , and if THAT happens, I've done my part.
*** Speaking of CULTURE...there was a rather interesting "editorial" in today's J-G, written by noted libtard, Eugene Robinson.
Here's the link to the article at the Washington (Com)Post, because for some "odd" reason, I cannot locate it in the local Journal Gazette, even though I was holding the story IN MY HANDS (wonder why it's NOT on the online version?)
Robinson, obviously has absolutely NO idea on how to address Paul Ryan's assertions (which happen to be CORRECT)...so, like any OTHER leftist, he goes after the individual, rather than the content..
When a libtard CANNOT attack the MESSAGE, they attack the MESSENGER...which shows how weak a hand they're playing with (as usual).
Ryan speaks to the culture of work...and that IS part of who we are...our vocation often defines us in our life pursuits.
Ryan also mentions about a generation of inner city men who actively do NOT want to work, and that again, is spot on.
While it's not representative of any class or ethnicity, the FACTS are just that...FACTS.
There IS an inordinate number of men in the inner city that DO NOT work, nor have any desire to do so...as long as they can crib with babay-mamas and live off her government-sponsorship...OR deal in street pharms to support them both (and whatever children they choose to bring into the world to perpetuate this societal farce).
This "culture of work" as Ryan puts it, is one of those "intangibles" that usually produces the tangibles (like cash and stuff) OF our culture, or ANY culture.
Pretty easy to figure out, but leave it to a progressive to complicate the obvious.
Robinson believes that if Ryan refers to rap and saggy pants, then he needs to look at schools in affluent suburbs instead of the inner city, because kids there are similar in nature (yeah, right...those affluent areas that all the inner city kids were BUSED to, right Eugene?).
How well has that worked out for everyone?
Robinson also states that Ryan CANNOT be referring to the use of illegal drugs, because that crosses ALL borders (literally) and classes of people.
I'm sure that Ryan is not talking about drug USE as much as drug DEALING, which is primarily an inner city issue, fostered mainly by those of ethnicity.
Again, learn to know the FACTS, Eugene, and get your head out of your...."sandbox".
Robinson's tirade against Rep Ryan is so indicative of turning a social issue into a political one. It also is a way of seeing just how LARGE the blinders are that most leftists wear when tackling such problems.
Granted, there IS a severe shortage of MEANINGFUL WORK, but that's not JUST in the inner cities...that's damn near everywhere these days.
But does that become the only reason that inner city men of color do not WANT to seek employment, while turning to more "lucrative" ventures such as the burglaries, robberies, home invasions drug dealing and other sundry crimes?
I tend to believe that even IF you had jobs by the score...good, well-paying jobs in abundance, that many of these people STILL would pursue "the fast buck" in the easiest manner possible. THAT has become a hallmark of a portion of our society today, and poverty is such a small part of all this.
Poverty? Not so much.
Poor people don't have cell phones, big-screen TVs, nice cars, nice clothes and athletic shoes, gold teeth,  assorted bling, and the like.
Or at least they shouldn't, because such things are akin to a fraudulently-acquired lifestyle.
Unfortunately, our government seems to want that for more than a few of the inner city folks.
*** Last back to garage today,  one can easily see how much of an impact on our culture such things have become...and conversely, how much of an impact our "culture" has on everyday life, no matter what part of town you hail from.
We have created this interwoven and complex web one with the other.
If one were to invoke a better analogy, you could say there is a "symbiotic" relationship between what we call culture and the people.
It would appear that one cannot (or will not) exist without the other...and inter-dependency exists between the two.
It's like a heroin addict and the syringe.
We ARE a product of our culture, but you have to remember that WE are responsible for creating that culture.
In that. it should be more like one hand washing the other...more COMPLIMENTARY than anything else.
THAT is how we become better people.
Betterment and refinement through education is how it was explained in yesterday's post.
And that's one damn good start...for ANY of us, no matter WHERE we live.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Disgusted said...

Concerning the incident on Riedmiller,I think the FWPD should contact FWCS to see which 3 students were missing that day. Seventeen years old, that would probably make them middle school students. There' a lot of crime that the Media doesn't report. Last Friday a 72 year old man was busted for crack. Has a pretty long arrest record. People have been calling FWPD all year. It took the Warrant Officers from the ACSD to get him. Now it's up to Karen Richards to put him away.

Bob G. said...

I said the exact same thing to Wifey...and that FWCS should ALSO check to see who's on suspension.
Think that would whittle the numbers WAY down.

The SPOT-CRIME website shows (me) ALL the crimes that are never reported within 3 miles of our "Fortress", and I can tell you, the media is missing a TON of them.
And NOT having a damn scanner to hear when this crap gets CLOSE to OUR place isn't helping ME one damn bit, either.

When it comes to Richards and the "nothing-but-net" posse downtown, I never hold my breath.
I can only hope.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay locked & loaded out there.

CWMartin said...

First, I was going to say the same thing about the blonde phantom to Disgusted that you did, so glad to see that's covered.

Second- you open the door to strangers and let them use your cell? How "thank you, sir, may I have another" of you, lady!

Third, big boy there looks just like a dude I used to know (on the right side of the law, though). I about crapped until I saw the name.

And about your culture post, I thought it would be more appropriate to comment once you went from clinical definition to main point. Just biding my time...

Bob G. said...

--Blonde Phantom...LOL.
Right On!

--That's what I was thinking?
what kids DOESN'T have a damn cell (or two) these days?

--Note: During ANY heist, leave the BIG (slow) guy at home.

--There are going to be MANY main points on THAT journey.
Let that be a lesson to ME - it's like opening Pandora's Box (only bigger...LOL)

Hey, thanks for stopping opn by to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe and dry up there.

Slamdunk said...

No way I would have gotten your quote author--interesting though.

So many of those home invasion robberies have "back-story." Investigators quickly learn that the house was not picked at random, and that the occupants have lots of extracurriculars going on. Always good to see a big boy try and run though--that usually is a win-win for the police.

Rain here today as well.

Bob G. said...

Von Goethe is one of those RARE people, and here in America, we never even hear about him, unless we're taking some specified college course, or dig around and fine him ourselves.

While I believe that investigators have clues as to WHY these houses were chosen, you can bet good money that the PERPS definitely know (and HAVE known)...and that's scary to think about.

That's why I prefer the "low-profile" approach to living in this area with such people around us.
Wouldn't have to do that with good neighbors, though.

Thanks much for rolling up to comemnt.

Stay safe out there.