25 July 2014

Friday Follies...
It's the weekend once again, and we've another nice day to get this respite off and running.
The Hooiserland weather will see us with temps again hovering near the 80 degree mark, but we will have a bit MORE humidity, in anticipation of some rain later on this evening (time to be determined).
A nice day to shoot at some cars with BB guns (sorry, did I say that out loud? More like "wishful thinking" on my part...LOL).
But, it's not like I haven't done it in the past few years (and enjoyed it immensely).
Anyway, it's time to grab that cup of our favorite morning drink, get our show on the road and see what the hell has been going on...
*** First out of the garage, just got back from our weekly sojourn to the WAYNEDALE SCOTTS grocery.
And if you read my post from Tuesday, then you know WHY we don't shop at the (much closer) Southgate Plaza Kroger.
Let's just say the "scenery" in Waynedale is a lot easier on the eyes, and you don't have to keep you head on a constant swivel.
And again, with a minimum of meats purchased, the bill STILL came to around $70 (two people - one cat).
I rarely see anything drop appreciably in price, and if I DO, it's ONLY because the QUANTITY of the item has DECREASED.
Holy Frjoles...!
Case in point...boxed cereals
They make the boxes smaller, and THAT price is indeed LOWER.
(and you don't get as many bowls...how DEVIOUS)
Next, there are the meats, and thanks to ethanol production (total waste of crop yields) there's less feed to go around to make more cattle.
And if cattle DO breed more, they don't have the feed to go around
Domino effect for sure.
Then, we have produce...and that's affected by the weather. Get some bad storms in one part of the US...less citrus, or less wheat, or less corn...or less anything else. And don't give me crap about global warming...everything on this planet IS cyclical...period.
So expect to pay more at the grocery...for the same items that USED to cost twenty bucks less every week.
Thank the government for that.
Moving on...
*** Been getting some real deals on eBay of late (beta vcrs not in that mix).
For example...been wanting to get some Mark Levin books, but the prices even at B&N were a bit on the steep side. And the RETAIL prices were about $26 per book ...don't like to pay retail if I don't have to, right?
And they're BOTH hardcovers w/ dust-jackets!
So, I hooked up with two "goodwill" stores who had the two books I was looking for...and VOILE`...
I snagged BOTH of them for...(ready for this?)...UNDER EIGHT BUCKS...TOTAL!
And you'd never know they were "pre-owned"...those Goodwill stores have really decent finds.
I got AMERITOPIA (2012) and LIBERTY and TYRANNY (2009)...not  a bad haul.
Also had to get a new chain for my USAF dog-tag (under $2 - stainless) as the old one broke this morning...got it butched together for the time being.
I added to my action figure collection as well with a WW2-era Captain America figure.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.
Even comes with a pistol and helmet...goes perfectly with the 21st Century Toys WW2 101st airborne figure (can't even find THAT figure any longer...glad I got it when I did)
The "Cap" figure alone (packaged, and if you can find one) goes for $19 (and change). Got mine for UNDER $7.
Now, if only I can find a Black Widow figure for cheap...or a Nick Fury figure.
*** I thought this was interesting if a bit on the "costly" side...
A father-son duo are using a new laser technique for cleaning up the Anthony Wayne statue downtown.
It's gonna cost $100K, but there will be lighting added and landscaping near the statue.
Whatever happened to people grabbing a few dozen cans of BRASSO and some old towels and setting to work on something like this anyway?
(then, you could coat it with a clear resin to protect the finish)
There is a lot of green "corrosion" on the statue.
(thought that used to be called PATINA?).
I'm just saying...save a few bucks, get some fresh air, and clean the statue...all at the same time.
*** Last back to the barn this week...we've seen the result of INVOLVEMENT as well as the result from the LACK OF INVOLVEMENT, especially when it comes to certain part of this city (like mine).
Human nature will dictate how things pan out in both the short AND long term...every, single time.
And all the choices that comprise our human nature will be the tip of that spear.
If you even try to count ALL the decisions (choices) you make EVERY day, you'd fast lose count.
Many times, we're not even aware of such processes going on in our heads...we just do them, and usually there are no adverse consequences.
Then, there are those specific times, when we make all those CONSCIOUS decisions (do I pull out of the parking lot NOW...or wait until that car passes, and do I have enough time to make it with no problem?)
Do you choose one item over another at the store and why?
And most all of us go through each day, unaware of most of our choices, because the ones we make have been ingrained in our upbringing to be a lot more correct than other choices available to us.
Some people can't even grasp that concept...nor wish to.
To them, it's about the IMMEDIATE...they live in the moment, rather that view life as a journey that needs attention paid to where our footfalls wind up and which signpost we need to heed.
Doesn't take long to properly PLAN any journey, and life can follow suit there.
But, like anything else in life...thee is always a DECISION that needs to be made in order to make it happen.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

You should check the prices on Amazon.com- I usually get used books dirt cheap.

Bob G. said...

AH, yes...AMAZON is ALWAYS my backup "Plan-B".
I like that they have the *NEW* and *USED* categories.
(and those used books are often times just OLD STOCK, but they have to call them "used" because of shelf wear.
The only bugaboo is the "fixed" shipping rates...much rather get free shipping .
Whatever works and saves some bucks, eh?

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Have yourselves a great weekend and stay safe up there.

Slamdunk said...

Nice e-bay grabs Bob. I used to listen to Levin when I drove around much more for work. I should take a look at his books. We have bought lots of used stuff from the ShopGoodwill site; as you said, it sure beats paying the box store prices.

Hope your weekend was good.

Bob G. said...

I like Levin for a few reasons...he's an EAST COAST guy...(something in common already)lol.
And he both get "passionate" about things in this country.
Have to say he's got a grip on REASON and COMMON SENSE.
And yes, those goodwill stores help lots of folks...always good to shop them.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe out there.