15 May 2014

Welcome to Thorsday...
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, nor have I purposely left a typo in the title.
The Norse god of thunder is mainly responsible for the naming of today...and it sure is better than calling today Jupiter's Day, although both gods share the common bond of playing with lightning bolts (tip: do not try that at home).
The weather in the Hoosierland is mostly rain today. The GOOD news is that the HEAVY rain is over. The BAD news is that showers will continue into tomorrow, becoming SCATTERED in nature (like some of the brains in City Hall...lol). Might see some sun later on, too.
Temps will only manage to crawl into the upper 50s (yay), Don't shut that furnace completely off just yet...you might need it later tonight.
So, go fill that cup with your favorite morning beverage and we'll set about seeing what today has to offer.
*** First out of the grist mill is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.".
This is attributed to that Nobel Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875 - 4 September 1965), who was a German - later French - theologian, organist, philosopher,physician, and medical missionary in Africa, also known for his interpretive life of Jesus.
And here is his WIKI:
(Man, talk about one busy person in life...)
He received the Nobel Prize in 1952 for his philosophy of "Reverance for life".
Not only was he a music scholar and organist, but was also dedicated to the rescue, restoration and study of historic pipe organs.
Schweitzer considered his medical missionary work a call to become "fishers of men".
He was also one of colonialism's harshest critics, and was accused of being paternalistic and even racist in his views towards the Africans.
In 1960 he stated "no society can go from the primeval directly to an industrial state without losing the leavening that time and an agircultural period allow."
No, Mark Twain and I were NOT separated at birth.
(Guess we can see what he was talking about in a lot of those 3rd world nations.)
His life is quite the study in many disciplines, and he seemed to have a firm grip on them all. It really is worth a read, especially if you were alive when he was still with us. It's good to get to know the person behind the "name", as it were.
Moving on...
*** I knew today would not be without problems when I went out to get the paper and discovered that although it WAS in a bag, it was SOAKED CLEAN THROUGH.
At least OURS came in a bag (and that was soaked, too).
Seems we either have the old paper carrier back (he loved to single bag the papers) or we got another completely NEW carrier, who hasn't figured out the whole RAIN/DOUBLE BAG/DRY PAPER thing. It's no secret really. You put the paper in one bag, then take the second bag and place it over the first in the opposite direction...that keeps things a lot more dry a lot longer.
So, I'm waiting for the replacement paper to arrive, as the first one is totally unable to be read.
Okay...next micro crisis?
*** It's trash AND recycle day for us, and I'm wondering two things:
1 - Will our cans be placed back where the guys found them?
2 - Will they both be COMPLETELY emptied?
Last week, I found one of the bags I placed IN our trash bin in the alley, so someone has a pretty bad aim, and it's not like the trash truck was 30 feet away. Hell, I can toss trash into the truck when they come up the alley...it's THAT simple.
That takes the work out of such labor, right?
Plus, the trucks have this attachment that allows the can to be placed on it, and then upends the bin INTO the truck. It doesn't get ANY easier than this, even for people who DON'T work "for the city" proper.
I think we have a case of "in too big a hurry-itis".
Haste does make waste (and often leaves it behind in this instance)
*** The basement is doing okay for now as far as the DRAIN goes.
But, over on the other side, where the old flue vent used to be, rainwater runs down the wall and (supposedly) into a drain catch in the floor.
Roll-O-Matic to the rescue
It usually misses the mark,and runs across the floor like a 1/6th scale creek of sorts.
Needless to say, I really need a mop to get it up, but I burned through the two mops we already have (for the other floods), and need to get to a store and get us a couple more.
The one ROLL-O-MATIC mop only needs a new head-sponge.
I am thinking about  alternatives...like cementing up that damn opening and then spraying it all over with the FLEX-SEAL stuff I see advertised on TV...if you can coat a screen door in the bottom of a boat and go rowing with it, it SHOULD work on a basement wall, right?
And, I'm awaiting the utilities guy to come out to our yard for the Roto-Rooter people to proceed with their job sometime next week.
Gonna be rough to see a nice chunk of the lawn go bye-bye, but if it guarantees that NO further flooding will occur in the basement, that works for me.
Naturally, the cost will not improve the property VALUE one single dime...thanks to the city allowing this part of town to go to hell over the last 20 years.
*** Wifey and I have had problems with water ever since we moved here as a couple.
When we lived (if you could call it that) at Willow Crack...I mean CREEK Crossing Apartments, the upstairs neighbor had a problem with her plumbing and guess what? It flowed downhill (as water loves to do), right into OUR bathroom, so I had to rig a trough to catch the dripping and channel it to the toilet until the maintenance people fixed HER pipes or drains...whatever she screwed the hell up.
Thank GOD things never got THIS bad...LOL.
That should have clued us in as to what to expect for the future.
(more water, Bob?)
Yeah, when we moved into the "Fortress", we had that small leak in the basement wall where that flue pipe used to be...not a biggie (then).
Then a few years after that, we had a drip in the family room (a roofing nail popped out), so I went on that roof, tacked it back down and coated it with sealant...that lasted fine.
A couple years later, leaks developed in the GARAGE roof, and that became a real mess, covering the cars with plastic tarp to avoid ALL the damn drips coming from the loft area.
So we had to get a new roof for THAT.
Then, not long after that, the front room (where the computers are) in the house developed a leak and that dripped whenever we got HEAVY rain, but I had a litter pan to catch the water.
THAT meant a new roof for the HOUSE...well, now we have BOTH, so I don't want another roof leak for the next 35 years (or until I take the big "dirt-nap"...lol).
But the basement DRAIN was quite another issue, starting back in 2009 and then resurfacing last year into THIS year.
So, you can see we've had OUR (unfair) share of "indioor water-features" for this property, and I for one have thought of the notion of applying for a federal GRANT to turn this immediate area into a "wetlands" refuge for wildlife...lol.
And stay OFF the lawn!
At least it would fit the venue at this point, hmm?
*** Last back to the waterworks today...being a homeowner is NOT that bad a thing, provisionally-speaking.
I MUCH prefer my water-features to look like THIS.
I suppose if you had the PERFECT scenario, you'd have a nice house with basement surrounded by trees that do not have a deep root system, straight-line sewer drainage, low-profile roofing, gutter guards to keep those gutters from clogging, and rain barrels to catch the runoff.
You'd have a totally waterproofed basement that would allow it to be made over into another family room with carpet (that never gets WET), and perhaps some paneling.
The paper would be delivered on the front step every day, nice and dry, and the ONLY water on or in your property would either come from a faucet, flush down the toilet, run down a drain (and not back up), or be found in the garden watering can or in the pool you placed in an ample back yard.
Life is often as FAR from "perfect" as EAST is from WEST.
That's not to say you can't enjoy what you have...you can, but you have to be mindful of whatever pitfalls find you, and hopefully they do not find you unprepared to deal with them.
I like to take my crises as I do people in life...ONE at a time.
That way, I can devote as much attention as I need to to cope with whatever comes along.
I think that's as good a way to proceed as any, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Damn, Bob, you have impossibly high standards for your trash collectors. Cans back where you left them AND completely empty? I'll bet your the kinda guy who wants BOTH sides of the road plowed in winter. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
LMAO...why yes I am...was it THAT obvious???
After all, isn't that WHY we have TWO sides to every street (excepting the ONE-WAY streets of course)?

Hey, I just like a RETURN for all that TAX MONEY that sails off into the City Hall "sunset".

Thanks for the smile today...AND for rolling by to comment.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Look at the bright side, Robert: a few weeks of not having to mow as much, and the gardening thrill of growing the new grass! Unless of course, once you fix the problem we go back into a drought. Wouldn't THAT just figure?

Bob G. said...

LOL...strangely enough, the same thought about a DROUGHT has crossed my mind.
I told Wifey we should just stick a ROCK GARDEN in there.

My concern is how to "dress up" the access vent for the sewer pipe...another planter?
I know...lawn FIRST, lovely plants SECOND.

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and dried out) up there.

Slamdunk said...

With Schweitzer--back when they used to give the Nobel prize for people who deserved it.

Sounds like the basement continues to be a work in progress. You'll get resupplies with mop ammo and be back fighting.

Good gosh with that paper--hope the lesson is learned quickly.

I hope your weekend is quiet and dry Bob.

gadfly said...

Bob, it seems as if you and I have been fighting water and sewer problems For.Ev.Er.

I got a big break last week when Golden Rule extracted a big heavy duty garbage bag from my sewer outside the master bathroom. I had the bath remodeled last fall, so I am guessing that is how the bag got in the sewer.

I don't want to pour water on your proposed Flex-Seal solution to the leaking basement wall, but they make stuff just for that purpose, since it seems to me the Flex-Seal would likely blow up like a water balloon when hydrostatic pressure pushes the dihydrogen monoxide through the concrete. You likely need to have drains installed outside around the foundation and that is expensive. Check the DIY solutions on Google to seal the inside and if your heart is set on Flex-Seal, Menards carries it. Rust-Oleum has the same stuff that is cheaper.

Hey! Keep your head above the water and shallow breathing is best.

Bob G. said...

I told Wifey yhe SAME thing...lol.
Albert just "didn't show up" did he?

Yeah, this weekend - DO-IT-BEST for more "mop-mags"...!
"A Work in progress"...you're too kind.
I've called it OTHER things of late...ROFL!
I can use some quiet and dry.

Thanks for stopping on by to comment.
Have yourself a good weekend, as well. and stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Hell, I WISH out problem was just a garbage bag, but I was watching the video cam w/ the technician...sure didn't look like a bag of ANY sorts.

I hear 'ya on the FLEX-SEAL...don't plan to go "boating" downstairs anytime soon, anyway.

I know they sell some PAINT/WALL-COATING that waterproofs real well, so we'll see how much that costs and give it a whack...can't hurt much more at this point, right?

I still have my dive mask, but I can't find my flippers...wait, what the hell AM I saying???

It's NOT B-Deck on the Titanic yet...or ever will be, if we have anything to say about it.
(Sorry, Bob Ballard)

Thanks for the ideas...and for taking time to stop by and comment.

Have a good weekend and do stay safe (and DRY) out there.