18 April 2014

"Good" Friday Follies...
Welcome to one of the high holy days of the Judeo-Christian calendar...I'm sure the atheists are pissed off to no end over THIS one, hmm?
(too darn bad)
And I promise to do MY best at not using cuss words today in this post.
The Hoosierland weather will see us with another nice day with temps reaching back into the low 60s and a good amount of sunshine, after we get rid of the clouds and light showers the area is suffering this morning into the early afternoon.
So, go pour yourself another cup of whatever you're having as we get this show on the road.
*** First out of the chapel today...yes friends, it IS Good Friday, and here is the WIKI on this day:
Today commemorates the crucifixion of Christ and his death on Calvary's cross.
This is based on the details in the Canonical gospels and believed to have happened in the year 33 A.D., although Isaac Newton believed the difference between the Biblical and Julian calendars would have this event in the year 34 A.D.
Catholics treat this day as one of fasting (which by Latin rite means only ONE meal, smaller than a regular meal) usually with an abstention from eating ANY type of MEAT (Bet that Filet-o-Fish is looking real good now, isn't it?).
The celebration of the Passion of the Lord takes place in the afternoon, usually around 3PM.
At this time, the altar is completely bare and void of candles, crosses and cloth, and it's also customary to empty the holy water fonts in preparation for the blessing of the water during the Easter vigil.
( I dated a couple Catholic girls in my high school days...you learn stuff)
The Stations of the Cross are part of the liturgy, and a prayer service may be held from midday to 3PM.
Around our (Methodist) house, Mom would make sure that there was no "carrying-on" during that time.
It was "quiet time" for those 3 hours (read a book, son) in reverence to what Christ suffered while on the cross.
(Naturally around my CURRENT "neighborhood", there will be NO such observance by ANY of the local aborigines...you can make book on that.)
The WIKI goes on in greater detail about various countries and their own tweaks to observances, as well as Protestant traditions.
Indiana is one of only TWELVE states that still hold this day in regard to it being a STATE holiday.
The financial and stock markets are also closed today.
Yes, I'm sure those atheists are wondering what the HECK is going on...
Well, THIS is what goes on when your nation was founded by God-fearing men, and all our LAWS are rooted in Judeo-Christian principles.
To the nay-sayers, I would simply tell them: "Deal with it".
Moving on...
*** Yes, we've had some "action" overnight into this morning, on the criminal side of things.
-- Rod HIssong from WANE reported that a person arrived at Parkview Randalia last night around 2300 hrs suffering from a gunshot wound.
The man was listed in serious condition and no other details are available (thanks to the tight-lipped spokespeople).
It's not Rod's fault - he wasn't told anything further, but I would bet the victim was black as well as the shooter, and that it involves the SE side of town. Just a hunch.
Be surprised if any of that was incorrect.
--  Over in New Haven, the police seem to be right on top of things, as told in this story:
FOUR people (think WHITE TRASH) were arrested after an armed robbery of a Speedway gas station located at the corner of Hartzell Rd and Lincoln Hwy E.
(seems someone picked the wrong time to rob that place with all the LEOs that converged on the location)
Two women were apprehended within minutes of the 911 call going on-air (in a vehicle near the railroad tracks along Hartzell), but two men wearing bandannas across their faces and brandishing a handgun) eluded police for a half hour before witness descriptions led police to the Meadowbrook addition at Hartzell and Moeller Rds.
A New haven officer and K-9 unit found a handgun behind the gas station.
The investigation is ongoing, and police have not said whether the money that was taken was recovered or if a second handgun had been found.
(both men were said to have had handguns)
It is also unclear as to what charges the four face.
(I think it's less of WHAT charges they face, and more about HOW MANY charges this group faces...or it should be)
*** Next up, A new segment I guess I'll call...
 "Bobby G's Ebay Haul of the Week".
Got two cool items (for cheap, naturally) at my favorite virtual shopping center.
-- First, is what looks to be a very good book.
It's a philosophy book, and before you start rolling your eyes, I like to read up on this from time to time. I won't get into all the "heavy" stuff from every philosopher since antiquity, for I couldn't possibly live THAT long.
This book is a tie-in with pop culture aka superheroes.
It's entitled Green Lantern and Philosophy: No Evil Shall Escape This Book.
Got it for less than $5 bucks (free shipping of course) and the retail label from the university is still on the back...originally cost $17.95 (plus tax), so that was a deal worth getting. The pop-culture series has such other titles referring to Iron Man (The Stark Reality), The Walking Dead, Superman, Family Guy...and they all are related to philosophy is some manner.
And yes, Chris, they DO have an AVENGERS philosophy book that came out last year entitled "Earth's Mightiest Thinkers"...lol.
I knew you wanted to know.,
The next book I have to get is called The Virtues of Captain America (published Feb 2014).
-- And speaking of our favorite shield-slinger, I also snagged me a Cap Winter Soldier figure for $6 (new, but loose).
They seem to be going for anywhere from $9.99 and up (mostly UP), so, anything that comes UNDER retail works for me.
It's well articulated for a 3.75 inch figure, and has a pretty good rendering of Chris Evans' face.
Trying to find these figures at the local big boxes isn't easy (online), because their selection is lacking (a lot).
Then again, I've never looked at Fort Wayne as a haven for toy COLLECTING, considering they ONLY have ONE T-R-U here and no longer have a Kaybee Toys in Glenbrook Mall.
Spencer's doesn't carry things such as that, and we don't even have a DISNEY store there either now (Marvel was sold to Disney a couple years back, and those stores carry a full line of stuff from the Marvel movie universe now)
You "might" luck into something at K Mart, Walmart, Target and the like...but that's a "crapshoot" (and not a cuss word...lol)
And that's it (for now) from the world of "never having to really grow up, no matter how old you get"..kapeesh?
*** Last back to the rectory today...we're entering the most holy time of the rolling year, and I don't mind having to step back and be a bit reflective on how I got from "there to here".
It is a time to ponder sacrifices that we ALL have made in order to get to this specific point in time in the infinite realm of the universe.
Seems like a tall order, but I believe it helps each of us to no small end.
We've all made choices in our lives, and will make a LOT more before we're called home, and while some choices might not seem like the right ones NOW, they often prove us to be correct at a later time.
Conversely, a choice we believed was good (then) turns out to hit a sour note later on...lesson learned, right?
Life is like that - a LEARNING experience, and all the experience that we accumulate becomes tempered with WISDOM as to how best to apply what we learn.
That requires courage...or something we can also call faith.
I think in many ways, COURAGE and FAITH become enmeshed, depending on the situation and how right our mind is at that time.
I'm SURE he ALSO meant WOMEN as well...
The older we get, hopefully the more experience we acquire, and the wisdom we can apply to it's application.
That means there HAS to be a level of FAITH to know things will work out if we believe them to do so.
It also means we need COURAGE to see it through, so in that, those two things must have a deeper connection.
At this time of year, perhaps we can (and should) take time to reacquaint ourselves with sacrifice...and faith...and courage.
If it was good enough for our Lord and Savior as he hung on the cross (for OUR sins), it HAS to be good enough for us, right?
I'll step away from the pulpit now...didn't mean to preach.
Do have yourselves a Blessed weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America


CWMartin said...

"last back to the rectory..." lol. I would say I am in green liturgical vestments over that pun, but chalice-y is such an ugly word.

Bob G. said...

Well, I was going to use the word VICARY...LOL.
(made 'ya laugh)
Who ever said that church has to be dull and boring?
(not with the two of US around, that's for sure)

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Have yourselves a blessed and holy weekend (in keeping with the situation).

Stay safe up there.

gadfly said...

Green Lantern, eh? From the halcyon days of yesteryear and old time comic books, even, comes America's champions against all things evil.

Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men? whooooeeee!

Bob G. said...

Yep...back in the days when Mom took me to the barbershop to get my hair cut.
Uncle Phil had a stack of comics there and GL peaked my interest. Been a fan ever since.
Wish I would have been as much the collector.

The movie w/ Ryan Reynolds did a good job of bringing it up-to-date, and lends itself handily to a sequel (Sinestro has the YELLOW RING).
The chapter headings in the book seem to cover a wide range of philosophical beliefs,and ';m sure it ties in nicely with forms of mythology.

Thanks for stopping on over today to comment.
(feel free to repeat the LANTERN OATH)

Have a great weekend & stay safe out there.