11 March 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
And we're inching closer to our next winter snow "event"...this time tomorrow should be interesting to say the least.
Of course, we might be spared...or we might be slammed...just what we need, right?
The Hoosierland weather will find us with a high of around 50 degrees again, with increasing clouds throughout the day, leading up to the snowfall. A winter weather warning has been issued from 0200 hrs tomorrow morning through 1700 hrs tomorrow afternoon.
After that, I guess we'll know what's on the ground, hmm?
(and how much some of us have to shovel)
So, let's pour a hot cup of whatever floats your boat, and get this show rolling...
*** First out of the chute today, the FWCS has been busy spending money (your money) and while there is nothing about the transportation issue with the buses, there IS movement afoot regarding certain union advances.
Resistance IS futile...
Here's the story:
Yes, groundskeepers, assistants (got plenty of those), clerks, and nutritional service assistanst will be getting raises.
Thank AFCSME for this, which will affect close to 1,327 employees in the school system, and will be applied retroactively.
These changes align with "other" union groups (naturally).
Last August, the FWCS board approved base wage increases for all eligible educators and also increased starting salaries to $35K for those with bachelor's degrees and $39.5K for those with master's degrees.
The districts highest performing teachers will also receive a stipend of between $2K - $2.5K based on their level of effectiveness.
(no doubt the ability to jump through all the right hoops on command)
And a 2% raise was given to bus drivers last November.
FWCS is also pursuing more money to purchase about 1600 iPads for elementary and middle school children.
This will come to around $272K (and change)
An additional 960 iPads with retinal display will also be bought as mobile learning labs for elementary schoolers. These will be shared among classrooms and be stored on a cart. The costs for THESE will be in the area of $459K (and more change).
Hey, at this rate, we can kiss off teachers altogether, and let some A.I. teach our kids, right?
Nothing replaces a teacher in a classroom...it's that simple, and when technology fails (as it invariable will at some point), those educators will still be "running", won't they?
Moving on...
*** Once in a while, a "good call" comes from the judicial bench...like in THIS case:
Yes, I AM worthless.
Apparently, bail has been initially DENIED to this thug, one Trameil Jackson, the brother of the jailed ambulance shooter.
And like his older and incarcerated sibling, this a$$wipe is a member of the Morons Over Brains street gang.
While bond for the felonies leveled at Jackson would be in the $50K range, Allen County prosecutors asked that Jackson be held WITHOUT bail, citing that the physical safety of another person and the community would be at risk (like I said - good call).
The magistrate judge granted the request, but the court-appointed defense attorney asked to have superior court judge Surbeck reconsider the matter and reinstate a monetary bond for Trameil Jackson.
Now, if Surbeck thought as I do, he WOULD grant a monetary bond...somewhere around ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS...lol!
Either take that or stay the hell in jail (where this punk belongs)
Let's hope Surbeck just denies the bond and calls it done.
*** Next up, a story that spells out how NOT to talk to a telemarketer.
Here's the link:
Soy un idiota grande!
In this story, we have one Joseph R. Guzman, 34, recently dismissed from his sub-contracting job from the GM plant, who told a telemarketer back on 3 March that he had plans to shoot someone at the GM plant.
The call started as any telemarketing call, but when Guzman asked abiout SUICIDE INSURANCE, that alerted the caller.
He told the woman on the phone, that he "...plan to take some people with me, so I don't need the insurance."
Guzman denied the threats when questioned by officers, but the call was...(wait for it)...RECORDED.
Big Brother's technology strikes again...and possibly averted another shooting.
This guy is a certifiable dumbass (wonder if he's even a legal citizen?), and even looks like one of our "neighbors"...no sh*t! Must be related.
Guzman told police he was very upset about being fired and blames the UAW for all of his problems.
Now, while I admire his placing blame where it belongs (the UAW are a bunch of thugs in their own right), a JOB is different from a CAREER.
And, it's NOT worth acting like a well...you-know-what.
My Father always said that "Jobs are like buses - if you miss one, wait on the corner and another one WILL come by."
Careers tend to last a lot longer...like a doctor, policeman, fire fighter, educator, and so on.
Maybe this class D felony of intimidation that Guzman secured for himself will provide the needed time to think things out...and becoming a FELON will also deny his ability to have a firearm...nice job, you idiot!!
(hope your children, if you have any LEARN from YOUR stupidity)
*** Lastly today, did you read about the new state "slogan" for Indiana?
"Honest to Goodness" is trying to become the new "brand" for tourism in the Hoosier state...
And here's a link to a story about it:
Do we REALLY need to go through this again?
I mean there are a lot of more appropriate slogans one might use.
How about some of THESE?
INDIANA: Love it...or MOVE!
INDIANA: Not Your AVERAGE Crack State.
INDIANA: America's Crossroads of NO and WHERE
INDIANA: More Wal-Marts Per Person Than Anywhere Else.
INDIANA: Cocaine Distribution Hub of the Midwest..
INDIANA: We STILL Have Some Decent People Living Here!
INDIANA: Where Even Your Garden Gnome Is Armed
INDIANA: Back Homey Again.
INDIANA: The "New" Detroit.
INDIANA: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (if you're a sex offender).
INDIANA: Serious Violent Felon Crossroads of America
INDIANA: Where Every House is a Potential Urinal.
INDIANA: Knowuhimsayin?
INDIANA: The Methlab State
INDIANA: Where Your Parents Love to Retire...FROM!
INDIANA: Our gas costs more than YOURS.
INDIANA: The Armpit of the Midwest...and Proud of It.
Just a few to toss around...got lots more.
And I'm not even on the state payroll, and I can think these up on a whim.
(must be my Pennsy heritage...lol)
So there 'ya are...and if you managed a smile in this somewhere, my job is complete..
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

OMG. Your captions under the mug shots had me rolling. I am OVER winter. Die winter, die! Can we have more than two days of 60's. Pitiful. Sad. I moving. LOL

CWMartin said...

Well, Robert, being a native (maybe spelled naiive) Hoosier, I think I'll have to go with the slogan "DEAL WITH IT!"

How about coming in from Illinois- "Welcome to Indiana; Please turn around and pick up your Democratic State Senator?"

Or "Welcome to Indiana; weather info at randomnumber.com"?

Or "Welcome to Indiana; where your dog comes to poop anywhere"?

Or my favorite- "Welcome to Indiana; bar and grill, next right."

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad the mugs had 'ya laughin'.

I'd even prefer to see these perps be made to wear SHIRTS that have the captions printed on them.
(on PINK, naturally)

We're getting SNOW tonight into tomorrow...then another warm up by the weekend.
Hang in there, Kiddo.

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

native - naive...LOL.
Good one.
"Wghere your dog come to poop anywhere"...LMAO!
(what...nothing about mud-caked paws?)

The randomnumber.com one is priceless!!
Trust me, as a transplanted Pennsylvania, I have a LOT more slogans for Indiana...bwhahahah.
(call it years of angst-ridden joy of watching my part pf town go down the crapper.)

Hey, thanks for the smile...and for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and mud-free) up there, brother.

(Remember to save water - shower with your DOG...LOL)

gadfly said...

Your list (or somebody else's list) is quite humorous - except for the Walmart dig. I really cannot understand the hatred for the one place you can depend upon to have reasonably priced goods. Oh - I forgot, they are not union, but we are a Right-to-Work state.

Anyway, I would like to add:

This is Indiana: Hoosier Daddy?

Bob G. said...

Actually, the Walmart slogan is one of the ones that ISN'T a slight.
The stores here are well-placed.
Plus...They're the ONLY retail store we HAVE left down here on the SE side...

And the fact that they're NOT union (yet), is a GOOD thing.
Haven't had a bad experience at ANY time I stopped in there.

Maybe others might hate the place...I think they do okay, and the government should back off of them and let the free market have it's way.
But, hey, what do I know?
I could be wrong.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

Hey - I almost missed the FWCS story. So they are buying Apple IPads when Google Chromebooks do the same thing for half the price.

Honestly, having acquired a Kindle Fire, which is about the size of an IPad, I simply don't understand the attraction and I am unsure exactly how these things will help learning.

I wonder who pays for the Ipads that turn up missing or broken? I lie because I already know the answer.

Bob G. said...

Good to know I'm not the ONLY person who thinks this idea is a waste!
And it makes learning more "fun"...like these kids don't already need a better form of STRUCTURE in their lives.
This won't do it, either.

No one ever said that the FWCS was ever known for being "cost-effective".
Your answer would be the correct one...we ALL know who pays for them...and pays...and pays...and keeps on paying.

Thanks for commenting.