29 April 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
It would appear as if the sun is TRYING to break through the overcast this morning, but we've got some early fog to deal with as well. With the rising temps, it's natural to see this...used to have it all the time in South Jersey during Spring.
And speaking of those temps...looks like we're going to break into the 70 degree range, although we we'll have the constant threat of showers all day.
(pssst...get used to the rain...gonna be around most all week and into the weekend)
Now, having dispensed with those preliminaries, let's pour ourselves a nice warm cup of that morning beverage as we get buyt seeing what the hell has been going on since we went to bed last night...
*** First off the burn pile is one of those "special ind of stupid" stories that makes you wonder WHERE has our society gone wrong, and why do we keep allowing it.
Here's the story link:
Willey (aka Wiley) Lymon, Jr, 54,  of 3317 Cedar Ridge Run, Fort Wayne 46806 (no surprise - it's OUR zipcode, too) is obviously NO stranger to the Allen County penal system.
He's had multiple traffic violations (like driving while suspended), multiple public intox, multiple resisting, theft (2009), criminal conversion, possession of cocaine (2002), dealing in cocaine/meth (2001), check deception (1990), and a housing code violation, so you can see he's a career crim that only wants to satisfy his OWN needs and wants...but I'm sure he's "such a good man, great father",...bullshit!
Having been BANNED from ALL Kroger stores for theft back in 2011 didn't seem to faze him, however when last week, he decided he needed some "liquor" to quench his thirst.
So he loads up a cart and walked out the door WITHOUT PAYING (typical), where an Allen County Sheriff's Department uniformed officer (working at Kroger) spotted Lyman and yelled at him to halt.
Sure as hell LOOKED that way.
If you recall, it was just last month (archive post - 20 March) when a trio of similarly-raced perps pulled off some booze heists at other Krogers, totalling over $4 GRAND. Those three are facing R.I.C.O. charges for their "participation" and bad judgment.
Anyway, back to the other theft...
Lymon took off, but was taken down in the store's parking lot.
Lymon told the officer he couldn't breathe, so the officer brought him to his feet, and that's when Lymon began resisting, allegedly striking the officer in the crotch and ripping off the radio.
Two witnesses were able to assist the officer in getting Lymon in handcuffs (so you KNOW this didn't take place on the SE side...lol)
BUSTED!!! (for the 27th time)
And, to add some icing on THIS "cake", Lyman already had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation (outstanding...and no surprise there, either)
Lymon faces a class D felony theft, class D felony resisting, class A misdemeanor resisting, and a class D criminal trespass.
Nice job by that officer and those witnesses. I LOVE happy endings!
Moving on...
*** Indiana's ISTEP+ test gets the boot...well, the ONLINE version has.
Here's the story link:
Funny, I don't recall state testing back in the Mesozoic era (when I attended school), but I'm sure SOMEONE was keeping track of who was doing what, and how WELL it was being done.
Nowadays, we have this "state" testing, and while that seem okay, why in God's name do we even need it?
Can we not set standards that are fairly universal in nature without all the fol-de-rol that comes with teaching to the tests?
Back in my elementary school days, we had THREE grades for each half of the school year.
--One was for the SUBJECT MATTER (that kinda sells itself, doesn't it?)
--Two was for WORK HABITS (that was like preparedness - were you ready for schoolwork. Pencils, anyone?)
--Three was for CIVICS (how well you interacted with the other students and teachers)
Today, it must be about a lot less than those, because the education system is more worried about how the SCHOOL PERFORMS, rather than the students within it's walls.
Has to do with ALL the free gov't money coming in, doesn't it?
Granted that students make the SCHOOL and teachers look good, and the schools bend over backwards to make the kids look good, tossing money around like they plucked it off a tree out back.
DRESS CODES make you look good.
But, as I said yesterday, it's all ABOUT looking good.
Wouldn't it be more advantageous if we concerned ourselves with DOING GOOD (or even better)?
The only conclusion I can find is if schools tend to "teach to the test", then we SHOULD, by all intents and purposes be creating GREAT TEST-TAKERS...and there doesn't seem to be much market for THAT "job-description".
It's little wonder that many educators become disenchanted with teaching and seek other careers.
Used to be that every teacher I knew RETIRED from that teaching job grudgingly, because they LOVED the job so damn much.
And...no online test-taking. Learn to use a damn pencil and fill in the little circles...got it?
*** Next up, seems we had a mini-arsonist around town...who got caught.
Here's the story link:
At 1015 hrs, one would "think" that juvenile would be in...oh say..SCHOOL???
Where are the PARENTS and WHY was this punk-ass kid torching a garage at 2902 Barr St?
Lots of questions needing answers here.
-- And speaking of weird sh*t at houses, how's about THIS story:
THAT'S gonna leave a mark!
Yep, you can sure tell it's Springtime on the SE side of Ft. Wayne.
All the bad drivers (that should not BE driving) are busy ramming into houses around 0400 hrs.
This happened at the aforementioned time this morning at a house located at 617 E. Creighton Ave.
Fortunately, no one inside the house was injured (just shaken up, as anyone would be).
New signage for the SE side?
The driver, a woman bailed and ran off (and is now a pedestrian for the time being)
A bottle of booze was found in the car. (BIG surprise)
Police, responding to a call for injuries, found a woman near Lafayette and Creighton and brought her back to the scene to be attended by medics.
No word if she was arrested (but she sure would be a good suspect)
The car had rammed THROUGH the living room of the house, coming to rest in the kitchen but not before removing a FIRE HYDRANT along it's path and bringing it INTO the house, leaving it near the refrigerator.
(moving at a good clip, I'd wager)
The mother and daughter had lived in that house for 15 years and never saw anything like this...(that I would bank on, but times have changed significantly down here in those 15 years...believe you me.)
*** Last back to the barn, today, more evidence of a failing CULTURE in America in general, and Fort Wayne in particular.
Pretty sad commentary...but we DO have a great DOWNTOWN, don't we?
We could have the nation's BEST downtown, but that does not (nor ever will) make the problems encountered in OTHER parts of this city go way any time soon.
Welcome to City Hall - Fort Wayne style.
It's ignorance on the part of City hall to think otherwise, and that's a dangerous path to walk upon.
Whether it's wholesale shoplifting, or being so out-of-control that you crash a vehicle into a house, affecting the lives on those within, it's more proof that the system is flawed to the point of being broken...VERY broken.
We didn't have such things happening decades ago, and perhaps it had to do with a lack of an entitlement mentality.
You wanted something...you worked, saved and then BOUGHT it...whatever "it" was.
And if you couldn't afford it, maybe you weren't meant to have it, or perhaps your resources were better utilized elsewhere.
People these days act upon desires and instincts, rather than thought, reason, or (God-forbid) logic.
It's become one hedonistic Gordian Knot...one which we need to figure out HOW to unravel it, so we can get this nation back on firmer ground, rooted in better values and principles.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

It would be interesting to know what this perp had against Kroger... or if he was just one of those "They didn't let me get away with it" scum that seem to be the only ones breeding on this planet these days.

Bob G. said...

Kroger must be "easy mark" for these crims...
(not as easy as it used to be)

Good to see that a member of the SHERIFF'S department was there, as well as the two "assistants".
(where was the FWPD?)

Makes me wonder WHERE that Kroger was located, because I rarely if ever see ANY ACSD officers in this area (unless it's a warrant serve).

Thanks much for stopping by today to comment.

You stay safe up there, brother.

John DuMond said...

"It's little wonder that many educators become disenchanted with teaching and seek other careers."

My mom's a retired elementary school teacher. She's said on multiple occasions that she's glad to be done with it. She always liked working with the kids, but the changes in the system (not to mention social attitudes) have made things intolerable.

Bob G. said...

John D.?:
That's exactly my point.
CHANGES to the system...to do what?
(dumb DOWN the kids, obviously)

And changes to social attitudes.(just call it an over-permissive "culture" - there's that "C" word again)

The KIDS have all the "rights" these days (sue schools wrongly while bullying goes unpunished), but when I went to school, I ONLY had the "RIGHT" (really a privilege) TO PAY ATTENTION AND LEARN.
That was it!

And If I did neither, there was HELL to pay both at school, and especially AT HOME.
Kinda miss those days.

Thanks so much for rolling up to comment.

Stay safe (and very well-educated) out there.

Slamdunk said...

Glad the officer had some citizen helpers to drag Wiley into jail.

In my policing classes this week, we are discussing theft investigations and it is fun to watch some of the frontier justice given by store owners (independent since the chain stores have no-resistance policies) on shoplifters. I think the punishment they endure at the hands of a KY shop owner is a much better deterrent than what is likely to be handed to them via the courts.

Send that sun our way Bob!

Bob G. said...

If I can FIND the sun, I'll be sure to move it your way!
I'm just not finding it.

As to KY store owners...I traveled from New England to Florida, and I always made sure to "modify" my demeanor in SOUTHERN STATES...as in "on my BEST behavior".
I would NEVER want to be on the "receiving" end of ANY store owner in those states, and you can include Kentucky.
In many ways, they act the way shopkeepers USED to act - be courteous, BUT take no sh*t!
Sounds like a REAL plan.

Hey, thanks for dropping over today to comment.
Stay safe out there.