27 May 2014

Tuesday Musings...
Okay, now it's my turn to say a few things that have been on my mind, and we'll be getting to those in just a bit, but first, the ever-changing weather here is the Hoosierland...
It's going to be mostly cloudy today with temps again reaching into the MID-EIGHTIES...yepper, sure starting to FEEL like Summer now, isn't it?
(fire up the A/C...yer gonna need it)
And we're looking at rain sometime today, probably later this afternoon into tonight (makes the posies grow, don'cha know).
So, with that having been said, let's take a look at what's been gnawing at my psyche...and get that cup refilled.
*** First out of the charcoal bag today...Wifey and I had another one of "those" days yesterday, and naturally, we didn't PLAN for it to develop as it did.
This is the "Mosaic" of the species.
We decided early on that we'd stop at Menards, because she had seen where they were selling those KONG COLEUS plants (dem's bigguns...lol)
They DO add color to any garden!
That trip went well (got some other things, too), but when we got back to the Wifeymobile, I noticed a (reddish) puddle under it.
Now, since the car was running fine, I dismissed it as the previous person who might have parked there.
An oldie...but a GOODIE!
When we got home, I decided to allow my latent OCD to kick in and look under the hood.
And what did my eyes behold...a thin stream of liquid, shooting forth from the top of the radiator, like a damn SUPER-SOAKER, arcing several feet into the air, where I was "spritzed".
How the hell did HE get under the hood?
Yep...that's antifreeze.
(oh cripes, can we ever get a damn break around here...that was my immediate reaction)
Wifey went slightly past mechanic's mode into "Plan F" mode...wanting to get a new car, call for a rental, etc...well, school was looming the following day.
I chose to cogitate a bit (and swear a bit more), and to see if my automotive skills from decades past would still serve us.
I took the offending part off of the top of the radiator...a rubber nub covering a tube exiting the top of the radiator...essentially a GNDN part - aka "GOES NOWHERE, DOES NOTHING".
It had cracks all around the end, and could not be repaired, so I went into "PLAN B" mode.
"Atomic batteries to power...turbines to speed..."
I fired up the Batmobile, told Wifey I'd be back shortly, kissed her, and set off through early morning "Gotham" on my way to the Auto Zone in Waynedale to at least SEE if they were OPEN (first) and also if they might have SOME sort of replacement (took the old one with me naturally).
Shot in the dark time, no doubt.
Look out, 'cause Bob's on the prowl for parts!
Well, they WERE, and they DID...and, in a THREE-PACK, no less...imagine that!!!
(Didn't even cost $3 total, either, thanks to my Auto Zone discount card...I even get bargains on holidays...heh.)
Brahms...rock me, Jo!
I returned to the "Fortress", after enjoying a bit of "hot-rodding" along Baer Field Expressway, all the while listening to the last movement of one of my favorite classical pieces - Johannes Brahm's Symphony #1 (in C minor, opus 68...for all you purists out there...lol)...now, next to AC/DC, TED NUGENT or ZZ TOP, THAT is some serious "driving music"...!
(to me)
Then, there are all those great SOUNDTRACK themes...
Anyway, I get back safely, take the new part out, and use a new hose clamp to affix the piece where the old one was, and PRESTO...NO MORE SUPER-SOAKING anything...or (more importantly) anyone.
Dead center - all FIXED now!
I had Wifey run the engine up to check for bubbling or hissing ...nothing...suh-weet!
And it was barely past 0900 hrs...
Now, all I would have to do is clean up the garage floor...later.
*** Next up, we had wanted to have ourselves a bit of a cookout (nothing fancy)...well, it WAS Memorial Day, and I had all the flags out, and the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. had planted the coleus while I was away to the parts shop.
Lookin' good...
Before I brought out the grill to get things going, we planted some more flowers into a new whiskey-barrel planter and got that squared away nicely.
Lookin' REAL good.
I had defrosted some ground beef, a package of beef hot dogs (Hebrew National,...our favorites...and we're not even "kosher"..but I have been told I have a "Jewish" sense of humor...OY!), and some hot Italian sausages.
In actuality, the cookout became more of a late LUNCH than a dinner which was fine by us...we figured we were already on an adrenalin "rush", so why waste it...just make the damn food, Bob...(sure, why not).
And...lookin' MIGHTY tasty, too.
Besides, it would "beat the rush" of the aborigines who tend to wake up later and party 'til the next damn day...sounded good.
As it turned out, the patio was peaceful (for a change...not that much external noise from the locals), and the food was ready by 1230 hrs.
Naturally, I made more than we could eat, so I got us some leftovers, which reheat very well (had another burger later that night).
I did forget the SALADS...and my BAKED BEANS and potato chips, but what the hell...it was still good.
*** Now, without sounding like an episode of "24", and me trying to be some sort of JACK BAUER by saving the world through auto repair and culinary expertise, this all took place between the hours of 8AM to 1PM.
I like my burgers VERY well done..or else.
And, it was then we were starting to hear how OTHERS expressed their way to memorialize our troops.
While we chose to be more on the somber side, and just take stock in what we have BECAUSE of the brave heroes throughout our history who have allowed us to be at this place in time through their service and sacrifice, too many others took the time to regale us with (c)rap music...as if they were attempting to memorialize Biggie Smalls or TuPac...yeah, right.
Some folks just WILL not ever get it...maybe it's a genetic flaw, or perhaps an indifference to those that make freedom possible, but I would bet you dollars to donuts that if you take these disrespectful assholes and drop them into any type of combat, they couldn't find a hole DEEP enough to crawl into, as they try and pull that real estate over their cowardly butts.
Yet, THEY are able to enjoy the very SAME freedoms you and I do...thanks to the sacrifices of others...
But, there is NO appreciation...NO recognition...NO respect for the fallen, or those who have served, or are serving today in our military. They don't even try to fake it.
And that's pretty damn sad.
I can honestly say that as far as I could see, OUR HOUSE was the ONLY one in the immediate area that FLEW OUR NATION'S FLAG...!!!
Certainly doesn't take that much or cost that much to realize that you can do what you do because OTHERS have made it possible.
Well, not down where WE live.
We have become the EXCEPTION, rather than the norm, and that's a complete reversal from what I recall growing up.
All the streets where I lived in Philly had FLAGS out on Memorial Day...
Kids had their bikes and trikes adorned with red, white, and blue crepe paper in the wheel spokes, parades abounded, and a sense of REAL patriotism ruled the day. Not as much these days, it seems, unless you live in an area where people still think and do for themselves, rather then become "wards of the state" with no level of appreciation or respect for those paying the freight.
*** Last back to the fire-pit today...it angers me greatly to see so many people never taking the time to realize just HOW damn fortunate they are, living in this country, even with the problems we face, which are many.
We REMEMBER those living and dead who helped forge this nation from it's birth to modern day...and we do it for a REASON.
And that reason has nothing to do with trying to WAKE THE DEAD through cacophonous noise, posing as music.
Should I wish to hear ANYTHING over 120 Db, I can always go to the airport and stand along the fence.
If anything, we should recall the songs, hymns, and anthems that have defined this country, and if that makes me some old fogey, tough sh*t.
A VERY special place...for remembrance.
There IS a time and place for everything (says the Bible), and everything should be in moderation (says Ben Franklin), and yesterday  SHOULD have a special place in all of this.
To many, it DOES, and always will...to others, not one damn bit.
Better to get drunk, act stupid, and let the world see what an idiot you are.
If THIS is what is meant by "diversity", then you can have it and put it where the sun never shines.
We speak when they cannot.
I'll stick to traditional values and principles, and if that means taking just ONE day a year to properly and (more important) FORMALLY remember those who should be remembered ALL year...I'm good with that, and will gladly do what I can to keep THAT aspect of our AMERICAN culture alive and well.
And I'm sure many of you feel likewise.
That might not necessarily make us better people...just BETTER AMERICANS.
I think there are many in Arlington, as well as other similar places who would appreciate such things.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

On the first and foremost: Glad to see you got a simple fix for a change, sorry about your super soaking. Jealous of the cookout (just a little, and glad to see it ended as a pretty good day.

On the second and aggravating: I note that I have done less of the overt "celebrating" of supposedly sober reflective holidays. So many people do better tributes, so many float the "It's not national bbq day" memes. I chose a very quiet way- closing my eyes at the anthems kicking off the NASCAR race, thinking about what the songs and the singing really mean. Tis enough for me. There are many people that have a much more personal stake in this memorial than I... I was fortunately not one of those who lost a family member in any of these most noble professions. (My Dad got 4-f'd for a lung spot acquired at an asbestos factory, the legend goes. I had an uncle wounded in France, and the fragment that was never removed proved to be the growth point for the cancer that got him- but most of his family died from non-shrapnel related cancers, so I figure that was just a coincidence.

I for my part will nod and salute those who memorialize a fallen loved one, and be thankful for what their deaths brought me.

Bob G. said...

I will say that I am fast becoming an "ex-spurt" when it comes to problems with WATER around the house ...or other sundry liquids like those found in the garage (and under the hood)...LOL.

I would say that any memorializing on our part is more about staying close to home, having a good meal together, remembering stories about my father and others that have passed on.
If we are overt in any way, it's by displaying the flag, but I tend to view that more as ceremony (and to be expected of us).
I often find myself getting stuff in my eyes when I hear a military chorale sing some patriotic song...(darn pollen).
The PBS Memorial Day special was fantastic!
A reflective time for me, to be sure.

Thanks much for stopping by to comment today.
Stay safe up there.

Slamdunk said...

I'd say you earned your keep there Mr. Fix-it. Nicely done. Also, I am having trouble visualizing you cruising to Brahm. A softer side I guess?

Haha. Enjoy your day Bob.

Bob G. said...

Well, it's like RED-GREEN always says:
"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you HANDY."

As to cruising w/ Brahms...you can't go wrong with that last movement of the 1st Symphony...but let's never forget he ALSO wrote that LULLABY...and you NEVER drive to THAT ditty.
(A softer side? Sure, okay, why not? LOL)

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe out there.