13 May 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
Welcome to another post-flood edition of my humble little blog.
It's always challenging to suffer an "incident" now and again, but I have to say that the powers (not of good)  that be have put in some serious O/T of late when it comes to our lives and this "Fortress".
I'll be talking about that , and other fun stuff in just a bit, but first, let's look at our Hoosierland weather.
Today will see a bit of a milder day, with temps not as high as yesterday. Clouds will be coming our way (looks as if they've started gathering), and we'll be having some RAIN later today and into tomorrow.
Let's see if the "fix" for our drain does it's job in the interim before the "big dig"that's coming.
The highs today will be in the upper 70s with a 90% chance of rain (like to have THOSE odds at any casino).
Now, on to "the rest of the story"...
*** Got a few crime tales to tell, not the least of which is that couple found dead up on the NW side of town.
Here's the link:
Looks like homicide number 5 AND 6?
Authorities aren't saying the cause of death of the woman found...just the man. He is ruled a homicide...could it be a suicide murder?
Don't know at this point.
-- Then we have a domestic call that turns into a police pursuit that turns into one in custody after hit with bean-bag rounds AND a TASER.
Here's the link:
Gotta love those stop-sticks.
The video in this story shows the perp (gee, a black guy...guess you CAN have bad people living in a non-HUD apartment complex)
This began in the Autumn Creek Apartments in the 1900 block of Ardmore Rd (SW), and ended at Ardmore and Nuttman.
I just have to ask :"Was it REALLY worth it, rather than trying to TALK things out?"
-- This latest story has a woman being stabbed multiple times in the parking lot at Foster's Sports Pub, located on Clinton at KcKinnie Ave.
Here's the link from WANE (on YouTube):
This happened this morning around 0300 hrs.
(late hours, booze, and a whole lot of stupid...never ends well for the irresponsible)
No suspect descriptions were forthcoming, no arrests and no motive (probably someone with too big a mouth that needed shutting, and this area is full of people more than willing to do so).
The car, a grey Chrysler that looks to be a model 200 (and rather new) was flat-bedded away from the scene.
*** And while this story isn't a PROPER crime, it is criminal in nature.
Here's the story link:
A 4-year old started a blaze while "playing" with a lighter, and that almost killed him AND his mother.
(guess all the toys out there are passe` these days?)
This happened around 2000 hrs Sunday evening at a two-story house located at 1328 McKee St.
(no doubt a government-sponsored crib)
Good work by the FWFD, who found the child hiding in an entertainment center (must be a decent size one to hide inside of...probably from Rent-A-Center...write THAT debt off, as usual).
What is very troubling about this story, is that once AGAIN, we have an unsupervised child, who gets his paws on something he shouldn't, and the usual result is yet ANOTHER burned out house on the SE side of town. Add that to the other mooks that feel the need to cook with lots of grease on a stove at 2AM, or the assholes that fall asleep while smoking.
Absolutely NO responsibility as far as these people are concerned...just get them another house (to trash).
Got news for them...houses are NOT disposable items...like diapers, tampons, or condoms.
People need to be TAUGHT about what it means to live in a house (and especially be a GOOD neighbor) and the responsibilities incurred within.
*** And in a definitely RELATED story, we appear to have a "housing crisis" on the SE side, according to a study.
Here's the story link from the Sunday J-G:
This story speaks to the fact that much of the housing down here suffers from OVERCROWDING.
This is pretty much by "design"...or sorts.
It goes like this...a renter moves in, usually with her two children, and the tenant agreement SHOULD be for THREE people (occupancy and footage limitations per city ordinances).
Then, after a month or two, the "boyfriend-of-the-month" cribs there, and brings along his kids or friends. It could also be ANOTHER baby-mama and her tribe in tow.
Pretty soon, that house meant for THREE turns into a hovel housing SEVEN (or more)...that's the way these people shake.
And NO accountability on the part of the landlord OR the tenants.
When you see an 800 sq. ft. house (bungalow on a slab perhaps a two-bedroom house and MAYBE a one-car garage that is never used to store any vehicle) with FOUR CARS (at least) parked outside overnight, something is WRONG at that address.
THAT is what goes on down here...planned overcrowding.
It's less prevalent in apartments, due to stricter monitoring of occupancy and stickers for cars that belong to tenants living there.
Been there, know that.
The study goes on to say that some are paying more than 30% of their "income" for housing.
Gee, most people usually DO just that, if they're not independently wealthy, are working full time, and have things that will crop up like repairs around that house.
We know THAT MUCH all too well at the "Fortress"...lol.
But. it's the whole "income" thing that bugs me...WELFARE is not income...EBT cards are NOT income, and hell, even Social Security is NOT income.
Not in the manner is which it is properly defined.
People typically WORK for their INCOME...we all know that much.
The "welfare queens" don't do a damn thing except pump out babies, allow deadbeat boyfriends to shack up with them...and spend taxpayer money.
(and that's all on those good days)
Figure in all the irresponsible people in these houses that wind up trashing them or burning them down, putting their lazy asses back on the street.
You get what you deserve in this regard.
Over 400 houses alone are awaiting demolition, most ALL of them on the south side, many others are placed under condemnation, and we know how many families can be displaced when a fire hits an apartment complex, right? It can a DOZEN or more.
It's the PEOPLE causing the crisis, not the housing (or even the lack thereof)
And the solution (they say) is to build MORE housing, rather than renovate those than CAN be renovated, but that won't even cure the ills.
Placing the same people into NEW housing only continues the cycle of non-accountability on behalf of those mooks that are turning nice neighborhoods into ghetto slums.
That is NO real solution...never was and never will be.
It's a good story worth a read, but when you see and hear what I do, the truth becomes a lot clearer and unfortunately, the story omits that.
*** Lastly today...we're drying out again and cleaning up (again), and I mentioned that this is another one of those things we call a challenge.
How one deals with any form of adversity is just as important in life as how one deals with prosperity.
It's easy to handle things when all is right with the world, but when trouble happens (as it inevitability will), our response to it determines many things...especially the course of action for the immediate.
Now, I will say that having similar things happen becomes a study in predictability, and you set about following a particular set of items to handle that crisis or situation.
And, if one thing comes from any of this...it's education.
You DO learn...my God do you learn.
How we proceed with that knowledge makes us better prepared for the next event, or at least helps us make the choices that need TO BE MADE when that event finds us.
Having a plan, making good choices, working THROUGH adversity is what makes us much stronger than spending time at a gym...that's for sure.
And being able to look back and smile at things is a sign you're on the right track.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"...guess all the toys out there are passe` these days?"

As is common sense, in the case of that kid's mom, or whoever it was that left a lighter within his reach.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I REALLY had to shake my head on this one...
Both my parents smoked and they BOTH used lighters (Dad a Zippo), and I was told EARLY ON to NOT mess with these...EVER.
(ditto for MATCHES)

So, I didn't, and if I would have, there would have been SEVERE penalties to answer to, until I got it through my childhood skull.

These days, it's not about ANY of that mindset...and WHY NOT?
(keeps houses from burning down REAL well)
I worked fine then, and would work fine now, right?
(some people, hmm?)

Thanks for stopping on by today to watch things dry out (and to comment...lol)

Roll safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

Sorry to hear about your water battles and basement issues Bob. We live near a river and can't have a basement--the crawl space gets water frequently which is what it is for though.

When you said stop sticks I was hoping to see those tire deflation devices in action--the perp gets flat tires and beanbag round wounds. He is plenty lucky not to be at the hospital with a dog bite wound--committing a crime and then bailing out on a patrol vehicle often gets you one of those. Serious ouch.

Bob G. said...


When the drain is partially blocked, doesn't much matter if you've got a basement, crawl-space or built on STILTS...lol.
Water will seek out it's OWN level (and that often means inside your house), but what we had was better than geysers from the toilets, hmm?
Yeah, stop sticks are great.
This guy wanted police to shoot him, too.
(I thought police were there to serve the public...guess asking for SOME things doesn't always work?)
He's a definite candidate for dumbass of the week.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

The housing thing pisses me off as well and we are knocking down buildings left and right. I have no idea why the city urban planners don't want to give incentives to developers who would refurbish or restore what we have...ie. abandoned businesses into condos, houses into apartments, etc.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I studied architecture for years in high school, and I so appreciate fine buildings with solid construction.
When I see a new housing development, it's ALL "cookie-cutter" housing.
Where's the "UNIQUENESS" we used to have with simple structures?
No more "Harry Potter houses"...lol.

No one wants to spend LESS to renovate ANY older houses...and the cost to raze and then redevelop is often many times over the cost of fixing the originals back up...talk about WASTE!

That's like trashing a "cherry" classic 60s CORVETTE because you need a new engine...pointless waste.

Hey, thanks so much for rolling up today to comment, dear.

Stay safe down there.