01 July 2014

After The Rain...
Sounds like a fragrance "flavor"...which it really IS (Renuzit air freshener).
Welcome to the month of JULY, which most certainly came in LIKE A LION.
I apologize for being tardy, as a full night's sleep was not on the agenda last night, and I'll clue you in as to why in a bit, but let's see how the weather is panning out today.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us in a lot similar situation as we were yesterday. But the skies will be a bit clearer.
The heat and humidity continue with a high of 85 and another chance of rain later on...but no tornadoes
And now, onto that which we call..."The REST of the story"...
*** First out of the storm cellar is all this SEVERE weather we had overnight.
We knew it was coming - we watch the news - but the LEVEL of it was what alerted me around 0200 hrs, when the NOAA weather beep came over the classical music station and woke me up.
When I heard the word "TORNADO"...that got my attention, so I put the TV on to hear more.
Sure glad THIS wasn't outside last night.
We were under a tornado ALERT, and there was an advisory to stay away from windows and seek shelter. Being a good husband, I went upstairs and woke the Sleepy Mrs. Bobby G.
She came downstairs and we waited for the tornado alert to end.
I will say that wind WAS howling outside, making the rain sound a lot LOUDER than it apparently was.
I hate to say it was all a false alarm, but we came through the alert fine and the rain even slowed up a lot, so
Wifey went back to bed (as did I), and that was pretty much that.
When I got up around 0530 hrs (the cat was getting hungry), I did a recon around the "Fortress", and didn't see any damage...for a change (thank God for that).
Other parts of the city didn't fare as well.
Here's one story from WANE:
They even had a semi flip on the Interstate.
And, some trees were toppled, one blocking Leesburg Rd., and power went out to several thousand AEP customers.
(we came through that one, obviously).
All in all, it was a bit of a scare, but I think we were well-prepped in case something went sideways.
Moving on...
*** The record-setting GM recall (now inclusive of MORE vehicles SOLD by GM in the last SEVEN bloody years!!!) giving the Energizer Bunny some major competition, because THIS fiasco keeps going ...and going...and going....
Here's the newest lowdown:
The recall is now extending farther back to a DECADE ago and with older vehicles like the (now defunct) PONTIAC models like the Grand Prix.
Luckily, neither the Wifeymobile OR my soon-to-be 31 year old "Batmobile" are affected.
Something to be said for hanging on to "the classics", hmm?
*** Next up, our Liar-In-Chief is again wanting to do an end-around Congress (the House specifically) with HIS plan for "Immigration Reform"...which, if you know how this bird flies, really means BLANKET AMNESTY.
Oh, there's not a chance in hell.
I thought the Supremes (highest court in the land) told him he was overstepping his authority when they voted some crap he proposed down last week?
Guess Obummer has that short-term memory loss thing going on...
Here's the story:
"Let me be clear" should be his "catchphrase"...and he IS quite clear, as in we're able to SEE THROUGH HIM and his bullsh*t propaganda rhetoric.
Arrogance has found a new home in D.C.
And did you hear what dipsh*t Pelost stated when she recently visited the border?
There is something SERIOUSLY delusional about that dame, and that ain't good.
Here's the story:
It's not a crisis...it's an OPPORTUNITY, she says...is she DAFT, or what?
She makes the MAD HATTER seem like a Rhodes Scholar
She's about 50 crayons short of the box of 64 Crayolas, my friends.
Makes me long for the days when such treachery would be punished with a burning at the stake...for being a WITCH.
*** We had a pizza delivery robbery yesterday in the Fort.
Something about PIZZA BY VITO'S...good tasting pizza, or easy drivers to rob?
Either way, they get hit the most, especially on the SOUTH side.
This took place early SUNDAY in the 700 block of HOME AVE.
And the robber was a BLACK GUY, 6 ft. tall, light skinned wearing all black with a black do-rag carrying a HANDGUN (no poverty there).
The house was locked and appeared to be unoccupied (typical of such crimes)
***  There WAS another shooting yesterday, but little came of it.
Here's all that can be found (so far):
What I heard involved a grandmother taking her grandson to hospital suffering a gunshot wound...nothing about where it took place, if police got involved (probably did and keeping it under wraps), and whether it was accidental, or purposed...gotta love not having scanners to hear the chatter.
*** Last back to the garage today, today begins the month of JULY, and with it, all the fun things we've come to know and love, such as...
-- Today is DOCTOR'S DAY in India (is that THE "Doctor", as in DOCTOR WHO?)
(fly that flag, people)
-- July 5 - Independence day in Algeria and Venezuela
(copycats...ours is better)
-- July 9 - Independence day in Argentina and South Sudan
(how's it working out for THEM these days?)
-- July 14 - Bastille Day in France
(we KNOW how bad that one went)
-- July 27 - National TREE DAY in Aussieland
And there are numerous OTHER "independence days" throughout the month and the world...but OURS has to be the most noteworthy, and has held on for the longest time.
The 3rd week of July is CAPTIVE NATION'S WEEK (huh?) in the United States...look it up. I couldn't believe such tripe either.
*** JULY is also the following:
--National BLUEBERRY MONTH (where's that pie?)
--NATIONAL HOT DOG MONTH (make mine Hebrew National all beef)
--NATIONAL CELL PHONE COURTESY MONTH (try to see how well THAT one is observed...LOL)
--Today is International JOKE DAY?...(Fort Wayne's been playing that on US for YEARS)
Here's the more comprehensive list of observances:
1 Canada Day
1 Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
1 International Joke Day
2 I Forgot Day
(don't forget)
2 World UFO Day
3 Compliment Your Mirror Day
3 Disobedience Day
(that's becoming a daily affair, too)
3 Stay out of the Sun Day
4 Independence Day (U.S.)
4 National Country Music Day
4 Sidewalk Egg Frying Day- 
(Hmmmm, I wonder why!?!)
5 Work-a-holics Day - even though everyone is on holiday
6 Build A Scarecrow Day - first Sunday in month
6 National Fried Chicken Day
(every other day in the ghettohood)
7 Chocolate Day
7 National Strawberry Sundae Day
8 Video Games Day
9 National Sugar Cookie Day
10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11 Cheer up the Lonely Day
11 World Population Day
12 Different Colored Eyes Day
12 Pecan Pie Day
13 Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
(sing along, everyone)
13 Embrace Your Geekness Day
(build a basement particle accelerator)
13 Fool's Paradise Day
(Welcome to Fort Wayne...LOL)
14 Bastille Day
14 Pandemonium Day
14 National Nude Day
(this won't be pretty in some places)
15 Tapioca Pudding Day
15 Cow Appreciation Day- Go out and give a cow a hug
(just don't TIP one, no matter how GOOD the service was)
16 Fresh Spinach Day
17 Peach Ice Cream Day
17 Yellow Pig Day
18 National Caviar Day- something's fishy here
19 National Raspberry Cake Day
20 National Lollipop Day
(wonder when national all day sucker day is?)
20 Moon Day
20 National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of the month)
20 Ugly Truck Day- it's a "guy" thing
21 National Junk Food Day
(that's everyday in the ghettohood)
22 Hammock Day
22 Ratcatcher's Day
23 National Hot Dog Day
23 Vanilla Ice Cream Day
24 Amelia Earhart Day
24 Cousins Day
25 Culinarians Day
25 Threading the Needle Day
(camel NOT included)
26 All or Nothing Day
(Okay...all of nothing WHAT, exactly?)
26 Aunt and Uncle Day
27 Parent's Day  - fourth Sunday in July
27 Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
(seriously...ALL of them?)
28 National Milk Chocolate Day
(different from chocolate day on the 7th HOW?)
29 National Lasagna Day
30 National Cheesecake Day
30 Father-in-Law Day
31 Mutt's Day
I DO NOT make this stuff the hell up...honest-to-God.
Try to find something YOU like.

Be well, make  difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


CWMartin said...

1- The wind made the trees in our back yard look like tumbleweeds. Power was out at home till NOON. On the way to work, I was in the dark from Coliseum/Sherman, through Goshen, through the industrial pakr- but us and the business next to us were just fine. Epilogue- no damage here (except for the neighbor's motorcycle which laid down during the fracas), but the wooded area on Clinton between Coliseum and Washington Ctr I saw at least 7 big trees flatter than... well, a motorcycle.

2- "Doctor Day" IN INDIA? I didn't think that nation of wall=urinating gang-rapers had that much class.

Bob G. said...

I'll bet those trees were dancin' to beat he band.
All I kept thinking about was that Disney feature "Wind In The Willows", which has nothing at all to do with tornadoes or severe weather - and we have NO willow trees...LOL.
(dang childhood memories)
NO trees down in our area, and no damage to our "oasis".

I also was Doctor Day in India? Gotta be a BBC "tribute"...or maybe it's for ALL the doctors that practice HERE in the USA?

Glad you all made it through okay.
Stay safe up there, brother.

Slamdunk said...

Glad you were spared any damage with the bad weather, Bob. We had a violent storm a few weeks ago that pounded a neighboring town. The hail sure did a number on cars parked at the big hospital in the area--certainly would want to be in the windshield replacement business after that mess.

Looking at the upcoming celebrations list, I may combine pecan pie and vanilla ice cream days and celebrate them both on the 12th and the 23rd.

Bob G. said...

Now THAT'S what I call EFFICIENCY...!


Stay safe.