03 June 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
Well, that was a rather lack-luster Monday, wasn't it? I mean the weather didn't provide us with the rain we were slated to receive.
We did get "some" precipitation, but it was more like a few sprinkles, and not enough to even warrant having an umbrella.
Today might be a little better, in that we may get rain later this afternoon, although it's only a 30% chance of it (promises, promises), and the temps here in the Hoosierland will hover in the UPPER 80s with all the humidity we can take coming along for the ride (a taste of Summer?).
So, as we're waiting to hear the A/C kick on, as it inevitably will today, let's take a few moments to top off that morning beverage while I scrounge around to see what others have been busy doing...
*** First off of the table today is yet ANOTHER shooting down in the wonderfully ghetto-esque SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story link:
Wow, AGAIN at the Chapel Oaks Apartments...sounds like we got us some competition for Eden Green now, hmm?
This happened around 2230 hrs last night in the 800 block of Oaklawn Court.
When police arrived, they found one male (probably black) inside an apartment suffering from at least one gunshot wound.
He was taken to hospital in serious condition.
We COULD open a FWPD sub-station HERE, Frank!
Police believe he may have been struck a few blocks from the apartment.
As usual, NO information about the subject, NO motives, NO shooter descriptions, NO witnesses, and NO arrests have been made, although one woman was detained for interfering with police.
Okay, WHO brought the donuts?
(damn lookie-loos in the perimeter again).
The investigation IS ongoing (well, that's one ray of sunshine).
Moving on...
*** Over the weekend, a 7-year old was struck by stray bullets as she slept in her bunk bed.
And yes, this ALSO took place on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side.
Here is this story link and video:
I DO like the A/C 2x4 "prop-job"...lol.
THIS event took place around 0400 hrs in the 3400 block of Euclid St.
The child was taken to hospital and released with no life-threatening wounds.
Police found shell casings outside the house, along with bullet holes in a car that was struck by the gunfire.
The girl's mother stated that the house had been hit 16 times, and police believe there was a gun BATTLE taking place from another  house nearby and someone shooting from the street.
That's NO stick-on decal down here.
A neighboring house was also struck by bullets.
The neighbors were entertaining company when the shots rang out (kinda LATE for entertaining, isn't it?)
The girl's mother said they had ONLY lived in the area for 6 weeks, and is also glad her daughter's injuries were not more severe.
Gotta love life in the ghettohood, right?
*** There it is, plain as day...the headline we KNEW was coming...
Here's the story:
THIS creates MOST of our electricity!
I told you this agency was shooting for the COAL industry, and there's more proof...they're admitting to it, all the while propagandizing that coal is "evil", as is every fossil fuel.
If it were up to them, we'd be living by candlelight, riding bicycles, eating tofu in mud huts because all THAT shit is more "environmentally-friendly".
And what OTHER nations will follow suit and help by doing likewise?
Short answer - NOT TOO DAMN MANY!
In fact, India and China have been ramping UP their use of coal...go figure.
And to add insult to injury, the show COSMOS last night talked about global warming, or "climate change", and DeGrasse-Tyson only briefly touched on axial rotation or "wobble", concentrating on OUR nasty use of fossil fuels.
Uh oh - This (liberal) "triumvirate" can't be good.
Talk about  disguising propaganda...
I will admit that the climate DOES change...always has, and always will, and this has been going on LONG before we were walking upright, and will continue LONG after we've returned to the dust from which we were spawned.
That's just how the universe works...and we can't change that one damn bit.
You guessed RIGHT!
Cutting coal use WILL affect things here...LOTS of jobs lost, more weight on an already overtaxed (no pun intended) national populace who will no doubt wind up bing on SOME government dole as a result.
We've got such a domino effect here, it's not funny.
*** And while Obummer is trying to make something out of weakening our country during his tenure as blamer-in-chief, there's THIS story:
New signage for the SW states.
Sure, now we've got scores of CHILDREN illegally coming across our border, so rather than turn them BACK, Obummer wants to provide HOUSING and other amenities to them..so, who will pay for THAT, you jackass?
And...shouldn't our VETERANS come FIRST?
Well over 20 MIL have gotten into this country illegally (milklions MORE if you track back say...SIXTY YEARS or so), and instead of shipping them back wholesale when they ARE caught, many that were being )previously) held by I.C.E. are kinda being turned back all right...onto OUR OWN STREETS, and more than a few of them being serious violent felons.
What's blatantly WRONG with THAT picture?
These are TREASONOUS actions and would precipitate stronger measures were this in an earlier time when people knew right from wrong, and punished wrong and evil whenever it reared it's head.
You just have to wonder who is permitting the inmates to "run the asylum", because it doesn't bode well.
*** Lastly today, there IS something called EVIL in the world...a LOT of evil, and many times, it puts on a facade of something people would flock toward , rather than shy away from.
We can thank all the properly orchestrated propaganda for such things...
Tell a lie often enough and long enough, AND be convincing while doing it, and people WILL tend to believe it, and the bigger the lie, the better for those telling it.
If you think differently, you're not paying attention.
Evil is easy to spot when it is shown as it REALLY is, but not as easy when it's been sugar-coated and is made to look enticing in some way.
I will be mentioning this tomorrow, along with some observations I've made regarding the face of good and the face of evil
We can know the difference if we practice "situational-awareness" in our lives, as well as in what we read and hear from the media.
We do not have to be fooled into believing something that is false, and that's the TRUTH
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

And THAT is why I stopped watching once I saw the way the wind was blowing. I knew what you were going to see this week when the ads (which I haven't seen in several weeks) came out saying, "The Cosmos you can't miss" followed by NDT saying "Global warming". Nothing like OPEN propaganda, is there? I have an idea for McFarlane and Tyson- go back to clown school and let somebody who cares about real science do a show.

Bob G. said...

You know, I honestly LIKE Tyson because he DOES know a LOT about SCIENCE (climate change excluded), but every time there is a good person that opens their LIBERAL mouth, it takes a lot of wind out of my sails and kicks the "respectability" can to the curb.

You don't want to polarize or be judgmental, but there's no other way to handle it and still have a clear conscience.

Guess it's fine to have "diversity" when it comes to the sciences, which, if we follow that along, SCIENCE deals primarily with FACTS derived from the "scientific method", and not by blatant "conjectural perspectives".
If I want THAT, I can always watch ALEX JONES (yikes!)...lol.

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment, brother.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.

ms nk rey said...

The story about the little girl getting shot while asleep in her bed gives me chills. Poor little thing will grow up thinking this is normal. Some one needs to start figuring out how to prevent this crap from happening. Always better to be pro-active rather than reactive. Scary stuff my friend. Yesterday under the June calendar you forgot Morgan's birthday. :)

Bob G. said...

I agree there will be some emotional "scarring" that goes on, but too many of these "parents" don't care, and bring up their children with this "desensitization" that only makes matters worse.

If there is to be ANY sort of pro-activity, it needs to be like what was said by that pastor I mentioned in yesterday's post (down in INDY).
Police need to be ON the streets doing ACTUVE patrols, and not just showing up after the fact.
That's NOT policing - that's INVESTIGATING.

When these punks can't scratch their asses w/o the police KNOWING it, THEN (and only then) will this crap diminish...not before.

Sorry about forgetting Morgan's birthday.
My nephew & his wife just greeted #4 in their family in VA.
I can't keep track of all the young'uns these days...lol.

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and comment.
Stay safe (and patient) down there.

John DuMond said...

"I will admit that the climate DOES change...always has, and always will..."

You mean like the Ice Age ending long before man's use of fossil fuels? Now THAT was some global warming. Talk about melting icecaps...

Bob G. said...

John D.:
There 'ya go...that's it EXACTLY.

Maybe the dinosaurs SMOKED too much (definitely AFTER those volcanoes erupted they DID...lol).
(bronto-burgers on the hoof)

Then there was that asteroid that whacked us, and supposedly killed off tens of thousands of existing species, plunging Earth into the ICE AGE with all that particular matter in the atmosphere...
Makes me wonder HOW the hell we can prevent something like THAT?
Guess we can't.

These climactic fear-mongers irk me to the point where MY ANGER gets me hot enough to melt some polar ice!
(they would not want that).

Thanks for taking the time to drop by today and comment.
Roll safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, the house where the girl was hit has been shot at 16 times? Only place to live or not, it would be time to find anyway out of there.

It is humorous listening to some argue that there is no evil in the world. These are obviously folks with very little life experience.


Bob G. said...

When you have THUGS in an area, this will happen.
We live with this possibility EVERY day, because I know that bullets are DUMB and can't go around houses that aren't part of an impromptu fracas.

I'm much rather chase out the BAD people, so we can enjoy the area, but I'm so damn old-fashioned.

And I think you might find "my take" on evil in the world interesting in Wednesday's post.
Perhaps you feel the same.
Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.
Stay safe.